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Sales enablement software provides a repository for marketing collateral and sales playbooks to supply sales representatives with content that is productive, useful, and opportune during all aspects of the selling cycle. Sales enablement tools ensure that any sales representative can find the proper content, submit it to prospects, and track prospect engagement within that piece of content. Many sales enablement solutions offer the ability to build the content within the product, and some companies may use the content to coach, train, or onboard new sales hires. However, these products are primarily focused on acting as a hub for marketing content that is ready to be used by the sales team.

These products are implemented to ensure that marketing initiatives and sales missions are aligned. Relevant content provided in sales enablement solutions help salespersons be more prepared during calls and presentations. Sales enablement software can be similar to sales coaching and onboarding products, but sales enablement products are used for connecting marketing collateral and sales representatives, while sales coaching and onboarding products are specifically designed to improve selling tactics and pitches. Sales enablement falls into the sales acceleration ecosystem with other categories, including sales performance management, email tracking, and outbound call tracking.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sales Enablement category, a product must:

  • Act as a repository of marketing content to be used by sales representatives
  • Track prospect and customer engagement on content and sales pitches
  • Allow users to upload a variety of collateral or build content directly within the tool
  • Assist in the preparedness of salespersons during presentations or pitches by having easy access to relevant marketing content

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    Seismic is the leading global marketing and sales enablement solution, improving close rates and delivering larger deals for sales while increasing marketing’s impact on the bottom line. Large enterprises use Seismic to increase sales productivity through the automatic distribution of relevant information and personalized content to reps for any buyer interaction. Powerful content controls and visibility into usage ensures brand integrity and reduces risk. Seismic’s machine learning and analytics capabilities continuously improves the entire enablement process for large enterprises, increasing the ROI of sales content and tying it directly to revenue. Headquartered in San Diego and with more than 450 employees across the globe, Seismic is privately held by its executive team and investment firms General Atlantic, JMI Equity, and Jackson Square Ventures. To see how Seismic is being used by firms in your industry, visit

    Showpad is the SaaS platform for sales and marketing success. Bridging the gap between sales and marketing, Showpad enables companies to drive more revenue faster by empowering sales and marketing to sell the way buyers want to buy. Showpad delivers a better buyer experience, intelligent sales content and a scalable analytics-powered platform that’s smarter than traditional sales enablement.

    Highspot helps sales teams increase conversion rates and generate more revenue faster. From sales content management to pitching and analytics, the Highspot platform delivers enterprise-ready features and platform integration in a modern design that sales reps love. Using Highspot, sales teams are able to stay connected to the best-performing content for each opportunity, customize and optimize their content, and more effectively engage with their customers and prospects. With nearly 90% average monthly recurring usage at customers such as Concur, Payscale, Red Hat, and Starbucks, Highspot is delivering on the promise of sales enablement.

    Guru helps companies centralize their team knowledge so that everyone is on the same page. Here are five key things our customers love about Guru: 1. We provide a browser extension so your team has 1 click access to all the knowledge they need without having to change windows. 2. Guru automatically reminds experts to re-verify their content to ensure it won't get stale or become inaccurate. All content in Guru clearly indicates who verifies its accuracy, the last time it was verified and how often it gets reviewed. Your team will trust the information they find in Guru. 3. As your team uses apps such as your CRM or Ticketing System, Guru will suggest contextually relevant content into those web based apps 4. Your customer-facing teams will always get an answer with Guru, thanks to our Q&A workflow. If a sales rep searches Guru and doesn't find an answer, they can immediately ask a teammate or group the question. The answer then automatically becomes new content in Guru for the benefit of the whole team. 5. Our analytics tells you which content is leveraged the most, and who is engaged in Guru, so you can measure the impact Guru has on your team, and the gaps in your sales enablement strategy.

    MindTickle is defining what great Enterprise Sales enablement looks like. By leveraging the most comprehensive data-driven Enablement platform on the market, you will gain the ability to develop, coach and improve the performance of your sales reps independent of their location. Reduce sales ramp by 60%, double competitive win-rates & increase deal sizes w/MindTickle. This solution correlates sales capabilities to business outcomes, so you can directly tie sale enablement impact to revenue.

    We aspire to make every customer interaction successful. Every email, every meeting, and every presentation should be amazing. ClearSlide provides a complete Sales Engagement Platform that combines content management, integrated communications, engagement analytics, and guided selling to power dynamic engagement with buyers and maximize your existing CRM investment. ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. ClearSlide customers report: 10%-20% increase in closed deals 25% decrease in time to on-board new reps 50%-80% reduction in selling costs Sales Productivity An intuitive, integrated Sales Engagement Platform – with content, communications, and analytics at your fingertips to guide next step actions. Leader Effectiveness Powerful Engagement Quadrant Dashboards in ClearSlide and CRM improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting and business results. Content Impact Recommend and promote content, providing reps the right content and tools at every point in the sales cycle. Refine and optimize messaging based on direct customer engagement and feedback.

    DocSend helps sales and marketing teams find and share the content that drives deals forward. DocSend's powerful link-based system makes it easy to analyze content performance and get visibility into target accounts. With DocSend, businesses can finally connect content to key business outcomes. Join over 5,300 companies that rely on DocSend to close more deals, faster. Say goodbye to attachments, and hello to more revenue.

    CloudApp is the all-in-one visual sharing platform that lets you record, host, and share videos, GIFs, and visuals (images, screenshots) to make team and customer conversations faster and more succinct. Enhancing conversations visually means that messages don't get lost in translation! With CloudApp, team collaboration and customer communication is a breeze. CloudApp helps you capture your screen and turn it into a HD screen or webcam recording, GIF, or annotated screenshot and instantly get a link to that content so you can easily share it. CloudApp makes it quick and easy to share with others, whether you are a freelance designer, web developer, software engineer, customer service professional, or a startup founder. Every share you create is safely and securely stored in the cloud, and accessible via our native Mac and Windows Apps, or shareable on the web through unique, secure and password protected short links. Having surpassed 2 million users, CloudApp's got momentum in its back pocket. Visit our website at to try CloudApp for free!

