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Sales analytics software reports on CRM data to reveal sales insights and forecast future performance. Sales teams and managers use sales analytics to gain visibility into sales activities; locate high or under-performing salespeople, products, or communications; and forecast future sales numbers. Sales analytic insights can be used to improve sales strategies and implement a more predictable sales model. Sales analytics systems are usually implemented on top of sales force automation and other CRM systems and use existing data to reveal insights, though some serve as both the CRM system of record as well as the analytics tool.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sales Analytics category, a product must:

  • Automate and visualize sales pipelines, with customizable stages, risk factors, and scoring methods
  • Report on the performance of salespeople, products, methods, and other available data
  • Forecast sales numbers based on pipeline factors

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    Tableau Desktop is data analysis that keeps up with you. It’s easy to learn, easy to use, and 10-100x faster than existing solutions. It’s built on breakthrough technology that translates pictures of data into optimized database queries. Use your natural ability to see patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights in seconds. No wizards, no scripts.

    InsightSquared helps sales operations professionals break the cycle of spreadsheets by equipping them with actionable, real-time intelligence on virtually all sales KPIs. Fast growing technology companies rely on the company's solutions to forecast more accurately, better manage pipeline, tailor rep coaching based on individual performance, and conduct data-backed planning and analysis.

    High performing sales teams run their opportunity-to-close process on Clari. With Clari’s artificial intelligence-enabled platform, sales reps know where to focus, managers can immediately spot risk in pipeline, and execs forecast with confidence. Industry leading companies like Box, Juniper Networks, Symantec, Okta, Palo Alto Networks, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise use Clari to make better decisions based on actual sales rep and prospect behavior, and to close more deals predictably. Clari is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. For additional information, visit us at and follow us @clarihq.

    Dramatically Improve the Effectiveness of Your Sales People. Oracle Sales Analytics provides hundreds of key performance indicators and more than 130 reports in five customizable dashboards. These analytics solutions dramatically improve the effectiveness of your sales people by providing real-time, actionable insight into every sales opportunity at the point of customer contact. With more accurate sales forecasts and enhanced identification of potential problems and opportunities, Oracle Sales Analytics helps close business faster and increase overall sales revenue.

    The Aviso Sales Vision platform aligns sales forecasting, pipeline reviews, and deal reviews on one, collaborative tool. With key sales data from three critical processes all in one place, plus AI insights, Aviso provides unprecedented, 360-degree visibility across the entire sales lifecycle, from call number, to closed deal. With Aviso, sales reps and leaders at MongoDB, Apttus, Splunk and RingCentral improve forecast accuracy, make smarter selling decisions and close more deals.

    sales-i is a Software-as-a-Service sales performance solution design for B2B companies who want to improve the performance of their sales function, yet don't get the customer visibility they need. - Alert your sales team to hidden, easy-to-close opportunities and give them greater visibility of customer buying patterns. - Speed up your sales teams meeting prep, call planning and contact management, while giving them access to critical sales data in the palm of their hand. - On average it costs you $500 per day to employ a salesperson and for $4 more, sales-i will provide them with a profitable focus on sales activities so that sales time is not wasted. Simple, effective sales analytics software. Predictive Playbooks is built for SDRs and AEs who want to build closeable pipeline fast! Predictive Playbooks does this by helping salespeople get a hold of more of the right people. uses their proven A.I.-platform called Neuralytics to target likely buyers combined with their cadence engine to help sales reps consistently engage all of their prospects in a personalized way. A.I. that makes sense. Just like Waze from Google helps drivers get to their destination quickly based on the data from other drivers, Neuralytics uses the collective knowledge of the user base to help you build pipeline quickly. Wanna know which phone number or email address for a prospect is best based on others who have tried before? Wanna know the best time to call or email based on the experience of others? Predictive Playbooks uses Neuralytics to gives sales reps an edge over their competition. Cadence engine for all. A team of 10 or 10,000? No problem? Global team? No Problem. International calls? No problem. Legacy email server but still wanna use send tracked email? No Problem. Predictive Playbooks works side-by-side with your CRM and conveniently syncs all activity data back to your CRM. Since sales reps only spend 18% of their time in CRM, it also works outside your CRM ... wherever your reps work.

    Salesforce Sales Analytics quickly gains pipeline visibility, track team performance, and uncovers opportunities to grow the business. And it uses Einstein Discovery to surface hidden insights and get intelligent recommendations so you can sell faster and smarter.

    Looker is reinventing business intelligence for the modern company. Looker works the way the web does: browser-based, its unique modeling language lets any employee leverage the work of your best data analysts. Operating 100% in-database, Looker capitalizes on the newest, fastest analytic databases—to get real results, in real time.

