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Pricing solutions are used by companies to define, manage, and analyze the best pricing strategies for their products and services. While prices for products and services are initially created in ERP or CRM solutions, pricing software provides flexible features that offer sales teams the option to set customer-specific pricing as well as discounts and rebates. Pricing software includes data analysis functionality that tracks the impact of pricing strategies on the profitability of sales, which helps companies increase win rates and margins on their deals. Pricing solutions can be used to help define initial price lists or to help provide sales reps with dynamic pricing based on a specific selling scenario. Common integrations include CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and CPQ solutions. Pricing solutions are expected to integrate with ERP or CRM - the principal repositories for pricing data - to allow users to share pricing information with all parties involved in a sales negotiation process (e.g.: customers, sales managers, etc.)

To qualify for inclusion in the Pricing category, a product must:

  • Include functionality for salespeople to create custom pricing for individual customers or categories of customers based on factors such as volume, payment terms, contract terms, the customer value, sales targets, and objectives
  • Support pricing methods, such as demand-based pricing, which helps estimate how pricing could change based on customer demand and the perceived value of the products and services offered by a company
  • Provide analytics to assist salespeople in determining the best pricing strategy based on all the criteria mentioned above, and to help sales estimate the profitability of each sale, product line, customer category, etc.
  • Integrate with solutions like ERP and CRM where basic pricing is created, as well as with ecommerce, CPQ, and retail solutions to deploy new pricing strategies right where the customer shops or quotes are created
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    Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing software for all sizes of e-commerce companies worldwide. It tracks online prices and stock availabilities and lets e-commerce companies to define smart pricing rules depending on their unit product costs and competitor posts to apply dynamic pricing at their webshop to boost their profit margins. Prisync already helps varying sizes of e-commerce companies from more than 40 countries.

    aPriori software and services generate hard-dollar product cost savings for discrete manufacturing and product innovation companies. Using aPriori's real-time product cost assessments, employees in engineering, sourcing and manufacturing make more-informed decisions that drive costs out of products pre- and post-production. With aPriori, manufacturers launch products at cost targets, maximize savings in re-work projects and avoid overpaying for sourced parts.

    Competera dynamic pricing platform designed for midsize and enterprise eCommerce retailers with mature and automated pricing framework, experience issues with competitive data quality, who see a room for improvement with help of competitive data and price monitoring. Competitive Data | product is a real-time data scraping and massive amounts of data delivery for e-commerce enterprise business to focus on impact-worthy challenges and price confidently. AI-based algorithms for competitive data scraping offset possible errors and guarantees 95% data quality in SLA. Using Competitive Data product you obtain: - Best-in-class dataset, based on matches manually curated by humans and validated by multiple algorithmic models - Price Analytics Dashboarding - Data signals converted into comprehensive insights and reports. - Data quality health status report - Custom integration flow - Service Level Agreement - Key account management Price Optimization | product is AI-driven price prediction engine and tailored Click & Mortar price optimization science for predictive retailing and margin points improvement. The product is a substitute for costly in-house calculations in favor of AI-based algorithms that set up predictable demand, sales and margins. Technologization of a human-made job in Price Optimization product delivers hard calculations faster and eliminates human errors. Activation of Price Optimization provides you with - Neural networks can quickly analyze significant data volumes - Predict demand and adjust the price on the fly - Recommendations to drive growth, - Views into revenue performance - Finding risks and opportunities at the market.

    Vendavo® CPQ Cloud is a SaaS solution that provides robust integrated guided selling, product and pricing configuration, quotation, proposal and contract support for your business. Whether you are a sales professional looking for real-time information to improve your cycle time, or responsible for profit across a product line or P&L, Vendavo® CPQ Cloud provides capability to easily respond to customer requests – no matter where they are coming from: online or offline, from self-serve or full-service buying channels. And, you’ll know that current pricing, T&Cs, and other supporting documents are being provided at the click of a button. With Vendavo® CPQ Cloud, your sales people achieve improved performance in the quoting cycle, which means more quotes – that are more accurate, and less time spent on administrative burdens. That’s why companies that use CPQ best achieve 5x more growth in revenue than those that don’t. (Aberdeen CPQ Study, Jul 2016: “Powering a Profitable Sales Organization”)

    KBMax is redefining CPQ & ecommerce for companies globally. Our product configurator is the only one that can handle complex business rules, 3D visualization, real-time pricing, CAD automation & integrations. This end-to-end solution results in an awesome buying experience, a faster sales cycle & a more efficient manufacturing process.

