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What Is the Salesforce AppExchange?

The Salesforce AppExchange is's complete marketplace for everything cloud computing––this includes cloud applications and consulting services. End-users are able to use the Salesforce AppExchange to access, download, and install apps.

The Salesforce AppExchange offers both free and paid apps for users. Apps and services are organized into collections within the marketplace, based on categories and industry solutions that encompass a variety of fields. This includes apps and services catered toward small business, customer service, education, manufacturing, and real estate. The marketplace itself was launched by in 2005, with the Salesforce AppExchange website becoming the first public directory of its kind.

In order for an app or service to become publicly available to potential customers, the company that created the app or service must be a Salesforce partner. For software buyers looking on the Salesforce AppExchange, plenty of well-known software vendors offer apps and services that can be accessed or purchased via the marketplace.

What Is a Salesforce AppExchange Tool?

Any application or service listed on the Salesforce AppExchange should be represented in our Salesforce AppExchange Tools category. The products within this category represent software or service products, listed in a variety of categories across our site, that offer a solution that is available on the Salesforce AppExchange itself.

How Does the Salesforce AppExchange Work?

The Salesforce AppExchange is full of third-party apps that run on the platform. This means that every creative app developed for this marketplace is made specifically for a Salesforce user.

The AppExchange gives developers and users a central place to create, publish, or install apps and extensions to Salesforce.

The process of creating an app for this marketplace starts with a Salesforce user creating a custom object, tab, or set of dashboards and/or reports that is helpful for businesses. From there, customers can then share their unique customizations with other Salesforce users as an app or extension.

The next step is for a Salesforce customer to register and publish an app on the Salesforce AppExchange. Customers are also able to create a demo of their apps, allowing for others to see the what it has to offer before installing.

Once a Salesforce admin is convinced an app will improve business, they can choose to install an app published to the AppExchange. Installing a published app from AppExchange is easy and safe––from there, access can be given to the group of your choosing and you are off to the races!

Who Can Use the AppExchange?

Literally anyone. The general public can browse and demo AppExchange listings at their leisure. However, in order to have permission to install AppExchange apps, Salesforce admins and other users need the “Download AppExchange packages” permission. Similarly, a user must have both “Create AppExchange packages” and “Upload AppExchange packages” permissions to publish an app on the AppExchange.

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    The enterprise social network for your company.

    Get the missing features for Gmail or Outlook. 250,000 professionals use Cirrus Insight in Gmail or Outlook to track email and attachment opens, create personalized email templates, send email drip campaigns, set follow-up reminders, and schedule three times more meetings with customers. Cirrus Insight also offers world-class Salesforce integration. We get it. You work in your inbox to connect with customers. You need all the tools to close a deal in one place. Connect with leads, set up warming campaigns, schedule meetings and track attachments all from your inbox. With our Salesforce api, there’s no more leaving your inbox to log information into Salesforce. No one likes busy work. Which is why you don’t login to Salesforce or keep it up to date. You’re staying busy talking with customers and closing deals. Now you can see and update Salesforce as you work. Regardless of which email client you use, you can automatically sync emails and appointments to Salesforce, track email opens, set follow up reminders, create and update Salesforce records like leads, contacts, and opportunities, schedule sales calls, and more. Save time, be more productive. Flight Plans is the premier solution for building personalized outreach communications at scale. Build a timeline of emails, calls, and to-do items for your Flight Plan, then add prospects to the campaign that’s the best fit for them. As prospects travel on their customer journey, you respond to their emails, make real calls, and create a relationship. We’ll be there for you every step of the way so that you get the most out of the Cirrus Insight platform by providing the type of service that has earned us over 1,000 five star reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. Try Cirrus Insight free for 14 days.

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    We aspire to make every customer interaction successful. Every email, every meeting, and every presentation should be amazing. ClearSlide provides a complete Sales Engagement Platform that combines content management, integrated communications, engagement analytics, and guided selling to power dynamic engagement with buyers and maximize your existing CRM investment. ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. ClearSlide customers report: 10%-20% increase in closed deals 25% decrease in time to on-board new reps 50%-80% reduction in selling costs Sales Productivity An intuitive, integrated Sales Engagement Platform – with content, communications, and analytics at your fingertips to guide next step actions. Leader Effectiveness Powerful Engagement Quadrant Dashboards in ClearSlide and CRM improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting and business results. Content Impact Recommend and promote content, providing reps the right content and tools at every point in the sales cycle. Refine and optimize messaging based on direct customer engagement and feedback.

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    #1 Sales Engagement Platform for Salesforce & Gmail Users ✔ Two-way integration between Salesforce, Gmail and Google Calendar ✔ Email open, click tracking & send later ✔ Create, edit & enrich any SFDC object ✔ Automated email sequencing TWO-WAY SALESFORCE INTEGRATION: Keep your Salesforce records current without leaving your Gmail account and Google Calendar. Quickly update records and log call notes right from the Groove sidebar. GMAIL & GOOGLE CALENDAR SYNC: Gmail and Google Calendar Integration for Salesforce made easy. With Groove's automatic sync, reps save time by eliminating manual data entry, and you never have to wonder if your Salesforce records are up-to-date. IT'S EASY, INTUITIVE, AND FAST: An intuitive interface combined with a Gmail sidebar and mobile add-on means you don’t have to change the way you work — Groove fits into your natural workflow. VIEW SALESFORCE RECORDS: Always have the account info you need -- right alongside your Gmail and Google Calendar. View and update opportunities and cases, and even create new leads, contacts, and accounts right from the Groove sidebar. CONFIGURABLE VIEW: Every team works differently. Customize which Salesforce fields and objects display in the Groove sidebar for each team within your sales organization. TRUSTED BY THE BEST: Highest rated Gmail and Google Calendar integration for Salesforce on the AppExchange and G2Crowd. Trusted by 30,000+ sales reps from leading companies like Google, Prezi, Slack and HotSchedules.

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    LeanData’s Lead Management Suite helps companies connect leads to account, route to the right rep, and enable them to do advanced analytics and reporting for running ABM campaigns. More than 300 high-growth businesses such as Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Marketo and Cloudera rely on our lead-to-account matching and sophisticated routing to increase pipeline, maximize marketing ROI and close more deals. Enable Salesforce to work smarter with: ● Matching - Match leads to accounts for a 360-view of your target accounts ● Routing - Assign leads and contacts in real-time to the right owner every time ● Insights - Measure and optimize the performance of routing processes and campaigns ● Attribution - Uncover insights of campaign influence on pipeline and revenue

    Ebsta's Customer Intelligence Platform and Chrome Extension empowers thousands of companies to drive customer engagement at scale. ✓ Unlock your company network ✓ Create personalised workflows and cadences ✓ Track engagement in real-time ✓ Score customer engagement and identify those that need attention ✓ Measure team activity and performance ✓ Seamlessly integrate with your CRM, emails and calendars Get in touch to find out how we can help your company with driving customer engagement:

    SmartCloud Connect is #1 Enterprise Class solution that brings Salesforce right to your Inbox and Calendar; it is highly customizable and allows you to synchronize emails, meetings and tasks between your CRM and Office 365, Outlook, Gmail. Using its contextual sidebar you can see and edit everything you need about leads, contacts, opportunities and other custom objects right from your Inbox.
 We enable businesses to do all their daily tasks in single-window environment right in Inbox without leaving native communication environment – Outlook / Office 365 / Outlook Web Access and Gmail Invisible for Windows and Mac. We also make sure that all of your CRM Data is always up-to-date. As part of, SmartCloud Connect brings over a decade of experience in engineering products to increase user adoption and ROI of enterprise applications, without leaving the native environments where they use to operate.