    Datahug is a sales optimization solution that enables sales teams to increase sales velocity, reduce pipeline risk and abolish forecast calls by capturing and analyzing all of your sales activity automatically from email, calendar, and CRM. Leading companies like Optimizely, Coupa, Instructure, Lyft and Nitro use Datahug to forecast with 95% accuracy and increase win rates by an average of 21%.

    The TopOPPS mission is to provide more confidence in the sales forecast with artificial intelligence that enables pipeline visibility, intelligently prescribes a consistent sales process, automatically captures information about deals, and guides reps and managers with insightful coaching to improve execution. is a AI based Sales Forecasting and Sales Coaching tool. The Most Advanced AI Platform for Sales. Machine Learning and Cognitive Analysis For Your Sales Pipeline. By connecting CRM, Email, Calendaring and call log data, can tell you which deals are REAL and which deals are BULL. uses AI to analyze the pipeline and activities of your reps and will coach them through the sales cycle to make sure that deals don't slip. Get Insights into Sales Rep actual activities tied to your sales process and predict outcomes based on Rep Activity. Build AI Based Account Plans or Relationship Plans and have the system suggests relationship strategies for each opportunity based on sales rep activities.

    InfusionSoft Analytics is a solution that can measure exactly what's working, what's not, and the return on investment for every last email, webpage, and campaign that you create. Infusionsoft sales reports and marketing reports put the numbers on side, so user can make the best decisions for business.

    Zilliant is the world’s leading provider of AI-enriched SaaS solutions that maximize the lifetime value of B2B customer relationships. Expanding the economic value of existing customers is the most reliable, predictable and actionable way for B2B companies to grow revenues and enhance margins. In an overwhelming landscape of potential AI-enriched sales and marketing solutions, Zilliant IQ delivers unprecedented value. The platform continuously identifies the untapped economic potential of every existing B2B customer relationship, and seamlessly delivers prescriptive intelligence within existing field sales workflows, CRM applications, and eCommerce channels, where it increases the value of every customer interaction. With the industry’s fastest deployment cycles and lowest total cost of ownership model, Zilliant is the partner of choice for global B2B enterprises seeking to drive top-line growth and profit margins with AI-based technologies.

    BrightTarget is a cloud-based predictive software for B2B Sales & Marketing Professionals - to understand, retain, grow and acquire more valuable customers

    Remarkably simple, powerful and affordable, Azurepath's automation and ease-of-use stand apart in a market full of over-priced sales CRMs showing their age. At a flat price of only $14.95 after a free trial, Azurepath has the best feature to price ratio in the industry. Get started immediately by dragging and dropping any contact or lead list into Azurepath and let it track activity, keep leads current, generate reports and forecasts, and create critical insights automatically and in real-time.

    VisualizeROI is a value selling application for marketers and salespeople that can create and share compelling, visually engaging pain calculators, ROI tools, and TCO tools.

    OpDots is an at-a-glance data visualization that enables you to see real-time status of Sales, IT and CSR cases in full context.

    MoData's AI-powered sales intelligence software delivers: (a) 100s of out-of-the-box Sales KPI charts/reports. (b) Track pipeline changes & Funnel progression. (c) Account Based Sales & Target Account Engagement Tracking. (d) Pipeline Prediction. (e) Forecasting (e) Bundled reporting for common tasks like Board Meeting & One-on-One. (f) Alerts delivered directly to your inbox.

    FunnelWise integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms to help companies gain focused, deep insight into their revenue funnel. The FunnelWise solution allows both marketing and sales to: - Drill-down into key funnel metrics shared by marketing and sales: movement, velocity, conversions and aging - Determine revenue drivers to optimize efforts - Attribute marketing effort and view funnel leakage - Understand marketing’s impact on revenue - Identify missed revenue with cross-funnel comparisons - Diagnose issues and quickly course correct with an early warning system - Set and monitor progress to goals with daily indicators - Eliminate manual reporting and data manipulation - Accelerate growth with intelligent recommendations - Compare performance by funnel stage and data segments FunnelWise offers more than a software solution, it comes with a methodology and funnel expertise to maximize the investment. The FunnelWise team works closely with clients to ensure the solution drives future growth.

    datapine provides a data analysis tool that gives customers fast and easy access to their business intelligence data without the need for any SQL or database knowledge

    HelloProfit delivers the perfect toolset to keep you on top of your Amazon Business. One Platform, One Tool – Attend to ALL of your needs as a seller in one place. No more need for 5, 10, 20 different tools!

