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Pricing optimization software helps companies improve their pricing to increase revenue and profits. This type of software analyzes different pricing models to determine the optimal price for each product, customer, or sales order. Pricing optimization software is used mostly by sales teams to adapt their pricing strategies to specific market segments and to provide competitive prices that set their company apart from the competition. Managers use price optimization software to analyze historical data and create pricing simulations that help them understand what changes need to be made to improve prices.

This type of software is usually used in conjunction with pricing software, quote management software, and other solutions for sales. Integration with ERP is required when this type of software is used for sales. To ensure pricing changes are propagated across all systems, integration between these solutions is therefore critical.

To qualify for inclusion in the Pricing Optimization category, a product must:

  • Include workflows for pricing management and approval
  • Analyze multiple types of pricing, per product, customer, or geographical location
  • Deliver price optimization suggestions based on historical trends
  • Allow users to create pricing simulations and determine their potential impact on sales
  • Track price changes and evaluate their impact on sales and profitability
  • Provide reports and analysis of costs, prices, and revenues
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    Prisync is a competitor price tracking and dynamic pricing software for all sizes of e-commerce companies from all around the world. We enable e-commerce companies to apply Amazon-grade dynamic pricing strategies without requiring Amazon's tech muscle and manpower. Prisync is currently used by more than 400 e-commerce companies from more than 40 countries.

    PRICEXPERT is a premium price management software created by Advanced Pricing Logic. All in one software has three different levels of available solutions so that our customers can pick exactly what is needed, and affordable, to take their business to the next level. PRICEXPERT was specifically designed to allow small to medium size businesses, and even large retailers, to compete on pricing solutions with Fortune 500 companies.

    Price Optimization; Machine Learning & Maths & Big Data to build predictable sales and margins

    MSRP Intelligence: Recommended price monitoring for brands and manufacturers.

    PriceEdge Analyze allows you to simulate the effect of implementing new prices and equips you with a set of reports to track the actual effects achieved in the market.

    PriceOptimizer, which supports many data science techniques, performs data profiling and generates segment-specific optimized pricing and price guidance and delivers it to price lists, CPQ, Digital Commerce and ERP systems.

    PROS (NYSE: PRO) is a cloud software company powering the shift to modern commerce. PricingPRO PRICE OPTIMIZATION SOLUTIONS, formulate Winning Price Optimization Strategies

    Stratinis is an agile and quickly expanding software company, specialising in helping companies in doing better business internationally. Business is continuing to internationalise and companies face challenges in managing their business across multiple countries, from brand development to international customers who are capable of exploiting differences in pricing. Stratinis offers software solutions to corporate customers in the United Kingdom and around the world to address these international challenges.

    Syncron's Global Price Management (GPM) is designed to organize incoming information, figure out what's important and execute more informed pricing policies.

    Vendavo Price Optimization Manager enables you to grow revenue and profit by providing your Sales team optimized target prices that are aligned with your customers' willingness to pay. Armed with the right pricing guidance Sales can negotiate more confidently and capture the full value of your products or services.

    Vistaar maximizes price differentiation through the use of science-based segmentation. This method combines sophisticated statistical techniques with business analysis to accurately model customer willingness-to-pay. Vistaar's Price and Promotion software predicts buyer response to pricing variables at a granular, segmented level. The user receives guidance for deal and list pricing that maximizes objectives within the context of business rules, capacity constraints and strategic targets.

    Price IQ is an AI-enriched pricing software that delivers optimal prices and actionable sales guidance for price quoting to omnichannel points of customer interaction. It is one of the AI-enriched IQ Engines that power the Zilliant IQ Platform.

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