    - Combine buy-side and sell-side contract management with interfaces built specifically for Legal and their most frequent collaborator – Sales - Give back time to legal and other departments with easy to manage CLM features designed specifically for each department’s needs - Provide your Legal team with a system created specifically for them, while keeping other departments’ primary systems, such as CPQ, CRM and ERP solutions, up-to-date - For Salesforce users, Conga offers advanced capabilities with seamless UI integration, redlining and comprehensive contract management entirely within the Salesforce platform - Full flexibility to store and easily find all your contracts in Salesforce, Conga Novatus, Box, Dropbox, or other systems - Quickly create professional error-free contracts, regardless of length or complexity, customized with rich text and images - Keep a safe and secure cloud based repository for all legal approved clauses in our Clause library - Bundle commonly used clauses together in clause bundles to speed up contract creation and ensure corresponding clauses are always included. - Control which users have access to which clauses and contracts based on user permissions - Automatically route approvals based on workflow rules saving time and involving appropriate parties at the appropriate time.

    Combine today’s global economy with a mobile workforce and you get a lot of moving parts. CRM alone can’t help you answer the critical business questions: Where am I and where do I need to go? Founded in 2009, MapAnything is a Geo Productivity company leveraging Location of Things (LoT) software to visualize assets, territories, routes, and customers all within a map inside Salesforce. We enable users to: BOOST FIELD SALES AND SERVICE PRODUCTIVITY: Leverage Geo-analytic maps in Salesforce to plan and optimize routes, see more customers, adjust based on traffic and weather, add nearby leads to fill schedule gaps, reassign and balance territories, and more. INCREASE FLEET EFFICIENCY AND COMPLIANCE: View daily and historical performance summaries of fleet assets. Create defined territories based on location. Manage your entire fleet from Salesforce without losing insight into compliance, safety, and TCO. IMPROVE PLANNING AND DATA ANALYSIS: Increase business productivity by leveraging maps, Geo and GIS capabilities in Salesforce. Create custom dashboards & reports, segmented data, robust filters & tool-tips, additional demographic layers, and more.

    Datahug is a sales optimization solution that enables sales teams to increase sales velocity, reduce pipeline risk and abolish forecast calls by capturing and analyzing all of your sales activity automatically from email, calendar, and CRM. Leading companies like Optimizely, Coupa, Instructure, Lyft and Nitro use Datahug to forecast with 95% accuracy and increase win rates by an average of 21%.

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    Transform your document generation and create processes that connect all parts of your business. Create an easy, accurate, efficient flow of information across the document steps that make your business run.

    Conga Grid gives your business a more productive workforce and creates data insights that drive growth. Transform your business with an enterprise-grade solution for viewing and working with Salesforce CRM data. Maintaining clean, up-to-date data becomes easy and efficient, leading to meaningful, actionable views that drive Salesforce adoption and better account understanding. Access deep insights into accounts, pipeline, and system-wide data while cutting time spent clicking through records.

    Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise apps should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud UX platform, anyone can connect to disparate data sources and assemble highly complex, beautiful, bespoke applications without writing code. More than 5 million users across 32 countries use Skuid to engage with each other, with data, and with new customers in meaningful ways.

    That time you felt flat-footed on a sales call because your prospect brought something up that you hadn't anticipated... yeah, that wasn't fun and we felt your pain. Dooly's real-time playbook engine keeps your conversations as sharp and on-point as the buyer you talk to, matching their every move with sales tools that answer even their toughest questions. While we're at it, we thought we'd sneak in a bonus for you; removing the burdens associated with updating Salesforce, sharing your notes with others and panicking about pipeline updates. Dooly’s got your back so your focus remains on what matters most—winning over your customers. We built Dooly with you in mind. Your freedom to sell awaits →

    Riva syncs a dozen of the world's best CRM systems – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP C4C, Oracle Sales Cloud, Infor CRM, NetSuite, SugarCRM, and others – directly to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Google Apps, IBM Notes and Domino, Novell GroupWise, and Marketo. With Riva, you can seamlessly sync contacts, calendars, tasks, email, opportunities, cases, custom fields and custom objects between your CRM and email systems. Because Riva syncs server-side, it means there are no Outlook or IBM Notes plug-ins to install, configure, or manage on users' desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Plus, we're not limited to just syncing to Windows Outlook. Riva syncs CRM to all email clients and mobile devices – Windows Outlook (64-bit, 32-bit), Outlook Web App, Outlook for Mac, Outlook on Citrix, Apple Mail, IBM Notes, Novell GroupWise, iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Surface tablets. Join tens of thousands of CRM users – from Fortune 500 companies to SMBs – who use Riva to sell more, sync more, and save more time. Visit us at for more information. Social channels:

    Chargent is the leading payment solution on the Salesforce AppExchange for credit card, eCheck and recurring billing. Chargent puts you in control of your payments, managing everything 100% natively in Salesforce, so you can capture revenue faster, eliminate duplicate data entry, and improve order and invoicing processes. Chargent includes connections to 30+ payment gateways, such as CyberSource,, PayPal and Stripe, as well as integrations to accounting systems such as FinancialForce and Accounting Seed. Trusted by millions of users since 2009, Chargent's parent company AppFrontier LLC is headquartered in San Francisco.

    PFL specializes in tactile marketing, truly personalized and triggered direct mail programs that deliver a tangible competitive advantage. More than new delivery channel, PFL helps you break through the noise of digital only experiences, to reach the attention and consideration of your target account buyers. In a world where people are subject to as much as 10,000 impressions per day, PFL clients see 40% response rates, rising effectiveness across all channels, and higher quality deals filling their pipelines. Core products: Tactile Marketing Automation® - Seamlessly integrated with your marketing automation platform, today you can trigger the send of personalized letters, collateral and dimensional pieces as easy as sending an email. SwagIQ® - Today, your sales team can gain competitive advantage at any stage of the sales cycle, from door busting, reigniting stalled deals, to customer appreciation. SwagIQ integrates directly to your CRM and enables your sales team trigger an engaging impression when they need it most. Personal Marketing Center® - Sales and Marketing teams are united under one platform to empower field reps to personalize, manage and execute their own local marketing. PFL is a Montana born and raised marketing technology company, headquartered just north of Yellowstone National Park. For more than 20 years we’ve served leading sales and marketing organization around the globe, providing sales enablement and marketing automation solutions, as well as printing, mailing and fulfillment services. Our cutting edge solutions blend physical, digital and data driven experiences that accelerate productivity and drive business forward.

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    Yesware is an email productivity software for Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 inboxes that helps over 800,000 users to send smarter, faster emails through tracking analytics and time-saving tools that scale personalized messaging. Yesware has the capability to sync engagement data to Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual email, call, and meeting activity logging, so users can spend more time on what matters.

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    AppBuddy is the leading provider of business process interaction platforms, delivering innovative applications that work the way users work and reach across business silos to provide exceptional customer experiences and integrated business process efficiency. We believe in empowering everyone to be happy in their work by making how they connect with their data an illuminating experience.