    The #1 rated cloud CPQ platform. Verenia CPQ is the only omnichannel CPQ that brings together CPQ, Self-Service, Sales Portals, and B2B2C eCommerce, all under one platform. Trusted by leading companies like Yamaha Motor Company, Bennington Marine and Rise Broadband, Verenia CPQ has all the power and scalability to support the growth of all businesses. It is the only all-in-one cloud CPQ solution that includes Guided Selling, Product Configuration, Proposals, Sales Portals and more to take your business to the next level.

    Zilliant is the world’s leading provider of AI-enriched SaaS solutions that maximize the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships. Expanding the economic value of existing customers is the most reliable, predictable and actionable way for B2B companies to grow revenues and enhance margins. In an overwhelming landscape of potential AI-enriched sales and marketing solutions, Zilliant IQ delivers unprecedented value. The platform continuously identifies the untapped economic potential of every existing B2B customer relationship, and seamlessly delivers prescriptive intelligence within existing field sales workflows, CRM applications, and eCommerce channels, where it increases the value of every customer interaction. With the industry’s fastest deployment cycles and lowest total cost of ownership model, Zilliant is the partner of choice for global B2B enterprises seeking to drive top-line growth and profit margins with AI-based technologies.

    With one transparent pricing solution, you'll have far more control over pricing all items your most popular products, slowest movers, and most perishable items. From initial introduction through clearance pricing at the end of the lifecycle, you can automate tedious, time-consuming processes, make better decisions, and use pricing to its full strategic potential. Make pricing decisions with more precision using the most powerful consumer demand and marketing analytics solution Lifecycle Price Management. Now you can capture and focus consumer demand to optimize pricing, and most importantly, understand and control the impact of each pricing decision.

    It’s like hiring the most responsible office assistant you can imagine for a fraction of what an office assistant costs. And it does the job the way you want it to. Every time. ResponsiBid allows you to quickly build proposals in any service field, particularly carpet cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, window tinting, and solar panel cleaning... but the custom items area will allow you to build a proposal for anything you can imagine. ResponsiBid then automates the follow-up and aggregates the data so that you know where you are getting the best leads and customers. Some of our features include: - Proposal total customization - Price floors for certain geographic and/or building sizes - Automatic trip charge inclusion - "Call screen" inputting of callers allows you to either give anonymous bids, quickly find existing customers, or start a bid to be finished later - Pricing adjustment in any conceivable way - Commercial or residential bids - Full reporting on all quotes over time periods - Automated follow-up or follow-up reminders to admin users to make phone call follow-ups - Website integration for leads to get instant quotes-- or to begin a quote - Block competitors from getting quotes on the website - CRM integration allows your quotes to generate prospect profiles in your customer management software - A bidding hub that puts all prospects into an actionable sequence

    BrainLeaf helps web and app developers quickly scope and price their projects.

    The market is forever in flux. So we build AI-powered pricing tools that auto-tune to every turn, driving revenue AND margin growth. That's the PROS machine-learning advantage: every interaction fully optimized. QUICKLY DELIVER OPTIMIZED PRICES TO SALES TEAMS AND PARTNERS Winning in today's market hinges on a price optimization strategy that not only quickly delivers the perfect price, but also cultivates a simple, customer-empowered buying experience. We've applied three decades of deep data-science experience to deliver it. CENTRALIZE PRICE GOVERNANCE WHILE ENABLING PRICE DISCIPLINE AND VISIBILITY Protect price attainment by delivering a comprehensive, scalable price strategy ready for customer interaction across digital, partner, sales and retail channels.

    Wiser is the leading provider of actionable data for better decisions. Wiser collects and analyzes online and in-store data with unmatched speed, scale and accuracy. The Wiser platform then blends these insights with advanced workflow software to drive business value for brands and retailers, including restaurants. Using a unique combination of data science and human validation, Wiser offers integrated solutions for every aspect of retail, all in one place. Learn more at

    Socket is online quoting software for sales teams. Features include quote and proposal automation, contact management, tracking and analytics, and online payments.

    Syncron's Global Price Management (GPM) is designed to organize incoming information, figure out what's important and execute more informed pricing policies.