    The Octiv platform allows customers to create, share, sign, store and analyze documents in the cloud at anytime, from any device. Octiv integrates data from CRM, CPQ, ERP and other systems to streamline workflows, save time and accelerate sales opportunities. Octiv provides seamless integration with leading technologies, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, Box, DropBox, Google, Salesforce CPQ and more. Learn more at or view the video below to learn more.

    Reinventing the Document and eSigning Workflow through intelligent automation, personalized recipient engagement, and the easiest digital signature on the market. GetAccept helps you create and send documents that stand out against your competition. Double your close rate by taking control of the end of your sales process.

    Bloomfire centralizes your team’s knowledge so that everyone is empowered to find information, quickly. Bloomfire’s cloud-based knowledge sharing platform has a suite of features that help solve problems from knowledge management to collaboration, to managing files and information across teams. On average, employees spend 20% of their day looking for the information they need to do their jobs. That’s why Bloomfire has built a leading AI driven search. So you can spend less time looking for information and be more productive. Whether you’re looking to leverage knowledge sharing across your entire company or within departments, Bloomfire helps to unify your organization by creating a centralized place for all your information. -Sales and Marketing teams are better aligned -Customer Support teams resolve issues faster -HR teams improve employee engagement and onboard team members faster -Customer Insights teams make research and data more easily accessible to the team who need it most

    Mediafly offers sales and marketing a modern selling experience that values the buyer and drives business growth. Using the Mediafly platform, marketing and sales teams at companies including PepsiCo, GE Healthcare, MillerCoors and Charles Schwab, are able to deliver custom, dynamic sales presentations quickly and efficiently, engaging customers with insights that are relevant to them. Mediafly’s Evolved Selling™ solution transcends sales enablement by incorporating methodologies and technologies that enhance how brands engage with prospective buyers. Evolved selling starts with rethinking the way you interact with customers and empowering your sales team to leave the status quo behind. The four elements of Evolved Selling are dynamic, interactive, informed and integration. Dynamic sellers can access and assemble content on the fly and pivot in the moment to meet the needs of the buyers. Interactive presentations allow sellers to capture input from the buyer that guide a tailored discussion. When sellers are informed with data from various sources, they can differentiate themselves in the field and teach buyers something new. Integrating a sales enablement tool provides a feedback loop that captures and analyzes each interaction to inform future strategy.

    Modus provides manufacturers and service providers a complete digital transformation of their sales distribution channel strategy — the critical “Last Mile” of their supply chain Our enterprise digital sales enablement platform helps companies capture more new customers, create compelling content, communicate product differentiation, compare collateral effectiveness, and close more business. More than 70,000 sales and marketing professionals use Modus to conduct 250,000 Critical Customer Conversations everyday.

    Jifflenow is a sales advancement platform that B2B companies use to meet customers, advance sales, and close deals. is on a mission to bring friction-free selling through a new System of Workflow for Sales. Tact’s Intelligent Edge platform removes friction across the revenue cycle and creates a Single Pane of Glass to the customer. is used by Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Cisco, Dell EMC, and Honeywell.

    Rallyware reinvents corporate training by connecting company-specific learning activities with operational and performance data utilizing Machine Learning and science-based gamification technologies for most impactful outcomes. This has resulted in significant business KPI improvements for companies with large workforces. Our customers are industry leaders and include companies like Samsung, Avon, Recruit, Vivint, Oriflame, and Mary Kay. Rallyware improves employees’ knowledge and performance by: - Enabling employees success through performance-based learning, customized engagement, and adaptive talent development programs - Providing ability to segment employee population by teams, geographies, interest, or any other attributes in order to align them with specific process workflows - Energizing and motivating employees through scalable personalized social game-like experiences and peer recognition - Fostering collaboration among employees across functions and geographies - Identifying talent and improving engagement through real-time metrics and analytics

    DealHub Sales Engagement & CPQ Platform is a unified solution that delivers consistent sales engagements at every step of the sales and prospecting processes, enabling sales and buyers to meet, engage and collaborate online on relevant, personalized and dynamic content, while gaining real-time insights on buyers’ engagement and disposition. DealHub operates natively within CRM and offers: • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) • Document Generation • Contract Management and Redlining • E-signature • Real-time Engagement Analytics • Predictive Sales Playbooks • Interactive Content Sharing and Engagement is trusted by fastest-growing technology companies, including ThoughtSpot, SalesLoft, Sisense, Looker, Clicktale, Tipalti, Dynamic Yield, INFINIDAT, Kaminario and AlgoSec. DealHub CPQ is a built-in dynamic quote generator that enables sales to create quotes, contracts and sales collaterals at the touch of a button. Rule-based templates automatically customize documents and their contents based on region, language, customer profile, product and any other chosen parameters. DealHub CPQ lets you embed customized sizing, margin and ROI calculators directly into your guided selling process. These calculators, together with DealHub’s rule-based configurator, ensure your sales reps and channel partners deliver the right solutions at the optimal price points.

