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Presentation software allows users to create interactive, slide-based presentations that help to tell a story or convey a message. These presentations are built on generic or custom templates that provide themes for the slide decks. Each presentation page can include images, embedded videos, dynamic transitions, or other animations for entertainment purposes. These products help to display information in a visual way and are often used by companies to aid in sales pitches and marketing campaigns, or for educational purposes, among other uses. Presentation software products are often included as part of an office suite and are used in place of older visual aids, including pamphlets, posters, or slides. These presentations can be made more interactive when used in conjunction with audience response systems and video conferencing tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Presentation category, a product must:

  • Create slide-based presentations
  • Provide editable slide templates and themes
  • Incorporate slide transitions and animations
  • Allow for the embedding of images, videos, audio, and text

Presentation Software Grid® Overview

The best Presentation Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Prezi, Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Visme, Haiku Deck, Zoho Show, DocSend, and Xtensio
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Adobe Connect
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Knovio, emaze, Focusky, PowToon, Impress, Video Scribe, and ProPresenter 6
G2 Crowd Grid® for Presentation
High Performers
Market Presence

What You Should Know About Presentation Software

No matter your industry, professional presentations can be an ace-in-the-hole maneuver for communicating important ideas or aligning teams around company vision or initiatives. A handful of well-designed slides goes a long way, and the right presentation tool can make it easy for even the least tech-savvy individuals to create presentations.

These tools replace the old-fashioned method of drawing bullet points and supplemental images on whiteboards or poster boards, and can help hammer home the main points of a public speech to the desired audience. After walking through a presentation in front of a group, you can also share the completed files as helpful resources to specific departments or the entire organization. Some of the best presentations have a life that extends far beyond the intended meeting.

Key Benefits of Presentation Software

  • Communicate information in an organized, digestible way
  • Engage listeners of presentations visually as well as aurally
  • Provide your slide deck as a post-presentation resource
  • Convert more listeners to leads through interest

Why Use Presentation Software?

Whether delivering a keynote address or a book report, the impact of visual aids cannot be overstated. We are an increasingly graphics-oriented species: Online posts that involve images are 650% more effective than text-only content, according to one study. Presentation apps and desktop tools empower professionals of all backgrounds to create eye-catching, easy-to-follow supplements that can keep an audience engaged when important information is being communicated.

These apps can also replace notecards as personal guides during meetings, training sessions, or company announcements. With the helpful templates, graphics, and other features, users can make presentation tools an invaluable asset for uniting teams and effectively mastering complex subjects. Long after the public presentation, slides designed on your presentation program can be saved on a file storage platform or content management system to be accessed and shared by the teams who can benefit from the contained information. You may continually draw value from a quality slideshow presentation or video presentation as a form of training for new hires. In this way, presentation software tools can double as eLearning solutions when used to their full potential.

Our research team has discussed the dos and don’ts of engaging presentations and other presentation software tips in blogs on G2 Crowd. Owning a great software solution doesn’t guarantee great presentations, and they won’t do all the work for you. But when used properly and delivered confidently, these products can be indispensable mediums of communication, regardless of the user’s industry.

Who Uses Presentation Software?

Like many of the best apps, presentation solutions can be used by a wide spectrum of users. A good business presentation is useful at a restaurant staff meeting just as it is in an enterprise context. The marriage of graphics and informative content is a universal language that does not discriminate to one industry or another. Nearly anyone can craft a basic presentation with many of the tools in this category, and create a memorable experience for their staff and/or clients. As skills progress or situations demand, these same tools can be used for advanced and multi-layered presentations.

With that said, there are some individuals who may find a more consistent or impactful use from presentation software.

Department managers or c-level execs — A well-made presentation can add authority to and maximize comprehension of major announcements or important team/company meetings. Rather than simply talking with your staff, leveraging quality slides can drive the main points home for the intended viewers.

Sales representatives — Presentation software can create a stronger relationship between sales reps and prospective or current clients, adding depth to conversations and answering clients’ questions in great detail. There is no telling how many closed deals and renewals around the world are due in part to well-executed presentations.

HR/training teams — In the modern workplace, projects such as employee handbooks, organizational updates, and new hire education are often completed or assisted by presentation technology. A free presentation for internal use can be endlessly valuable in company alignment and culture-building.

