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The best Secure Email Gateway Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores.
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders High Performers include: NeoCertified Secure Email and Paubox Encrypted Email
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Email Security and Protection and OfficeScan
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: Barracuda Email Security Gateway
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    Secure Email Gateway reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Trend Micro OfficeScan infuses high-fidelity machine learning into a blend of threat protection techniques to eliminate security gaps across any user activity and any endpoint. It constantly learns, adapts, and automatically shares threat intelligence across your environment.

    NeoCertified provides email encryption for businesses and individuals alike. With a product that encompasses all industries and verticals -- healthcare, finance, legal, education, non-profit -- you can be sure that all of your documents, sensitive information, and messages are protected through the entire process.

    Proofpoint Email Security and Protection stops malware and non-malware threats such as impostor email.

    Paubox is the easiest way to send and receive HIPAA compliant email. No other solution makes secure email so simple to use. Paubox is the only provider with Zero-Step Encryption on ALL sent email. Senders can just write and send emails as normal from any device and Paubox seamlessly encrypts the message from end-to-end, without the need for portals, plug-ins, or keywords. It's just as easy for recipients to view secure email sent to them. No keys to exchange, no passwords to remember, apps to download, or portals to login to. This is done through Paubox's patent-pending process that includes encrypting all outbound email through our servers with industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) and up to 256-bit AES encryption. Paubox Encrypted Email can be deployed using existing domains and email platforms like Office 365, Exchange, and G Suite, or can be hosted by Paubox. Works with a variety of email clients including Apple Mail and Thunderbird All accounts include FREE inbound encryption and protection against SPAM, malware, virus and phishing attacks. Business Associate Agreements are included for no additional charge.

    SafeSend prevents highly sensitive emails being sent to the wrong person. SafeSend is primarily for large organizations of 1,000 users or more who needs an effective way to prevent accidental data leakage via email. SafeSend works with Microsoft Outlook for PC, Office 365 and Outlook for Web Access. Today SafeSend has over 200,000 installations that are processing more than 5 million emails every day. Advanced features: - Centrally managed settings via Active Directory/GPO - DLP content scanning - Trigger email encryption - Logging of email activity - Link to corporate security policy

    Virtru puts you in charge of how your digital information is shared. Combining control, convenience, and simplicity, Virtru makes it easy to keep your private communications private.

    Proofpoint Essentials for Small Business is a cloud-based enterprise-class security for small and medium enterprises with email security, continuity, archiving, and social-media protection.

    Mimecast Secure Email Gateway is a security solution that offers comprehensive, multi-layered email security and content controls.

    VMware Boxer is touted to have enterprise-level security features packaged in a consumer-grade user experience.

    Cisco Email Security protects against ransomware, business email compromise, spoofing, and phishing.

    MobileIron Sentry is an in-line gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures traffic between the mobile device and back-end enterprise systems.

    Avast is the global leader in next-gen cyber security products for consumers and businesses and protects over 400 million people online. Avast offers products under the Avast and AVG brands, that protect people from threats on the internet with one of the most advanced threat detection networks in the world. Avast digital security products are top ranked for mobile, PC and Mac. For businesses, Avast offers comprehensive antivirus security that keeps your devices, data, and employees safe from the latest cyber threats. Work and browse confidently from anywhere knowing your business is completely protected. If you are a MSP or VAR, you can also deliver enhanced managed services to your customers and take your business even further. Just choose from our Avast CloudCare cloud-based protection solution or our full-stack, remote monitoring and management platform.

    Ensure sensitive materials stay protected by adding end-to-end email encryption to Office 365.

    Forcepoint Email Security secures the communication channel most often used in the early stages of an APT or other advanced attack to identify targeted threats as well as high-risk users and Insider Threats while empowering mobile workers and safe adoption of new technologies like Microsoft Office 365.

    McAfee Email Gateway integrates comprehensive inbound threat protection with outbound data loss prevention, advanced compliance, detailed reporting, and simplified administration.

    Zix is an email data protection that helps secure data via email, protecting customer and trust they have for your business.

    Axway MailGate SC protects networks and enable secure collaboration via desktops and mobile devices.

    FireEye Email Security is a store-and-forward email analysis solution.

    FortiMail is a comprehensive email security solution with all-in-one inbound and outbound protection.

    KoruMail Cloud is a cloud-based anti-spam filter for corporate mail servers.

    Inbound/Outbound Email Protection from Spam, Viruses and other malware while minimizing loss of sensitive information sent via email.

    Sophos Secure Email Gateway is ideal if you want an appliance dedicated to message security with advanced DLP and easy policy-based encryption.