    We help you create modern, high performing sales teams. SalesHood is the prescriptive, just in time, sales learning platform to elevate sales results. We use mobile, video, crowdsourcing and content creation to increase team productivity and revenue. We put collaboration and coaching at the heart of SalesHood, where people learn by doing and share what works with their peers. Our Expert System provides automated coaching tips, content, and guides for managers to develop and motivate their teams to exceed their goals. The SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers accelerates revenue attainment and productivity and focus with insights, workflows, and content recommendations learned through millions of videos, stories, and activities submitted on the SalesHood platform. SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers helps sales managers become great coaches and more effective leaders by enabling them with automated enablement tools and recommendations to develop their teams. Brian McGrath, Director Sales Enablement, SHI International Corp says “You’ve got to be in a position as a manager to observe your people and provide constructive feedback. SalesHood allows sales managers to move from being an armchair quarterback to being a trusted coach” Customers using SalesHood Expert System for Sales Managers will benefit from the following features: Team Dashboard: Provide a concise summary of team progress, collective achievements, as well as simple click throughs to individuals on the team. Benefits to the Manager and the enablement team include: Intuitive visualization of team progress Correlate enablement activity completion to revenue attainment more easily Improved Manager engagement and focus on enablement activities Meetings in a Box: Access to a curated selection of sales enablement huddles that keep teams engaged, aligned and on target to the metrics that matter, both in terms of revenue attainment and personal skills development. Specific features include structured and unstructured team exercises such as role-plays and deal reviews and integrated video assets for call/meeting reviews and best practice sharing. Easily create custom recurring team meetings to provide team visibility, accountability and a culture of sharing throughout the organization. Coaching Workflows: Managers receive automated coaching summaries highlighting areas of development and completion data of their teams. The summaries are pushed to managers 24 hours and 48 hours before team meetings and one-on-ones. Library of Coaching Templates & Huddles: Managers can easily select from a collection of coaching ‘playbooks’ with prescribed workflows and activities to address common objectives or pain points such as: quota attainment, pipeline coverage, team engagement, QBR best practices etc.

    Paperflite is the leading marketing collateral and sales enablement software which allows sales and marketing teams to organize, distribute and share their content. With Paperflite, track your content across its entire journey, get deeper insight into what works best when and know how your prospects engage with your content on multiple channels, so you can instantly engage with hot leads and nurture cold ones. With Paperflite's real time engagement analytics, know how end-users interact with the content, when your content is accessed, viewed or shared, so you always know exactly what to do next.

    Sharper sales execution with data-driven sale enablement. Accelerate gives reps the tools and insight they need for strong sales enablement. Intelligent opportunity scoring and visualization, dynamic recommendations based on the sales situation, real time tracking, analytics and insight into buyer interests all combine to give enterprise B2B sales teams a scientific approach to strategically improving sales and accelerating win rates.

    vPlaybook is a leading sales enablement platform, functioning as an interactive guide focused exclusively on the customer conversation from preparation to presentation. The vPlaybook sales enablement platform is built by salespeople for users who are looking for ways to strategize their coaching and messaging methods to guide salespeople to succeed. Experience what more than 100,000 salespeople have with our sales-friendly platform. Try the vPlaybook software for yourself with a free 14-day trial!

    BuzzBoard uncovers data-driven insights about SMBs that drive more meaningful conversations for marketers and sellers, resulting in increased sales across the customer lifecycle. By applying data science and digital signals to the world’s most extensive collection of business intelligence about SMBs, BuzzBoard answers the most important question for marketers and sellers: why will my prospects and customers want to engage? BuzzBoard transforms unproductive sales interactions into customized opportunities to improve customer engagement, book more appointments and close deals faster. Most, if not all, of the analytics, lead generation and sales enablement solutions in the market today just answer the WHO and the HOW. They try to generate leads (the WHO) for their customers and provide workflows and tools to efficiently turn leads into sales, at scale (the HOW). While these solutions create some value, they fall short of addressing the WHY. BuzzBoard’s unique, insights-driven technology provides micro-targeting capabilities for prospecting, identifies upsell and cross-sell opportunities to grow existing customers, automatically monitors top accounts to increase retention, and generates compelling content that fuels customer engagement. BuzzBoard is easy to implement, simple to use and works seamlessly across all devices and screens — allowing marketing and sales teams to research companies and contacts, engage with clients, view company profiles and competitive reports and access timely company and market data on the go. With BuzzBoard, you can create better sales opportunities and deeper engagement, leading to more sales and lasting customer relationships. For more information, visit

    Pitcher is a leading provider of sales enablement and content management for field sales and marketing teams. With an intuitive and feature-rich platform, Pitcher’s cloud-based software makes it easier for field sales and marketing professionals in industries such as life sciences, consumer packaged goods, financial services and manufacturing to plan for, execute and analyze their business meetings. The immersive, feature-rich software can be executed on various desktop and mobile devices to better engage customers and field reps throughout the entire sales and marketing lifecycle. Headquartered in Zurich, Pitcher serves hundreds of customers across the globe with international offices in New York City, Istanbul, Singapore, and Tokyo. For more information, visit and follow on Twitter @Pitcherdotcom.

    Attach helps you engage customers with insight through analytics on the documents you send. It tells you when your documents are opened, who opens them, what pages they read and for how long - all in real-time.

    Membrain is the award-winning Sales Effectiveness Platform that makes it easier for sales teams to execute their process, coach better and continually improve. It helps drive the behaviors needed in complex B2B sales to increase sales effectiveness and achieve consistent performance. Membrain can replace or complement traditional CRM systems. Trusted by clients in over 60 countries, a two-time Top Sales CRM winner, a Top Sales Tool for five years straight and named the Top Sales Enablement Technology in 2016 & 2017. Membrain is the only software named as a G2 Crowd High Performer in each of the CRM, Sales Performance Management, Sales Coaching and Sales Enablement categories.