Creative departments — For those hired to create, there are constant opportunities to go above and beyond when sharing and explaining new ideas. The features within a presentation software package can help graphic designers, UX architects, and other creative teams shine a light on exciting projects using colorful slides filled with multimedia and approachable explanations.

Teachers and students — Presentation software has one of the largest overlaps between professional and academic practicality. Teachers and professors, particularly in higher education, can make digital presentations an integral component of lesson plans. In today’s classroom, many create presentation-based environments in place of lectures with scribbled chalkboard notes. Additionally, students are often encouraged to take advantage of these solutions for presenting projects to the class; in some cases, the use of this software is mandatory.

Creative departments — For those hired to create, there are constant opportunities to go above and beyond when sharing and explaining new ideas. The features within a presentation software package can help graphic designers, UX architects, and other creative teams shine a light on exciting projects using colorful slides filled with multimedia and approachable explanations.

Teachers and students — Presentation software has one of the largest overlaps between professional and academic practicality. Teachers and professors, particularly in higher education, can make digital presentations an integral component of lesson plans. In today’s classroom, many create presentation-based environments in place of lectures with scribbled chalkboard notes. Additionally, students are often encouraged to take advantage of these solutions for presenting projects to the class; in some cases, the use of this software is mandatory.

Presentation Software Features

The growing selection of presentation software builds off the model created by early torchbearers, as far back as the late 1980s. Today’s offerings include updated versions of some tenured platforms and fresh, boundary-pushing releases from forward-thinking developers. Across these varying products, you will find a handful of common, practical features to help create masterful slides—in addition to some platform-specific tools that can elevate your professional presentation to its peak.

Some common features include:

Templates and themes — One of the core values in the presentation software space is a low learning curve, at least for simple projects, and the best example of that is presentation templates. Even free presentation software or the free version of some paid products may include this feature, which provides various pre-built outlines for both individual slides and entire presentations. Templates can incorporate suggested layouts, color schemes, fonts, and object placements that can be modified as necessary by the user, and used as starting points off which to insert personal content.

Text and image effects — Cropping and resizing are just the tip of the iceberg for the content and media elements you utilize in your project. When you create a presentation, you will have a multitude of effects at your disposal to bring each slide to life, such as shadows and shading. The toolbox within the average presentation software shares qualities of those found in desktop publishing and drawing software; learning one gives you an immediate advantage in the other.

Transitions — A good presentation is more than a series of slides—it’s a complete expression of an idea or a concept. To help tie the different ingredients together and keep a rapt audience, these platforms usually offer transitions that ease each slide into the next. Some are more vivid or showy than others, but even the basic transition effects can hold the finished product together and prevent an understandably jarring reaction when the presenter leaps from page to page.

With these features alone, you can take advantage of these powerful apps to design a noteworthy in-house or online presentation. That said, complete tool sets within these platforms will lend themselves to endless edits and additions on the way to richer presentations. You can take presentations to the next level by pasting in videos pieced together with video editing software; you may also find certain video editing features included depending on the product. On a similar note, you can import files created with 3D design, photo editing, and audio editing software to spice up a presentation where desired.

Potential Issues with Presentation Software

As robust and practical as these tools are, presentation software should not become a replacement for actual understanding of the topics being communicated within a completed presentation. It can be all too easy for this to occur, with the presenter using the platform as a crutch during important meetings with either fellow employees or external clients. These pitfalls can quickly rise to the surface in the event that a slideshow app lags or crashes, or a similar technical mishap occurs, leaving the speaker without visual assistance. When using presentation software, consider utilizing handwritten notes as well, and make a concerted effort to internalize the subject matter well beforehand.

Software and Services Related to Presentation Software

Many of the best presentations are group efforts, and may require input from a number of users. Depending on the product, this could involve continual discussions on team collaboration, video conferencing, or email software, as the presentation tool might allow for only one user at a time. If real-time collaboration is essential to you, consider business content management software for a more interactive experience in fleshing out concepts or visuals to be used in presentations.

Though presentation management tools offer some ground-level features for media editing, your presentation could greatly benefit from touching up relevant multimedia—or creating it altogether—with a different product. As previously mentioned, consider video editing, photo editing, or another authoring and publishing software to produce audio/visual building blocks of truly memorable presentations.