    Geopointe is a Salesforce Gold Partner and the #1 rated geolocation application available on the AppExchange. Geopointe provides numerous ways for end-users, administrators, and developers to tap into the geographical aspects of their data to improve efficiencies and streamline processes through features such as proximity searching, routing and optimization, territory management and much more. A free 15-day trial is available to install on the AppExchange -

    TaskRay: More Than Project Management TaskRay helps businesses onboard customers faster and more efficiently. By using TaskRay’s templating and automation functions high tech, SaaS, Wealth Management, Manufacturing, and Franchising businesses can build systems that scale whether they have 100 customers or 10,000 customers. -TaskRay is built on the Salesforce Platform to enable seamless customer onboarding right in Salesforce Sales Cloud ® as well as other Salesforce Clouds such as FSC, Service Cloud, HSC, and more. -Get an overview of key customer onboarding metrics and health with robust reporting and dashboards. -Utilize built in templates and automation tools to onboard customers & clients more quickly and efficiently and consistently. -Decrease your customer’s time to implement your solution and increase your retention and customer satisfaction.

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    Mapview provides field sales and service reps with a mobile mapping and planning tool to efficiently plan and manage their territories. It helps strategically improve your daily schedule by mapping appointments and drop-in visits as a route, along with contacts and any other location-specific data. - Plan trips and optimize your daily routes with drop-in visits and calendar appointments. Easily re-route to respond to schedule changes! - Visualize your territory and travel routes to help locate opportunities along the way. Use color-coding and marker styles to prioritize and organize accounts. - Target specific customers and prospects by filtering groups on the map. Create custom filter options from any column in a spreadsheet! - Manage your customer interactions all within the app by sending emails, taking notes, viewing websites and setting up meetings. - Utilize even when offline by accessing saved information, routes, directions and target map area.

    OrgChartPlus is a natively built Salesforce application. With quick and easy installation, the plug and play app creates org charts to visualise your customer organisations, profile contacts, target stakeholders and align the right people in your business with theirs. With full integration, changes made to contacts within OrgChartPlus are automatically updated in Salesforce and vice versa. Charts can be exported and shared using a number of different means and applications; Print, PNG, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Through parameterisation, OCP can be tailored to fit your world. Whether it's the methodology, terminology, images, fields or permissions, our experienced team of technical consultants are on hand to ensure OCP works for you. Our specifically designed dashboards and reports give the business line of sight into accounts, relationships and application adoption. This added insight ensures management not only have the ability to review account and opportunity relationships with their sales team, but to coach and manage where needed.

    Your one stop shop for GREAT example dashboards. Includes dashboards for Executives, Reps, Sales, Support and more. Checkout the Details Tab for more information.

    Evercontact intelligently scans your incoming email & auto-enriches contact details in your address book and CRM.

    Great user adoption doesn't just happen! The Salesforce Adoption Dashboards provide visibility to relevant user login history & trending, adoption of key features such as accounts & opportunities, and critical sales and marketing productivity enhancers.

    Create customizable calendars from any standard or custom object

    A native Salesforce application. Distribution Engine is a powerful and easily configurable rules-based engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities, Contacts (or any standard or custom SFDC Object) are distributed to the right team members in an intelligent and timely manner. Distribution Engine is a powerful and easily configurable rules-based engine that ensures your Leads, Opportunities, Contacts (or any standard or custom SFDC Object) are distributed to the right team members in an intelligent and timely manner. Right Rep: Distribute by team using round robin, weighted assignment, territory, skills-based, lead source or account match. Prioritize your assignment criteria based on the process that delivers the highest results. Right Time: Load balancing helps to maintain fairness of lead assignments while working hours and online toggle make sure no leads slip through the cracks. Every Time: Alerts, analytics, and tracking time to contact along with auto-reassign helps manage sales team productivity and predictability. Be confident your leads are getting the follow-up they deserve. Distribution Engine is lead assignment automation made simple. Designed for sales operations to easily set-up and maintain lead routing to match your sales processes without using complex Salesforce workflow rules. Increase fairness, productivity and predictability by using an intelligent rules-based engine to automate your lead assignments. Example use cases include: ▪ Round robin assignment to ensure fair distribution within each team ▪ Weighted Lead assignment for reps with higher quotas ▪ Keep reps topped up using load balanced assignment ▪ Route Leads to regional teams ▪ Automatic re-assignment of leads not followed up ▪ Enable reps to pull additional Leads manually from a designated queue ▪ Respect local time-zones for multi-region companies ▪ Chart average hourly distribution volumes to predict team load Integrate ▪ Integrates with your existing Salesforce queues / assignment rules ▪ Integrate with marketing automation software e.g. Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot, Eloqua to assign inbound Leads using Lead score or other criteria

    A native click-to-call app in Salesforce. Softphone, local caller ID, voicemail drop and more

    OneMob brings sales and marketing teams closer by leading with video and closing with content. Quickly create web pages of content to close deals. Create, share and track videos, documents and web links when selling. With the OneMob platform, you can: Create: - Record Mobile or Web Video content with filters, text overlays, green screen, script teleprompter and more - Upload Documents or import from Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or Evernote - Pages of content (videos, documents, links, YouTube, etc.) Share: - Share a trackable link of content - Email a group of recipients - Send 1:1 or 1:many to any Lead or Contact inside Salesforce Track: - Duration of video watched - Links or documents clicked - Duration viewed for each page of documents - Who did the activity Setup your account at ( OneMob integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. With the OneMob Salesforce AppExchange package , you can: -Real-Time activity tracking of data such as number of opens, views, responses, and viewing content duration per OneMob -Rich dashboards and reports for tracking OneMob usage and ROI -Send a OneMob to any Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity or Case -Access universal email templates -Mass sending allows you to send up to 200 recipients at a time; great for personal campaigns With Dynamics integration: -Real-Time activity tracking of data such as number of views, responses, and viewing content duration per OneMob -Rich dashboards and reports for tracking OneMob usage and ROI

    OpDots is an at-a-glance data visualization that enables you to see real-time status of Sales, IT and CSR cases in full context.

    ConnectLeader provides sales acceleration technologies for all types of sales roles to increase their top line revenue by increasing productivity from 10% to 800%. Our Intelligent Sales Acceleration platform gives sales, lead generation, and marketing teams powerful tools to identify the right prospects, obtain accurate contact data, and enable accelerated communication using our sales connectivity optimization and lead nurturing solutions. Beware; one size does not fit all! Successful business lead generation programs require different sales acceleration tools for different sales roles - our platform provides all of them. Engage leads systematically across multiple communication modes and increase velocity at the top of the funnel while implementing your strategy at scale. TruCadence® does this and more, unlike any other sales cadence solution on the market. The patented cloud-based technology is built on the Adaptilytics® predictive intelligence engine, which identifies and prioritizes prospect lists ensuring your best sales leads are contacted first. Adaptilytics self-learns by analyzing more than 5 billion data points. For sales teams that want to enrich and improve CRM database ‘on-the-fly’, our Data Genie® delivers accurate contact data and intelligence from third party data sources directly to your CRM system.

    MassMailer is the best solution to eliminate Salesforce email limitations for sending Mass Emails via mass Email Wizard or Campaigns. You can also Send Mass Stay-in-Touch emails to request updated contact information from the contacts without any Salesforce email limitations. The simplest, easiest, and fastest way to send mass emails from within Salesforce Track email statistics - click through, opens, bounces, invalids, etc. Keep track of which email templates perform better and optimize your emailing. Choose to send Email Now or Schedule for Later.

    ParentFixer insures when a Salesforce CRM parent account is merged with another account, all of the children accounts are re-parented to the master account in the merge.

