Recruiting Expert Insights

by Janine N. Truitt

On what major criteria should a buyer assess recruiting solutions?

The buyer should have a laser focus on the issues and opportunities they are trying to address. Too often, buyers get caught up in the bells and whistles of a new system, forgetting about how well the system meets their basic needs. Once the buyer is clear on what they want, it will be hard for a vendor to woo you with shiny objects.

A thorough assessment of the vendor’s security and cybersecurity attributes are key. The worst thing you can do is to bypass or gloss over this piece and find out during implementation that your information is not as secure as anticipated. This is true of all security parameters, but most importantly when it comes to encryption of PII in onboarding systems. Many vendors will sell you on all the security certifications they have - but neglect to mention that certain protected information is not properly secured rendering the system useless in the short-term.

If your intention is to have your new recruiting solution speak to a variety of systems, it is wise to make sure you make a list of those systems and ask potential vendors to have their implementation people vet how each system connects with one another- inclusive of prior issues they have had in prior implementations with certain integrations.

Last but not least, buyers should spend an adequate amount of time assessing the vendors track record. You want to know about their retention rates, customer response time, ongoing support, attentiveness to market and customer needs etc. If you are going to have to live with a system for three to five years, you had better make sure that you can anticipate a high level of service and mutual partnership.

What major trends do you see in the recruiting space right now?

I see a lot of recruiting software startups that are attempting to service a specific niche or industry in the market. We have had a few decades of the all-encompassing ATS that can handle every market, company size, industry etc. What customers and namely Recruiters have found is: many of these systems are inadequate when it comes to supporting STEM fields, Government and Federal Contractors etc. A few startups have taken heed and are launching startups that perform the usual recruiting software tasks, but allow for two-way communication between niche job-seekers and potential employers. These newcomers to the recruiting solutions often charge a premium price for establishing a forum the right talent can connect with employers.

Mobile and video are huge. If you're hiring currently and have yet to create a mobile career website, you are already behind. According to Pew Research Center's 2014 American Trends, 43% of smartphone users look up a job online- while 18% of smartphone users apply to a job using their phones. There are enough people using smartphones to suggest that there is a need for a recruiting solution that has mobile capabilities.

With job-seekers pressed for time and employers wanting to have as much information as possible before they make an offer, video interviewing is attractive. Video interviews allow candidates to interview when it is most convenient. Employers stand to save money with video interviews, Especially in instances where costs may have been incurred for travel, lodging and other expenses. Video allows employers and job-seekers to be flexible about how, when and where they conduct interviews without sacrificing the quality.

Sourcing platforms focused on data aggregation is another trend. With most job-seekers having some digital footprint, it is important that Recruiters and Sourcers have a single profile to review that can also be exported to their ATS for record-keeping purposes. For some companies, a sourcing platform is enough to sustain their hiring needs. Being able to aggregate all candidate social profiles and information on the internet into one profile.

We may start to see a practice of competing recruiting solution providers starting to partner in an effort to provide a better overall experience for users and candidates. If this catches on, we could witness unlikely partnerships between vendors to address ongoing integration and functional issues.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies evaluating and using recruiting solutions now?

For the first time, buyers have more choices than ever before. An over-saturated market can distract buyers from what is essentially needed resulting in overspending, hasty implementations. Buyers should feel empowered by the wealth of information available, rather than overwhelmed.

Companies have an opportunity to finally look at their internal recruitment and hiring processes - in an effort to automate some of it. We are finally at a point where we can't say the technology is hindering our progress. There is immense opportunity for us to use recruiting solutions to streamline what we do- while also ensuring that we provide quality attraction and hiring experiences for candidates.

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