    Showcase workshop turns your device into a powerful sales, presentation and training toolkit! You don't need a six-figure budget to create an app for your sales team. Sales conversations happen in the field, on the phone and over email. Your sales team needs instant access to information, and the ability to share that information with customers, no matter where the conversation is taking place. With Showcase, your team have the content they need, the brochures, spec sheets, videos, presentations, etc. neatly organised, at their fingertips. Build your own apps! - 100% customisable and brandable - it looks like your app because you designed it yourself. Don't settle for rigid templates or themes. Build presentation apps that totally reflect your brand. - Build your Showcase apps using photos, video, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, HTML5 and web links - Make changes to your app at any time and instantly publish the update to your teams along with a push notification in real time Enhance your tracking capabilities. - Access Showcase Workshop's industry leading analytics for insight into how your Showcase apps are being used, what customers are interacting with and which presentations are performing most effectively - Record sales leads directly into your Salesforce account - Gain insight into how presentations are being used and what customers are interested in - Email Pitch allows you to send a link to a full showcase that you can view online Present with maximum impact. - Look professional, well organised and always armed with the latest information no matter where the customer conversation goes. Never fumble again! - Showcase works offline so no matter where in the world you are, you can present with confidence

    We have developed an interactive ROI selling application that enable sales people to collaborate with their prospects and build the financial justification in a way that has never been done before. Most companies only provide their sales team with complex and confusing Excel spreadsheets to prove ROI. These spreadsheets are hard to navigate, not scalable and do a terrible job of conveying a company’s value proposition. On top of that, sales people hate using them!

    MarcomCentral is a cloud-based portal where marketing assets can be centrally stored, accessed by field teams at any time, and customized while remaining brand compliant. Dynamic templates are provided by the corporate marketing team, and through simple, if-then logic, field teams can personalize an asset within seconds, significantly reducing the amount of one-off requests received by the marketing team. With advanced search functions, in-depth analytics, and user permissions, the portal is a one-stop shop for access to pre-approved marketing content. MarcomCentral is used by companies like Subway, Geico, Volvo, Blue Shield of California , Alaska Airlines, and Mutual of Omaha to control their brand, while providing field teams access to customizable marketing assets 24-7.

    EverString’s AI SaaS solution is designed for B2B sales and marketing professionals to drive pipeline growth, help close new customers, expand into new markets, prioritize accounts, and provide actionable insights – all without the need for an administrator.

    Sudo is an AI platform that connects to all your data (email, calendar, and phone) and keeps all your Salesforce records up-to-date automatically. If it needs your judgment, it asks you a question. If you need something, you just talk to Sudo, and Sudo gets it done.

    Altify is the digital sales transformation software company, helping sales teams win the deals that matter and increase wallet share with a suite of software products that improve opportunity and account management. Built natively on Salesforce platform, Altify helps salespeople, managers and executives achieve sustained revenue growth and sales success.

    BuyerDeck is a sales enablement platform that allows Sales and Marketing teams to maximise the value from their content throughout the sales process. We allow sales teams to be equipped with the right content at the right times. Drawing from a central library of all shareable collateral, sales teams can put together engaging and valuable collections of content & share with their customers in seconds. Our tool gives sales people the power to create remarkable buying experiences by giving them a quick and seamless way to create personalised content portals with the most relevant content. Comprehensive analytics give sales reps the ability to see what their buyers care about and are focusing on. This allows for more intelligent, targeted and relevant follow-ups and communication, resulting in better buying experiences and speeding up sales cycles. Your marketing team can finally get some control into how and when their content is used, to ensure its effectvieness is maximised through the sales funnel. Using the analytics and insight from BuyerDeck, marketing teams can begin to identify successful content, shape their strategy and distribute all sales and marketing content with ease, knowing exactly how it's being used. This not only helps sales team know where to spend their time, but marketing teams decide what content to create next. Aggregated engagement data across all opportunities provides this value to marketing. Not only can they see what reps are using, and what they are not; but they can actually see the impact each content item is having among all prospective customers. What they are looking at, sharing, downloading, etc, all of these questions can finally be answered, instead of the current scenario in most orgs- the black hole of content effectiveness among sales.

    Increase number of qualified leads. Reduce your sales cycle, close deals faster. Fileboard's sales engagement platform provides tools to increase the amount of meetings and qualified leads. Close deals faster by reducing your sales cycle, know when to reach out and who to connect with. Fileboard offers 3 main products: 1) Fileboard Engage, 2) Fileboard Workflow, 3) Fileboard meet 1). Fileboard Engage: Track engagement of your emails and content. Know when to follow up and make every conversation relevant. 2). Fileboard Workflow: Create sales communication workflows with email, calls and social making your sales team more productive and resulting in more meetings. 3). Fileboard Meet: Present with a simple url, no downloads and track if prospects are paying attention. Engage your prospects. Please request a demo to learn more about our products.

    RO Innovation is the world’s leading customer reference management platform designed for sales enablement. No other solution simultaneously activates the right content and voice of your customer at the right stage of the buyer’s journey, while providing real-time analytics on new revenue driven by customer advocacy. Learn more at

    ClientPoint formally Paperless Proposal is a cloud-based Sales Enablement and Proposal Generation Solution that allows your sales team the ability to quickly and easily create, send, mange and track, and manage all of your business proposals, contracts, quotes, multimedia eBrochures and more online in minutes. You can add, office word, powerpoint, excel files, pdfs, multimedia videos, websites, google docs and manage your sales reps pipelines reports to see what's in your proposal lifecycle. With our Tracking and Analytics you can see exactly what your prospects and clients have clicked on and spent time looking at, which provides you with insight into their true interests, and allowing you to focus your sales strategy on closing more deals. You get all of this without having to install any software. As long as you have an Internet connection you can make sophisticated proposals in minutes. Your proposals are delivered as a link in an email. There are no attachments, no size limitations, bounce back, trash or spam. The prospect clicks open the proposal and all their activity is tracked, plus with eSignature they can approve the bid immediately online. ClientPoint will differentiate your company and make the sales process productive & efficient, reduce costs and the information you get back with analytics can be a powerful sales tool! Productivity: ClientPoint helps produce winning proposals and other sales related documents quickly and easily. In under 10 minutes you'll create persuasive, client-focused sales documents that are structured and formatted to help you win more business. • Create dynamic proposals • Proposal lifecycle tracking • User friendly • Secure documents • Create Sales Documents Faster — Create winning documents in a fraction of the time. Using CLientPoint, sales people will create a comprehensive proposals in minutes, not hours. • Produce Documents with a Consistent Look & Feel — create documents that match your corporate identity. Proven Results Increase Win Rates One important outcome of implementing ClientPoint will be increased win rates through use of a more persuasive approach to proposal content and organization. Simply automating the process without improving the output does only part of the job. With automation and persuasive content, you will be able to generate a higher volume of proposals. And they will be of a higher quality so that you win more frequently. Integrations: Salesforce, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, DocuSign, RightSignature, Sertify

    Intelligent product demo automation software

    Salespatron is a sales presentation and client engagement application allowing salespeople to store all their sales collaterals in one place and share them as trackable links with their prospects. Based on level of client engagement, salespeople can customize and prioritize their follow-ups helping them reduce sales cycles and close deals faster.

