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A retail management system is a platform that combines several useful tools to aid in running a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Retail management systems can help store owners by providing multiple services in one place, streamlining the process of running a store. Everyday tasks such as managing and buying inventory, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts, and keeping track of finances are easily completed using one solution. Some platforms are even compatible with mobile devices, so these tasks can be done anywhere in the store. By only buying one platform for your business, rather than several, you can ensure that all the systems will both share information and work well together. Some platforms will even have marketing and analytics tools to help you improve your business.

Common components of retail management systems are inventory management, workforce management, point of sale (POS), accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and analytics. Some products will have marketing or e-commerce tools to help with online business. Some platforms will offer physical hardware such as card readers and cash drawers that interface with the software; however, many will be able to integrate with your existing hardware.

To qualify in the retail management system category, a product must:

  • Have multiple functionalities, combining the work of several platforms into one system
  • Track sales inventory and manage store functions
  • Have some sort of analytics function

Retail Management System Grid® Overview

The best Retail Management System products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: RQ, LS Nav, and Square for Retail
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders. High Performers include: Springboard Retail
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: NCR Counterpoint and NetSuite RMS
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: ERPLY
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    The Square for Retail POS system is a full point-of-sale solution for retail stores that offers a new suite of intelligent tools, from tracking sales and inventory to rich analytics. Square for Retail features advanced inventory management, COGS and profit margin reporting, deeper customer engagement, employee management and new point of sale app purpose built for Retail. Find out everything Square for Retail offers at

    RQ is a modular RMS that manages and streamlines the core functions of your retail business.

    LS Nav is a flexible, highly scalable and powerful POS and ERP software solution, which is specifically designed to manage your whole retail operations easily and efficiently. No matter whether you own 1 store with 1 POS or you run thousands of shops, LS Nav grows with you. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LS Nav is an integrated retail software system. This means that the POS terminals, back-office and head office all use the same application, giving you total control and a complete overview of all your sales and operational channels. So you won't have to spend time aligning data from different sources and you'll eliminate any inconsistency.

    NetSuite RMS is a single cloud-based solution to manage your retail business across all channels and touchpoints.

    Springboard Retail is a cloud POS and Retail Management platform designed by retailers, for retailers. Built with multi-store, multi-channel retailers in mind, the software allows retailers to service every customer the same way, no matter where or how they shop. Springboard Retail provides retailers with better control over sales and profitability by placing actionable real-time data in the hands of every person who needs it, from the C-suite to the store floor. Retailers nationwide use Springboard’s mobile POS to reclaim valuable square footage and influence buying behavior at the point of decision, where it matters most. With inventory management, unparalleled custom reporting, APIs, portability across platforms and devices, Springboard Retail is easy-to-use, quick-to-start and revered by its users for making their jobs easier. The Details: • Cloud-based with real-time data • No upgrades • Comprehensive CRM • Powerful Reporting and Dashboards • Purchasing & Receiving • Inventory Management • Mobile POS • Priced per selling station • Flexible and scalable • Omnichannel capable with Ecommerce Integrations • Integrations with top retail platforms • Hardware agnostic • Open API

    NCR Counterpoint helps retailers manage their business with inventory management, built-in customer loyalty, automated purchasing, and configureable reporting that can be used on any device mobile or PC.

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    ERPLY LTD, is a provider of cloud-based, iPad-oriented Point of Sale and Inventory Management software for retailers, with a focus on multi-store operations. We provide fully integrated front-end and back-office functionality for your stores, warehouses, and headquarters into a single software suite.

    Epicor Retail offers CRM and enterprise solutions which assists in managing your enterprise and customer experience.

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    Retail Pro is a retail management software platform with powerful POS, inventory, employee, and customer management, back office, and reporting capabilities.

    A fully-integrated solution designed for Distribution, Retail, eCommerce and everything in between.

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    Dynamics RMS offers small and midsize retailers automated POS processes and store operations, providing centrailized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with Microsoft Office system programs.