    Successful Business Intelligence - Turn your Data Into Results Whether you’re a big picture thinker or go straight to the detail, with Phocas you lead the way in discovering data - with confidence that results will be in real time and accurate. Phocas follows your train of thought to answer critical business questions as fast as your brain (or your boss) comes up with them. Phocas not only answers your questions; it uncovers new questions and opportunities you had never even thought of! Designed for non-technical users, Phocas delivers a simple yet powerful analytical capability that quickly turns data into a chart, graph or map at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen. It brings up data in seconds on local, regional or global sales, inventory, forecasts, prices, profit margins, budgets and more. Phocas enables you to carry out ad-hoc data interrogation or associate and consolidate data, identify trends, conduct modelling and stay ahead of the competition. Phocas dashboards give you a stunning visual summary of your data, letting you spot check for success and share your results with other users. Any Phocas user can easily and quickly build an interactive dashboard, customize, collaborate and revise it on the spot without help from the IT department. Phocas dashboards let you do more than scratch the surface. Unlike many BI tools, you can go straight from your dashboard to underlying business data, right down to an individual transaction. You decide how much detail you want to see and how you want to see it. Smart security allows you to apply or remove restrictions to the data that different users can see, saving you hours of time building individual dashboards for your users. You can create and publish simple reports with Phocas and have them delivered by email – daily, weekly or monthly. Or set up a nested report and schedule its distribution. You can set color-coded alerts to automatically appear on your Home screen to flag performance against a target. Or export data to a printready format or to view later offline. Phocas successfully integrates with all major ERP or CRM programs (and just about any other data source your business might use) to give you a quick start that can easily be customized to your specific needs. Our governed implementation and business-based user security provide the solutions to let you and your IT staff stay productive and dedicated to your core business. Phocas also brings you the ability to combine transactional and geospatial data on an easy to view map. Show profitability by plotting the top 10 customers in a city, regional or country on a map. Pinpoint a particular location or use a heat map to show data for multiple locations. Phocas mapping can be used with OpenStreetMap or Google API. Phocas delivers a full Business Intelligence suite for mobile use. Taking Phocas on the road gives you a real-time data interrogation capability wherever you are. Access your data anywhere, anytime. In your car, at the airport, overseas or on the beach! Customers voted Phocas #1 for mobile BI (BARC The BI Report 2013, 2014).

    Dimensional Insight offers a Diver software designed to build analytics tools that help businesses get information they need.

    ThunderBridge is a software that helps customers harness the power in the data they already have with visual patterns that help analyze, predict, and support critical sales performance decisions

    Cien gives sales teams the power of artificial intelligence to improve productivity and effectiveness. Measure marketing and sales' contribution, know why deals close, or not. Predict your end of month bookings and identify your best performing SDRs and AEs. DAILY PULSE ✔ A predictive snapshot of your sales team based on hundreds of data points in contained in your salesforce data. ✔ More accurate forecasts and personalized recommendations that improve predictability and maximize productivity. TEAM DETAILS ✔ Measure your SDRs and AEs individual contributions based on behavior, performance and skills. ✔ Measure the incremental value generated by marketing and assign leads and opportunities based on team skills and knowledge TRUE AI ✔ Makes sense of incomplete, inconsistent and inaccurate Salesforce data. ✔ Adapts to your business, people and processes. ✔ Works with your existing sales and marketing stack. ✔ Complies with global security and privacy rules. "Cien helps sales teams use AI to fix productivity, improve motivation and increase sales effectiveness.” / The Huffington Post “The app takes into account human and behavioral elements to detect problems and predict outcomes for sales leaders.” / Dallas Business Journal

    Olono is Sales Activity Automation for B2B Sales B2B reps and first line managers use Olono to address sales issues including pipeline visibility, sales process adoption and rep ramp time. Olono provides prescriptive next steps based on your buyer’s journey to improve close rates. With Olono organizations: - Understand and leverage ALL sales activity, from ANY and ALL sales and marketing applications. - Know how each activity, and the combination of multiple activities, impact pipeline movement and stage conversion. - Generate suggested next actions, customized by role, defined by best practices, custom processes and machine learning. - Automate signal and data capture, getting your reps out of the data clerk business and giving you more complete and accurate customer information than ever before. - Easily identify opportunities at risk, or progressing well. Know exactly where to focus your time for the most impact to your quota and forecast.

    Convert More Leads to Sales. One Sales Platform for your Entire Company

    AccountPal is a comprehensive tool set for account centric sales and account-based marketing on Salesforce.

    Business Dashboard for Amazon Private Label Sellers

    Connecting you with your target market

    Askuity provides an analytics platform that enables brands and product suppliers to turn complex retail data into actionable insights and better business results.

    Bedrock provide a software that takes syndicated & retail data (Nielsen, IRI, Spins, Whole Foods, etc) and transforms it into dynamic selling stories for consumer product goods (CPG) sales managers to give sales & marketing managers easy to apply data-based selling stories that are fine tuned to do three things - sell more product in to retail, keep customers' products in retail and find ways to optimize their categories.

    Brandwise Vision is a tool for wholesale business that allow managers the ability to command their sales forces with extensive data on the performance of sales reps, territories and products (including what is not happening in a territory) for ultimate sales optimization. provides products that measure and manage the performance of real-time media communication. The product helps software developers set up, build, and scale communication applications quickly.