    Node’s proprietary artificial intelligence technology revolutionizes the online discovery process by making sense of the relationships between people and companies on the web. Sifting through these connections, Node surfaces people-based intelligence to identify the total market opportunity for leading companies and proactively delivers personalized insights and tactical guidance that leads to bigger, better deals.

    Docsify is chrome browser extension that supercharges your Gmail in 1 click. It’s Gmail's secret weapon that helps you: - track emails, links, attachments - schedule emails to be sent later - create and use your own templates - create and use your own text shortcuts - and even more Why Docsify? - Free plan forever - 1-minute installation - easy-to-use and intuitive interface - 100% domain customization - responsive customer support The best tool for 1-to-1 email communication

    WorkRamp's learning platform trains sales, customer success and marketing so they are aligned and onboarded quickly. Through our Enablement Cloud™ software, teams can easily upload and share knowledge resources and use our training platform to certify reps anywhere from product knowledge to objection handling. Combined with our industry leading customer success team, we help reduce ramp times, increase quota attainment, and improve customer satisfaction. Join the thousands of customers like Zoom, Square, and Paypal who are leveraging WorkRamp to super-charge their teams.

    Inside Sales Box is an all-in-one inside sales software to help businesses - big and small - manage, accelerate and engage their sales processes. Built by inside sales domain experts for inside sales teams, Inside Sales Box helps you engage with your prospects across the entire marketing and sales. It is built upon multimedia, advanced analytics, personalization, and gamification, to support high performance sales teams deliver predictable revenue, month after month.

    Mindmatrix is the only single, fully integrated platform offering complete sales and marketing enablement for direct and indirect sales. Mindmatrix combines PRM, Channel Marketing, Asset Management, Sales Enablement, and Marketing Automation for the complete enablement of your sales and marketing teams. This unified platform takes you through every step in the sales process from lead to revenue, enabling your sales channels to sell more, faster.

    OppSource is focused on helping our B2B customers make sales prospecting and engagement easier and more effective. From our beginnings as an outsourced service provider, we learned and developed the best practices for pursuing, engaging and developing sales-ready leads that sales teams actually want to work on. We took what we learned and crafted a world-class, market-leading sales development platform. Our Sales Development Platform helps sales prospectors automatically organize their day, engage with their prospects in their Moments of Interest, and orchestrate and automate the many follow-up touches required to develop sales opportunities with today’s B2B buyer.

    Help your Sales Team Sell Smarter, Faster

    Revegy delivers a proven framework and technology designed to protect, defend and grow existing revenues. Our collaborative visual platform delivers a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, a roadmap to coordinate the sales approach and an executable plan for growing account revenue in a constantly changing landscape.

    Beehivr is a mobile sales app for businesses always striving to provide the right content for the right person at the right time. We empower sales forces with the ultimate sales enablement platform that leverages the iPad as a tool to create interactive experiences that enhance client presentations, facilitate employee training, and gather valuable customer insights.

    Sales, marketing and educational engine. Train producers, educate and engage clients, and market to prospects with more than 3,750 professionally written and designed pieces of content. Customizable for agency branding.

    CallidusCloud Enablement provides a central repository for all sales and marketing collateral with analytics on usage to guide marketing investment and comprehensive search and classification to aid sales in finding the right asset. Deal rooms provide users a self-administered portal to share sales content with customers and gain insights into how that content is consumed. Playbooks provide prescriptive selling guides to sales representatives - what tools to use at what stage of the sales cycle.

    Why do companies spend all that time and resources generating leads, qualifying prospects and setting up face-to-face meetings, only to show them a mediocre PowerPoint presentation that out-of-date? Salespeople don’t design and build their companies’ websites, marketing collateral or TV spots, so why are they tasked with building their own sales presentation? CustomShow is the leading B2B sales presentation platform for companies that want to engage their prospects, deliver their brand and close more deals. Built to connect Sales and Marketing teams with a Cloud-based presentation platform, CustomShow is changing the way companies think of sales presentations. From broadcast media to financial services, B2B companies around the world are using CustomShow to turn their sales presentations into an effective marketing channel the drives business and delivers results. To learn more, visit us at

    The Pando Platform is a local marketing automation solution for distributed users. Manage your global brand and campaign authority while enabling your field marketers, dealers, and agents to co-brand and customize content.

