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Relational databases store and manage data in a traditional table format, with each piece of data organized into a row and a column. Columns hold the data of a single type or field, like first name, order number, or the image link of a product logo. Rows create the relationship between these data points. For example, rows can associate a first name to a last name and then to a user name, email address, and customer ID. Businesses use relational databases to maintain the data from their applications and ensure they always have access to critical customer information, product data, social data, and financial particulars like purchases, fulfillment, revenue, and expenses. These systems can range from desktop applications that create a small database on your machine to large enterprise-grade data stores. Almost all use a form of SQL as their query language, and most adhere to the ACID set of properties to ensure reliable transactions: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability.

Relational databases are generally chosen due to their simplicity in comparison to NoSQL databases, such as object-oriented databases, document databases, and graph databases. Those looking for a relational database solution with little budget also have options with free database software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Relational Databases category, a product must:

  • Provide data storage
  • Organize data in a relational model, formulating a table of rows and columns
  • Allow users to retrieve, edit, return, or remove data
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    Apache Empire-db is a Java library that provides a high level object-oriented API for accessing relational database management systems (RDBMS) through JDBC.

    Apache HAWQ is a Hadoop native SQL query engine that combines the key technological advantages of MPP database with the scalability and convenience of Hadoop. It provides users the tools to confidently and successfully interact with petabyte range data sets.

    Archive2Azure is native Azure solution for compliance and long term information management.

    With Brilliant Database you can develop any database application without having any special knowledge or skills.

    CA Datacom is a high-volume workload and fault-tolerant capabilities. CA Datacom®, and its family of rDBMS products, provides you with that repository.

    CitrusDB is a massively scalable PostgreSQL database for real-time applications.

    Citus Data horizontally scales PostgreSQL, taking relational power further for real-time data.

    CLOUDBASIC RDS is a RDS SQL Server Multi-AZ and Geo-Replication solution on AWS.

    Cloudera’s modern analytic database, powered by Apache Impala, is the only solution that brings high-performance SQL analytics to big data.

    ClustrixDB is the distributed database that uniquely meets the growth, performance, and availability demands of today’s online retailers

    Cockroach Labs helps developers build and deploy scalable applications that can survive datacenter-scale outages.

    Compose makes it easy to deploy, operate, and scale PostgreSQL instances in the cloud.

    CrateIO is a distributed, document-oriented database designed to be used with traditional SQL syntax.

    CUBRID is an open source database management system highly optimized for web applications. CUBRID assures the high performance, stability, scalability, and high availability which are required for mission-critical Internet applications.

    dbForge Data Pump is an SSMS add-in for filling SQL databases with external source data and migrating data between systems. The tool supports import and export from 10+ widely used data formats (Text, MS Excel, XML, CSV, JSON etc.) and includes a number of advanced options and templates for recurring scenarios.

    dbForge Documenter for SQL Server is a tool that automatically generates documentation of an entire SQL Server database with a wide range of options to customize the generated documentation to meet specific requirements.

    dbForge Index Manager is a handy SSMS add-in for analyzing the status of SQL indexes and fixing issues with index fragmentation. The tool allows you to quickly collect index fragmentation statistics and detect databases that require maintenance. You can instantly rebuild and reorganize SQL indexes in visual mode or generate SQL script for the future use. dbForge Index Manager for SQL Server will significantly boost SQL Server performance without much effort!

    dbForge Object Search for SQL Server is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio that allows user to search SQL objects and data in the databases.

    dbForge Source Control is a powerful SSMS add-in for managing SQL Server database changes in version control systems. The tool allows version-controlling schemas and reference data, roll back changes, and maintain the referential integrity of your SQL databases. The tool can also solve other database challenges, including deployment without losing data.

    An intuitive and convenient GUI for implementing automated unit testing in SQL Server Management Studio. dbForge SQL unit testing tool is based on the open-source tSQLt framework, so SQL developers can now benefit from writing unit tests in regular T-SQL. dbForge Unit Test functionality allows you to develop stable and reliable code that can be properly regression tested at the unit level.

    Empress Embedded database is the most reliable embedded database for embedded applications on UNIX, Linux, Windows and Real-Time systems. The ultra fast, small footprint database engine is maintenance free, ideal for mission-critical applications

    ESF Database Migration Toolkit is a database migration toolkit that helps to migrate data between various database formats.

    The eXtremeDB database combines exceptional performance, reliability and developer efficiency in a proven real-time embedded database engine.

    We challenged status quo by combining the scale and flexibility of NoSQL with the safety and data integrity of relational systems. We call this Relational NoSQL

    Relational database server that offers backup of live databases, datastore encryption, replication/mirroring capabilities, and more.

    The Graphite Studio platform generates a complete normalized relational database based on the Entity model designed within a project. This is accomplished using standard ORM tools such as Entity Framework 6.0. As the Entity model changes the platform provides the project team with the scripts necessary to update the database structure, allowing for the abstraction of complex relational database requirements such as identifiers, link tables, foreign keys and indices.

    Track and manage the data most important to your team: Contacts, Issues, Bugs, Help Desk Requests, Technology Assets, Sales Opportunities, Products in Development, Sample Requests, Customer Special Orders, Quotations, Proposals, PO Approvals, to name just a few. Your team will love having a single, up-to-date source of information.

