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Healthcare institutions use radiology software to manage medical imaging activities. Radiology software can be used by radiology departments of hospitals or medical centers, as well as by independent radiology centres. From scheduling appointments to the delivery of images and reports, radiology solutions are used to improve the patient experience and increase the productivity of radiologic technologists or other personnel.

Since medical imaging is very important for diagnostic and treatment, radiology software needs to integrate with other health care solutions such as medical practice management. Chiropractors and physiotherapists also use medical imaging, which is why the software solutions they use often times integrate with radiology software. For advanced image management and manipulation, radiology software needs to integrate with picture archiving and communication systems.

To qualify for inclusion in the Radiology category, a product must:

  • Include different types of medical imaging such as x-rays, ultrasounds, RMIs, and more
  • Store images in different formats and provide the ability to share them with patients and doctors
  • Create appointments for patients and schedule radiology technologists based on their availability
  • Manage patient contact and identification information
  • Provide medical imaging viewing and sharing features
  • Track exams, results, follow ups for each patient
  • Deliver or integrate with payment processing functionality
  • Ensure compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations
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    The ARIA oncology information system is a comprehensive information and image management solution that lets you oversee all aspects of oncology care for your patients. ARIA combines radiation, medical and surgical oncology information into a complete, oncology-specific EMR that allows you to manage the patient's entire journey.

    This product simplifies the way data is managed and shared, providing seamless, collaborative access to images anywhere, anytime, for secure exchange of information on demand.

    Medweb's web based RIS/PACS offers improved scheduling and workflow solutions including online eligibility-confirmation tools to enable faster patient registration and revenue reimbursement.

    CARESTREAM Vue RIS improves radiology workflow by automating the patients diagnostic journey from order entry to results distribution, reducing errors and improving patient care.

    DCMShare is an affordable, user-friendly product designed as a repository for all radiological records, and gives physicians the ability to share patients images and radiology related medical records in a staggeringly quick, and completely secure way.

    DoseLab is fast, simple, and powerful software for quality assurance of radiation oncology linear accelerators. DoseLab includes tools for AAPM TG-40 / TG-142 routine machine QA, IMRT / VMAT / SBRT QA (Pro version only), and machine QA using log files.

    A web-based radiology information and scheduling system which provides a flexible, modality based, work list driven solution.

    MedicsConnect is a built-in reports delivery system that seamlessly and securely connects to your referring physician community. Using MedicsConnect, your transcribed reports not only flow directly into your referring physicians networks, but they also become immediately available for uploading into their EHRs!

    OsiriX MD is certified for clinical use in medicine and offers advanced post-processing techniques in 2D and 3D, exclusive innovative technique for 3D & 4D navigation, including PET-CT and SPECT-CT support, and a complete integration with any PACS.

    A fully web-based image management solution provides the stability and performance Radiology Practices require.

    RadPix is a Windows program that facilitates the creation of radiological presentations for educational and documentation purposes.

    Sectra PACS, together with any RIS, gives you efficient radiology workflows as well as efficient communication within the radiology department and with referring physicians.

    AbbaDox is more than an IT platform. Its an entire health information management platform and ecosystem built to provide responsive and intelligent applications to make your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

    Aidoc is a AI software that detects abnomalities on X-ray and scans.

    Arterys MICA is a medical imaging software for image analytics that can assist with cardio, lung, and liver diagNoses.

    BioClinica is the worldwide leader for medical imaging core lab services, providing pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies with clinical trial support for all phases and across all major indications.

    CHILI is a electronic medical solution that provides better communication, storage and visualization of multimedia medical data.

    Ambra Health is a medical data and image management SaaS company. Intuitive, scalable and highly interoperable, the Ambra cloud platform is designed to serve as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. It empowers some of the largest health systems such as the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Children's Health and Memorial Hermann as well as radiology practices, subspecialty practices and clinical research organizations to dramatically improve imaging and collaboration.

    Conserus Workflow Intelligence helps automate communication and workflow throughout the exam lifecycle for Radiology Departments, meeting needs such as peer review, resident over-reads, ED discrepancies and critical results management.

    Electra HMS is a comprehensive software solution for all medical imaging tasks. It offers basic functionality such as displaying and storing images as well as networking capabilities.

    The Instrument Database (IMDS) is a configurable web based software program for tracking, maintaining and calibrating a variety of radiological instrumentation.

    We offer innovative solutions with clinical and financial performance analysis that optimizes processes in the health care industry

    NovaPACS can be used in imaging centers, or in a hospital environment as a part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. This helps to optimization of each users profile based on their unique needs and demands which, improves speed and efficiency.

    NovaPro offers radiologist and rad group managers a dashboard of business intelligence, providing them with real-time information into the performance of their practice.

    Nova RIS allows tracking of patient information, procedures, exam status, revenue, and insurance payouts.

    OmniCare is a powerful, versatile software system that is customized to integrate seamlessly into your work environment. This user-friendly, modular RIS does much more than improve patient care, streamline workflow and increase efficiency.

    OmniOne is an All-in-One PACS system with a full-featured SQL database for secure archiving of all DICOM images. OmniOne features diagnostic viewing of digital images on a 24 Widescreen 2MP monitor with portrait and landscape orientation.

    OMNI-Rad is a complete radiology information management system for managing the entire imaging department.

    ORS Visual seamlessly provides rapid, multi-user access to medical image data derived from CT, MR, ultrasound, PET, and other modalities throughout an enterprise.

    QAngio XA offers quantification results that enable interventional cardiologists and radiologists to accurately plan interventions and perform post-interventional assessments.

    Radiology-On-Demand features include precise routing of cases (auto and manual routing available), customizable headers/reports, automatic generation of invoices, full ability to audit reports and processes.

    RISynergy helps you to manage, evaluate, and streamline every facet of your operation.

    Radiology information system (RIS) is a networked for managing workflow and patient data in Radiology department, RIS is especially useful for managing radiological records and associated data in a multiple locations and is often used in conjunction with a picture archiving and communication system (PACS) to manage work flow and billing.

    The Gemini Hospital Management Software provides a comprehensive solution to the health care industry. The application is capable of handling clinical, administrative and financial aspects of patient care. Information about appointments, bed availability, and schedules of doctors, specialized services, and treatments are easily accessible.

    Speech recognition and radiology reporting solution for small and mid-size practices