If you’re looking for help with individual components or an entire presentation, consider a local creative services provider, such as a graphic design agency. In some cases, the expertise and artful eye of these companies can bring your presentation ideas to life or at least point you in the right direction, eliminating the stress of going at it alone.

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    Build the story, present with conviction, and move forward faster.

    Prezi presentation software features a dynamic, flexible format that lets you move freely between topics and adapt your presentation on the fly, without having to flip through slides. By adjusting your delivery to focus on what interests your audience in the moment, you get people invested and engaged through a whole new style of communication we call “conversational presenting.” The result? More meaningful dialogues and better outcomes for speakers and audiences alike. Prezi Next, our newest product, takes the best storytelling elements of Prezi, makes it even easier to use, and adds new features such as live analytics, private presenter notes, and customizable designer templates. With intuitive “Smart Structures” that help you arrange your message to show context, and an impactful Zoom Reveal function to let you unveil critical details as your story unfolds, this is Prezi’s most powerful presentation platform yet. Prezi Next is built on the latest HTML5 technology and engineered to deliver a consistently smooth, high-resolution experience across multiple devices. Prezi Business is our solution for teams. Powered by Prezi Next, it includes a host of valuable business features such as leaderboard analytics, cloud-based commenting for enhanced collaboration, a dedicated customer success manager, training opportunities, custom designer services, and more. Need more evidence that Prezi is right for you? Check out a recent study conducted by Harvard Researchers, who found that Prezi is more effective than slide-based software:

    Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version.

    Keynote for Mac makes it simple to create and deliver beautiful presentations. Updated for OS X El Capitan, Keynote employs powerful tools and dazzling effects that bring your ideas to life. You can work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft PowerPoint.

    Zoho Show is an online presentation tool that lets you create, edit, deliver, share, publish, and broadcast presentations on the go. Its contextual user interface contains an intuitive formatting pane which responds to user actions. This saves the time you'd otherwise waste hunting for tools from a drop-down menu. You can design and edit any element within a slide to suit your goals. Search and embed Flickr images, YouTube videos, and tweets in the presentation window. Enjoy a wide range of animation options, even animating every character within a text or every series within chart. Zoho Show supports 27 types of charts and a wide range of formatting options. When you create a chart, you can edit and style every element within it. Create tables with various formatting tools: 1. Fill each cell with a color or an image 2. Add a table header and footer 3. Add grid lines, Merge or split cells 4. Distribute cells evenly Collaborate with your friends and colleagues across the globe. Zoho Show’s robust commenting system lets you share ideas, discuss them with your team, and resolve problems without a glitch. The presentation stays under your control. Zoho Show allows you to lock your slides, restricting others from editing content that has been finalized. With the version-control feature, you can maintain and follow different versions of the same presentation and revert to them when needed. Show your ideas to the world. Share presentations with other users by embedding them on your website, blogs, and social media sites. Broadcast your presentations from anywhere to a remote audience, and respond to their questions using the chat panel. Zoho Show lets you communicate with your audience while keeping them engaged at all times.

    DocSend helps sales and marketing teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. DocSend's powerful link-based system makes it easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, businesses can finally connect content to key business outcomes. Join over 5,300 companies that rely on DocSend to close more deals, faster. Say goodbye to attachments, and hello to more revenue.

    Adobe Connect is a web conferencing solution for online meetings, eLearning, & webinars.

    Teams use Xtensio to create, present and share beautiful living documents.

    Haiku Deck is the fast, easy way to create and share beautiful presentations. Hailed as "Instagram for pitchdecks" by Mashable, the app helps even the design-challenged to deliver presentations that connect with your listeners, spruce up your social media feed, illustrate your blog, promote your product, inspire a movement, and more. The app is centered around the best-practices that presentation experts all embrace. It helps you focus on one idea at a time, it helps you choose a powerful image from a library of 40M+ royalty free photos, and it applies consistent formatting across your presentation in a single click. All presentations are hosted online and allow for easy recording of audio narration, the ability to save as videos, or export to PowerPoint/Keynote format for offline viewing and editing.

    emaze is the next generation of online content creation technology, enabling beautiful content design within minutes. While initially a key player in the presentation world, with more than 80M presentations created on the platform, emaze has now expanded its realm to offer a creation tool for beautifully designed blogs, social hub websites, ecards and photo albums in minutes. State of the art HTML5 technology enables the addition of gifs, media, live data, hyperlinking, and more. Innovative video, pan and zoom and 3D transitions transform content into journeys through virtual worlds. Easily share content anywhere on the web and then analyze who’s watching with advanced analytics. emaze empowers the everyday creator to be simply amazing.