    DMARC can be complicated. Your deployment software doesn't have to be. Introducing an intuitive DMARC experience backed by expert customer support. Enjoy unlimited domains, users, custom alerts, and real-time reporting.

    250ok Reputation provides the protection enterprises need with the insight email marketers love.

    Agari automates phishing prevention, securing email more effectively than all other vendors combined.

    CloudCare is a free, cloud-based, endpoint security administration platform that makes it significantly faster and easier to monitor threats, resolve issues, and deliver multiple layers of protection to your customers.

    Email Security (AV/AS) from BAE Systems reduces risk exposure and corporate liability by safeguarding emails with anti-virus and anti-spam technologies that block malicious software and spam at the gateway.

    A.I.-Based Protection from Spear Phishing and Email Fraud

    Cellopoint Security Email Gateway is a multi-featured mail gateway deployed in front of a mail server to provide added security and functions.

    Unevasive Detection and Sanitization. Email Security without Delay. Clearswift offers the industry’s most effective layer of real-time email inspection to detect and completely sanitize evasive threats, delivering highly secure email without delay. * No delay real-time email sanitization (competitive solutions take up to 30 mins) * Increase your malware detection rate up to 17.8% * >99.9% spam detection and 0% false positives * 100% removal of embedded ransomware scripts, macros and objects * True “zero-day” email protection * Complete sanitization all email documents of hidden and private information (metadata, comments, revision history, etc.) Advanced Threat Protection Protect against zero-hour and malware evading AV scans and sandboxing analysis with the industry’s deepest level of inspection. Ensures complete detection and removal of malicious code without delaying email delivery and false positives. Anti-spam and Phishing Prevent SPAM and phishing emails initiating an attack, while drastically reducing the amount of time users spend managing their inboxes. Clearswift’s multi-layer defense provides > than 99.9% detection rates. Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) Protect critical information with the industry’s game-changing Adaptive DLP technology for email. Block, encrypt or uniquely redact only the sensitive information that breaks policy, while allowing the rest of the email to continue without disruptive quarantines or false positives. Optimized for data privacy and regulatory compliance (PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.) Email Document Sanitization Ensure all emailed documents that leave your organization are completely sanitized. Automated removal of hidden metadata (author, username, server names, etc.), comments and revision history prevents the leak of sensitive data and information harvesting used for targeted phishing attacks. Flexible Deployments Choose the deployment option that best meets your security needs - cloud, virtual or gateway appliance. Clearswift’s unevasive layer of detection and sanitization can make your Office365 or Gmail enterprise ready.

    Cyren Email Security is a cloud-based secure email gateway that filters your organization’s inbound and outbound email to protect users from cyber threats and spam.

    Deep Discovery Email Inspector detects and blocks ransomware spear phishing emails through advanced analysis techniques for known and unknown attacks.

    DeliverySlip enables email encryption & file security with your email in the Cloud. DeliverySlip works with your existing cloud email and data loss prevention (DLP) for secure delivery. We offer a free and easy cloud migration program from your legacy secure email gateways and on premise email encryption.

    Egress Switch Secure Email and Large File Transfer offers a combination of policy-based gateway and desktop email encryption software designed to secure and control information. The service can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid configuration such as on-premise Microsoft Exchange with Office 365. Switch Secure Email and File Transfer is HIPAA, GLBA and CJIS compliant, allowing organisations to meet regulatory standards and improve business operations.

    Impressionwise offers a professional data hygiene and email validation service featuring a multi-layered approach to identify, validate and protect against a wide range of e-mail-based threats.

    Agari���s Email Trust Platform, deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies, is the only solution that effectively stops phishing by identifying the true sender of emails.

    Fasoo provides strategic intelligence for digital business in the areas of data security, application security, digital document management and productivity.

    FuseMail is an email security and web filtering platform.

    Mail Express lets employees securely share large files with internal and external recipients without worrying about workflow disruptions, file-size restrictions, or resource restraints.

    IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security scans email messages and attached files for unwanted, confidential or malicious content, extending email security and compliance for social business platform.

    Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security provides the most comprehensive protection against both traditional and targeted attacks. Using the correlated intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and optional sandbox execution analysis, it blocks spam, phishing, and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

    HPE SecureMail adds email encryption protection to Office 365 for corporations that want to ensure end-to-end protection to their most sensitive information.

    Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway provides inbound & outbound protection for your company's enterprise network & messaging system, including antivirus, anti-spam, cybercrime protection, DDOS protection, and porn blocking with built-in image analysis.

    modusCloud is a cloud based email security solution designed to protect against spam, phishing, advanced targeted attacks, malicious attachments, data loss and drive by URLs.