    Brightpearl is a platform to manage inventory, accounting, customers, suppliers and fulfillment across your omnichannel business. Paired with real-time reports on inventory, cash flow, profitability across products, channels, customers and much more. Allowing you to make data driven decisions and execute an effective strategy to grow your business.

    ChainDrive provides real-time information and insight into aspects of your retail business and processes. ChainDrive is for multi-channel retailers who need to control, manage and fulfill their business objectives.

    Compass POS is a retail ERP Package that will provide real-time visibility into your retail operations.

    Back Office allows to control your earnings with stock management and document reporting.

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    Catapult Web Office elevates enterprise management with a web-based back office functionality that provides insite to manage locally-owned and multi-location regional and national chains.

    NTS Retail is a multifunctional management system that can be used on any device to keep the link between your company and your customers.

    Araclo POS allows you to use standard screens to create your own layouts, utilizes standard reports or create your own to match your specific operaitonal requirements, and choose settings tailored to the specific needs of your industry.

    Counterpoint is a real-time software with graphical point of sale and inventory management that gives you data access and control over your business opeations.

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    eTask Retail Solution is an application suite that embodies the functionality of a business while providing scope for configuration and customization to each retailer's business needs.

    LivePOS was established in 2006 as the first EVER cloud point of sale solution. Whether you have one store or a hundred, LivePOS harnesses the power of the cloud to give you a powerful, yet simple to use system that is anything short of amazing, just ask anyone of our thousands of customers! At the store (to ring up sales) you will use a windows based computer (XP, Win7, Win8), installed with our LivePOS software. The installed software allows the POS to function off-line even without an internet connection. For the backend management side you can use any internet enabled device in order to access your secured online Dashboard. PC, MAC, Android, iPhone and all types of the iPads are welcome. LivePOS utilizes a Windows based computer (desktop, laptop, all-in-one touch screen) to ring up customers, while providing a web-based backend management dashboard that is available on ANY internet enabled device. You can use your own hardware or buy it from us. If you want a mobile solution, check out our LivePad Mobile tablet.

    Merchandise Analytics gives you control over what goes on between the aisles of your store, with predictivce analysis, you will be able to monitor how the store, your associates and your bottom-line is preforming.

    The Openbravo Commerce Suite is a multichannel retail business solution built on top of a truly modular, mobile-enabled and cloud-ready technology platform that allows retailers to transform their physical store channel and do more and faster, with lower risks. All this being a must in today’s omnichannel retail reality to provide great shopping experiences to your customers and successfully embrace change and innovation. It offers a unique store solution including a responsive web and mobile POS with assisted sale and inventory visibility capabilities, backed by a complete back office functionality, which can be easily integrated with legacy corporate systems or scale up to the entire business management thanks to its built-in analytics, warehouse and distribution, procurement, merchandising, customer, financials and accounting management capabilities, as well as available e-commerce platform connectors. All on a single product. And if you want to leverage Cloud for higher business agility, select Openbravo Cloud, our Cloud offering in Amazon Web Services. For retailers, check the Openbravo Commerce Cloud : Watch these videos to see the Openbravo Commerce Suite in action:

    Rain Retail is a web and cloud based POS software that allows you to track repairs, manage inventory, use text message marketing, and use social media to market your business.

    Retalix BackOffice gives you complete front-to-back-door control over inventory, pricing, signage, and reporting, with online access to item tracking and other in-store information in real time.

    RICS Enterprise is a POS system for single or multi-store retailers that allows you to ring sales, control inventory, manage customer loyalty and provide real-time data to make decisions.

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    Celerant Technology developed Stratus Retail as an all-in-ONE POS retail management solution. The solution enables omnichannel retailers to run and grow their business. Through Stratus, retailers can manage their POS, E-Commerce, inventory and order management, ERP, business intelligence, marketplace integrations and digital marketing. With one database Stratus allows for cross-channel pricing, promotions, gift cards, inventory and fulfillment all channels are easily managed as one. It is the all-in-ONE solution for running your business..

    TylerNet POS Software is a real-time application with inventory control and integrated accounting developed to meet the needs of your customers.

    Wireless Standard is a scalable, cloud-based retail management system designed to provide wireless retailers, vendors and carriers with visibility to maximize efficiency and profitability.