    Propresenter is a presentation software that allows you to show videos, pictures, as well as lyrics.

    The Knovio Video Platform empowers training, HR, and corporate learning teams to use live and on-demand video and video presentations every day to improve employee engagement, increase ROI on live events and on-demand training programs, and efficiently manage resources. It is the cloud-based, online video platform that makes it simple to host, manage, distribute and measure video throughout an organization. Using powerful video management tools including audio narration, video and slide sync, custom video players, branded video showcases, and interactive analtyics, teams save significant time and effort creating, sharing and tracking content and individual performance from the desktop, laptop, iPad or iPhone. Knovio easily integrates with the technology platforms you use, so it's easy to share content and performance data. Corporate learning, human resources, and training teams use Knovio to create, publish and house live and on-demand video and video presentations. Content creators can record video or audio narration with slides, add multimedia clips, embed quizzes, and use clickable navigation to turn a static presentation into an interactive multimedia experience. Multi-menu content showcases make it fast and easy to strategically share collections of content with internal and external audiences, and analyze account and individual viewer engagement. Guestbooks, guest lists, and registration pages give teams even more control over who views what content and when, and registration forms provide valuable lead gen information. Knovio also ideal for educators, consultants and students who need to create and share video and audio-enhanced online presentations with highly interactive players. With flexible pricing models, there's a plan for everyone. Knovio offers both a subscription-based model and custom plans for businesses (individual content creators to enterprise-wide deployment) and education market (with student, educator and campus-wide deployment). There is also a free version. Plans range from simple to enterprise level which offer sophisticated features such as corporate SSO, advanced collaboration workflows, unlimited showcase libraries, hundreds of hours of storage, and much more. Join over 200 Fortune 1000 companies, 1,800 colleges & universities, and over 300,000 users worldwide who trust Knovio to help them create and deliver better video experiences for their employees, clients, partners, and students. KnowledgeVision is headquartered in Lincoln, MA. Visit us at and follow us @knovio and @knowledgevision.

    Powtoon is an awesome video creation platform that enables anyone to create professional-looking and engaging videos and presentations in minutes, without any design or technical skills. More than 20 million people, including 96% of the Fortune 500 companies, use Powtoon to engage their audience, boost sales, add life to their internal communications, and promote their product or service. Founded in 2012, Powtoon has offices in London, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Ukraine, and the Philippines. With Powtoon you can easily create your own free (or paid) studio-quality HD live and animated videos in minutes — eliminating the high cost of hiring a video production team. Powtoon offers a huge library of professionally-designed templates, scenes, characters, props, millions of videos, soundtracks, text, and more to choose from, as well as the ability to upload your own media, videos, GIFs, images, voiceovers and anything you need to create awesome videos in no time.

    Used in over 100 countries, Visme is an intuitive online tool that allows non-designers and professional to create beautiful interactive Presentations and Infographics right in their browser. Visme provides a great starting point with hundreds of easy-to-edit templates, thousands of icons and images along with the ability to upload your own assets, add media including video and audio to create compelling visual content that goes beyond traditional content. Visme allows individual and team plans empowering companies and organizations to create public and private brand specific content and improve the pace at which they create, collaborate and share their presentations, reports and other visual content. Users can organize the project data in folders and provide role-based permissions to related teams or individuals. Moreover, Visme comes with several automation features for publishing and display, that allow the publishers to set the times to automate the online presentations and analytics to track the effectiveness of the published content.

    Impress is a truly outstanding tool for creating effective multimedia presentations. Your presentations will stand out with 2D and 3D clip art, special effects, animation, and high-impact drawing tools.

    VideoScribe enables users to make their own whiteboard videos without complicated software, stop-motion animation or professional help.

    Focusky is an innovative zooming presentation creating & sharing platform and create amazing presentations and animated videos.

