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Restaurant point of sale (POS) software provides restaurant and bar servers an easy way to take orders and process payment for multiple checks simultaneously.

With POS software, restaurant managers and owners can meet many of their practical business needs, from managing daily service all the way up to high-level analytics. Orders can be entered either at touchscreen stations or tableside with mobile devices, and servers can easily keep track of their tables, edit orders, easily split checks, and apply discounts. Some products allow communication between servers and the kitchen, allowing them to be aware of inventory shortages and delays. By empowering servers with software that can provide myriad services, they can be more efficient and accommodating for customers.

Many products are meant to be used on mounted tablets or other handheld devices, and can include ticket printers or cash drawers. Managers can also keep track of profits, inventory, menu trends, and other analytics. Certain products will also integrate food-delivery services, so you can either set up your own online ordering platform or work with another provider. POS software is often implemented along with other restaurant management systems like staffing management, inventory management, and finance platforms. Many products can integrate with these systems directly to create a streamlined experience.

To qualify in the restaurant POS category, a product must:

  • Take orders from a menu and submit those orders to the kitchen for multiple guests or tables
  • Process payments using various methods such as cash, credit or debit card, etc. as well as split checks and add discounts
  • Offer secure data access and functionality to protect sensitive data such as customer information and credit card numbers
  • Include reporting and analytics to monitor sales indicators for each location, as well as order cancellations

Restaurant POS System Grid® Overview

The best Restaurant POS System products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: Aloha POS, Toast, and TouchBistro Restaurant POS
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Breadcrumb Restaurant POS and ShopKeep POS
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution.
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Lavu, Maitre'D, and Dinerware POS
G2 Crowd Grid® for Restaurant POS
High Performers
Market Presence

What You Should Know about Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS systems are crucial to keeping a restaurant running smoothly. As anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows, there are a lot of moving parts in both the front of house and the back of house. Day-to-day operations are complicated and can involve everything from inventory management and purchasing, to scheduling both employees and reservations for guests. While restaurant management software is intended to be more of an end-to-end solution, restaurant point of sale software can also contain many of the same features. One of the main advantages of restaurant POS software is the inclusion of a cash drawer (and potentially an iPad) to be used either at the counter or tableside.

In many ways, point of sale systems created for the restaurant industry are very similar to retail POS systems. Both act as a cash register with the ability to ring up customers, change orders, authorize refunds, and include other features typical of point of sale solutions. A restaurant POS solution is primarily defined by organizing orders by table, making it easy for the server to send customer orders to the kitchen.

Some mobile POS systems allow the server to place orders right at the table, saving on time and reducing the chances of making a mistake. Many restaurant POS solutions will even include inventory management and other business tools to make back-office functions easier. Small businesses can benefit from a suite of features housed in something as easy and portable as an iPad and accessible through the cloud, because flexibility can be crucial in the restaurant business.

Why Use Restaurant POS Software Software?

In this day and age, a POS system is a requirement for any business, not just restaurants. With the ability to perform credit card processing, order creation, gift card redemption, and more, POS software helps any business owner keep things moving quickly and efficiently. For a restaurant, it’s especially important to turn over tables quickly and ensure that customers receive the correct food (with any special orders accommodated) in a timely fashion.

While many of the functions of POS software can be done simply with pen and paper and a cash register, POS tools keep all that information easily accessible in one place. Inventory management becomes easier when the kitchen can quickly note when it runs out of an ingredient or dish.

For servers, the ability to easily seat customers, take their orders, and efficiently communicate those orders to the kitchen is crucial. With restaurant POS software, that can all be done using the tool. Chefs can also potentially build menus and indicate which menu items are no longer available as service progresses. The advantage of restaurant POS software is that servers can create, split, or refund checks quickly and easily. If a restaurant offers gift cards, POS software offers an easy way to redeem them and adjust the check. Some POS tools might even have built-in loyalty programs that allow you to design gift cards, coupons, or punch cards physically or digitally.

In this age of GrubHub, Seamless, Postmates, and other food delivery apps, creating an online ordering presence may seem daunting if you don’t want to affiliate with one of the larger digital dining services. Some restaurant POS systems will even contain features to facilitate creating an online menu and delivery service that can be embedded into a website.