    CashCowPro includes ALL the features you need to run & grow your Amazon business, from automatic messaging for feedback to keyword tracking.

    CXMap is a visualized customer experience analytics for growth hacking. It helps to get insights into visitor behavior, find growth potential and track marketing experiments with the entire team.

    DxContinuum Sales Suite is a solution that boosts productivity and effectiveness by making innovative use of predictive analytics supported by advanced big data, machine learning and natural language processing technologies.

    Ezora Sales Analytics is a software that connects seamlessly to user's Point of Sale, CRM, inventory and labour systems to give a complete overview of sales performance to manage sales, inventory, promotions and employee performance in one place and use visual dashboards, dynamic reports and exception based alerts to optimise sales performance.

    Fractal Analytics offers predictive analytics and scoring Solutions for financial services, consumer products, retail and telecom sectors.

    GADD Sales Analytics is a solution for analyzing sales, using receipt and order information that includes functionality for analyzing sales and display the result in web dashboards.

    IntelliConnection Appointment Setting and Sales Automation is a solutions that help sales teams increase productivity and results.

    Uncover valuable insights and segments with the most comprehensive customer and prospect data set available. Create segments you can target in CRM, Advertising and eCommerce.

    MarketBridge is a developer of data-driven, digital customer engagement programs.

    NeuraFlash is a Salesforce Consulting Partner deploying intelligent solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve employee productivity & customer experience

    OneHQ is a software platform for Insurance Industry that help increase sales and improve service.

    Qymatix offers a predictive sales analytics solution for B2B sales. It is designed to help a sales team to sell more, find hidden opportunities and avoid customer churn.

    RetailFlux Inc is a technology pioneer company, located Oslo, Norway. We have been devising awesome retail analytic solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers for years.RetailFlux provides complete set of retail analytic products with superior accuracy in the form of innovative visualizations: People Counting Heat Map Shopper Flow Route Map Zone Analysis Queue Monitoring On the other hand, RetailFlux Cloud Suite gathers data from the sites, and it presents easy to understand KPIs to our clients. RetailFlux Cloud Suite is enriched by both web and mobile applications.RetailFlux analytics do not rely on low accuracy and unstable Wi-Fi data. Instead, RetailFlux utilizes in-store cameras in order to extract shopper insights. RetailFlux technology is purely based on video content analysis. As a result, RetailFlux products deliver industry leading data accuracy for all categories. RetailFlux analytics are compatible with 99% of CCTV hardware. No additional hardware cost is required if you are already monitoring your sites by CCTV cameras.For more information visite our website at

    Rezza is a collaborative analytics platform that automatically delivers data insights that drive business value.

    Ross Sales Analytics is a tool that help user quickly and easily answer typical customer service performance questions.

    Samespace is a lean, intelligent and scalable enterprise interaction platform. Its design is focused on the user experience of the helpdesks teams, contact centres executives and sales teams in mind. They only need to interact with the samespace dock which is a simple chrome extension that takes up negligible screen space.

    Sales enablement is a solutions that integrate and coordinate all customer-facing digital content communications across the various geographies, industries, organizations, and personas that a selling company may be targeting as part of their sales strategy.

    Pulse gives your web data real business context. Now you can visualize the full path, from first touch to deal close and everything in between. Know who engaged with your content, how they engaged with it, and what impact it had on the business – from every angle.

    Vortini is an analytics solution for sales forecasting and business insight. Vortini offers everything you expect in a scalable and easy to use forecasting application including real-time CRM and ERP integration, customizable dashboards, alerts and warnings, built-in forecasting processes, multicurrency support and more. Vortini adds a layer of forecasting intelligence to Salesforce® in a way that is natural for reps and execs alike. Vortini features include: • Multi-currency sales analysis and sales forecasting • Sales history recreation • Custom organizational structure • Forecast summary using revenue schedules • Custom scorecards • Default forecast and suggested forecast models • Support for Salesforce custom attributes • Sales forecast adjustment by attribute • Alternative reference dates and forecast amounts • Regional forecast process and calculation variation • Split opportunities in forecasts • Forecast export with custom layouts • Support for custom Salesforce data objects • Support for custom metrics • Integration with other sources of data • Real-time sales analysis • Multi-period sales forecasting • Progress chart • Sales pipeline • Ticker • Custom analytics

    Zed-Sales is a comprehensive sales tracking system that tracks product sales across Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sales Channels and provides a consolidated picture of an otherwise dispersed and complicated sales reports.

    ZyloTech is an MIT spin-off , offering an award-winning AI-powered Customer Analytics Platform for omni-channel marketing operations. The platform uses machine learning to solve data quality issues and analyze all customer data continuously and in near real time for superior insights in support of omni-channel marketing operations.

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