    The Salesforce native RealZips app provides instant Zip codes and business GeoData. Analytics and workflows: sales territory management, web-to-lead, lead assignment & ownership alignment and predictive analytics.

    Find, merge and prevent duplicates in your Salesforce. Duplicate Check finds duplicates, prevents duplicate records and cleans your Salesforce from duplicate records. No more duplicate records in your Salesforce organization! - Fuzzy Matching finds duplicates caused by misspellings, typos and different formatting - Mass Deduplication will find all duplicates, presenting it in a clear report which allows you to merge manually ot automatically later. - Duplicate Prevention - a number of advanced features prevents duplicates in your system. Duplicate Check for Salesforce is highly customizable and able to perform fully automated deduplication jobs—have a report ready at any chosen moment. Data transfer is not needed in order to cleanse your data. The application is quick and easy to use. If needed, a dedicated support team is at your disposal with a response time within 24 hours.

    Enrollment Rx Core delivers extensive functionality that transforms Salesforce into a recruitment and admissions solution for enrollment management in Higher Education.

    Roll up any information in Salesforce with clicks and not code. With Rollup Helper, you can roll-up any Salesforce data: Count, sum, max, min, average, percent, lookups, text, formula, and multi-currency roll-ups. Roll-up more data! Rollup Helper brings real-time data to your fingertips. Whether your data is in a standard or custom object, or is part of a Salesforce or AppExchange app, you now have the tool you need to get real-time, actionable data for your process- even for your most complex roll-up scenarios. Since Rollup Helper is not restricted with requiring a Master/Detail relationship between objects, roll-up summary fields in Salesforce are a breeze. Rollup Helper also doesn't count against your Rollup-Summary Field limits! Use Rollup Helper to create data roll-ups that will provide insights you could never have before. All data stays safe and secure in your org. With absolutely no coding required, this is an amazing accelerator for your admins, business analysts, and developers. Rollup Helper supports lookups, rolling-date based roll-ups, cross object filters and roll-ups, formulas, and hierarchies. Easily create custom rollup filters that allow you to segment data to fit your needs, whether they are simple or complex. Upgrade to Rollup Helper Premium Edition for unlimited rollups and priority support!

    Increase sales by motivating more winning behaviours. Use intelligent coaching prompts to guide your reps. Engage your team with game mechanics that include competitions, levels, badges, rewards & leaderboards. ***SuMo is 100% Native & Lightning Ready*** COACH: Maximise the potential of your team with guided selling & targeted sales coaching. PREDICT: Boost forecast accuracy with automatic deal predictions based on behavioural insight. OPTIMISE: Fine tune your sales process based on winning behaviours exhibited by top performers. SuMo increases sales by uncovering your winning formula and motivating more high-value sales behaviours. 100% Native to and fast to get started, SuMo delivers results: LeasePlan experienced * 583% improvement in contact scouting * 454% increase in Chatter collaboration * 153% increase in sales activity G4S experienced * 60% increase in pipeline * 35% increase in new contacts * 98% user adoption rate SuMo delivers measurable results * Run SuMo in the background to baseline current sales activity levels * Identify the "winning way" based on your top performers * Deliver intelligent coaching prompts as users work * Engage reps with gamification that tap into the competitive spirit Broadcast achievement onto the big screen with multi-channel, interactive leaderboard displays similar to LevelEleven, Hoopla and Ambition.

    Survey Force (Lightning Ready) allows you to create, send, and capture customer feedback natively in

    Campaign Calendar builds a powerful marketing calendar from your Salesforce Campaigns.

    Formstack is a versatile online form builder that enables you to build and design web forms without any coding knowledge. Embed mobile-friendly forms on your website and social media to capture leads, collect online payments, gather customer feedback, and turn bulky business processes into streamlined digital workflows. The platform integrates with over 50 popular web apps, including Salesforce, MailChimp, and PayPal. Smart conversion features make it easy to pinpoint your best strategies for capturing data. Advanced security features like HIPAA compliance are also available if you need to collect highly sensitive information. Whether you’re trying to improve the patient registration process at your healthcare facility or collect better leads for your marketing team, Formstack has the power and flexibility to help you succeed and make better business decisions. Learn more at

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    Maildrop provides an easy way to copy emails from Mail, Entourage or Outlook 2011 into

    PhoneBurner is a Power Dialer and Sales Accelleration platform for sales teams of all sizes. Our cloud-based software helps sales agents increase calls, callbacks and live conversations up to 400% - by automating time-consuming processes and post-call workflows. Dialing. Emailing. Contact Management. Lead Distribution. Reporting. It's all here. Powering millions of calls for thousands of clients every month. Available to try for free, without a credit card. - Power dial up to 80 contacts per hour - No connection delays. Period. - Nothing to install. Start dialing in minutes. - Drop voicemails in one click (no waiting for the beep) - Send one click emails based on all resutls - Track email opens, link clicks, & attachment views - Manage, tag, categorize, sort leads with ease - Custom disposition sets automate pipeline management - Record calls - Transfer calls - Get advanced reporting and agent analytics - Dial from local area codes with Local ID - Retarget leads with ads around the web, Facebook, and Twitter - Automatically and intelligently distribute leads to your team Use our included CRM or integrate with Salesforce, Hubspot, Zapier, or custom integrations through our API.

    This Dashboard contains graphs to help you determine the efficiency of your operational business. The different components aggregate relevant sales key performance figures and help Sales Managers to take corrective actions where appropriate.

    Screen Magic provide a solution for bsiness texting that facilitates text automation with workflow rules and scheduling SMS campaigns with standard or custom text templates, from within Salesforce.

    Volunteers for Salesforce helps manage your volunteer events and people. It manages volunteers, jobs, shifts, and hours, allowing you to track and report on all of the data as well as allow public signups via Sites pages on your website.

    Action Plans encapsulates best practices into reusable task templates. An Action Plan can be created for an Account, Opportunity, Contact or Lead. Template tasks can be pre-assigned to a specific individual or assigned to the running user.

    Brickwork, from iATS Payments, is a free application seamlessly integrated with's NPSP that supports batch, one-time, and recurring credit card and ACH/Direct Debit transactions online and via the integrated virtual terminal (iATS Button). Brickwork eliminates the hassle of manual data entry by securely capturing payment information and dynamically updating your organization's Salesforce environment.

    See the impact before making changes in salesforce

    Set up automated rules that determine when users should stop following records. Each night, Rules remove everyone following the records that meet your criteria.

    Compliance for Chatter encapsulates best practices in capturing Chatter for compliance purposes. Every time a user posts something to a Chatter feed on their user profile or any record within Salesforce it is captured within a custom object.

    Quickly extract Salesforce metadata in Excel files, ex. Field Level Security, Profile permissions across objects, fields etc, Page Layouts , Permission set assignments, Apex, Visualforce. It also offers tools like Org Comparator, and Impact Analysis

    Multiplatform CRM & CLM solution for Your Business Needs

    Leveraging custom formula fields on many of the standard objects to record data quality and record completeness, the formulas are then depicted through dashboards to identify deficiencies in record data.

    Ever wish you could run reports on the fields you have in salesforce? Take a Field Trip! This utility lets you analyze the fields of any object, including what percentage of the records (or a subset of your records) have that field populated.