    Grubba is the free and online alternative to MS Access and Filemaker Pro. Choose a template or create your own forms and database to fit your individual needs. Suitable for beginner and advanced users.

    HanDBase is a light and fast relational database manager for mobile devices which offers data entry, searching, sorting, filtering, printing and synchronization across a wide variety of desktop computers, tablets, handheld computing devices and smartphones.

    Historian is an industrial data management software. allows users to create a complete CRUD interface for their database with just a few clicks.

    HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, open-source data storage mechanism based on a powerful knowledge management formalism known as directed hypergraphs. While a persistent memory model designed mostly for knowledge management, AI and semantic web projects, it can also be used as an embedded object-oriented database for Java projects of all sizes. Or a graph database. Or a (non-SQL) relational database.

    HyperBase allows you to simplify data collection through webforms and automate business processes with workflows and database apps – all in its anywhere accessible cloud database solution.

    Infobright DB's high performance analytic database is designed for analyzing large volumes of machine-generated data

    Intellimas is an enterprise level software with spreadsheet features.

    InterSystems Caché® is a high-performance database that powers transaction processing applications around the world. It is used for everything from mapping a billion stars in the Milky Way, to processing a billion equity trades in a day, to managing smart energy grids. Caché is a multi-model (object, relational, key-value) DBMS and application server developed by InterSystems. InterSystems Caché provides several APIs to operate with same data simultaneously: key-value, relational, object, document, multidimensional. Data can be managed via SQL, Java, node.js, .NET, C++, Python. DBMS Caché has proven embedded technologies for horizontal scaling (ECP, SLM), High Availability (Mirroring), transaction support and backup. It includes embedded Caché ObjectScript language which is back compatible to mumps and which helps to run applications' business logic close to the data and achieve maximum performance for complex logic operations with data. Caché also provides application server which hosts web apps (CSP), REST, SOAP, web sockets and other types of TCP access for Caché data.

    Jet Profiler is a real-time query performance and diagnostics tool for the MySQL database server.

    Creating database application with front-end tools only. Reduce time and costs, make things simpler. Helps you make your business more competitive and help your company's software development processes save time and optimize resources and costs

    Kinetica is a distributed in-memory database solution that harnesses the power of GPUs to deliver unprecedented performance for analytics on large and streaming datasets.

    The Matisse DBMS delivers up to a 100-1 price performance improvement through the ability to natively store XML and program objects from Java, C#, C++, VB, Eiffel and the leading scripting languages including Python and PHP.

    InstantSQL provides a simplified but high performance way of using popular relational databases directly from within your RM/COBOL application. Unlike other techniques, such as embedded SQL, InstantSQL brings most of the advantages of dynamic SQL to bear without the complexity of directly calling the native database API or its ODBC counterpart.

    MobiDB is a crossplatform (iOS, Android, Windows 10) offline database app with unique cloud sync via Dropbox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive. CSV import enables data exchange between mobidb and Access, Filemaker, Excel. Intuitive visual form designer will help you arrange information on your screen in an attractive and readable manner. Features: • CSV import/export; • Visual form designer; • Cloud synchronization through Dropbox, OneDrive, Google drive; • Automatic conflict resolution; • Excel export; • More than 20 field types; • Pre-set database templates; • Stored filters; • Sorting and search; MobiDB is a good choice for people working in the field, since it supports offline work. Once you get back to the stable internet connection you can upload your changes to the cloud to make it available to other devices and people. With mobidb you can share database through cloud storage and collaborate with other devices and users. Use MobiDB database to • Store personal information of your collections, recipes, to-do lists, etc.; • Keep track of your business related data: customers, orders, products list, receipts; • Manage projects, track tasks progress, assign responsible persons, and invoice customers; • Create and manage company inventories; • Take scientific notes in the field; • Manage rented property; • Arrange, store and manage some specific information that requires special structure;

    QuintaDB is an online relational database and web-forms builder. You can create as many forms as you need. Link them using Relationships and you'll have web based relational database application. You'll be able to customize it and integrate it into your web site or blog. Using database roles you can restrict access to your database for your co-workers or friends. Create database views, build charts and google maps based on your data.

    A simple development environment databases, without the help of specialists and programming skills, you will create a Windows application databases. It can be as simple telephone directory and accounting system in your business.

    Numeracy is a lightweight SQL pad that gives you powerful querying and visualization for your data warehouse.

    Ignite's ObjectStore Standard Edition is an object-oriented database management system for applications that demand reliable, transactional, object persistence and real-time data caching. It is the leading in-memory database for applications that demand high-performance, extreme scalability and real time responsiveness.

    Whether you are a developer, a DBA, a data scientist, an educator, or just curious about databases, Oracle Database 18c Express Edition (XE) is the ideal way to get started. It is the same powerful Oracle Database that enterprises rely on worldwide, packaged for simple download, ease-of-use, and a full-featured experience. You get an Oracle Database to use in any environment, plus the ability to embed and redistribute – all completely free!

    PipelineDB is a realtime analytics database that runs SQL queries continuously on streaming data.

    Postgres Plus Advanced Server is built upon and integrates every release advanced open source database, PostgreSQL. EDB engineers then work continuously with our enterprise users to add features, tools and solutions to meet our customers demanding standards.

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