    SellerPrime is a behavioral eCommerce analytics software that provides Amazon sellers insights derived from their data through powerful tools and reports to help optimize their sales and generate more sales. This E-Commerce solution allows sellers to fully capitalize and take complete advantage of the full value of their digital data by aggregating them and gain meaningful insights that they can use to further improve their processes, service, products, and more. With SellerPrime, Amazon eCommerce sellers have a robust Data Platform that unleashes the full value of their data assets by thoroughly dissecting and measuring data at each stage of the funnel and deriving meaningful insights to drive highly relevant, real-time digital advertising on a global scale. This leads to a dramatic influx of new customers, discovery of new products, highly actionable marketplace insights, streamlined conversions and more positive and lasting impact on the revenues. I) Benefits of SellerPrime: - SellerPrime gives you, Amazon e-commerce sellers, a solution that helps you get more from your data so you can improve your sales and rake in more revenue. The software is designed to help you understand your customers, what encourages them to perform your desired actions, and provide you with the insights so you drive towards performing your desired actions, whether it’s purchasing your products or sharing the word to their friends and loved ones. With SellerPrime, you get the full picture of your customers, their behavior, and tendencies as well as patterns and trends. You are able to determine sales and revenue potential and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. You also get a full view of your competition. SellerPrime gives you tracking tools to see what your competitors are up to, the keywords they are using, the success they are having with their campaigns and so on. You also get a list of backend keywords they are working on, definitely giving you a huge advantage over them. Keywords are nothing if they are not profitable. SellerPrime helps you discover keywords that actually attract visitors and increase conversions and sales. You can optimize your PPC and your product listing and see your revenue go past the roof. II) SellerPrime Features: - 1) Product Watch 2) Track Products 3) Product Ideas 4) Seller Watch 5) Price Alert 6) Seller Alert 7) BSR Alert 8) Promo Planner 9) Chrome Plugin 10) Email Support 11) Keyword Genie 12) Keyword Research 13) Product Keyword Optimisation 14) Listing Optimisation 15) Reverse ASIN 16) Amazon MWS Connect 17) Portfolio Analytics 18) Portfolio Consultation 19) Inventory Alert 20) Revenue Alert 21) Hijacker Alert 22) Buy box Alert 23) Page Rank Alert 24) Keyword Index Alert 25) Page View/Session Matrix 26) Business Reports III) What Problems Will SellerPrime Solve? => Find profitable products SellerPrime is designed to simplify product search so sellers can easily find the most profitable niche and best selling product. It delivers a thorough analysis of each product. For a seller who wants to expand the current opportunities, SellerPrime Product Ideas offers a curated list of products that are already selling like pancakes on Amazon. SellerPrime Keyword Research also helps in product research by listing down the top products that rank for a particular keyword.With SellerPrime Chrome Extension products can be analyzed while browsing on Amazon to get a view of the profitability and potential of the product. => Improve Amazon ranking SellerPrime helps improve and optimize the quality of the product listing and the Amazon search rank for your product. It gives you a throng of new profitable keywords that shoppers look for as well as suggested by Amazon itself. SellerPrime Listing Quality thoroughly checks the quality of the product listing and points out the sections and areas that require improvement. Keyword Tracking helps in tracking the keywords that are not visible enough and also the keywords that are helping in increasing sales. SellerPrime Index Checker helps in optimizing the backend search terms. PPC analyzer gives detailed insights into PPC campaigns about what’s working and what isn’t, the keywords that need to be added as negative keywords, high performing keywords, underperforming keywords and all the other minor details that help a seller understand how to optimize their PPC campaigns for better performance. => Track competitor products and sellers For every Tracked Product, SellerPrime delivers a complete look at the product and its strategies. SellerPrime also helps monitor viral sellers to follow their current products and new product launches. Tracking competitor sellers and their products might even be an inspiration for the next product launch. Alerts can be set on the buy box price to track promotions, price hikes, and other pricing strategies. Listing quality alerts help in understand listing updates and keyword changes in competitor listings. IV) SellerPrime Pricing Plans: SellerPrime offers four SMB and enterprise pricing plans for users to choose from. Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business: => Starter – $29.99/month or $24.99/month (annual billing) *10 Products *Product Watch *Track Products *Product Ideas *Seller Watch => Essential – $49.99/month or $41.99/month (annual billing) *All Starter features *25 Products *Keyword Genie *Keyword Research *Product Keyword Optimisation *Listing Optimisation => Pro – $79.99/month or $66.99/month (annual billing) *All Essential features *50 Products *Product Sourcing *Keyword Tracking => Business – By quote *All Pro Features *PPC Campaign Management

    Bsharp is a mobile sales enablement software. Sales teams can review details on customers, meetings and other relevant information while on the go. The platform provides actionable intelligence to sales team to help them sell more. It combines training tools, analytics and real-time field data for users to track and improve both individual and team performance.

    CommercialTribe is solving the toughest problem in sales & enablement: how to get reps aligned and on message. Using video and associated content, reps can view and share peer best practices, practice by recording themselves, submit their scenario for manager and peer feedback, and refine until they have it right. Reps actually teach and learn from one another. We focus on four key areas of improvement: Onboarding, Upskilling, Product & Service Go-to-Market, and 3rd Party Message Development. The process of sales training hasn't meaningfully changed since Dale Carnegie introduced his approach in 1937. While billions of dollars are being invested annually, sales training effectiveness remains questionable with little measurable improvement in the metrics that matter. CommercialTribe tackles this problem head-on, giving teams a new way to truly learn and engage.

    Folloze is the leading Account Based Marketing (ABM) Engagement Platform, which enables B2B sales and marketing teams to engage, develop and win their top target accounts. Built for scale, the platform empowers Marketing and Sales to collaborate on marketing strategy, account-specific content campaigns, content automation and more, and enables Marketing to easily deliver campaigns on behalf of Sales. The result is a personalized, automated, scalable ABM program, backed by actionable account analytics, where Sales maintains an authentic relationship with the buyer. These capabilities enable salespeople to act as consultants through the selling process, delivering significantly more value to customers and drastically increasing their sales pipeline, and ultimately revenue. Folloze was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in San Mateo, CA with a development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Folloze was founded by a group of marketing, sales and technology veterans and is backed by world-class investors. For more information, please visit Or check out one of our live boards here

    iPresent is the world's leading Sales Engagement platform. It gives sales teams the power to deliver high impact presentations on tablet devices, supported and controlled by comprehensive enterprise content management. To find out more, visit

    OneMob is a video, document and content engagement platform. Think "Squarespace for Sales" - quickly create pages of content to engage prospects, customers, partners and employees. With the OneMob platform, you can: Create: - Record Mobile or Web Video content with filters, text overlays, green screen, script teleprompter and more - Upload Documents or import - Pages of content (videos, documents, links, YouTube, etc.) Send: - Share a trackable link of content - Email a group of recipients - Send 1:1 or 1:many to any Lead or Contact inside Salesforce Track: - Know in realtime what video is watch, by who, and for how long - Know which doc was viewed, which page/slide, by who, and for how long - Know which link was clicked, and by who Setup your account at ( With the OneMob AppExchange package , you can: -Send a OneMob to any Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Case -Access universal email templates -Deeper analytics inside Salesforce such as number of opens, views, responses, and viewing content duration per OneMob -Rich dashboards and reports for tracking OneMob usage and ROI -Mass sending allows you to send up to 200 recipients at a time; great for personal campaigns

    Building and sharing presentations have never been easier.