    FunnelWise integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms to help companies gain focused, deep insight into their revenue funnel. The FunnelWise solution allows both marketing and sales to: - Drill-down into key funnel metrics shared by marketing and sales: movement, velocity, conversions and aging - Determine revenue drivers to optimize efforts - Attribute marketing effort and view funnel leakage - Understand marketing’s impact on revenue - Identify missed revenue with cross-funnel comparisons - Diagnose issues and quickly course correct with an early warning system - Set and monitor progress to goals with daily indicators - Eliminate manual reporting and data manipulation - Accelerate growth with intelligent recommendations - Compare performance by funnel stage and data segments FunnelWise offers more than a software solution, it comes with a methodology and funnel expertise to maximize the investment. The FunnelWise team works closely with clients to ensure the solution drives future growth.

    Graphics Pack' contains hundreds of images / icons that can be used in salesforce applications for tabs, image formulas, and Visualforce pages

    Improved Apps are leaders in the delivery of Enterprise Success Planning Solutions. Success enablement first requires that we define what success means in the context of our enterprise users and their applications and then pro-actively avoid things that do not contribute to that success (failures!) and promote those things that do. This is then supplemented by active and timely measurement and reporting. Improved Apps have a growing family of solutions that not only deliver context sensitive guidance and intuitive improved solution training, but also deal with those compliance issues that affect all concerns. This is then supplemented by the pro-active identification of issues and 'hot-spots' within a cloud-delivered app or solution. Improved Apps thus represent the ‘Silver Lining’ to the cloud by addressing a lot of the issues that such implementations face: • Adoption • Training • Compliance • Pre-identification of Issues • Comparative Measurements of implementations This has tremendous benefit/reward and a readily justified ROI. The problem is that, at first glance, it seems less important than other project matters and often back-watered, or left till last. This is clearly NOT the case and is something all customers should consider re-thinking: In a very real sense, if you are not planning for success, you are planning for failure. Improved Apps believe that to fully satisfy today’s end users any company needs to provide the right information, to the right Users and the right time and in the right place: this is understanding the real context of a user. Improved Apps help customers achieve this by utilising sophisticated tools that allow customers to embedded content, help, training and guide users in an interactive way, whilst being able to measure users engagement and sentiment.

    Inforce leverages the flexibility of and the development platform with the power of Infor's ERP and financial applications and combines them into a unified enterprise solution spanning the entire customer lifecycle. Inforce is a new application that provides integration and functionality enabling the sharing of information and business processes between Infor and Salesforce solutions.

    Your invoices are already in Salesforce, however scattered across customers and sales records. So invoicing should simply involve automatically piecing these parts together, without re-keying a thing. This is what Invoices for Salesforce does. Simple !

    This package provides reports and dashboards that help you monitor your knowledge base. For example, you can compare article ratings and views, analyze recent activity by authors, and determine which articles are helping solve the most cases.

    Score leads based on who they are (lead criteria) and what they do (campaign member criteria). Save time by prioritizing the best leads and nurturing those not ready to buy.

    Lookup Helper will update your records seamlessly by automatically setting your lookups in real-time.

    Mapadore is a solution that changes the game in CRM and Sales Force Automation by boosting operational efficiency and optimization of Salesforces, whilst introducing a brand new paradigm: the complete digitization of the sales process, enabling it to be managed and measured like never before.

    Search and Mass Edit/Update/Delete multiple leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and custom objects.

    Mass update and mass edit selected records from any filter view or related list. You get two easy to use tools designed for both admins and standard users. Please note for lightning experience UI, it works better with Winter 17 release.

    Cloud for Good released the first Salesforce manual for nonprofit organizations. We are committed to listening and understanding the nonprofit community and as part of our commitment, we drafted this manual to help your organization maximize your investment in the platform.

    Install the Picture Uploader utility instantly within your account. The Picture Uploader utility makes it easy to upload a contact photo directly to the contact record.

    Do your employees ever need to be alerted to something very important about a customer? Popup Alerts gives you the ability to easily display that crucial popup alert message on Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Cases.

    With Prolifiq, sales reps use a single point of access to easily find, share, discuss and measure managed, compliant content during customer interactions and to immediately establish real-time communications with customers and colleagues. Leveraging "presence", the rep is aware of company experts' availability to immediately CONNECT customers to answer questions or resolve issues via CHAT, voice or video conference. Additionally, with Prolifiq reps: READ company and industry news, SEND materials to customers, INVITE customers and manage attendance at company events, CHAT with colleagues, SHOW interactive presentations, MEASURE their customer interactions, REPORT real-time field events, and UPDATE customer databases. In short, Prolifiq connects the apps, your people, with customers.

    Sales Coach is a configurable, context-sensitive playbook, natively built in Salesforce designed to guide reps to the appropriate content and sales strategy throughout their sales cycles.

    Vertical Market Software for Users of

    Design, Assign and Organize Tasks in a Graphical Manner. Parallel tasking, priority based task dependency checking. A Complete Task Dashboard 100% Native

    ServiceSource International, Inc. (NASDAQ:SREV) helps the world’s leading brands grow closer to their customers. As a global leader in outsourced inside sales, customer success and recurring revenue growth and retention solutions, ServiceSource expands customer lifetime value by helping companies to more efficiently and effectively find, convert, grow and retain their B2B customer relationships. Trusted by global market leaders in the cloud/XaaS, software, technology hardware, medical device & diagnostic equipment and industrial IoT sectors, ServiceSource sells, manages or renews $9 billion of revenue annually on behalf of its clients. Leveraging a robust technology suite, predictive data models and more than 3,000 revenue delivery professionals speaking 45 languages, only ServiceSource brings to market nearly 20 years of expertise and the ability to drive recurring revenue growth to more than 170 countries.

    Higher education solution, built on top of the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA), encompasses student prospecting, counseling, engagement, enrollment, report & analysis to improve campus connect.

    An integrated sales territory management solution

    The Permissioner is the easiest way to assign permission sets to users in mass. It is permission sets made easy.

    Thrive is an automated Salesforce integration for email, calendar, and contacts.

    Most companies send out marketing emails to their customers and prospects, and need a way to let them unsubscribe from your email messages. This Apex code will to process unsubscribe requests from the email recipients, and update the email opt-out flag

    Value Cloud is a SaaS platform customized to deliver value marketing and sales tools including: discovery, diagnostic assessments, benchmarking, TCO calculators and ROI analysis.

    Zenkraft provides a Salesforce applications for shipping that allow user to process shipments, generate labels and track packages using Chatter.

    Acromobile is a platform that helps companies create branded mobile apps for customer service, marketing, and commerce to leverage mobile and social media channels to improve customer experience, deliver more value, and drive revenue.

    Activity Components for Salesforce includes Task, Events component with rich UI/UX to make your user experience better and make them more productive.

    Adventace SMS is a Salesforce application, designed to increase revenues and reduce the cost of sales.

    With Akoonu in Salesforce, master sales execution through consistent qualification and fact-based opportunity, pipeline and forecast management.

    App shows multiple Sobjects data filtered by listviews in calendar and planner layout to analyse and perform CRUD actions with add tasks & multiple files. App creates recurring/repeats campaigns and group same type of data with color-code scheme.

    Altify is the digital sales transformation software company, helping sales teams win the deals that matter and increase wallet share with a suite of software products that improve opportunity and account management. Built natively on Salesforce platform, Altify helps salespeople, managers and executives achieve sustained revenue growth and sales success.

    Apsona for Salesforce is an add-on application for available through AppExchange. Its feature set includes everything you would want for managing your data, and is built to enable you to get your work done with the least possible effort.

