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Security information and event management (SIEM) software combines a variety of security software components into one platform. Companies use SIEM products to centralize security operations into a single location. IT and security operations teams can gain access to the same information and alerts for more effective communication and planning. These products provide capabilities to identify and alert IT operations teams of anomalies detected in their systems. The anomalies may be new malware, unapproved access, or newly discovered vulnerabilities. They provide live analysis of functionality and security, storing logs and records for retrospective reporting. They also have tools for identity and access management to ensure only approved parties have access to sensitive systems. Forensic analysis tools help teams navigate historical logs, identify trends, and better fortify their networks.

SIEM tools may be confused with incident response software, but SIEM products provide a larger scope of security and IT management features. Most also do not have the ability to automate security remediation practices.

To qualify for inclusion in the SIEM category, a product must:

  • Aggregate and store IT security data
  • Assist in user provisioning and governance
  • Identify vulnerabilities in systems and endpoints
  • Monitor for anomalies within an IT system
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    WizLook is a big data analysis based platform that supports real-time full-text indexing for efficient collection and retrieval of large logs, unstructured data structures, real-time fields and unstructured queries for various searches.

    WizLook for PDR is a solution to legal requirements through the creation and monitoring of personal information access history.

    Lancope provides flow-based network security, performance and application monitoring solutions for enterprises.

    LogPoint is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platform.

    Logsign is a an SIEM solution which unifies Log Management, Security Analytics and Compliance.

    ManageEngine - Log360 ois a one-stop solution to all Log Management and Active Directory Auditing.

    Micro Focus Sentinel is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that simplifies the deployment, management and day-to-day use of SIEM, readily adapts to dynamic enterprise environments and delivers actionable intelligence security professionals need to quickly understand their threat posture and prioritize response.

    Ostendios MyVCM is a cloud-based cybersecurity and information management platform that delivers an easy to use, cost-effective way for companies to demonstrate information security compliance to multiple industry standards and regulations.

    Make decisive, appropriate responses to incidents by automating identification and resolution processes.

    PacketViper's patented cybersecurity platform features integrated deception, defense and intelligence that helps our customers address cybersecurity challenges in a practical, high-impact manner. PacketViper sits inline at key network transition points throughout the network. Licenses are deployed in one of three models (on-premise, cloud/AWS and bring your own hardware BYOH).

    Powertech Event Manager is a real-time cybersecurity insight and response platform, designed to help your existing staff respond to critical security threats faster.

    PT Industrial Security Incident Manager is designed to detect hacker attacks on ICS/SCADA systems and help to investigate cybersecurity incidents at critical sites.

    ScienceSoftSIEM is a SIEM platform enhanced with self-diagnostics and self-optimization features.

    SecBI uses network traffic analysis based on unsupervised and supervised machine learning to detect and investigate complex threats.

    SecureCircle provides a completely transparent cybersecurity solution which is always encrypted, trackable, and retractable, helping organizations to effectively secure data. SecureCircle helps companies within healthcare, finance, manufacturing, pharma, media, and government organizations meet data security and compliance requirements.

    Leo TechnoSoft's Intelligence Driven SOC is an integrated stack of security solutions and offers security incident and event management (SIEM), identity and access management (IDM), privilege identity management (PIM) and cloud access security broker (CASB), which is built on security Big Data.

    SIMBUS is a complete privacy and security management software that is designed to help any size facility get and maintain compliance.

    TraceAlert is a fully managed Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solution.

    Unomaly is a solution for automating analysis of data produced by IT systems, applications and software no matter what it is or where it resides. Unomaly continuously learns what's normal through repetitions in data and universally and automatically detects any incident by the new and changing data it creates.

    Verodin safely instruments security directly on your enterprise network, dynamically assessing the cumulative effectiveness of your entire security portfolio.

    Vijilan will deploy and implement its fully managed service in record time, and as part of the service, Vijilan will monitor and respond to any threat or suspicious behavior on the network through its technologically advanced SOC and Incident Response Team (IRT) who operate around the clock.

    The network security emergency response service is to discover and confirm network security events such as hacking, denial of service attacks, unauthorized network communication, system operation, website page tampering, abnormal traffic attacks, network worm propagation, etc. Respond to disposal to reduce possible risks and losses. The service provides customers with professional technical guidance and resources to improve security, resist attacks and perform security repairs.