Who Uses Restaurant POS Software

Restaurant POS software is primarily used by restaurant servers and and cashiers to place orders and process payments. With additional features such as accounting or restaurant reservations, restaurant managers and owners can keep an eye on their business. Customers may even be able to place their own orders using an iPad POS system mounted at the table or POS terminals around the restaurant. POS systems also affect the kitchen, as many POS systems either include, or interface with, a ticketing system to help keep orders organized and service moving smoothly.

Restaurant POS Software Features

Reports — Various reports help you run your business more intelligently because they provide key insights into what you are doing well and what you may need to work on. Perhaps a certain menu item is ordered much less often than others. It may be time to rework it or remove it from the menu. Reports can also help with labor costs by determining which shifts have the most business and therefore need the most servers. Reports provide a large-scale view of your business and are therefore extremely helpful for creating a plan.

Menu building — Building a menu can be a complex endeavor, but restaurant POS systems allow you to see your inventory and build a menu that’s appropriate. With the menu already in the POS system, servers can easily place orders, especially if that menu is intuitively organized specifically for your restaurant’s workflow.

Seating plans — The advantage of a POS system is that you can dynamically seat customers as tables become available. With the ability to track reservations and know which tables are reserved at the beginning of service, it becomes much easier to seat walk-in customers. The system may also allow you to see how close a table is to finishing, helping you avoid giving inaccurate wait times and potentially lose fewer customers.

Inventory management — Linking back-of-house and front-of-house functions is crucial, and many restaurant POS systems include inventory management features that allow you to be on top of sourcing and purchasing. In many tools, this is automated such that every item ordered is automatically removed from your inventory. With accurate reporting of what’s available, you will be able to save more money ordering only what is necessary and reducing waste.

Loyalty programs — Marketing is important for every small business, especially when there aren’t a lot of extra funds lying around to pay for it. Loyalty programs, therefore, are an easy way to help ensure repeat business. Using a POS tool with a built-in loyalty program, you can create gift cards, punch cards, or any other loyalty program quickly and easily to ensure customers keep coming back and spending more.

Online ordering — Customers love having the ability to order food online, so it makes sense to get in on the action. A POS system with functionality to create an online ordering portal helps keep everything in one place as well as save time and money when trying to figure out how to build a website and avoid vendor fees. And with those orders coming directly through the POS tool, orders are less likely to be lost or pushed aside in favor of in-house diners.

Tableside ordering — Going green is on everyone’s mind these days, and POS systems are capable of helping you go paperless. POS systems with mobile capabilities allow servers to place orders directly into the system using a tablet or mobile phone. Not only does this reduce mistakes, but it also increases efficiency as orders are sent to the kitchen immediately. There is also the possibility for order kiosks, allowing customers to place their own orders directly into the POS system and bypassing servers entirely. This is ideal for restaurants where customers order at the counter, freeing up cashiers to help prepare orders faster.

Hardware — Many POS systems come with hardware such as cash drawers, tablets, card readers, and ticket printers. Hardware can be expensive, so it’s important that any hardware works well with the software purchased. It’s also important that the hardware is reliable and durable, since it will ideally be getting a lot of use. Because hardware can be a significant expense, you may be reluctant to buy more than the bare minimum, but your restaurant will work more efficiently if you purchase enough hardware so employees aren’t doubling up.

Accounting — Keeping track of how much money is coming in and how it is being used is crucial to any small business. Accounting features within a POS system make it easy to monitor every transaction, track purchasing, and keep an eye on general overhead spending. The more organized your finances are, the easier it is to focus on the day-to-day restaurant operations.

Trends Related to Restaurant POS Software Software

Many of the trends within the restaurant POS software space are cloud-related. By storing information on the internet and not on devices, data can be easily shared between devices and recovered if there is a problem with a specific device.

Online ordering — Ordering food online is a huge trend, and one that is likely not going away anytime soon. If your restaurant doesn’t offer online ordering, you’re likely missing out on a huge amount of potential revenue. Luckily, restaurant POS software makes it easy to create an online ordering portal with minimal effort on your part.

Tableside ordering — Cloud-based POS software simplifies syncing multiple mobile devices so servers can ditch the ticket pad and use a tablet or mobile phone to place orders. With the increased speed and accuracy, it’s understandable why more and more restaurants are implementing this solution.