    A Powerful, On-Premise Email Security Gateway modusGate is a multi-layer anti-spam email filtering gateway harnessing 2 decades of experience. It incorporates state of the art AI through a real-time machine learning engine to effectively identify threats by reputation and advanced statistical models. We integrate layered scanning with Bitdefender and Avira Anti-Virus, providing leading defense against phishing and malware threats. The Protection You Need from Advanced Threats A multiple VBSpam+ award winner, modusGate offers affordable Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Targeted Phishing Protection and even our own directQuarantine Outlook Plugin. Its Artificial Intelligence Engine and real-time threat analysis catches over 99.5% of malicious emails with a 0% false positive rate (according to VBSpam tests), while also protecting you from look-alike domains and other popular methods of attack. Microsoft Email Security Solution for Outlook directQuarantine is a Microsoft Outlook plugin Vircom designed to give end-users total visibility and control over their quarantined messages and relieve IT administrators from day-to-day quarantine management. With directQuarantine users can view quarantined messages live, release false positives instantly, and sort and search emails with Outlook’s powerful search capabilities. DirectQuarantine supports MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007. Reported spam is continually implemented into our algorithms providing updated protection.

    The Outbound Spam Guard (OSG) is a carrier-grade solution that can be easily deployed to scan and block up to 99% of all unwanted or malicious outbound email traffic.

    Secure your business with total messaging control. PineApp Mail Secure stops the majority of malicious email threats at your network's perimeter while simultaneously providing a range of additional options for comprehensive security and messaging control.

    The Relution Secure Email Gateway (SMG) controls the access to internal ActiveSync email servers.

    SAFEmail enables you to organise and control a wide range of data from unclassified to highly-classified quickly and easily, and allows you to add elements of service such as checking the recipient’s clearance level before sending.

    ScanMail Suite for IBM Domino stops highly targeted email attacks, such as spear phishing, by using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing as part of a custom APT defense. ScanMail also blocks traditional threats with reputation technology and correlated global threat intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network cloud-based security.

    ScanMail Suite for Microsoft Exchange stops highly targeted email attacks and spear phishing by using document exploit detection, enhanced web reputation, and sandboxing as part of a custom APT defense—protection you don't get with other solutions. In addition, only ScanMail blocks traditional malware with email, file, and web reputation technology and correlated global threat intelligence from Trend Micro Smart Protection Network cloud-based security.

    SchoolMessenger Student Email has uncovered thousands of examples of inappropriate student use of technology: sexting in Morse code over Google Chat, using Google Docs to exchange pornographic images, emailing classmates to announce a planned suicide or fight, etc.

    SecuLetter uses the Hybrid Analysis method to respond to evolving e-mail threats, detecting and blocking zero-day attacks.

    Micro Focus Secure Messaging Gateway (formerly GWAVA) provides inbound and outbound protection for your company's enterprise network and messaging system.

    SolarWinds Mail Assure offers an ultra secure, ultra reliable email protection and archiving platform that protects businesses from phishing, malware, and other email-borne threats. Mail Assure provides best-in-class email protection and email archiving with unparalleled service stability and excellent user experience

    Protect against the most sophisticated email threats and gain comprehensive insights into targeted & advanced email attacks

    Symantec Desktop Email Encryption offers end-to-end email encryption for laptops and desktops.

    Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE) combines Symantec anti-malware technology with advanced heuristics and file reputation to provide real-time protection for email against viruses, spyware, phishing, and other malicious attacks.

    Secure your email with our powerful advanced threat protection and anti-spam solution for on-premises messaging environments.

    Topsec Email Security is a cloud email security service that works with your existing email service to provide continuously updated virus protection & spam filtering, keeping new and emerging threats away from your network. The secure email service operates at internet level, eliminating threats before inbound emails reach client gateways and before outbound emails reach customers or partners.

    ValiMail prevents unauthorized parties from sending email using domain names, eliminating more than 99% of phishing email and all spear phishing messages aimed internally at employees.

    Vera is a next-generation data security company enabling businesses of all sizes to secure, track and share any kind of data, no matter where it's stored or located. With robust policy enforcement, strong encryption and strict access controls, Vera's data-centric security solution enables employees to collaborate freely while ensuring the highest levels of security, visibility and control. For more information, visit:

    Votiro's certified Disarmer provides the most advanced email protection available today against zero-day threats, while eliminating false positives and without requiring any significant investment.

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