    Ascendix Search simplifies complex Salesforce searches turning any user into an advanced search specialist. Perform single/multi-criteria, cross-object searches without IT department, bulk edit records, export lists to Excel, map your objects and more. Learn more at SEARCH & FILTER YOUR SALESFORCE DATA EASILY Simplify searches using templates that flatten the database and allow users to get the information they need without creating a report or requesting administrator assistance. Even across custom objects! MAP YOUR SALESFORCE DATA USING GEOMETRIC SHAPES Want to search by a map in Salesforce? With Ascendix Search you can create geometric shapes or a polygon over a map, then filter to create a query that displays a list view and with pins on the map. EDIT RECORDS FAST Preview panels allow you to view both the list view and edit the record details side-by-side without flipping back and forth! Add a column from a parent record to a view, like "Industry" to a "Contact", to enhance user insights. helps storing your valuable files/attachments on your own Cloud or FTP/SFTP server rather than storing those files on Salesforce server. Many features are as below: Large (Unlimited) file support Pause and Resume buttons Drag and Drop of files Multiple File Uploading Folder hierarchy structure Support for Amazon S3, Azure blob, FTP, SFTP and local server Multiple Storage Server Tagging and Global searching the files File name Append and Prepend feature Versioning of files File integrity check Product introductory video:

    Build upon contacts to Track Attendance for after school program, camps, schools, education, students, youths, unions, food bank, etc.

    Auctions for Salesforce 4.11 (March 2016) helps staff manage all the information related to an auction. It tracks tickets, sponsorships, donations, the bundling of donations into auction items, purchases, and handles Check In & Check Out at the event.

    Badger Maps is a route planner that automates territory management for outside salespeople. Badger visualizes their sales data on a map, optimizes daily routes and schedules, and generates meeting reports. The app focuses specifically on the type of salesperson who is visiting customers face-to-face - the field or outside salesperson. It helps them solve their daily problems in minutes rather than hours, and shows them the best opportunities and leads along the way. Users spend less time on driving and busy work, and get more meetings and sales. Reps report that they drive 20% less and sell between 10% and 50% more with Badger.

    Board Anything allows users to take any list view on any object and visualize it as a rich planning board. Records are shown as cards, and can be easily edited by dragging and dropping between columns.

    Case Age In Business Hours enables reporting on the time that a case has spent with support, the time it's spent awaiting the customer, and its total age in business hours.

    With O2B’s focus on quick contract manipulation, partial and line-item payment management, and the grouping and ungrouping of contracts, there is no better or more flexible Salesforce-based Order To Billing tool for those telecom companies who place a high value on subscriber retention while improving financial predictability.

    Companies can use Class Enrollment for AppExchange to monitor student enrollment for the courses they offer and to track the internal and external classes their employees attend.

    ClosePlan reinforces your sales process to track the sales cycle with accountability, transparency and efficiency for the entire team. With ClosePlan, teams now have the tools to mitigate risks, close their deals faster, and work efficiently.

    Clinical Trial Management built 100% native on Salesforce platform and available on AppExchange. Capabilities include: Clinical Program Management Global Trials Management Investigator Management Protocols Management Clinical Sites Management Sites Evaluation and Selection Subjects Enrollment and Management Template Driven Site Plan and Activity Management Site Calendar View Case Report Form (CRF) Adverse Events Management Payments Clinical Supply Management Real-time Reports and Dashboards

    Cloudbyz ITPM, Integrated Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and Application Portfolio Management (APM) on Salesforce 1 cloud platform.

    Project Cloud is a Project Management application which is 100% native to Salesforce. The user-friendly application allows you to quickly and easily create projects of any size or complexity, and our comprehensive tracking of project task dependencies lets you efficiently adjust your project in reaction to unforeseen issues.

    Cloudely is a independent provider of enterprise cloud services for Salesforce™ and Quote to Cash related AppExchange™ applications offering innovative, award winning programs and methodologies helping customers transform their business.

    CodeScience is a product development organization (PDO) master that specializes in helping SaaS businesses thrive on the Salesforce AppExchange.

    Cogito Discover augments the capabilities of your current enterprise search engine by enabling the automatic categorization and semantic tagging of your legacy content and any knowledge base information to ensure that the information collected over the lifetime of your business your most valuable asset is findable and available.

    Easy-to-use, modern eSignature solution built for Salesforce users. Speed up contract execution, save time and reduce costs, while making it easy for companies to do business with you.

    CoPilot provides non-profit and education advisors a holistic student information system, allowing users to access and analyze critical information in order to deliver more targeted, data-informed student interventions.

    Daddy Analytics connects Adwords to Salesforce. You'll know what Ad, Keyword, and Campaign your Leads came from - so you can determine your marketing ROI! Also, boost sales with our prospect tracking - get alerts when cold leads return to your site.

    DappSuite provides software for companies to build and manage Ethereum dapps. DappSuite enables you to create, import and export Ethereum accounts. The application provides interfaces that work seamlessly within the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

    Lead Management Software for

    DemandFarm is a software product to manage and grow Key Accounts in B2B companies. DemandFarm helps organizations sow, nurture and harvest the richest possible relationship with Key Accounts. We call it FARmING® your Key Accounts. Unlock the true potential of your Key Accounts 1. Greater Visibility of Key Accounts to Leadership 2. Increased efficiency of Account Managers 3. Institutionalize Account Management through best practices woven in to DemandFarm

    Manage your role hierarchy with ease! Now you can drag and drop your way through any hierarchy modifications. Draggin' Role is a free application that allows you to view and manipulate users AND roles from a single Custom Tab.

    Experlogix is a premier provider of Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) technology, specializing in fully integrated quote and order automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and NetSuite. Experlogix delivers the scalability and flexibility needed to handle virtually any CPQ requirement at a low total cost of ownership. Hundreds of companies worldwide in a variety of industries rely on Experlogix, including Allegion, Analogic, Assa Abloy Hospitality, FEI Company, Hitachi Construction Machinery Australia, Husky Injection Molding Systems, Malibu Boats, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift, Nikon Instruments UK, Okuma America Corporation, Otis Elevator, Smarter Bathrooms, Takeuchi, TelePacific Communications and Teradata. For more information, visit

    FTP Attachments is an ASP .NET based web application that rides on and allows you to upload and store your files/attachments on your personal server (FTP/SFTP) rather than storing those files on the Salesforce server. FTP Attachments seamlessly integrates with the Salesforce UI and offers a lot of benefits over native Salesforce attachments which comes highly cost-effective through your secured firewall. Company introductory video

    Suite of applications to manage approvals

    Customize the Account Hierarchy page, including tabs for Contact, Opportunity, Case, Task and other related object data. Expand/Collapse, Sort Column, Export, Printable Views and more.

    Our app gives you the kanBan board to review objects and makes the review process of leads,opportunity,account,contacts,quote and all custom objects.

    Knowledge Feedback Management allows you to improve your Knowledge articles by collecting feedback on article content and managing feedback resolution.

    Kugamon Orders to Payments Provides a Comprehensive Order and Billing Application for Salesforce CRM.

    KZO Drive is a platform that bridges the gap between todays metrics-driven digital selling techniques and the personalized touch thats needed to land biggest clients, through personalized video communication it allows team to capture prospects attention, keep them involved in the process, track their engagement, and nurture relationships.