Tablet-based POS Most POS systems are optimized to run on an iPad or similar tablet, saving restaurant owners money by being easily replaceable and not requiring a computer mouse or keyboard. Tablets are also portable and easy to set up, making them ideal if you want to try out new layouts or train new employees.

Customer self-service — With cloud-based POS systems, kiosks can easily be set up so customers can place orders at their own convenience. Much like online ordering, customers are interested in on-demand services that reduce wait times.

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    Toast is an all-in-one restaurant technology platform. Built specifically for restaurants, Toast brings together many solutions from integrated online ordering to gift card and loyalty programs to labor and sales reporting all on a mobile, cloud-based POS system. Toast helps you improve your operations, grow revenue, and get more business insight. Toast’s mission is to create the best possible restaurant guest experience by partnering with our customers to tackle the unique challenges of the restaurant environment.

    Aloha POS gives operators all the tools they need to boost sales and increase the pace of service, With Aloha POS you can enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery.

    TouchBistro is an iPad POS system designed for and by restaurant service staff to meet the specific needs of the industry with 24/7 expert support from former restaurant servers, managers, and owners. Whether you own a fine-dining restaurant, casual eatery, cafe, food truck, pub, or any other food business, TouchBistro is an affordable and easy-to-use POS system that helps to increase sales, improve service, and make better business decisions. It is complete with food service specific features, superior ease-of-use, and advanced management capabilities, making it the perfect business solution for your restaurant. Manage tableside orders, floor plans & tables, mobile payment processing, staff & scheduling, menu management, and inventory management right from the iPad. Plus, access reporting & analytics in the cloud from anywhere, at anytime. It integrates the payment options to help in efficient management of receipts and expenses. Gift cards and credit cards are incorporated into the TouchBistro POS solution for ease of payment processing.

    Breadcrumb is the industry-leading, cloud-based iPad Point-of-Sales (POS) system used by thousands of restaurants with a passion for providing remarkable hospitality. Designed by restaurateurs for restaurateurs, Breadcrumb merges an easy-to-use interface with modern capabilities so you get smooth operations and the ability to focus on your people and guest experience. Combined with Upserve HQ and payment processing, Breadcrumb creates the only complete restaurant management solution in the industry, purpose-built for the restaurateur.

    Everything ShopKeep does helps independent businesses to grow. Founded by a successful business owner, ShopKeep is an intuitive, secure, iPad point of sale system, with affordable software that empowers merchants to run smarter businesses. It optimizes staffing and inventory, while offering sales reports and customer information on one seamless, cloud-based platform. By offering low-cost, integrated payment processing, as well as top-of-the-line point of sale hardware, ShopKeep represents a one-stop shop for all ambitious independent business owners who want to hit the ground running. As important as the industry-leading features, is the free, award-winning support ShopKeep offers its 25,000 customers. Customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing ShopKeep has their back 24/7/365. More and more small business owners are coming to the realization that ShopKeep is the difference between a business dream, and a dream business.

    Lavu is a Point of Sale solution designed for use by full-service, quick-service, and franchise restaurants, from bars, nightclubs, and lounges, to food trucks and coffee shops. Lavu’s restaurant management system goes beyond simply placing orders and accepting payments. With employee management functionality including scheduling, shift-trading, and payroll reports, extensive sales and inventory reporting, inventory management, online ordering, and more, Lavu is a fully-featured system for all your restaurant management needs. Reporting can be accessed from the Control Panel at work, home, or anywhere with an internet connection, perfect for multiple location restaurants or owners on the go. Lavu offers a Loyalty App, delivery routing, happy hour pricing, layout customization, menu customization, and more. You have the freedom to choose the payment processor of your choice and no matter who you choose you will be able to easily split checks and accept multiple payment types through your Lavu POS. An affordable, intuitive system that is easy to use, easy to train on and that can be up and running in your establishment in no time. Currently being used in 89 countries, Lavu is the perfect choice for your restaurant, big or small, mobile or brick and mortar.

    Maitre'D can help you streamline your operations, whether you're running a bar, a dining room, or a take-out counter.

    Dinerware POS is Dinerwares core restaurant and hospitality operations offering. It is flexible in design and can easily be set up to support a broad variety of restaurant concepts and workflows.

    Enable customers to pay with their phones at your store locations. Leverage LevelUp's already-built POS integrations for free to enable a seamlessly integrated payment workflow. Reward your users when they achieve goals in your app by sending them LevelUp Credit for specific merchants.

