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Best Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Software

Runtime application self-protection (RASP) tools are used to provide continuous attack protection and detection. A RASP tool is integrated with, or built within, an application’s runtime environment. RASP solutions are capable of controlling the application's runtime execution to analyze performance and behavior. Companies use RASP tools to add a level of self-protection to applications in addition to other application security technologies such as web application firewalls. These tools perform a specific security task, but often work in tandem with other security and application monitoring technologies.

To qualify for inclusion in the Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) category, a product must:

  • Control application runtime execution
  • Monitor application performance and behavior
  • Detect intrusions or abnormal behavior
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    The Fortify Application Defender is a RASP solution designed to help users mitigate risk from homegrown or third-party applications. It provides visibility into application abuse while protecting software vulnerabilities from exploits in real time.

    Build trust and drive growth by strengthening your mobile appsÔøΩ resistance to intrusion, tampering and reverse-engineering

    Enable secure application deployments without operational maintenance

    Contrast Protect is a runtime application self-protection solution that uses deep security instrumentation to automatically weave real-time threat visibility & attack protection into every app.

    Hdiv RASP enables applications to protect themselves during runtime. By building protection in during development, Hdiv RASP protects applications from the inside, keeping them secure wherever they go.

    IMMUNIO is a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution that supports multiple frameworks such as Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby, Node.JS, and Java. After a 2 minute installation, IMMUNIO is equipped to detect and block threats to web applications as they occur in realtime - mitigating account takeover attacks and attempts to exploit vulnerable code. In addition to stopping attacks, IMMUNIO makes detailed records of suspicious and malicious activity, suspicious IP addresses, attacks and payloads, application vulnerabilities, and more - allowing security teams unparalleled threat intelligence.

    OneSpan's Mobile Security Suite natively integrates application security, including Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP), biometric authentication and transaction-signing into your mobile applications.

    Prevoty provides runtime application self protection (RASP) and application security-as-a-service.

    Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution for developers. It protects applications and users against attacks at runtime. The protection logic is brought into applications with no source code modification or traffic redirection. Once deployed, Sqreen provides real-time protection against a large set of vulnerabilities incl. SQL injections, XSS, account takeovers, Security bots/scanners etc. It will detect suspicious user activities like: attacks performed by connected users, tor connections, shared accounts, lost passwords etc. Sqreen gets installed in 30 seconds and doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance.

    A plugin agent that provides the full suite of Waratek benefits

    WhiteHat Sentinel Dynamic is a software-as-a-service platform for dynamic application security testing (DAST).