    An LMS for organizations that deliver instructor-led training. We make your customers love you more by helping you to deliver an excellent customer experience from initial contact through to training delivery. This LMS is 100% native.

    LevelJump is a sales onboarding and training software for high-growth SaaS companies. We make it easy for you to build consistent and scalable onboarding programs and align training to sales outcomes in Salesforce to reduce ramp time of new sales hires. -Quick and easy program builder inside Salesforce -Coaching rooms + just-in-time coaching tips directly in reps workflow -Automated program metrics tied to sales process + revenue in Salesforce -ROI reporting for proving Sales Enablement Manager success Our team has extensive expertise in sales onboarding, training, enablement, and Salesforce, delivering superior customer service and innovative product development aligned with how sales reps and Sales Enablement Managers work every day.

    Campaign Influence Analyzer is a Salesforce app that helps you analyze which campaigns do (or don't) help your reps find and win opportunities.

    If you're tired of searching a specific component by browsing to each of the Workflows, Classes, Pages, Fields, Objects, Reports, Dashboards and other components from the setup then this is the app meant for you.

    The key to unlocking the power of ABM4M is MightySignal's Salesforce Integration. Once you install our Salesforce Integration, you'll have an ongoing record of every account in your target market. As a result, you won't waste time aimlessly searching for customers--you'll always know who they are are which ones are most important. You'll be able to use ABM4M to power all go-to-market functions of your business.

    Milestones PM+ takes over where your sales team finishes up so you don't drop the ball! Even if you are not managing client projects, Milestones PM+ tracks any kind of project information in Salesforce.

    Mogli SMS is more than a texting app which aslo has Text, Poll, Survey or self service Query.

    Musqot Marketing Planner includes all the features required to create, manage and analyze your marketing activities and performance online. We offer simple yet robust functionality for management of the below assets and resources, and much more... All in an easy-to-use application completely built on the Salesforce platform. Integrate CRM-data and social media statistics to see the ROI/effect of your marketing efforts. • Planning & budgeting cost and resources for marketing organizations • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders • Analyzing results and optimizing performance in all channels Marketing Planner is a Marketing Performance Management application. The solution enables professional marketers to create and manage all aspects of their marketing plans online. The scope of Musqot Marketing Planner covers all the crucial aspects of the heaviest competitor platforms, but with none of the deployment hassles. With Marketing Planner being built on native Salesforce technology, our customers can enjoy reduced complexity when implementing a system for their marketing performance management. Marketing Planner includes all the features required to create, manage, analyze and optimize your marketing activities and performance in all channels. We offer simple yet robust functionality for management of the below assets and resources, and much more. • Campaigns • Activities • Productions • Budgets • Cost centers • Resources • Objectives • Reports & dashboards Customers who are using Salesforce CRM can easily correlate sales data with their marketing calendar in our Gantt view, to illustrate the actual business effect (ROI) of their marketing efforts. External data sources, such as social media statistics from your company's Facebook page, are easily integrated with just a few clicks.

    Close more deals, faster. Product pitching is dead! Help your sales reps show up for customer meetings with an understanding of the buyer, their company, and its business priorities. Prepare them to engage buyers, understand a problem and how to solve it.

    A virtual assistant for sales

    PandaDoc is the complete digital document solution, designed for efficiency. Create, send, track, and eSign documents -- all from one intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Supercharge your CRM with our PandaDoc integrations. PandaDoc is an ideal platform for managing organizational documents including proposals, quotes, contracts, HR documents, and more. Create media-rich documents with a single click. Access completed documents from inside the platform at any time. Our clients are consistently reporting on average: 15% higher value per closed contract 30% higher close rates 50% less busy work 100% accuracy & compliance Other features include: Electronic signatures Document insights Seamless editing Templates Workflow automation Content management Configure Price Quote (CPQ) For more information and full product features, visit us at

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    Perspectium offers comprehensive big data and application integration solutions to the enterprise. Perspectium solves big data services, integration, monitoring, and replication problems with the lowest impact and highest data throughput .

    Industry leading CTI call automation & call analytics. Robust mobile & KPI analytics capabilities w/ little implementation & development. Increase visibility of your call activity. Click to Dial, Screenpops & Dashboards. Ask about compatible providers. VoIP, CTI and Call Analytics, improving User Adoption and Productivity Call Analytics Reporting & Dashboards, Native in Salesforce and Salesforce 1 Mobile telecom solution w/ Click to Dial, CTI, and Call Analytics in SFDC & SF 1 Industry leading CTI call automation & call analytics. data you need, in realtime, completely automated. Phonami with gUnify, seamlessly manages call analytics in SFDC & SF. Call data is natively in Salesforce for Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Reports and Dashboards. Click to Dial in SF1 to VoIP. Compatible UCaaS phone providers: Phonami Cloud PBX, Broadsoft, Telesphere (a Vonage Co.), Simple Signal (a Vonage Co.), EvolveIP, iCore, Alteva & many more. Please contact us to see if your existing provider is compatible. KPI's sync with dynamic mobile Dashboards in Salesforce1. Mobility, Call Analytics and CTI Integration. Key Features: -CTI, Click to Dial, Screenpops, input Date, Time, & Duration of all In and Out calls using any device. Auto call logging into your SFDC and SF1 app. Add Subject, Tags, and Comments all without being in SFDC. -Connect calls to Objects (Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases, etc.). -Integrates PBX, CTI, KPI and Call Analytics into Salesforce1 -Google Chrome Browser -Non Profit Discounts -Improves User Adoption -Reduce data entry -Realtime KPI's

    Prolifiq CRUSH helps teams sell more effectively by setting them up for success. CRUSH enhances accountability and visibility into plan progress, ensuring teams are on track and achieving account goals. Built by sales professionals, for sales professionals it cures the two-screen whiplash - no more spreadsheets, slides and buried to-dos in email

    Proximity-based searching, local campaign management, geo-targeting, smarter mapping to accelerate inside sales appointments, prioritize field visits, drive nearby renewals. Get high adoption and 15X ROI like our customers!

    Balink's Quote Editor helps transform the Salesforce standard Quote into a highly effective tool for making quotations with enhanced and customizable product search and grid modules, and an advanced Quote Template, fully embedded into Salesforce Quote.

    Rekener's SaaS-based BizOps Platform cleans up accounts and matches leads and then pushes the Rolled up Rekener Accounts into an object in Salesforce. No point solutions to set up and maintain. Rekener sets up and maintains itself so you aren't stuck in the never ending task of cleaning up your data

    Turn your individual reports into linked information

    retailmotus is a multi-channel, retailer engagement solution that enables user to influence retailers through field sales, telephone account management and branded mobile engagement applications.

    Riva is a leading data integration platform that empowers customer intelligence.

    The Salesforce1 Ignition Pack provides a suite of applications for everyday-micro moment around for field sales. Get up to speed on relevant Account news, locate nearby Opportunities, study up for meetings, share documents and access corporate services.

    Invoice IT, now SteelBrick Billing, automates billing & collections, all within Salesforce. Manage orders and PO's, generate invoices, manage payments and recognize revenue. SteelBrick is 100% Native Billing app and part of SteelBrick’s Quote-to-Cash solution. Automate invoicing, generate invoices in bulk, configure and schedule multiple billing cycles, and automatically reconcile invoices. Integrate with your Accounting or ERP system (Sage, QuickBooks, Workday, SAP). Create high quality, branded invoices. Manage and collect payments without processing complications, and manage the dunning process. Easily manage taxes and tax rates, and sell and bill in multiple currencies. Quickly recognize revenue and report on quotes, orders, invoices and payments. With SteelBrick Billing, you can seamlessly integrate your invoicing, collections, taxes, and reporting, all within Salesforce. Save your company time and money while providing a superior user experience for your customers. Experience faster payments and improved cash flow with SteelBrick Billing, part of our Quote-to-Cash suite.