    POSitouch is the foodservice industry's most feature rich POS system. It handles all of your POS needs whether they are in Table Service or Quick Service, Country Clubs, Cafeterias, Delivery, Arenas or Stadiums.

    SilverWare provides the security of a SQL Server Database with the advantages of Cloud-based Solutions including Mobile/Tablet Ordering, Real Time Web-based Reporting, Alerts & Analytics, Online Ordering, and more.

    CardConnect is a leading provider of payment processing and technology solutions, helping more than 67,000 organizations – from independent coffee shops to iconic global brands – accept billions of dollars in card transactions each year. Since its inception in 2006, CardConnect has developed advanced payment solutions backed by patented, PCI-certified point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization. The company’s small-to-midsize business offering, CardPointe, is a comprehensive platform that includes a powerful reporting and transaction management portal which extends to a native mobile app. For enterprise-level organizations, CardSecure integrates omnichannel payment acceptance into several ERP systems – such as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards and Infor M3 – in a way that minimizes PCI compliance requirements and lowers transaction costs.

    Imagine upgrading every aspect of your restaurant with a simple touch. We’re talking quicker service, increased profits and simplified workflows. Lightspeed Restaurant’s robust POS solution lets you run your entire restaurant from an iPad and access your business from anywhere, even if you lose internet connection. Whether you run a full or quick service restaurant, a bar or nightclub, a hotel or cafe, this POS system is tailored to your business’ needs. Get your staff up and running with our intuitive interface and cloud-based system that allows servers to move fluidly from table to table and take orders with fewer mistakes. It’s built to help you upsell with ease and interact with your customers during the ordering process by uploading appetizing images and suggesting modifiers for each menu item. Generate detailed sales and keep track of best-selling items, trends and customer habits. Lightspeed Restaurant gives you full control of your business by letting you assign specific roles and responsibilities for each staff member. Plus, it requires minimal hardware, so you can elevate your business at a cost you can afford. Menu and floorplan - Create discounts for customer groups, promotional events or specific items. - Combining tables or moving them around is as simple as tap and drag. - Present menu items complete with photos, descriptions and prices. - Quickly update your floorplan. Ordering and payments - Send tableside orders directly to the kitchen or bar. - Offer quicker service. - Easily split or combine bills. - Offer flexible payment options. Offline mode - Internet down? Don't sweat it. Lightspeed restaurant POS works online or offline. - It’s the only POS to keep your data safe even if your terminal is permanently damaged. - Look up customer information for take-out or delivery orders. - Process gift card sales or as a payment method. - Liteserver stays up at all times, so operations go on as usual. - Once a connection is reestablished, your data is automatically synced. Reporting and data - Pull-up end of day reports to access key data that will help you prepare for peak periods and better understand your customers’ needs. - Use the staff reports to learn who your best employees are. - Access all this data from your phone, iPad or laptop, anytime, from anywhere. Free Onboarding & 24/7 Support - Benefit from a dedicated team who help you get started in a 1:1 session. - Get live chat support with our support heros located around the world. Employees - Customizable user permissions give you full control over employees’ access to your system. - Train your team in no time with the intuitive and easy-to-learn iPad interface. - Staff can take orders directly from the iPad for quicker service and more accurate orders. Integrations - Add the Kitchen Display System for optimized communication between the kitchen and the front of the house. - Add the Customer Facing Display to optimize communication between your staff and customers. - Add the Self Order Menu to let customers place their own orders. Our network of over 250 integration partners lets you tailor Lightspeed to your business’ specific needs with accounting, delivery or loyalty programs. What our customers are saying “It allows me to focus on taking care of my customers and not worrying about how the place is running, it really gives me peace of mind.” - Maison Cloakroom “It was easy to program and even easier to train my staff with — I could do it with my eyes closed.” -Nobu Hotel “I wanted my team to focus on what they do best. With the click of a button, they can show guests how a particular dish looks like and that adds to the experience.” -Absurd Bird “From ringing up food and drinks to managing the backend and business side, it’s freeing me up to do so much more work than I would have the time to do if I had to do all that by hand.” - Live on Air Questions? You can always reach our friendly team of specialists by calling 855-251-0441 or by going to our support center for helpful tips, training videos and system updates.