    Zoho ShowTime is a web conferencing and online training tool for delivering engaging sessions to remote learners. You can manage your entire team of trainers and automate all your administrative tasks. It's a cloud-based application, so your training can be presented and accessed from anywhere, at any time. Zoho ShowTime is an online training tool which lets the trainer manage a team, conduct interactive sessions, engage with learners, view session analytics and track team performance. Features: Bring your entire team of trainers within one organizational portal and manage your resources using ShowTime's admin console. Create a buzz by promoting your session across digital media and invite more participation. Simulate a real-time environment by broadcasting your audio and video. Make learning more intuitive by sharing your screen for a live product demo. Empower your audience through engagement features like open-mic, in-app chat, polls and virtual Q&A. Gather actionable insights from the comprehensive engagement analytics on attrition statistics, audience behaviour and session feedback. Motivate your trainers to push their limits by tracking their performance. Forget downloading and installing plug-ins. All you need is your browser to get started.

    ArcGIS Maps for Office gives you the power to ask location-related questions of your data, get new insights, and make smarter decisions.

    SlideDog is the new way of showing presentation files. It lets you seamlessly switch between PowerPoint, Prezi, PDF, web pages and other media without hassle.

    Proclaim Church Presentation Software enables pastors, worship leaders, and church staff to collaborate from wherever they work best.

    Presentations that design themselves. Create beautiful slides in seconds.

    Academic Presenter is a free software that harness video-game technology to create spectacular dynamic presentations. It combines capabilities of slide-based software products (such as PowerPoint and Keynote) with an infinite canvas (like Prezi). Users will have transitions between slides like PowerPoint and a dynamic, scalable, rotatable working area like Prezi. The ability mentioned above can help us to build a dynamic mind-map diagram from raster images or vector-based shapes as a skeleton for the details which can be again another mind-map, media or even traditional slides.

    Beautiful.AI is AI-powered presentation software that makes it fast and easy for anyone to build clean, modern, and professionally designed slides that they can be proud of.

    Create and deliver stunning presentations, engage with your audience and track your presentation’s performance, all-in-one place.

    Promo by Slidely is a service designed to give users access to premium video clips and hand-picked music complete with lifetime licensing.

    Simian. Media Sharing. Evolved. Entertainment and marketing companies rely on Simian to collaborate, present, share and track media assets …smarter.

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a next generation mind mapping tool that has the power and flexibility to increase productivity for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP is designed to assist in organization, learning, planning, writing, and presentations for individuals and teams. CD MINDMAP allows for the rapid gathering of critical information and organizing it; as well as the capability to re-purpose content saving time when working on critical tasks. CD MINDMAP imports and exports to a wide variety of file formats that extend its capabilities as a productivity tool. ConceptDraw MINDMAP supports both PCs and Mac computers, provides no-charge technical support (phone and web tickets). The product can be used alone or in conjunction with its ConceptDraw OFFICE suite mates (a bundle of products that also includes ConceptDraw PRO – business graphics and diagramming; ConceptDraw PROJECT – project management). ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be purchased from CS Odessa or one of our worldwide sales partners. A free trial of any of the ConceptDraw products is available on our web site. Uses of ConceptDraw MINDMAP Note taking Building presentations (has its own presentation capability) Writing Project planning (topics can be configured as project elements) Meeting management Requirements gathering Brainstorming (has built-in brainstorming tool) Task management (topics identified as tasks can be sent to Microsoft Outlook for following assignment assignment) Electronic white board Instruction tool Use and share map contents directly to Microsoft OneNote and Evernote Tweet directly from mind map Organization tasks (work and personal) File types that can be imported to ConceptDraw MINDMAP as a mind map Microsoft Word Microsoft Project Microsoft PowerPoint ConceptDraw PROJECT OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) Text Indented Outline Text Numerated Outline Mindjet MindManager FreeMind XMind File types that ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be exported to: Adobe PDF (hyperlinks are preserved in export) Microsoft PowerPoint (1. all map text is organized and exported as a presentation, or 2. map images are assembled into a presentation) Microsoft Project (mind map is exported as a project) ConceptDraw PROJECT (mind map can be opened as a project) ConceptDraw PRO (mind map can be exported as various diagrams) Web page map image (exports map image with live hyperlinks) Web page outline view (exports map in outline format in web view) Export map as graphic image in any of the following formats (PNG - supports Transparency, BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF) OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) RTF (Rich Text Format) Text Outline (configurable) ConceptDraw MINDMAP is designed to save time as well as help with organization on work and personal tasks. ConceptDraw MINDMAP provides a flexible mind mapping tool that provides a wide range of task attributes that can be used in 100’s of different ways. ConceptDraw products have a history of innovation, and have been serving our customer’s needs since 1993.