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    SalesPath is a free extension that allows you to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn and web searches - No more cross referencing between Salesforce and LinkedIn or worse... adding that lead in twice, after your colleague just closed them... Current features... 💥 Basic LinkedIn/Salesforce connection (Forever Free) 💥 Auto-lookup / cross reference of website URL's as you navigate online 💥 Highlight text search Salesforce anytime/anywhere in Chrome 💥 Create a new Contact, Account or Lead without leaving the page 💥 Create new accounts with 2-3 clicks from any website Sidebar now stays open while you make edits/add records!

    Available on the Salesforce AppExchange, SalesPredict helps B2B marketing and sales teams drive more revenue by showing them who's most likely to buy--and why. Using predictive analytics + your CRM and marketing automation system data + the open web and outside data sources, SalesPredict provides transparent predictive lead scoring and insights that will help you target inbound and outbound efforts more effectively, increase sales-qualified leads, lift conversions, and accelerate sales cycles. Customers typically report 2x-4x lift in conversions.

    SalesVisual lets you visualize your Salesforce relationships. Simply install it and discover how your contacts, accounts, opportunities, users, campaigns and products relate to each other.

    S-Drive is an easy, secure and unlimited document management, file management and file storage platform on Salesforce leveraging Amazon S3. Rather than using Salesforce attachments or FTP, you can use S-Drive for your document management and content delivery needs...

    The first and only configurable tool for updating multiple fields on multiple records that truly honors security.

    SharinPix is a tool that empower Internal Community Managers to animate, engage and have a feedback on the real use of Chatter, it enable Employees to easily add value to existing Business Apps and engage Customers faster and more efficiently.

    Shield Security Cockpit is an App developed by RevCult that automates the encryption process for Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption.

    Introducing an affordable solution to capture electronic signatures in Salesforce. With Simple Signature, you can acquire e-signatures on release forms, petitions, waivers, and other simple forms that need key data elements and a signature. Simple.

    Simple visit reports provides your company with a simple way of tracking structured visit reports. It also comes with powerful analytics to analyze your visit reports by reps, customers...

    SkyVisualEditor is the most flexible Visualforce page creation tool. Sign up now for a free 30-day trial and explore dynamic UI customization! Create your pages and UI with simple WYSIWYG steps, no Visualforce coding skill needed Get your page UI exactly how you like and accelerate data input with Visualforce Reduce dependence on implementation partners and save time & cost for UI perfect VIsualforce! SkyVisualEditor is a user-friendly tool which helps you to easily create custom Salesforce Visualforce pages with an optimal UI. For example, by simply following a wizard to select objects and fields, you can build a form to input multiple objects at the same time – a solution to a common problem that cannot be made with Salesforce standard functionality. Another feature SkyVisualEditor offers is called the "Free Layout". If you are used to Excel or a specific paper format and would like to migrate to Salesforce, this is the layout for you. Set your legacy format as a background for the page and drag & drop fields whatever you like over the top. The new Wizard template allows you to split complex objects into multiple screens. Keep a clean UI and guide your users to input only the necessary information, decreasing time while increasing accuracy and satisfaction!

    SmartCORR smart correspond solution allows you to work seamlessly within and leverage data from the Salesforce environment. All documentation can be created from pre-approved templates, expediting the draft process and taking your days of work down to minutes.

    BAI's SmartHub is an AI-driven platform that provides a modern, internet-like search experience with support for multiple search engines. It enables capabilities such as Natural Language Query, Search Bots, and Machine Learning-based recommendations for personalized information delivery. It includes a UI that takes advantage of standard web technologies such as HTML and CSS, and it also has APIs to enable integration with your own UI.

    Storage Helper safely mass deletes data for any standard or custom object and helps you save money on Salesforce data storage.

    Solution for the travel sector helping drive new business, integrating customer, supplier, distributor and operational relationships.

    SUMO does the heavy lifting of appointment scheduling. Our clients understand how manually scheduling appointments is a waste of time and resources, ripe for human error, a source of lost revenue, and customer attrition. By completely automating appointment scheduling 24/7 365, on any device, SUMO has helped organizations increase appointment volume, revenue, and customer satisfaction. As the only solution built 100% native on Salesforce®, SUMO meets the security, scalability, and compliance needs of enterprise organizations. SUMO is compatible with Salesforce CRM® and over 3,000 add-on applications on the AppExchange®.

    Swyft Technology provides small and mid-market organizations with a robust suite of inexpensive, cloud-based software solutions. Our event-driven business rule engine synchronizes applications among mobile devices, web sites, retail stores and call centers. • Easily integrate with multiple systems and data sources • Support any channel and multiple channels simultaneously • Can eliminate most duplicate data entry • Provide extensive real-time tracking and on-line reporting Swyft Mobile provides: • A configurable, intuitive and easy-to-use application • Support for most popular mobile operating systems, both smartphones and tablets • Universal access across devices with a single monthly subscription • Automated workflow • Capture, tracking and reporting any metric from the field, including geo-location • Real-time management assignment and activity tracking of hot leads Integrations:, Infusionsoft, Contractor's Cloud and more! No back-end system? No problem! YouTube:

    For companies building strong relationships with their clients, tickets mean business. TicketManager makes company tickets simple by enabling companies to manage corporate tickets and measure the business impact. Whether from your desktop, mobile device, or your CRM, TicketManager makes it easy to access company tickets whenever and wherever you choose. Make it easy for the right people in your organization to get company event tickets when they need them. With thousands of customers—including Fortune 100 companies and professional sports teams—TicketManager is the leading choice for organizations taking control of their client entertainment. The company is based in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, Phoenix, and DC.

    Pre-packaged solution for the specialized needs of Equities Sales & Research users. Helps manage buy-side accounts more effectively.

    A native utility that facilitates users to track field history information beyond standard Salesforce limits, UFHT provides an intuitive UI for viewing and exporting historical data to Excel and PDF formats, supporting all trigger-able objects.

    uStudio’s VideoShare for Salesforce allows users to not only send videos, but most importantly, to measure the performance and effectiveness of every video down to the revenue it generates.

    vPlaybook is a leading sales enablement platform, functioning as an interactive guide focused exclusively on the customer conversation from preparation to presentation. The vPlaybook sales enablement platform is built by salespeople for users who are looking for ways to strategize their coaching and messaging methods to guide salespeople to succeed. Experience what more than 100,000 salespeople have with our sales-friendly platform. Try the vPlaybook software for yourself with a free 14-day trial!

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    Build enterprise-wide systems on the platform that stop work from slipping through the cracks, provide process visibility, stop errors, speed up processes, kill unnecessary manual work, gather meaningful data, and give customers what they need.

    Update Salesforce CRM on-the-go with swipes, business card scanner, speech-to-text. Use Zero Keyboard anywhere, anytime, without typing

    ZynBit for Salesforce is designed to address the most common issues among Salesforce users to collect, analyze, and track customer email communication, automate the data collection of contacts, emails, tasks, and calendar events, provide powerful insights to win with data, and improve the customer experience with personalized calendar booking.