    Workhorse™ accelerates production of consumer facing digital content by integrating data and workflow from supply chain to content publishing.

    Cygnus Retail Management is an enterprise-class retail management solution that is a web-based, high-volume, secure, real-time two-way system for managing products, pricing, sales, inventory, and orders for single or multi-store retailers.

    Evosus POS & Business Management Software is designed to integrate every aspect business including point-of-sale, inventory, marketing, service, construction and accounting. Designed exclusively from the end-user’s perspective, Evosus is easy to use, capable of managing multiple business locations, and is built to scale. We're proud to offer the most comprehensive business management software package on the market today for the pool, spa and hearth industries and look forward to expanding into new markets as we continue to grow.

    FusionRetail is a multi-location retail software that helps profitability by managing billing speed and accuracy with barcodes, touchscreen entry and schemes, and provides financial and inventory management.

    Genesis Advantage is a Window based software system for furniture retailers, including inventory management, accounting, and more.

    Head Office RMS delivers omni-channel fuctionality that processes all transactions in the enterprise and comes with reporting sales, stock and profit analysis tools.

    InStore PC quickly delivers accurate, up-to-date pricing data to benefit your organization. Whether you are purchasing the data from RW3 or utilizing our application with your own team, consistently utilizing competitive pricing data will improve your retail strategy.

    Manhattan Associates' Store Inventory solution is designed to ensure inventory accuracy to improve sales, reduce out-of-stocks and improve store replenishment efficiencies with receiving and inventory management.

    Maplewave is the premier provider of software and retail optimization services for the telecommunications (telco) industry. Since the early 1990s, we’ve purpose-built our products and services to solve telco’s unique challenges. Our offerings transform our customers into market leaders by giving them unparalleled insight into every aspect of their retail operations and delivering an enhanced customer experience. Today, our software is used in over 40 countries. In certain places, you can’t buy a mobile phone without using Maplewave software. Our original products were built for retailers by retailers. Our real-world experience underpins everything we do, no matter the industry. Many of our earliest customers were pharmacy and general retailers – many of whom we continue to serve today. At the heart of Maplewave is our proprietary Amplifier process. For businesses that are struggling to remain competitive or are just trying to understand what comes next, our consultants offer thought leadership and expertise on all aspects of their business to hone their strategic direction. We also drive transformation through our products. Designed for telco, our modular, end-to-end retail platform unites every element of the wireless retail environment to deliver true business insight and a seamless customer experience. Headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Maplewave’s global footprint includes major footholds in South Africa, and the U.K.

    Milano Retail includes dynamic and product features that will allow you to be in control of your business as it grows with features like inventory control, POS integration, and staff management.

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    Peak-Ryzex Inventory allows you to control inventory levels and item movements in your warehouse, distribution center, stockroom, or store and streamline your inventory tracking and physical inventory process.

    Reflexis Task Manager simplifies store execution by replacing multiple convoluted communication methods with a user-friendly interface, saving retailers millions otherwise lost to unproductive operations. It is the flagship application of the integrated family of products in the Reflexis Real-Time Store Operations Platform. Add-ons include: <ul> <li>Reflexis StoreWalk: Simplify retail store audits with digital checklists, streamline the process for district and store managers, and ensure stores run according to corporate best practices.</li> <li>Mobility: Use Reflexis solutions on a mobile device or tablet.</li> <li>Advanced Analytics & Reporting: Analyze trends and exceptions in compiled store data to assess current business situations and gain insight to outperform competition.</li> </ul> Reflexis Systems, Inc. is privately held and headquartered in Dedham, Massachusetts, with the Customer Operations Group in Kennesaw, Georgia and international offices in the UK, Germany, and India with additional sales presence in Canada and Latin America. Visit us at

    Retail-1 Suite is a retail management application that has excecution components that includes merchandising and inventory management, priceing and promotion management, store and employee sales, and customer retaltionship management.

    Get a Quote is a cloud-based retail solution that centralizes, real-time architecture and infrastructure that provides access to information and can be integrated to corporate, store, and mobile channels.

