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Local governments use public works software to manage public buildings, spaces, and services, as well as public assets and infrastructure. Public works software helps local governments keep local buildings and infrastructure safe for citizens. It can also help improve community development by managing important infrastructure projects. Public works solutions can reduce operational costs by optimizing asset and personnel allocation.

While basic asset management features are usually included, integration with CMMS, EAM, or facility management is also offered for complex needs. To manage communications with citizens, public works software often integrates with CRM, customer service, or call center solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Public Works category, a product must:

  • Track assets, buildings, spaces, and infrastructure that the local government is responsible for
  • Provide basic asset and facility management features for maintenance, repairs, or installations
  • Include project management features to optimize resource utilization and track milestones
  • Deliver basic features or integration for back office such as accounting, customer management, or human resources
  • Ensure compliance with local and national regulations on safety, security, privacy, and the protection of the environment
  • Collaborate with vendors, suppliers, and contractors in a transparent and efficient manner
  • Manage data for assets or projects, and deliver dashboards to monitor operations and their efficiency
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