Recruiting Expert Insights

by Matt Charney

On what major criteria should a buyer assess recruiting solutions?

Whether it meets an actual business need or recruiting challenge, or whether it's creating the problem it's trying to solve in the first place. Don't buy a tool because it's new or it's trendy (looking at you, video interviews) - buy it because you need it. The best tools augment and extend existing systems rather than replace them.

What major trends do you see in the recruiting space right now?

There's a definite shift from high tech to high touch, from automation and aggregation to personalization and individual interactions. It's become really easy to find names and contact information for potentially qualified candidates, and as sourcing becomes commoditized, the real challenge now is creating compelling enough communications to get a candidate to respond to your messages. It's not about getting found, it's about getting through.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies evaluating and using recruiting solutions now?

I think that the importance of engaging candidates in a personal, compelling way is incumbent on adopting technologies that mirror consumer behavior. Obviously, things like mobile recruiting and CRM capabilities make it easier to segment, target and convert top talent than requiring them to go to a desktop or enter a lengthy application just to get a call. Breaking through means fishing where the fish are, not just casting out lines for someone to take the employer branding bait. That doesn't work in a market where demand outstrips supply.

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Matt Charney
Executive Editor & Head of Content at Recruiting Daily
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