    RETAILvantage is a cloud-based retail management system that offers both cloudbased and on-premise software that includes real-time reporting and analysis and is customizable to fit your business' needs.

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    Ricochet Consignment Software is a cloud based Consignment Software that manage user consignors and inventory from anywhere, payouts, rewards, simple POS and account control.

    RMS is a retail management system designed to take away the effort of running retail concessions by automating the processes.

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    Wincor Retail covers a variety of solutions for international retailing that allows you to manage your customer-oriented business processes from the store level through to the head office.

    Windward System Five is a complete business management system that will help you gain control of your business from front counter sales, to the storeroom, to your back office accounting.

    Designed by our team of retail experts, the modular structure and functional richness of ACCEO Smart Vendor will help manage stock easily and keep your store on top

    Ant takes the manual work out of your retail backend. When you need to expand your sales channels, automate your inventory movements and dynamically manage your business, Ant has you covered.

    Apollo RMS is a cloud based system that monitors the level of fuel inside the tank and relays this data via secure, wireless connection to the receiving modem within transmission range.

    Aptos is a provider of analytics, business intelligence and warehousing solutions for retailers that includes inventory balance, price management, order management, allocation, replenishment and more.

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    Aria Retail Hub provides an enterprise wide framework for operators to manage every aspect of retail operations including inventory , point of sale (POS) , CRSs and customer management.

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    Quicksofts Art- RM is a business application for the retail community. It takes care of all the day-day activities of the retailer and covers all aspects of the retail industry.

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    AXIND Software is designed for companies who want to spend more time designing fast selling products, and less time in managing people, and processes.

    Bloomforth is a platform built for retailers, artisans, and wholesalers.

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    BUNNY Centeris on-cloud solution for a retail brand to manage its operations efficiently and bring in more revenue.

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    Candela RMS can manage any size retail stores by managing the sales through its excellent POS and optimizes inventory across multiple outlets of a retail organization.

    CAP POS is a multi-store engine whereyou can process transactions, and the back office tool bar includes powerful inventory control, extensive reports, CRM and marketing tools, tag printing, pricing and promotion management, and more.

    CashPoint is a SQL-based back office accounting solution that manages data entry work, efficiency, and provides standard of money management.

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    CellSell is an all-in-one retail ERP platform that helps with manual processes you can integrate your in-store POS transactional data at its source with real-time accounting.

    CONTROL POS is a point of sale solution designed to help you preform a wide-range of sales inteactions and seamlessly administer daily store operations including back office management functions.

    CORe is a complete retail management system designed to help manage inventory & sales, and gives you better visibility of stocks, profitability and collections.

    CounterBooks is an online retail accounting management suite that offers a general ledger designed for multi-site retailers that has been designed to help manage the challenges faced by retailers on a daily basis.

    Petrosoft is a cloud-based back-office software solution that help to increase operational efficiencies and speed data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting in order to optimize merchandise, food and fuel sales, margins, inventory turns, shrink, and spoilage.

    Business Intelligence Module is designed to improve your business decisions, make key choices about inventory, marketing effectiveness, assortment planning, as well as other performance indicators.

    PDI DataMax Envoy offers retailers the flexibility and power to control their operations anytime, anywhere.

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    From management to marketing, retailing to reporting, Envision Ink Software provides the tools needed to grow business. It is our job to make your daily transactions simple and smooth, allowing you to concentrate on what's really important, the guests in your studio.

    E-rmis is an omni-channel retail system to manage the movent of stock and data that includs visibilty, operational managemnt, and control of stock and reporting.

    ETP V5 is an enterprise class retail software solution developed with the scalability for business growth and is integrated with inventory and merchandise management, customer service and POS, loyalty and CRM, and more.

    Every Store Perfect is a workforce management tool.

    Fashion-Ware is designed and developed from the ground up by an independant fashion retailer as an integrated business management solution focused on their needs. It encompasses all of the function required to operate and manage your business from order control through sales analysis and financial reporting.

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    FieldStack is an integrated lean retail software system for mid-size and large retailers.

    Orpak’s ForeSite is a modular and fully scalable end-to-end automation solution for retail service stations, with the ability to add convenience store management.