    InfoGenesis POS keeps transactions flowing and ensures integration with your current back office technologies.

    Digital Dining's Point of Sale Software does a lot, it's simple to use and goes way beyond the basics.

    Brink POS is built on a modern, cloud-based architecture to fit the needs of a multi-unit operator. The platform is designed not only to scale and grow with your business, but to manage your operations as easily with 1 store as with 1,000. Adopting the PAR SaaS, or Software as a Service model, Brink POS is provided as a monthly subscription, and will proudly earn your business every month. There are no upfront licensing fees, and upgrades are included and performed automatically. With features like loyalty, online & mobile ordering, kitchen video system, and labor management built into the POS, you get a truly seamless solution driving a powerful customer experience.

    The nFocus Dashboard also makes it easier to operate your point of sale system with one-click icons that allow quick and convenient access to commonly used functions such as employees, time cards, and scheduling.

    Aldelo POS Cloud seamlessly integrates with our deployed POS solutions, enabling full back office and reporting access from anywhere, on any internet browser enabled devices.

    Ambur is a mobile Point of Sale for the food service industry

    Imagine a powerful point of sale system with the most easy to use interface. Get the job done in less time and effort with Auphan Dining.

    BPA Restaurant Professional Software and our Multiuser Restaurant Point of Sale Systems will give you the business software solution you need.

    Floreant POS helps with order management, automation of kitchen, and keeping control of cash.

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    Gusto POS combines ease of use with rock solid reliability to provide restaurateurs unparalleled data insights, best of class security, and reduced training and support costs.

    Harbor Touch POS delivers a touch-screen point of sale system that will streamline your business operations and automate your management activities.

    PrISM is a restaurant computer and POS software system that has advanced touch screen ordering, restaurant and inventory management, employee scheduling, and Quickbooks integration.

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    onePOS has created a proven and stable high-performance restaurant sales system that maintains the simplicity in training, operation, and support you demand.

    Restaurant Point of Sale provides a Point of Sale system for large chains and individual stores, combining dependable real time POS operation with a wide range of functions and reports, rapid deployment and low lifetime costs

    All-In-One Business Management Solution. Modular cloud-based software customizable for your exact needs

    Siriusware Salespoint Solutions offers point of sale modular solutions that your business needs, with button-driven menues and interfaces to allow operators to process transactions.

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    SPR POS for Restaurant is a POS Softwarethat delivers a Complete and Powerful Point of Sale Solution for Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Fast Food, Food Delivery, Cafeteria, Catering and Many Other Types of Restaurant/Food Related Business.

    Squirrel in a Box is a simplified system for smaller footprint operations and budgets.

    Thr!ve POS offers an integrated suite of solutions including mobile & online ordering, delivery, restaurant loyalty marketing, and enterprise management. Built from scratch for the pizza & delivery restaurant industry, Thr!ve provides the "Big 3" technology at an independent price.

    Tradepoint POS' interface allows you to custom design menu screens and contol how each menu element should look and function.

    The U-POS range of POS solutions ensures a solution for everyone, from those with smaller feature needs and budgets to others who require full service hospitality management systems.

    Volante POS is a cross platform software for the hospitality industry that can be customized to your business.

    AIMsi is a POS, inventory management, accounting and business software application that offers a way to control inventory, manage customers and track sales and integrated custom add-on modules so you can build a custom software solution.

    Designed specifically for hospitality, Aireus is the complete enterprise POS solution for restaurants ranging from busy single units to multi-unit properties. Scalability, resiliency, integration, and flexible configuration are key.

    Alexandria POS is an all-in-one software for all types of merchants, from retail and restaurant to salons, that have features you need to keep your business running.

    AlfaRichi EPOS is a web-based front-end and back-office system that is accessible from any device.

    This mPOS tablet/smartphone version provides all the power and functionality of AspexPOS with increased flexibility and mobility.

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    AspexPOS is an easy-to-use, proven point-of-sale technology that has eliminated complex, unnecessary procedures to give you a fast and focused application to help you manage your restaurant. This integrated hardware/software solution includes everything you need to run a smooth operation from touchscreen monitors and credit card processing to menu management and employee time tracking.

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    BeerSAVER can monitor the volume of beer and other beverages dispensed from each tap and reconcile the sales rung in on the POS system in real time.