    Storyworks1 is a dynamic digital content delivery platform that connects sales with the tools they need to create powerful customer buying experiences, anywhere.

    Triptych allows you to drive cost savings, empower your sales force with a self-service support model, and make the most out of your marketing and sales budgets. Getting the right content to sales when they need it - in the medium they need, will increase their selling time. More than an easy to use content management system, with Triptych your sales force will be able to customize their assets while you to manage your Co-Op funds, stay on brand and adhere to compliance requirements.

    This sales enablement resource gives business development professionals the forecasted intelligence they need to edge out the competition and discover timely sales opportunities at their most sought-after brands and companies.

    Accelerate acts like a smart assistant. It brings great visibility to sales situations and suggests where to prioritize and what to do next. It guides reps to be better reps, and helps managers to be better managers. In short, it pushes productivity to the next level.

    Accordium offers a sales and workflow automation solution designed to help sales teams improve their performance for deal-closing.

    ADvendio is an all-in-one ad sales management solution designed to efficiently handle everything from ad ops to related business finances.

    With Akoonu in Salesforce, master sales execution through consistent qualification and fact-based opportunity, pipeline and forecast management.

    Meet Assistant, the guided selling tool that helps your sales force sell more. Don’t leave your sales to chance. Create a consistent, personalized customer experience and simplify your sales process with Assistant. Assistant pairs a ridiculously smart recommendation engine with interactive education, account management tools, and powerful reporting to empower your sales reps to win more and win faster.

    Empower your sales team with comprehensive tools that can assess customer needs, configure solutions, quantify ROI, and produce personalized customer collateral. Differentiate your products or services based on a quantified, customer-specific business case. Show customers why they should care about your products and services. ROI & TCO Calculators. Business Case, Proposal & Quote Generators. Cost & Benefit Estimators. Diagnostic Assessment & Quantification Tools. Solution Recommendations & Product Configurators. Guided Selling & Value Storytelling Tools. Accelerate sales cycle times and improve close rates and Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness.

    BAM! grew out of years of working with heavy equipment manufacturers who were frustrated with the time and cost of getting up-to-date sales materials in the hands of their dealers. BAM! is a powerful and easy-to-use digital asset management, content management and publishing platform, with an integrated mobile sales app, that delivers the right content to dealers via mobile device – any time, anywhere.

    Bigtincan (ASX:BTH) helps sales and service teams increase win rates and customer satisfaction. The company’s mobile, AI-powered sales enablement automation platform features the industry’s premier user experience that empowers reps to more effectively engage with customers and prospects and encourages team-wide adoption. Leading brands including AT&T, ThermoFisher, Merck, ANZ Bank and others rely on Bigtincan to enhance sales productivity at every customer interaction. With global sales and marketing headquartered in Boston, Bigtincan also has offices across EMEA, Australia and Asia.

    ClearSide is a one of best and online sales productivity platform that's combination of sales empower and contract. Mobile application gives greate visibility for accessing mail, arrange the meeting, scheduling, quick response, and follow-ups. It's features like it always shares high-quality video to users.

    We believe that in a world with smarter customers and more competition sales professionals win by creating value for their customers. Costello is a sales playbook platform that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers. We are pioneering the way organizations build and execute sales playbooks designed to be used during sales calls. The platform helps sales reps prepare for calls, ask timely questions, tell relevant stories, and sync insights back to the CRM while showing managers and reps the gaps in every deal so they can work together to move them forward. With Costello, sales leaders can identify what’s working on the frontline and replicate success across the entire team.

    Do you know which content is most effective in closing deals? We're on a mission to help Sales & Marketing teams work better together by matching the best, most targeted content for prospects and customers at each stage of the sales cycle.

    Decision Based Education

    According to analyst research, sales reps spend 20+ hours per month searching, editing, and creating content. At the same time, 65% of marketing-created sales content goes unused. Docurated is an enterprise sales enablement platform that helps sales reps find, customize and share content, while empowering marketing to measure content effectiveness and revenue contribution. Through easily customizable role-based navigation and content pages, marketers can drive sellers to the right content. The unique DocuRank™ AI technology enables guided selling, recommending the most effective content for each prospect and selling scenario such as opportunity stage, industry or persona. By connecting to existing content repositories within an organization, sales and marketing teams can be productive in a fraction of the time of competing solutions. What’s more, with this connected cross-platform approach, Docurated combines analytics to provides a 360° view of content usage, engagement and revenue attribution of sales content. The result is higher win-rates, shorter sales cycles, and marketing teams producing content that drives revenue.

    A platform built for market speed, configured by business people.

    Flipdeck Team allows users to move customer conversations forward by making key information sharable wherever they are, right from their mobile device.

    FunnelCake makes Salesforce actionable for your team with weekly reminders, actionable business intelligence, and improved operations. Weekly reminders: Improve pipeline health with personalized reminders – each week reps get a list of deals to focus on, clean up, and close out based on their own performance. Actionable business intelligence: Provide transparency into your full funnel for sales management and leadership, build accountability, identify coaching opportunities, and trend analysis. Improve operations: Identify the optimal Service Level Agreements for hand-offs between Marketing and Sales, then measure when SLAs are (and aren't) being met. Find and fix process issues like backdated deals, skipped stages, stagnant opportunities, and abandoned deals.

