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Reference check software helps employers and hiring managers get into contact with their potential hires’ professional references quickly and efficiently. These tools help knock out the back work of hiring and can be used to attract, as well as verify, qualified candidates. Reference check solutions can eliminate the need for manual phone calls and email conversations by checking on candidates through surveys or other digital methods. These tools are utilized by hiring managers, talent recruiters, and anyone else in the position to find or decide on a candidate. They’re often loaded with features in excess of reference checking, such as organization of interview feedback and overall applicant tracking. Some reference check tools can be used as a cohesive hiring software platform, whereas some should be integrated with external products.

To qualify for inclusion in the Reference Check category, a product must:

  • Contact a candidate’s references and provide a survey or other method of digital feedback for hiring purposes
  • Privately retain candidate information and reference results
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    SkillSurvey isn’t just about checking references and credentials, we’re about applying the science of human behavior and harnessing the power of data and insights to help organizations hire the right people for every role. SkillSurvey Reference® provides immediately useful insights so you can make better hiring decisions and SkillSurvey Source® offers new ways to build your talent pool. And for healthcare organizations, SkillSurvey Credential OnDemand® helps healthcare organizations onboard skilled practitioners faster with digital peer referencing. We help more than 1,400 companies, institutions, and organizations—including 800 healthcare organizations—harness the power of a-ha when they’re hiring.

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    VICTIG Screening Solutions is the most innovative and widely integrated employment background check, drug testing, verification and i9 provider in the industry. VICTIG excels in ease of use, FCRA compliance and quick turnaround times. We are the best option to screen your potential applicants. Key Services Include -Nationwide Criminal Database -Sex Offenders Registry Search -County Criminal Searches -State Criminal Searches -Nationwide Federal Criminal Searches -Employment Verifications -Education Verifications -Reference Verifications -Drug Testing -FACIS level 3 -Applicant Tracking System Integration -Credit Reports -E-Verify -Federal Civil Searches -County Civil Searches -HRIS Integration -ATS Integration and more.... iCIMS Integration, WorkDay Integration, PeopleSoft Integration, Oracle Integration, Taleo Integration, Newton Integration, one click paperless email ordered background checks

    HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug testing, Form I-9 and employment and education verifications.

    HealthcareSource Reference Assessment is a predictive, online reference checking solution that makes checking references an easy and value-added step in your hiring process. This solution overcomes the traditional reference checking challenges on three levels: automation, accountability, and assessing a candidate’s fit.

    Checkster utilizes the latest technologies to offer its customers and candidates a unique, seamless experience that attains results. The Automated Reference Checkup assesses talent pre-hire by upgrading the traditional telephone reference check. The Interview Checkup gives interview debriefs a new level of objectivity. The 360 Checkup provides new hire quality validation, 360 assessment and developmental feedback to current employees. CHECKSTER'S AUTOMATED REFERENCE CHECKUP: Takes on average 2 minutes of your time to set up the review online. You can choose an assessment template from the hundreds in our library or customize your own. Within 2 days, you can view an in-depth report about a candidate. Checkster's Automated Reference Checkup provides you with more information than a blind interview, LinkedIn endorsement, or reference call could ever offer. The pre-hire review helps you get the truth about a candidate’s performance and cultural fit, while saving you from the cost of bad hires. Checkster is like the confidential survey card where all the truthful comments go. Confidentiality is the key to getting real, honest feedback. With Checkster, peers and professionals are able to assess a candidate’s work performance knowing that their responses are aggregated and will not be specifically tied back to them. Product Features: More Feedback- The more feedback you get about a candidate, the more accurate it will be. With Checkster, companies receive an average of 6.1 completed assessments. That's 2 to 3 times more than traditional reference checking. Avoid Bad Hires- A single bad hire can cost over $25,000. Our in-depth report supplies you with more accurate information about a candidate, so you can avoid a bad hire and reduce lost productivity and turnover. 100% Compliance- You won’t be viewed as a negligent hiring organization with our complete tracking and visibility of candidates. Checkster has proven no adverse impact and limits your exposure to legal and EEO issues. Also, our signed forms include a release of liability protecting the peers and you.

