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Online real estate license schools provide aspiring real estate professionals with the educational materials and exams necessary to earn real estate licenses. Because of the varying laws, property standards, and required certifications around the United States, real estate license school software offers users specialized courses and tests based on their location. These solutions are often accessed through hosted portals on product websites, although certain modules such as exam prep materials may be available for download. Registering and paying for access to real estate license school software may also qualify users for physical learning materials and certificates. If considering an online real estate license course, it is important to determine the validity of the exams and certificates being offered. After earning or updating a real estate license, users may consider different types of real estate software to utilize in their practice.

To qualify for inclusion in the Real Estate License School category, a product must:

  • Provide various instructional courses or materials related to real estate sales
  • Offer access or links to official exams through which real estate licenses can be earned
  • Assist with the shipping, printing, or retrieval of licenses in the event of passed examinations
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