    BEPOZ is a Point of Sale (POS) Software for any Restaurant, Retail Shop, or combo of the two. Manage One or Multiple Venues.

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    Bindo POS is an iPad POS that helps local businesses by bringing brick and mortar sales, e-commerce, and mobile commerce to the point-of-sale.

    BickPosis a restaurant management POS software.

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    Brigade is a one of a kind full service restaurant point of sale system. It’s designed to optimize your floor and create good communication between your servers, bartenders, and kitchen staff. Your service speed will always be in it’s most optimal state and you won’t miss a beat. Our powerful monitoring systems are making sure your system is always up. We offer 24/7 support and a dedicated account manager at no additional cost. We are so confident, we will offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee. Schedule a free demo now and see how Brigade can help take your restaurant management to the next level.

    Chanj POS Software is a data-driven POS for bars and nightclubs that interacts with your industry and is focused just on bars and nightclubs and their specific needs and processes.

    GoFrugal Technologies, a proven technology partner for Retailers, Restaurateurs and Distributors, providing POS (point of sale / billing), business automation solutions and mobile apps. We give the our customers their competitive edge in the market with digital solutions like mobile apps and cloud solutions. We are 100% Digitally driven company with the focus to give our customers simpler solutions to their complex challenges. Trusted 25000 customers across the world.

    Dinerware makes restaurant management and customer service simple, so your staff can focus on your guests instead of a complicated restaurant point of sale (POS) system — your guests can focus on each other and a great experience dining out. Discover why 35,000 restaurants worldwide rely on Dinerware — Dinerware empowers you to be more competitive and profitable.

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    Edge POS is a touch screen POS system for restaurants.

    Electronic Charge POS helps your business control and manage inventory and ordering, and helps with customer service and inventory costs.

    Execu/Tech Systems is a technology development and integration firm specializing in complete hospitality solutions.

    Fedelta Point of Sale provides businesses in hospitality and retail industries with integrated solutions that streamline front and back office operations.

    FireFly Point-of-Sale is a browser-based POS system ideal for casual dining that gives you innovative remote management capabilities that are maintainable and the ability to run on a tablet or computer.

    FusionResto software has got everything you need for making your restaurant business more profitable.

    Future Fusion POS is a integrated system that helps manage your business and deliver service to your customers.

    IncoPOS lets you manage your business with minimal effort and expand it as needed. - Track inventory, sales, purchases, purchase orders and many more. - Print and customize documents and cash receipts. - Track employee performance and manage clients' loyalty. - Manage multiple locations or mobile sales personnel from any workstation. - Create custom reports and visualize the results graphically.

    InnkeyPOS is a cloud based Point of Sale system for restaurants, bars, cafes, QSRs etc.

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    jRestaurant POS provides table service and fine dining software, bar and nightclub software, pizza and delivery software, fast food and quick service software.

    Thousands of stores around the world rely on Kounta’s flexible and scalable cloud-based Point of Sale System. Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run any store. Kounta can be securely used in both on and offline modes on smartphones, tablets, laptops and even the traditional POS equipment stores already have, while seamlessly connecting to popular online and mobile add-ons like accounting, loyalty, e-commerce and more. Kounta is; Painless to set up, and easy to use, which makes it perfect for small business owners who do all the back office work—like accounting and inventory—themselves. “Hardware agnostic,” an industry term that means it will run on just about any platform, a notion which really has nothing to do with agnosticism, so we’d prefer to call it “platform independent.” A great tool for customer retention, with its built-in CRM tools that let you target your marketing more precisely—and successfully. Able to seamlessly integrate with popular social/mobile apps and e-commerce sites, expanding your digital reach by rewarding loyal customers and enticing new ones. Highly scalable, and will effortlessly grow right alongside you as your business expands. Connectable to popular cloud accounting services Powerful enough to manage your entire business

    Linga POS is a Cloud-based iPad POS that able to run any type of the Restaurants and Retail establishments with its powerful, scalable architecture and rich feature set.

    Loyverse POS is the free POS (free point-of-sale) app perfect for your retail store, cafe, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, beauty salon, kiosk, food truck, car wash or individual business. No ads, no credit card required, no contracts, and no commitments. Use Loyverse POS free point of sale system instead of a cash register and track sales and inventory in real time, manage items, view sales reports. Build your customer database, send them messages and electronic receipts, collect valuable feedback. Loyverse free POS software helps you turn your smartphone or tablet into a complete, easy to use, intuitive point of sale (retail POS) system enriched with customer relationship management (CRM).