    Hireology's data-driven selection management platform helps HR professionals hire the right person. Using the algorithm-backed SmartRank™ survey and interview scorecards, Hireology gives hiring managers the tools to make the best hiring decisions every time. Hireology’s fully-customizable, automated career widget seamlessly integrates into their career page and updates automatically. Through the use of interview scorecards, hiring managers can be confident in each and every hiring decision. From background verifications and reference checks to skills tests and personality assessments, Hireology’s full suite of verification tools help to further ensure the top candidate is the best person for the job.

    Xref brings ease, security and value to the recruitment process. The online, automated solution delivers the data-driven candidate insights organisations need to make smart, confident hiring decisions. Its customer-centric platform and team enable the flexibility and scalability its global clients require to hire the best talent, quickly. Founded in 2009, Xref is the product of a frustrated recruitment professional and an MBA-qualified technologist who teamed up to improve the efficiency, consistency and reliability of the reference checking process. By reducing time wasted, Xref offers recruitment and HR professionals more time to spend on strategic elements of their role, adding greater value to their organisation. Xref puts candidates in the driving seat, offering them transparency and the opportunity to manage the progress of their references. This, coupled with the online nature of the solution, delivers significantly improved efficiency, while collecting more data, protecting clients from the threat of fraudulent candidates and reducing the risk of any data and discrimination breaches. Headquartered in Sydney, the ASX listed organisation has since expanded into APAC, Europe and North America, with the flexibility of the product architecture enabling Xref to tailor the solution to suit the needs and demands of each market. For more information visit

    CareerPlug provides talent management software that gives business owners, HR leaders and hiring managers the tools they need to Make Hiring Easier. CareerPlug's Candidate Sourcing tools enable leaders to build a Talent Magnet through attractive Careers Pages that highlight job opportunities with automatic job publishing on top job boards and simplified job applications that are automatically mobile optimized. CareerPlug's Applicant Tracking System gives hiring mangers the tools they need to accurately evaluate candidates with built-in assessments to quickly identify top talent, interview scorecards to improve accuracy and consistency, and offer letters, reference check guides and integrated background checks to help hiring managers confidently hire more superstars. CareerPlug's Paperless Onboarding platform helps leaders and managers launch new hires with new hire checklists to maintain consistency across all locations, and electronic signatures and document storage to maintain compliance. CareerPlug's One System, Any Device philosophy means business owners, HR leaders and front line managers can work from any location, with any device. CareerPlug empowers leaders to review and contact applicants from a phone between meetings, complete new hire paperwork on an in-store tablet and report on recruiting results from a desktop - all from the same easy-to-use system.

    Oleeo, formerly WCN, is an award-winning provider of innovative talent acquisition technology. Built using intelligent automation and machine learning, Oleeo’s platform helps companies discover unlimited sourcing potential to attract, engage and hire amazing, diverse teams that change the world for the better. Our mission is to help recruiters do that faster and more efficiently than ever before -

    Checks360 platform enables the entire background screening process -from acquisition of candidate data to verification of the data and then onto preparation and submission of the final case-report.

    Holistic approach and expertise to empower you on your journey towards Saving Money and Excelling in Business by making sure you hire and retain the best people.

    Worldwide businesses have problems with hiring the wrong people, low employee engagement, hiring turnover, and ineffective employee development. All of these problems exist because companies hire employees who are a poor match for the job. OutMatch solves these problems by giving actionable workforce analytics driven from candidate assessments. OutMatch helps identify the right people. Those stellar employees in turn are more engaged, drive satisfaction, and increase revenue.

    Credential OnDemand is an applicant tracking software that brings the process online and speeds the credentialing process.

    RefLynk makes vetting your candidate's reference fast, inexpensive, and and easy by automating the reference checking process.

    Transparent and authenticated proof of career experience and qualifications. Hiring tools to make better decisions every time.