    CrazyTalk uses sound and text to vividly animate facial images. Simply import images, specify the facial feature points and record your own voice as it automatically generates lip-syncs to create 3D life-like, talking videos.

    Why do companies spend all that time and resources generating leads, qualifying prospects and setting up face-to-face meetings, only to show them a mediocre PowerPoint presentation that out-of-date? Salespeople don’t design and build their companies’ websites, marketing collateral or TV spots, so why are they tasked with building their own sales presentation? CustomShow is the leading B2B sales presentation platform for companies that want to engage their prospects, deliver their brand and close more deals. Built to connect Sales and Marketing teams with a Cloud-based presentation platform, CustomShow is changing the way companies think of sales presentations. From broadcast media to financial services, B2B companies around the world are using CustomShow to turn their sales presentations into an effective marketing channel the drives business and delivers results. To learn more, visit us at

    With iSpring Presenter, you can create engaging video lectures, interactive tests, multimedia presentations for the Web or your LMS.

    Power-user comes as an extension addressing the needs of intensive users of PowerPoint, such as people working in consulting, marketing or finance. It provides them powerful extra features to achieve their goal while saving time on time-consuming tasks.

    10,000ft Insights is a web-based project space for design thinking and collaboration. It enables you to turn your project content such as notes, inspiration, research findings, ideas, and concepts into Lego-like moveable, shareable objects that you can evolve and refine collaboratively. It features visual Thinking Tools to help you view and assemble those pieces in different ways that map to your own unique process. Whether it's finding opportunities, making informed decisions, or tracking complex tasks, 10,000ft Insights helps you drive towards innovative solutions while keeping everyone on the same page. On the Content Tab, you can add, group, and comment on your files, notes, images and other project content. You can choose from a gallery of Thinking Tools based on design thinking methods like SWOT analysis, multi-vote and Feature Prioritization to analyze your ideas and content in different ways. Finally, the Decision Tab synthesizes all of the input captured along the way to show you the most balanced outcome based on the criteria set. You can also evaluate alternative scenarios by toggling the key criteria filters. Whether you are a product team, design team, or strategy team, 10,000ft Insights provides structure and organization to your existing innovation process.

    Generate presentations in your Corporate Design company-wide - empowers PowerPoint add-in empower cleverly combines slide library, brand consistency and productivity boosters.

    FlowVella is a presentation software designed for an always connected, always mobile audience.

    iPresent is the world's leading Sales Engagement platform. It gives sales teams the power to deliver high impact presentations on tablet devices, supported and controlled by comprehensive enterprise content management. To find out more, visit

    New presentation software. Simple to use, with full multi-media functionality: live websites, streamed video, video backgrounds, non-linear slide paths, custom animation builder and timing controls, records v/o straight onto a slide, online or offline, full analytics and security over content distribution and present remotely with one or two way conversations.

    Aquafadas is a developer of a user-friendly Digital Publishing System. Publish Apps and eBooks using our Free plugins and NO need for coding

    SaaS PowerPoint management for marketing & #sales teams. Effortlessly find, curate & share approved content. iPad & online.

    Slide Effect is very easy to use: Create your slides, drag and drop some pictures, type some text and, finally choose one of the numerous predefined background and transition effects.

    Communicate effectively with the right tool and make the most of your visual real estate with songshow plus.

    At Touchpoint Dashboard we have created a next generation journey mapping toolkit that allows CX practitioners to evolve from journey mapping visualization to journey management of initiatives across enterprises of all sizes. Touchpoint Dashboard users build, discuss, validate, analyze, present, act, and manage all of their customer journeys from one CX command center.

    Beamium is a tool that allow users to share and present documents and images online in real time, it track presentation performance, share presentations online, capture contacts, receive feedback and reports and much more, with just a couple of clicks.

    BoardPad is the industry-leading meeting and document collaboration solution that transforms directors’ devices into highly secure digital board and meetings packs. Accessible on a range of platforms, with hosted and self-hosted options available, BoardPad gives directors access to their most time-sensitive and confidential information online and offline.