    NewHotel Cloud Point of Sale specializes in hotels and restaurants offering a complete set of functions like quick sale, Preparations and seasonings, client cards, etc., and is interegated with front-office, stocks, and events.

    NinjaOS is a system that enables capabilities to accept orders for delivery, takeaway, dine in, catering and reservation on web & mobile app

    NorthStar Order Entry is a cloud based POS system with integrations to many of the industries most respected best of breed systems. NorthStar Order Entry is the first omni-channel ordering system in the industry. Our first customer opened with POS, Guest Ordering, Kiosk and On Line Ordering. Today, our system is used by some of the most respected restauranteurs.


    OrderMate has established itself as an industry leader among innovative point of sale, online ordering and self-ordering applications, retaining its easy-to-use interface which is essential for more efficient and effective operations in a wide array of hospitality businesses.

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    OrderPort POS provides Point of Sale capabilities on the iPad for sales at winery tasting rooms. It is integrated with OrderPort’s complete commerce solution which includes website, eCommerce, mobile commerce, inventory management and wine club administration.

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    PAR PixelPoint POS software is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts, and is configurable to meet your specific hospitality environment and requirements, rather than forcing you to change your current processes. PixelPoint POS is available as a perpetual license or subscription option. With PixelPoint POS, managing hospitality operations is even easier with more choices and advanced capabilities to better run your business.

    Plexis POS Software for Retail Sales, Fast Food, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Liquor Stores, Pizza Delivery and More. Compatible with Touch Screen, Mouse or Keyboard.

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    Quick POS (Point Of Sales) is an inventory & customer management software.

    Point of Success is a restaurant and bar software that includes what you need to enter orders, serve your guests, and track financial information.

    A cloud-based Point-of-Sale Android tablet application that connects with POMeSYS back-end software (or standalone). Set-up your storefront easily on a laptop or desktop computer instead of fiddling with buttons on screen to easily add products, options and more. Includes supply management, reporting, sales analysis and inventory control. Supports popular credit card terminals like PAX Technologies.

    POS Dynamics is a managment solution for pizzerias, fast foods, restaurants, cantines, kiosks, cafes, bars or other businesses that perform orders or who want to record sales, issue orders and receipts from the computer.

    POSNation bundles hardware, software, and services to provide customized solutions to meet your business needs.

    Poster is a tablet Point of Sale (POS) for cafes and shops. The POS application can be launched on a laptop, Android tablet, or iPad, which significantly reduces the initial cost. Poster offers a great number of useful features for the cost twice affordable than competitors: financial and stock control, discounts, bonuses and promotions settings; built-in customizable reports; fast food mode or floor section map and supply storage notifies. Set it up in 15 minutes and start saving time and money

    ProChef Point of Sale is the complete POS System for fast food, casual or fine dining, walk-in/take-out, pizza delivery restaurants and retail establishments.

    Pure iPos is the next generation restaurant point of sale system that is simple to use, is extremely flexible, empowers customer satisfaction and improves productivity.

    Torqus aims at revolutionizing the restaurant business by providing you with an all inclusive point of sale (POS) software with hassle free solutions that maximize your business at minimum cost.

    Rezku POS is a software solution designed for restaurants of all sizes.

    Touch Pro is a restaurant point of sale system with an embedded real time operating system to ensure reliability.

    TouchSuite Restaurant includes an integrated credit card reader, built-in receipt printer and is enhanced with a barcode scanner, kitchen receipt printer, cash drawer and keyboard.

    The management platform helps venue operators to increase Exposure, Sales & Manage daily tasks using any browser.

    WINHMS offers a comprehensive POS software system which caters to various operations such as KOT creation, amendments, billing and settlements

    Heartland XPIENT offers the most advanced point of sale (POS) and local transaction management solution in the industry, as well as complete enterprise-wide solutions for human resources, training, scheduling, inventory, food cost control, supply management and forecasting. XPIENT solutions, the leading quick service POS and fast casual POS, are highly customizable and are hardware-and software-agnostic, to enable you to integrate them into a total enterprise management solution

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    Zienix is a POS system for restaurants and takeaways.

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