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SaaS spend management software are tools used to manage and control software as a service (SaaS) costs. These tools help centralize visibility over SaaS subscriptions and outline their utilization. Users can then compare utilization figures to the subscription cost and identify unnecessary spending. If an application is rarely used or users deliver widely negative feedback, administrators will receive alerts and will likely opt out of renewals These tools also help companies identify overlap so no company has unnecessary subscriptions for multiple similar tools. There is some overlap with cloud cost management software. But those tools are used to monitor and manage spending on cloud infrastructure usage, rather than cloud-based SaaS applications.

To qualify for inclusion in the SaaS Spend Management category, a product must:

  • Centralize control over SaaS licenses
  • Facilitate SaaS contract management
  • Track spending and forecast the costs of SaaS subscriptions
  • Monitor SaaS product utilization and/or user sentiment
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    Siftery Track helps you effortlessly monitor spend, utilization and RoI on all your cloud apps, services and infrastructure.

    SaaS changed the way software is purchased. Zylo is changing the way software is managed. Zylo is the leading SaaS Optimization Platform. You can discover, manage, measure and optimize all SaaS applications from one system of record. How do we do it? By combining application spend, utilization, and feedback data, our SaaS management tool can: - Discover all of the SaaS applications being purchased via your accounts payable or employee expense data. - Manage SaaS vendors from one system of record with all of the data to fuel strategic and proactive renewals. - Measure real-time utilization and employee sentiment to determine the value each application is providing. - Optimize your SaaS spend and utilization across the entire organization, from the largest to the smallest applications.

    Blissfully automates SaaS tracking, savings, and security.

    Intello is a leading SaaS discovery, management, and optimization provider. By integrating with existing cloud software and leveraging a proprietary browser extension, Intello provides companies with real-time visibility into their SaaS data. Organizations of all sizes are using Intello to save money on unused subscriptions and automate software vendor compliance. For more information, visit

    Alpin helps IT leaders control their cloud app (SaaS) ecosystem, enabling them to: • Reveal shadow IT • Cut and manage SaaS costs • Monitor for security and compliance Alpin provides these tools all through a single cloud platform. Employees can sign up for many cloud applications without oversight. Alpin returns visibility and control to enterprise administrators. Enterprises can reduce SaaS spend by cutting excess and inactive licenses with just a few clicks. This information may help with SaaS contract negotiations, where Alpin shows spend and renewal dates in one dashboard. IT and security leaders can also monitor and secure risky third-party apps or inappropriate file-sharing.

    ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management (APM) uses the CMDB, discovery processes, and cost modeling to deliver a complete picture of your application portfolio.

    Binadox software license compliance and assets management suite is a tool that provides lightweight software asset management and enables continuous, real-time monitoring and management of software licenses, terms of services (ToS) and software assets within the organization to implement an advanced natural language processing to analyze the content of software license agreements and facilitate decision-making.

    Cardlife is a B2B subscription that provide businesses the ability to monitor and manage all their subscriptions in one place, notify them if they are overcharged and build intelligence and analytics to optimize subscriptions spending.

    Cleanshelf is an all-in-one solution to track, optimize, and benchmark cloud software subscriptions.

    The Asset Management System loaded with unique features helps in maintaining asset records and asset history. It facilitates quick and accurate reporting thus making the task of Asset Auditing much easier for you.

    CloudReady Monitor is a robust synthetic transaction solution that measures the end-to-end performance of cloud-based solutions, including the all important "last mile". Lightweight software agents (sensors) deployed from your user access locations synthetically monitor the cloud based services you care about most.

    Flexera SaaS Manager discovers all your SaaS subscriptions and identifies any unused, underused or abandoned licenses. Discover, manage and optimize your organization’s SaaS subscriptions and licenses to reduce “shadow SaaS,” manage renewals, reduce spend and secure user accounts. Flexera SaaS Manager enables you to rein in runaway spend on more than 32,000 SaaS Apps!

    Flexera Software is the established global leader in Software Asset Management and Software License Optimization solutions, enabling enterprises to gain visibility and control of IT assets, reduce ongoing software costs, and maintain continuous license compliance. These capabilities are delivered as a comprehensive suite of enterprise software asset management and license compliance solutions that optimize the management of software assets throughout the software lifecycle.

    License Dashboard combines unrivalled SAM and licensing expertise with professionally-developed solutions designed to help both large and fast-growing organizations manage their IT expenditure, minimize costs, optimize utilization and streamline the entire asset lifecycle.

    Matrix42 Software Asset Management is a complete solution consisting of asset, license, and contract management. It provides license managers and compliance officers with full transparency and investment control over all assets, contracts, and licenses across all platforms (clients, servers, mobile devices, and the cloud).

    RevX Revenue Management Platform enables internet of things by connecting, monetizing and managing smart products and services.

    Get visibility into how much your organization is spending on SaaS software

    SpendHQ is a faster, simpler way to achieve true spend visibility - for procurement leaders who know they aren't seeing the whole picture. Designed from the ground up by top sourcing experts, it bypasses months of ERP integration, strips out all the unnecessary functionality, and finally solves the problem of bad data. This SaaS tool features the industry’s most intuitive user interface and has US-based procurement specialists handling the data optimization. With SpendHQ at their fingertips, clients ranging from Fortune 500s to mid-market companies are finally able to see their spend clearly and drive savings confidently.

    For businesses who depend on SaaS applications, VendorHawk provides SaaS discovery, management, planning and optimization, eliminating software chaos and resulting in valuable cost savings.