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Publisher ad servers, commonly referred to simply as ad servers, help website publishers earn money from their website through online advertising. Selling ads on their site allows publishers to generate revenue from the content they produce, while keeping that content free for their audiences. Publishers use ad servers to manage ad operations such as creating ad units, setting inventory price minimums, trafficking ads, and tracking conversions and advertisers’ budgets. Ad servers are counter parted by advertiser campaign management software used by marketers to buy the ad inventory made available by publishers. Publisher ad servers make inventory available to sell through ad networks, which package ad units from multiple publishers together to sell to advertisers. Publisher ad servers commonly function as supply side platforms (SSPs) as well, and many products in the Ad Server category are also in SSP. SSPs allow publishers to make their inventory available in advertising exchanges which serve as a marketplace where ads are bought in sold in real time, impression by impression, instead of in a bundled package. Publisher ad servers may also provide functionality for mobile app monetization.

To qualify for inclusion in the Publisher Ad Server category, a product must:

  • Be able to create and manage ad units on websites
  • Integrate with third-party ad networks and exchanges, and/or offer access to its own proprietary ad inventory offerings
  • Automate processes for trafficking and managing ads
  • Track ad conversion and audience demographic information
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    BiddR Connect provides publishers seamless access to EMXs marketplace of unique demand, to increase bid competition, CPMs, and maximize revenue across all demand partners.

    Brightcom is a publisher side platform whose compass proprietary technology and teams of trusted advisers across the globe turn Brightcom into an entry point for all the best the programmatic world has to offer. The company's focus on the needs of publishers allows to offer advertisers premium traffic, quality assurance and exclusive media opportunities.

    CampaignRunner is a comprehensive and fully integrated campaign management platform. Our powerful and easy to use applications simplify the challenges marketers face everyday, and automate their most difficult tasks, giving them more time to focus on their core business. All made possible with our metadata-based platform.

    Carambola is a unique, publisher focused platform that creates new revenue streams for premium publishers, while enhancing the experience on their pages - rather than damaging it.

    ClearPier is Canada’s Leading Premium Performance Marketplace. Our mission is to bring efficiency, transparency, and quality back into the ad-trading ecosystem. We offer advertisers a robust programmatic and performance trading solution through our premium supply. As the exclusive representative of a diverse portfolio of the world’s top comScore publishers with premium Canadian audiences, advertisers get expansive reach, superior viewability rates, and complete trading transparency. Established in Canada in 2010 with an international support team, ClearPier is a global organization. Our innovative team hails from the world’s leading exchanges and trading platforms, and has years of experience in media buying, performance, and publisher monetization. As a team, we are redefining the ad trading ecosystem by returning transparency and accountability to buyers and sellers alike. Visit to learn more.

    Perion delivers data-driven online advertising and search solutions to brands and publishers. Our high-impact advertising division, Undertone, helps brands capture consumer attention via beautiful creative and proprietary ad formats served across top-tier publishers. Our search division, CodeFuel, enables developers to optimize search traffic and generate incremental revenue. Our social advertising platform, MakeMeReach, drives marketing campaigns and demand generation at scale across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Our ‘owned and operated’ consumer apps division delivers powerful and engaging mobile and desktop apps direct to consumers.

    Ad Exchange is a robust programmatic marketplace that connects ad networks, advertising agencies, and third-party demand-side platforms with a high-quality inventory from worldwide publishers in real-time.

    The ConvertMedia PACT sell-side platform (SSP) enables publishers to manage Revenue Per Session for multiple instream and outstream units via a single tag. Publishers can easily configure ConvertMedia’s Breakthrough Video Units and choose which ad experience best integrates with their site, taking into account revenue goals alongside the user experience.

    Deepintent is a data and programmatic buying platform. It gives the ability to discover the content that engages the audience.

    DistroScale is a platform + marketplace for buying, delivering, managing and measuring native content across websites, mobile web and apps.

    Doorboost is an online advertising software enabling users to create, analyze and optimize campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google.

    Cutting edge ad serving technology makes generating premium returns from display advertisements easy.

    Eyeota provides marketers with the data they need to reach the right online audiences and cut campaign waste whilst also enabling publishers to monetize their audiences more widely.

    FirstImpression is an ad placement management platform.

    Flymob is a mobile ad mediation technology helping advertisers and publishers to maximize profits and performance.

    Data-driven programmatic exchange, made simple.