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    Frogmi enables real time monitoring for your point-of-sale, solves business problems and manage your field team that can be used from any device.

    Ginesys is a retail and manufacturing enterprise software from Ginni Systems Ltd. The product has various modules like Retail Management Inventory Tracking Procurement Sales & Distribution Accounting Production Loyalty Gift Vouchers Replenishment Point of Sales (POS) It is an on-premise solution with desktop based POS. The data between the central application and the POS synchronizes automatically. Businesses using the product are mostly in apparel and lifestyle consumer goods retailing and/or manufacturing and supermarkets.

    GoFrugal Retail will help manage day-to-day decisions with control on master idea, control inventory movenements from a central warehouse or at individual stores and coordinate purchase with suppliers and more.

    GoldTech Retail Manager is designed to help you maintain control over your business preformance and procedures that includes, POS, inventory management, customer managmenet, loyalty, reporting, and more.

    Highline Software provides a retail platform that supports mobilePOS, inventory, CRM, gift cards, loyalty, iBeacons, passbook, big data analytics, open APIs in one unified cloud based application.

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    Iridium Business Management Software is designed to encompass and integrate all aspects of operations management.

    iVend Retail is an end-to-end omnichannel retail management solution that covers everything from point-of-sale (POS) to back office to head office operations. Setup can range from a single outlet to a multi-geography store environment, with complete integration of day-to-day and sales growth operations. iVend Retail is comprised of iVend Mobile POS, an integrated customer loyalty portal, e-commerce/m-commerce, retail analytics and digital passes to ensure a seamless customer experience across all channels. Other features include integrated merchandise management with sales reporting and other related functionality, synchronized supply-demand planning to reduce excess merchandise while avoiding stock-outs and short supply, the ability to identify dynamic consumer buying patterns and determine the right pricing and promotions to help maximize profitability.

    Briefly, IZBERG provides the most advanced Marketplace platform on the market, allowing mid-size and large companies to increase their revenues, lower their costs, and offer an outstanding shopping experience to their customers.

    JDA Enterprise Planning leverages consumer demand to create sales and inventory goals that maximize profitability, optimize inventory and minimize financial risk across every channel and key product area

    JDA offers one-stop shopping for all your site-based operations management needs. JDA Enterprise Store Operations optimizes all your back-office activities, freeing your management team to focus on serving customers, growing sales and building your brand.

    KENMerchant enables retailers to convey an E-2-E retail software solution that unites POS, CRM, ecommerce, inventory, marketing and finance on a single platform.

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    Kiwapp Retail is a solution designed to create and share apps and forms for retail and sales teams on mobile devices.

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    Market Track helps brands maintain their price integrity and sell more products through actionable insights that are derived from timely, near perfect ecommerce data. Specifically, Market Track delivers Price Intelligence, MAP Monitoring, and Where To Buy Solutions brands love. Price Intelligence makes tracking consumer sentiment of your products, while staying on top of your online competitors, easier than ever. Our product catalog contains 100+ million products and tracks 1.5+ billion offers across many thousands of brands. MAP Monitoring identifies which sellers are violating MAP across your catalog, records detailed violation history, and helps you enforce brand policies. Includes full case management capability. Supports MSRP, UPP, PMAP, UMRP and other resale price maintenance programs as well. Where To Buy connects shoppers to retailers from your website, social networks, and other digital marketing channels, providing end-to-end tracking and sales attribution. Market Track also partners with agencies planning and buying for brands' product campaigns.

    Mi9 Retail has been empowering retailers with leading-edge enterprise software solutions for 15 years and has developed the only enterprise-grade Merchandising and Business Intelligence solution on the market available as a single product. This enables the software to process high volumes of transactions in real time, optimize inventory across all channels of the business, provide a single, accurate source of the truth, reduce the costs to implement, as well as maintain and provide the industry’s fastest time to value. As a customer-centric company exclusively serving the retail market, Mi9 Retail collaborates closely with customers to define the product development road map ensuring customer satisfaction and success. New technologies are utilized to keep products current as well as to future-proof customer investments. Mi9 Retail focuses on delivering great software and support while minimizing the need for professional services. It is important that meaningful, high ROI solutions are delivered with each major product release and that all customers are guaranteed an upgrade path to the latest version of the product, regardless of which version is in use.