    Darwin Pricing provides online businesses of all sizes with a unique dynamic pricing solution, and offers managed pricing and real-time market monitoring services. Launch the most effective geo-targeted sales campaigns and boost your profits, one step ahead of your competition.

    Intelisale is AI based, B2B omnichannel sales solution enabling leading wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers to steer entire sales process and improve individual productivity by 100% and overall productivity by 30%.

    Revvy Contract Management is an enterprise-grade, Salesforce-native solution that enables organizations to create and manage all types of sell-side contracts (e.g. sales contracts, service contracts, NDAs, SOWs, etc.) in one place.

    With Netformx SalesXpert™ you can quickly and easily create complete end-customer networking and data center configurations and proposals.

    PriceEdge is a software used for advanced price setting. This tool helps you find price improvement opportunities, measure price effectiveness and provides a clear overview of the pricing impact over time through its built-in or custom reports. Benefits: - implemented in less than a day; - fully documented; - this tool can be used stand-alone or it can be integrated with your ERP or PDM; - interested companies are offered a FREE trial; Having all the significant data in one tool: costs, sales, price history, customer history, competitor prices, etc. you are able to perform extensive profit and margin analysis and you will take the best decision on your next pricing strategy.

    CPQ and full suite price management: analytics, price setting, config, quoting, rebate and contract management. Commercially fair, simple, flexible, scalable, proven. Try risk free with no commitments.

    Revionics is the leading provider of price, promotion, and markdown optimization for retailers of all sizes. Plan, execute, and measure results using Revionics

    Vistaar, a leader in pricing and promotion software, offers both B2B and B2C solutions. Our delivery model is a single module SaaS approach that can be deployed very quickly. We believe simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and that ease of use ensures high adoption rates among all classes of users, especially sales. Typical financial benefits are 2-5% margin increases and 20% improvement in contract annual hit rates. Vistaar's operations include offices across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit our website at or contact us at +1-973-581-6300. Specialties Pricing Software, Distributor Price Management, Invoice Match Solution, Agreement Price Optimization Solution, Digital Pricing Solutions, Price Management Solutions for Beverage Alcohol, Multi-country Pricing Soutions, Rebate Management and Retail Price Optimization

    WiseMapper is an easy-to-use service that lets you, the manufacturer, monitor your products' pricing across thousands of online retailers.

    Repricing Central is the fast, reliable, and comprehensive repricing solution you need to beat your competitors and to out-earn them. We reprice using the latest pricing data from Amazon, ensuring accuracy and locking you in a great position to increase sales and maximize profit.

    APL is a SaaS provider of performance-based pricing, promotion, kits, and competitive insight for retailers and distributors. APL helps retailers scientifically manage and optimize product pricing. Created by retailers for retailers, Pricexpert delivers consistent ROI with a low TCO. Leveraging state-of-the-art algorithms, APL delivers artificial intelligence-based pricing solutions that retailers use to price and analyze price change impacts, as well as to track price change results vs. the forecasted impact. With Pricexpert, retailers can obtain cutting-edge analytics, an experienced business partner and an emerging solution for today’s competitive retail industry.

    Alpha Repricer is a solution provides sales and marketplace overview with channel analytics.

    PRICEXPERT is a premium price management software created by Advanced Pricing Logic. All in one software has three different levels of available solutions so that our customers can pick exactly what is needed, and affordable, to take their business to the next level. PRICEXPERT was specifically designed to allow small to medium size businesses, and even large retailers, to compete on pricing solutions with Fortune 500 companies.

    We are dedicated to helping companies optimise the prices for everything they sell. Our advanced pricing software, which is powered by artificial intelligence, has already been trusted and utilised by leading companies, including Merck, Silmid, Ribble Cycles, Cleverboxes, Aber Instruments and Whitecroft Lighting to make smarter pricing decisions.

    Boardfy Pricing is a solution for classifying competitors in real time according to their price to allow establish smart pricing strategies for e-commerce.

    BrightPrice Suite is a price data maintenance and simulation optimization that allows configuring price quote, pricing data management, pricing simulation, and deal management.

    Clear Demand solutions are cloud based, architected on Big Data and delivered as a SaaS solution for improved speed, flexibility and ease-of-use. Retail clients enjoy improved profitability, superior retail price strategy and price management with an adaptive platform that can be modified to a retailer unique business processes.