    Collect, admin, analyse and act on your audience data. iGaming Audience Platform helps you to better understand your audience behaviour so you can become more effective in your advertising and communication, whether you want to grow your business with new or existing customers. This is the platform where you collect and administer website data, CRM and third-party data. You can create detailed audience segments and target groups based on all the data in the platform. Expand these groups with twin profiles and act on the segments by buying ad impressions. Use the platform yourself or let our dedicated team take care of everything.

    The inClick Ad Server - a powerful, scalable, ad server solution that provides you a full set of tools to inventory, manage, distribute, and sell content-targeted advertising in a self-service environment.

    Index Exchange is a transparent and fully customizable exchange technology that enables sell side media firms to monetize ad inventories.

    Content marketing cloud for the Fortune 500

    Jubna is an Arabic content recommendation and amplification network.

    Ad Network Script is an Adbrite clone, marketplace where advertisers and publishers (webmasters) come together to sell and purchase ad space

    KlausTech provides non-scrollable, time-controllable, TV styled advertising on the web.

    Komoona is a solution to work across the entire RTB ad ecosystem.

    Lite Ad Server is an online advertising solution, that was designed to help marketers optimise their campaigns, in one click. Easy-to-set and quick-to-adjust, this tool makes online advertising painless and efficient.

    MADS is a technology company offering ad serving solutions.

    Matomy's performance platform offers cross-channel advertising solutions across eight media channels.

    MediaAlpha offers real-time programmatic technology platform for vertical search media.

    Meltag is cloud hosted platform offering tools to promote, engage, market and acquire loyal customers.

    Mth Sense is an ad-server that caters to publishers, agencies, SSP's, ad networks and advertisers to traffic and monetize inventory.

    Nativo is the leading advertising technology platform for brand advertisers and publishers to distribute, optimize, and measure native advertising. Nativo arms brand advertisers with a comprehensive catalog of native formats and the ultimate content advertising platform that combines automation and insights with highest-quality reach. For media companies, Nativo provides an integrated native technology stack that makes it easy to sell, deploy, and optimize native ads across their media properties expanding their revenue potential while delivering a better, non-interruptive experience for their audiences. More than 600 brands and 400 publishers converge on the Nativo platform to power the new paradigm in digital advertising. Learn more at

    Newsmax Feed Network is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to reach new customers through targeted content streams.

    TV Ads Trafficking, Billing and Sales supporting any Sales Model in a Single Integrated Platform

    Owlgrin Horntell is a platform that provides real-time and personalised user engagement in-app.

    OxaMedia is an Ad Network, offering RTB and ad serving solutions to advertisers and publishers.

    PathPoint provides solutions to improve store performance with insights that increase sales, improve operations, and grow loyalty.

    White-label SaaS monetization/ad-serving stack

    Popcash is an advertising network offering popunder advertisements. is a native advertising technology that helps you amplify the reach of your content via in-stream ads.

    Revive Adserver is a free, open source ad serving system that enables publishers, ad networks and advertisers to: Serve ads on websites, in apps, and in video players, and collect detailed statistics about impressions, clicks and conversions; manage and run campaigns for multiple advertisers, and from ad exchanges and ad networks, all at once, via an easy to use interface Define rules for delivery of campaigns and ads, including frequency capping, URL targeting, geo-targeting; track and report campaign performance, including impressions, clicks, click-through rates, conversion rates, revenue, eCPM, and conversion details, like basket value and number of items purchased.

    Roxot provides publishers with the technology they need to protect their position on the global ad market and to make informed decisions, it has a machine-learning algorithm to analyzes incoming data about visitors, content, bids, ad placements, and networks/exchanges.

    Sharethrough is a software company that powers in-feed advertising for brands and publishers.

    SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange delivers a cutting-edge content personalization that allows organizations to configure their pro marketplace in a way it generates the highest returns possible

    sovrn helps publishers claim their stake in the independent web.

    SpeedyAds is an ad network based on pay-per-click advertising model.

    Steepto is a digital ad platform which offers services for publishers and advertisers to monetize their content.

    Sulvo is an ad server, a marketplace and a pricing engine in one. Sulvo's pricing tools help publishers discover the true value of their inventory so they can prevent underselling valuable ad inventory.

    Talon. One is the most powerful API-based Promotion Engine.

    TargetSpot is a digital audio ad platform.

    Teacup offers AdWords campaign optimization solution.