    HumbleGritSales offers custom sales enablement solutions.

    A mobile retail operations platform that connects your frontline employees and helps them execute to their highest potential.

    Kiite uses machine learning and natural language processing to give employees more autonomy and make managers dramatically more productive.

    Sales Enablement platform providing live sales training and coaching for B2B Sales Teams. Onboard new hires, upskill and coach existing team members by providing the content, tools and data to support positive change.

    LeadDesk is a software for contact centers and telesales designed to increase sales.

    Virtual role-play your way to effective messaging and consistent sales calls.

    Mobile Locker's sales enablement solution empowers businesses to harness the power of their content through an easy-to-use app that maximizes marketing efforts, increases customer engagement, and drives sales effectiveness. With exceptional 1:1 customer service, customizable solutions, and powerful data analytics, Mobile Locker makes it easy to bridge the gap between marketing and sales, and to close more deals.

    momencio is a next generation sales and event enablement platform, designed to provide real time prospect engagement intelligence for sales, marketing, management.

    Personal Marketing Center is a sales enablement solution that lives natively inside of Salesforce.

    Crowdsource Last-mile Delivery Platform Extend your sales in emerging markets with maximum transparency. Business Process Constructor Delivery Network Advanced Analytics

    With Prolifiq, sales reps use a single point of access to easily find, share, discuss and measure managed, compliant content during customer interactions and to immediately establish real-time communications with customers and colleagues. Leveraging "presence", the rep is aware of company experts' availability to immediately CONNECT customers to answer questions or resolve issues via CHAT, voice or video conference. Additionally, with Prolifiq reps: READ company and industry news, SEND materials to customers, INVITE customers and manage attendance at company events, CHAT with colleagues, SHOW interactive presentations, MEASURE their customer interactions, REPORT real-time field events, and UPDATE customer databases. In short, Prolifiq connects the apps, your people, with customers.

    Multi-lingual b2b content marketing automation tools for small to medium sized businesses.

    Turn your PDFs into interactive visual experiences.

    Sales Activ is a cloud based solution for enterprises that want more out of their sales teams. Sales Activ grows sales for you , frees up your sales teams' time and resolves any issues with adoption as sales people love using the solution.

    Salesframe is a tool that brings sales and marketing together

    Today's sales teams need to be versatile, dynamic and self-sufficient. Sales Pitch Pro pushes your sales team to be top of their game.

    SalesValue is the next generation Sales Enablement solution. We enable your sales and marketing team through: - Intelligent content management - Automated knowledge sharing - Personalized recommendations - Recommendations linked to the buyer journey - Analytics and insights Unlike the old Sales Enablement solutions, that are focused on top down management, SalesValue activates the knowledge and power of your whole organization, by using modern machine learning algorithms. We enable your Value Creators to help your customers.

    Sales enablement is a solutions that integrate and coordinate all customer-facing digital content communications across the various geographies, industries, organizations, and personas that a selling company may be targeting as part of their sales strategy.

    SoloFire is a fully customizable mobile sales enablement platform that gives you complete control over the content available to your on-the-ground sales team. Turn any piece of content–video, powerpoint, pdf document, etc.–into mobile content with just a few clicks of a button.

    SoPro offers social prospecting services designed to help businesses identify and engage with qualified prospects.

    Revenue Accelerators help build premier pipelines faster & easier by validating and aligning your value to target accounts delivering C-Suite preferred messaging and engagement.

    Stick is the visual presentation generator that customizes sales presentations to prospects for you.

    A powerful mobile tablet selling system that's perhaps the most street-smart, easy-to-use field sales tool that exists.

    A platform for sales people that frees them up from contact research, data entry and busy work so that they can focus 100% of their time on growing revenue.

    Tiled is a presentation platform built to increase viewer engagement and company insight. We take the hard work out of delivering interactive content and make it easy for sales teams to understand viewer engagement so they can close more deals. Our goal is to improve the way organizations visually communicate. With Tiled, customer presentations, employee training, internal communication, and more are all supported by data so you can share content and learn from viewer activity. Captivate your customers. Tiled helps create interactive multimedia presentations without any code, making it easy to distribute sales content to your team and customers. Understand your audience. See customer activity and discover new insights with our full analytics suite. Connect your team. Distribute training material, strategic content, and uniform sales collateral to team members worldwide instantly for access on- and off-line. Tiled is the simplest way to make your content engaging and insightful. From marketing to sales enablement, Tiled provides efficiency to your presentation experience.

    TradebooX is a unique, global, cloud based B2B trading and information platform for small, mid-sized and large businesses.

    Tudodesk is easy to use Cloud Software that helps bespoke manufactures, repair and service teams deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    Tvarak is an affordable and efficient with all in one sales process accelerator which helps corporate to monitor entire business on realtime from anywhere anytime.

    Industrial strength SaaS technology that speeds up the way leading B2B companies define, improve, and sell the value of their products and services to drive profitable growth. Everything you need to enable the work of Marketing and Sales to operationalize Value Selling. Valkre is available as a paid annual subscription.

    Innovative onboarding, coaching and training software to increase your team's sales knowledge, apply best practices, track performance, and reinforce the right behavior

    Yooba is a solution to create, manage and distribute sales presentations to tablets. Every rep knows that each sale is unique—and that it takes much more than a great pitch to land a deal. Yooba’s dynamic, customer-oriented presentations transforms reps from presenters into advisors, empowering them to address buyer’s questions and concerns with an interactive, mobile platform. With Yooba’s back-end tracking, managers can analyze presentation data, and make improvements that lead to sales growth. When new marketing collateral is added, Yooba’s platform also enables corresponding training—ensuring continuous and effective training. Please contact us for a demo or visit

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