    At Mi9 Retail, we believe that great retail experiences take place when optimized product planning and inventory management intersect perfectly with skillful customer engagement and point-of-purchase execution. The results are better revenue and margin performance, greater customer engagement and value, and a more satisfied, loyal workforce. Mi9 Retail offers a complete suite of solutions that include merchandise management, point of sale, customer engagement, clienteling, order management, and e-commerce – all connected to a common analytics framework. We build our software on state-of-the-art technology that protects our customers’ investments and delivers a measurable ROI. Our software runs on the latest cloud platform so it’s fast, scalable, reliable, and secure. We invest in the rigor and discipline of sound product development processes so that our software is easy to upgrade and maintain, ensuring that no customer is ever left behind.

    MultiFlexRMS is a small & medium business POS retail inventory system created for single or multi-store, multi-state, multi-country retail operations and integration between your online eCommerce and physical stores.

    My Retail gives you mobile management and execution solutions for retail feild and task teams in real time.

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    MyHomeGrocers is an online grocery store platform designed for fast same day delivery service.

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    NetWave Retail Management gives you what you need to control all of your showrooms, warehouses and sales staff. Netwave Retail gives you the power to control the processes taking place in your retail business.

    Omni Retailer is comprehensive retail suite with special focus on Retail Mobility. Its Retail Cloud manages your inventory/merchandize, sales, Deals/Offers, Loyalty and other retail operations.

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    Oneir Retail is an accounting software that includes multi-channel sales, inventory control, POS, barcode tracking, and more.

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    Operations Director is a software solution that can be customised to suit your business needs, helping you manage time and customer service, and modules to assist your management team.

    ADC’s P-Cubed Production Manager provides grocery, convenience and food service retailers with visibility of what is happening in their fresh food departments. Retailers are able to manage and track the production and ordering in all of their fresh food service areas, including Meat, Seafood, Bakery, Prepared Foods, Deli and Produce, via a user interface accessible through any web browser. P-Cubed is modular in design so that retailers have the ability to install the collection of P-Cubed modules that address their immediate requirements, adding on additional modules as needed.

    POSitive for Windows is designed to centralize multi-channel selling through your store and website by allowing you have stock control, invoicing tools, customer controls, sales & promotions, employee control and more.

    PROBILZ is a retail management system that provies end-to-end solution for retailers to manage their outlets, profitability, and support the day-to-day processes.

    Profit Premier RT is a point of sale and inventory control system.

    RAMPS is a retail and manufacturing planning solution based on .NET.

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    RanceLab FusionRetail 6 is organized in such a fashion that shoulders the responsibility of a retailer and provides eEfficient data entry and specially designed reports with on-line filters suit any retail needs.

    ReadyStore allows you to implement a full-featured mobile instore solution taht you can manage operational efficiencies and the overall shopping experience of your customers.

    Repair Desk provide a Point of sale system (POS) for mobile repair shops that allow techs to manage inventory, repair tickets, customers, sales & suppliers all in one place, user can check-in a repair item, select service, set a task finish date & time, assign an employee, add customer record, collect a deposit and print repair ticket label, full invoice or receipt faster and more efficiently than ever before.

    Retail Cloud delivers real-time access to all operational and financial data from across the business, managing productivity and efficiency, customer service, and decision making.

    Retail Controller software is designed to help users manage operations, increase POS productivity, manage inventory and accounts effectively, and improve customer service.

    RetailGraph is a complete Retail Shop Management Software that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be adapted to meet retail requirements. This Point of Sale Software for Retail Stores automates POS processes and store operations, provides centralized control for multi-store retailers, and integrates with other popular applications.

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    Retail Report is a retail sales and affordability reporting service designed to automatically and seamlessly collect data from a wide range of sources.

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    RetailTraks POS is a system designed for small retail operations where you can take control of your environment by automating and implementing standards in a centralized system of checks and balances.

