Press Release Distribution Expert Insights

by Reid Wegley

What major trends are you seeing in press releases and their distribution right now?

The major trend in press releases? As in all PR cases the answer depends upon the audience. In certain arenas, such as with startups, the press release is a dying medium, whereas within the enterprise space the press release is still alive and well. Traditional press release distribution companies have taken steps recently to make the press release more modern and more convenient for journalists to digest.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a release distribution platform?

For startup companies the promotional model has changed completely. Rather than invest in an expensive news release platform that may, or may not return valid results, startups would be smart to invest in something like PR.CO, which provides them the ability to publish their own releases, automatically distribute press communications to designated press lists, and also provides a convenient newsroom for just $300 per year. That is cheaper than issuing one press release with the traditional newswires. Not much has changed in terms of enterprise companies purchasing release distribution platforms -- simply pick the one that provides the most bang for the buck.

When might it make sense for someone to use a free or freemium platform versus a paid tool?

Beware of free. Most free tools don't offer compelling results without some sort of uncomfortable trade-off. Enterprise companies with budget should stick with the mainstream tools and continue to innovate along with them. In the case of strap-cashed startups I would advise trying a new tool like the one mentioned above, or going forward without a tool. Mike Butcher, of TechCrunch, recently shared some advice for startups that should be considered required reading:

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