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In order to optimize operations, restaurants need specialized software to manage the daily customer influx and reservations. Restaurant reservations software allows customers to book tables and helps managers schedule employees according to customer traffic. This type of software provides multiple options to make reservations,online or offline, as well as functionality to manage restaurant capacity. Reports and analytics are also provided to assist managers with tracking the efficiency of daily activities.

Restaurant reservation software integrates with payment processing solutions and accounting software. Advanced restaurant reservations solutions offer features or integration to loyalty programs providers and event management. Integration with hotel management software can also be delivered for restaurants that are part of a hospitality company.

To qualify for inclusion in the Restaurant Reservations category, a product must:

  • Provide multiple channels for reservations such as mobile, web, or phone
  • Allow user to manage floor plans and restaurant capacity
  • Schedule and manage reservations including waiting lists or cancellations
  • Capture and display customer information including their preferences
  • Deliver options for employees to manage reservations on mobile devices or POS terminals
  • Include features to capture customer feedback and reviews
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