    RizePoint provides tools for the food industry and supply chain that make it easy to manage the data collection, corrective action management, communications, reporting, and dashboarding of your operational programs.

    RM Pro is an all-in-one POS that puts the power of real-time data to work for you in every key area of your business – Point of Sale, SMART Tools, Inventory, Relationships, Employee Management and much more. Expertly crafted for Rug Retailers, RM Innovation delivers over three decades of trusted industry expertise. This ensures the needs of your business drive the development of technology – not the other way around.

    ROSS is a management package for wireless phone dealers.

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    Runit RealTime Cloud POS is a cloud based retail management and POS system ideal for specialty retailers with multiple locations, as well as complex auto-distribution and reporting needs. Tailored for multi-store Apparel, Footwear, Sports and Gift chains. Most comprehensive inventory management in its class. Cloud-based...use anywhere. All US geographies fully supported. We configure for you. Affordable monthly subscription with low entry cost and no commitment. Use existing hardware. Personalized 24/7/365 US based phone support included. Plugins for real-time integration with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce & WooCommerce. Seamless chip (EMV) and smartphone payments.

    Sandra Retail Solution Software is designed to help manage day to day business operations.

    SEEPLUS is a Retail Performance Platform is designed to explore curated data produced from Smart Measure and its array of In Store Apps, providing a platform to connect with your business.

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    SellWise Pro is a powerful retail management suite designed to help retailers take control of their businesses. SellWise Pro is the back office studio that works with fast, easy to use POS solution to help you manage all aspects of your store, especially your customers and their buying patterns.

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    Shopdesk is a browser based multi-location retail management and point of sale software with different modules like inventory, accounting.

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    Shopkeeper is more than just a Point of Sale system. It is a complete retail management solution offering inventory control, point of sale, accounting, reporting and much more

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    Shopxie is a SaaS based Omni-Channel platform for retail segment.

    SpendBoss helps retail store managers get more productive so they can spend more time focused on customers and driving revenue. We provide a suite of solutions focused on indirect supply management and store logistics. Spend Management and Analytics SpendBoss is the most affordable, easiest to implement mobile & tablet ready spend management and analytics solution for small and mid-sized multi-location retailers. Designed from the ground up as a scalable and affordable cloud delivered platform, SpendBoss is fully extensible via APIs and is designed for a mobile/tablet world to deliver outstanding user experiences that drive efficiency and reduce costs. Store Logistics SpendBoss' "GrandOpening," is a simple and fast way to open, close and remodel stores. "GO" is a mobile and tablet ready logistics tool for staff, vendors, suppliers and contractors to coordinate and plan multiple projects simultaneously.

    StoreFeeder is a premium multi-channel retailing solution for businesses who sell on eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and more.

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    Store Harmony allows you to manage your stores inventory management, customer management, expense management, POS, accounting and reporting in a cloud-based solution.

    Tofugear Omnitech is a customized omnichannel retailing platform that offers opportunities ranging from capturing increased sales across channels, enhanced brand awareness and loyalty, as well as gaining keen insight into customer 'trying and buying' behavior.

    Universal Retail Software provides the right technology for the fast-paced retail environment. It is packed with features that provide real-world solutions to the common challenges that face today's retailers.

    Vin SIM, a Store Inventory Management solution to provide the real-time view of inventory across channels critical for enabling Omni-channel retailing and unlocking new revenue streams through offline to online and online to offline transformations.

    With Vision you have control of your daily operation, providing access control with tools to manage inventory, customer service, reporting, purchasing, and point of sale.

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    Visual Retail Plus is a point of sale & inventory management software solution with an integrated e-commerce solution that was made by retailers for retailers.

    Retail Management Software for Cellular Retailers & Distributors

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    XtreMe Retail Suite is an integrated enterprise retail software solution to support your operation that is designed for dynamic retailers with key features like merchandise planning and purchasing, inventory control, CRM, loyalty and more.

    Yellow dog Inventory handles the merchandise needs of resorts, hotels, casinos, and other hospitality environments along with the F&B needs of restaurants, bars and other food establishments.

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