    Price Optimization; Machine Learning & Maths & Big Data to build predictable sales and margins

    A full function CPQ designed to offer assisted, question-based selling.

    Cube RM offers Revenue Management and Optimization software solutions, specially designed for large enterprises, helping them to efficiently manage their sales and pricing processes, leverage competitive intelligence, optimize pricing decisions and predict their impact on revenue performance.

    Omnia's Dynamic Pricing is pricing optimization software based on price elasticity of products through an intelligent core algorithm. This algorithm incorporates data from your internal systems (e.g. product and sales data) with other data sources (e.g. Google Analytics), to generate new, optimal prices for you, without you having to lift a finger.

    EASA enables the codeless creation of enterprise-grade web apps that drive existing Excel spreadsheets and other software assets

    MSRP Intelligence: Recommended price monitoring for brands and manufacturers.

    Perfect Price delivers artificial intelligence for price and revenue management. By coupling powerful AI and third-party data, our dynamic revenue and price optimization software empowers companies to stay ahead of constantly changing market dynamics and customer behaviors. Our software automates pricing changes, predicts demand, and adapts to market conditions in real-time. Trusted by brands such as Getaround and Thrifty Car Rental, Perfect Price enhances even the best pricing experts.

    PriceEdge Analyze allows you to simulate the effect of implementing new prices and equips you with a set of reports to track the actual effects achieved in the market.

    PriceGrid is a service which provides pricing strategies and analysis. Technology monitors pricing and allows users to gain competitive intelligence.

    PriceOptimizer, which supports many data science techniques, performs data profiling and generates segment-specific optimized pricing and price guidance and delivers it to price lists, CPQ, Digital Commerce and ERP systems.

    Bidding on government contracts, or RFPs, can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It is absolutely vital to be accurate and competitive in your pricing. The last thing your business needs is to be denied a contract due to defective pricing. RFP requirements often include special reporting formats and data submissions. If you are using a homegrown or spreadsheet based pricing system, these types of requirements can take lots of manpower to complete. There is a better way! Your pricing tool shouldn’t hold you back; it should have your back. PROPRICER’s proposal pricing software replaces those complex, error-prone spreadsheets of the past. Changes that took days or weeks to process can be done with PROPRICER in a few simple keystrokes. Some of PROPRICER’s benefits include: - Streamlining the contractor’s proposal pricing process standardizing pricing - Saving time; the user can respond to more RFPs in less time and win more contracts. - Offering a collaborative working environment. Multiple pricers and estimators can work on different aspects of the pricing at one time. - Producing custom reporting and outputs required in the RFP - Updating a rate once and have it reflected throughout the proposal. - Eliminating formula errors that can happen in spreadsheets

    PROS Guidance is a patented segmentation approach, that includes micro-segmentation, price management, pricing optimization, forecasting, and capacity optimization.

    pVelocity is a pricing optimization software for rapidly connect actual cost data associated with products, customers, assets, and materials, in real-time, from all relevant business systems.

    SignalDemand provides predictive analytics and optimization for commodity based value chains. Through on-demand software and services, SignalDemand delivers real-time recommendations to help make complex price, supply, mix and purchasing decisions across products, customers, channels and suppliers. Using patented, comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of variables, SignalDemand enables better day-to-day decision-making and increased profit margins.

    Stratinis is an agile and quickly expanding software company, specialising in helping companies in doing better business internationally. Business is continuing to internationalise and companies face challenges in managing their business across multiple countries, from brand development to international customers who are capable of exploiting differences in pricing. Stratinis offers software solutions to corporate customers in the United Kingdom and around the world to address these international challenges.

    Spot trends, monitor competitors, reach new shoppers, and optimize your business-to grow like never before!

    Track, compare and analyze retail competitive insights. Obtain recommendations for optimizing your pricing, based on real-time competitive information. The accurate and detailed information, available from our highly configurable software solution, helps you develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy, gives you the means to translate the strategy into action, and allows you to monitor execution and results.

    Vendavo Price Optimization Manager enables you to grow revenue and profit by providing your Sales team optimized target prices that are aligned with your customers' willingness to pay. Armed with the right pricing guidance Sales can negotiate more confidently and capture the full value of your products or services.