    Fast, simple, real-time collaboration. As easy as cards on a board.

    Cyviz is a global provider of turnkey meeting room solutions, high performance visual collaboration, command and control environments, and control and management platforms.

    Decision Based Education

    Present from a computer to a larger display without wires, adapters or compatibility concerns. Ditto works with existing receivers to bring screen-mirroring to any room.

    Doceri is the professional iPad interactive whiteboard and screencast recorder with sophisticated tools for hand-drawn graphics and built-in remote desktop control.

    DS Studio is a web application that allows companies to create presentations and use their data to communicate effectively. The application focuses on 3 main axes: data visualization, interactivity and the art of constructing effective presentations. The library of interactive graphics available in DS Studio respects the fundamentals of data visualization. This combination of interactivity and good practice boosts the understanding of your encrypted data to improve decision-making. Interactivity limits the information displayed directly on the graphics and thus reduces the cognitive load of the slide. Ds Studio makes it easy to create and distribute your presentations. Upstream with the Excel add-in to import your graphics, during the creation process with its purified interface and after thanks to the autonomous export which allows you to visualize your presentation without internet connection.

    edelpaper is an easy-to-use software to create online flipbooks, ebooks, e-magazines, online-catalogs and other interactive documents directly from your PDF file. Transform your print issue into a HTML5 flip book within minutes. As a free plan user you can use features like fulltext search, individual background, personal subdomain, embedding assistant and social media sharing for two free channels, called Permalinks. With the Professional plan you can use additional features like SEO settings, video embedding, table of contents or logo integration and buy further Permalinks to publish more online flipbooks.

    Collaborative whiteboard and chat software

    iSlide - make it easier to design PowerPoint

    Limnu Is The Online Whiteboard You’Ve Been Looking For. Sketch, Share, And Collaborate With Your Team Like Never Before.

    LobbySpace is a simple to use digital signage cloud software designed to make content creation and management for slideshows easy.

    mysimpleshow is an online tool designed to help users create professional, educational or personal explainer videos quickly and easily with storyline templates, �auto-magical visualization, scribble effects, and more. A guided workflow enables users to create videos in four steps, providing the tools to draft, write, visualize and finalize explainer videos online. mysimpleshow serves to streamline video creation by suggesting the perfect storyline for the users message and illustrating it with engaging images. Users can choose from thousands of mysimpleshow illustrations or upload images, as well as record their own voice overs. mysimpleshow then allows users to preview their videos and make changes, before publishing and sharing with their audience.

    OnDevice is an online presentation tool designed for web design and digital marketing agencies to showcase the benefits of responsive websites to their clients.

    OrgWeaver is an online organizational software that automatically create beautiful org chart visualizations from Excel data and securely collaborate on future organizational plans anytime, anywhere.

    Make great presentations, faster with Presenter Club.

    Next Gen Presentation and Sales Enablement Software

    SlideBot is a tool that automatically create beautiful presentations, it uses artificial intelligence to match powerful images and designs to users content.

    SlideCamp enables your entire team to cut down on inefficiency, and get more done by eliminating presentation frustration.

    Slidesnack creates web applications that simplify the way you create content for the web.

    Symu is an easy to use tool for web designers. With the help of our system you can present your projects in a browser. It is all very easy! Your clients can add comments anywhere on a project, each added comment becomes a task to speed up the workflow!

    Pitch turns boring presentations, product demos, webinars, town halls, executive briefings, and educational courses into engaging experiences that are impossible to forget. Pitch has everything you need in one application: from smart templates, stunning virtual sets, AI-powered summarization and search, to real-time analytics, world-class communication courses, high-quality stock images and videos. If you've ever created a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, you'll know how to use Pitch!

    TurningPoint is an easy-to-use engagement and assessment solution that allows learners to participate in real time using their own device. A variety of interactive polling options are available to meet the unique needs of each and every environment

    Rather than fighting smartphones, Wooclap turns them into an exceptional learning tool. Wooclap is a digital solution that makes learning awesome and effective. The solution is used by large companies, universities/colleges, and Ministries in more than 100 countries. Through questionnaires and other types of animations, the solution allows teachers to measure the degree of understanding of the participants in real time. The solution is for both teachers and participants, simple and intuitive.

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