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Self-service business intelligence software empowers business users to implement and deploy analytics solutions without the help of IT or data professionals, as well as perform data analysis without any coding knowledge. These tools allow the average employee to gain insights from data to better inform decision-making and business strategy.

Self-service business intelligence solutions provide drag-and-drop features and prebuilt templates for querying; more advanced products may even offer natural language querying for simple and fast data discovery. This enables data transformation, modeling, blending, and discovery for non-technical users.

Insights from self-service business intelligence tools can spread to all departments, as these tools can consume data from a variety of sources, including cloud applications such as CRM software or marketing automation software, to supply chain and ERP sytems. Additionally, these solutions can connect to databases and big data distributions, or even utilize simple spreadsheet uploads. By providing business users the power to discover unique insights from data, each team can be better informed for decision-making and overall strategy. Some self-service business intelligence products offer embedding capabilities, to deliver analytics to end users through commonly used applications.

Products that require an analytics architecture to be built and deployed by IT departments or data professionals, and require coding knowledge to perform data discovery, are considered business intelligence platforms. Products that can be embedded inside other business applications are considered embedded business intelligence software. Data visualization software encompasses products primarily designed to create charts, graphs, and benchmark visualizations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Self-Service Business Intelligence category, a product must:

  • Be able to be configured, deployed, and used by average business users without IT involvement
  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Transform data into a useful and relatable model without the need for coding
  • Support data modeling, blending, and discovery processes without coding
  • Enable interactive data exploration by the average business user to discover insights beyond KPIs
  • Empower employees to make business critical decisions based on deep analysis
  • Create reports and visualizations with business utility
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    Denodo provides performance and unified access to the broadest range of enterprise, Big Data, cloud and unstructured sources.

    Fractal Analytics offers predictive analytics and scoring Solutions for financial services, consumer products, retail and telecom sectors.

    LexisNexis Business Integrity Solution is an exclusive business data exchange that combines search results from billions of public records linked to data from your agency across the U.S.

    OpenText� Information Hub (iHub) is the foundation for secure interactive analytic applications in the OpenText Analytics Suite, allowing organizations to discover what�s going on beneath the surface of their data.�

    Connecting people, places, data, and systems to fundamentally change how you analyze, understand, and act on information.

    A proven platform for creating powerful business intelligence applications, enabling users from the workgroup to the enterprise.

    It combines SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office so that PC users in any size organization can access and share powerful SAS Analytics and BI reports using a Windows-based interface and Microsoft Office applications.

    Stonefield Query Reporting and Business Intelligence Software is a non-industry specific, self service, ad hoc, query, business intelligence and reporting solution that enables users to create and deliver business reports quickly and efficiently.

    ActiveMetrics is a business performance management software that monitors and reports corporate performances.

    Deliver a 360 degree view of customer activities and information with full drill-down to everyone in your organization to better serve the customer.

    AFS G2 Analytics is a data analytics solution that is purpose-built for the business user in the consumer goods industry.

    Alibaba Quick BI allows you to perform data analytics, exploration, and reporting on mass data with drag-and-drop features and a rich variety of visuals. Quick BI enables users to perform data analytics, exploration, and reporting, and empowers enterprise users to view and explore data and make informed, data-driven decisions.

    Altvia Answers provides data analytics, without the help of IT and a business solution that displays the system's data.


    Analytic Visibility Suite is a business intelligence software that empowers decision-makers with a synthesized view of the data and the ability to analyze it on demand.

    AnalytiQs is a business intelligence software that allows data visualization and consolidates all data into one place, from ERP systems, financial data, or website data.

    Astuity BPM is a business performance management software that is a comprehensive and affordable planning, budgeting, consolidations and financial reporting tool on the market today. It works over the web and it can be self-hosted or made to work through a cloud services provider.

    Big Data BizViz is a Decision Platform that has Big Data Pipeline framework to handle Streaming, Structured, and Unstructured data. This micro services architecture based modern platform can be integrated with famous business applications or can give customised Analytics flow. It has its elements of Augmented Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP with top end Visualisation. This product is used by all layers in an organisation like CXOs, Citizen Data Scientist, Data Scientists, Business Analysts, and Business Users etc.

    Bilander is a business intelligence software that helps clients align their strategy, data analysis and operations to drive improved performance and profitability.

    BIO is a business intelligence software with self-service interactive reporting, dashboards, and speed-of-thought ad hoc analysis.

    Birst provides a fully integrated Business Intelligence platform, designed for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Cloud delivery and on-premise deployment as a software appliance. Our platform combines all the essential components to develop, deploy and maintain enterprise-class reporting, dashboarding and data discovery solutions. All components share a single unified layer of metadata and consistent end user experience.

    BusinessOptics Platform is a business intelligence software that enables business analysts, without data science or coding skills, to create sophisticated analytical models at big data scale that allow for real-time decision optimization and automation as well as strategic decision support through scenario analysis.

    C8 Cockpit is a business intelligence software that supports daily tasks and meet a wide range of requirements.

    Carriots Analytics is a cloud data analytics platform for embedded, Big Data, and IoT applications. It provides secure and rapid free-form data visualization and exploration, scalable throughout the enterprise in real time.

    Collibra Data Governance Center is an enterprise-wide data governance solution that puts people and processes first, automating data governance and management to quickly and securely deliver trusted data to the business users who need it.

    Composable Enterprise is the industry’s leading Intelligent DataOps platform that offers a full portfolio of capabilities for orchestration, automation and analytics, ensuring that analytics can be rapidly deployed into business workflows.

    eazyBI provides easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation of reports, charts and dashboards. Analyze imported data measures by any dimension, identify trends and top/bottom performers, start from summary overview and drill into details.

    Every Angle is an international software company that aims to enrich organizations through the power of actionable insight. Our unique capabilities allow business users, at every level of the organization, to fully understand what activities and processes influence value chain performance and, more importantly, why. Every Angle has been designed to understand, control and improve the performance of SAP enabled businesses. Its sophisticated, built-in intelligence automatically adapts to match each organization’s specific configurations. The software’s embedded, cross-functional intelligence transforms your Supply Chain, Human Resource, GRC and Finance data into real business insight; insight that can be used to create real competitive advantage. This plug-and-play analytical solution works on any SAP system (ECC/Business Suite), regardless of the underlying database including HANA, and will remove the need for time consuming and expensive BI design and development projects. We hide the complexity of SAP’s data structures and empower business users to operate within a culture based on prevention rather than cure. This self-service capability allows users to identify and resolve key business issues before the customer even notices, and frees IT resources and funds to focus on more strategic initiatives.

    Helical Insight is a software that helps user to make sense out of data and make well-informed decisions it allows user to connect to any database, flat files, big data, API or any other custom data source.

    Holistics is a flexible BI automation and visualization software. We help data teams streamline their data preparation and reporting processes so they can get quick answers to their questions.

    icCube is a high performance, production oriented BI platform. In essence icCube is a single product with a Java server and JavaScript client. It comes with adequate ETL capabilities, a sophisticated OLAP server and supports the standard MDX language (which is enhanced by over 250 additional functions), Java, R, easy-to-use reporting, charting, dashboard tools and the user interface is wholly web based. The OEM market is particularly keen on icCube, because of the high performance and excellent embedding capabilities like on the fly authentication, partitioning and cell level security. In reality icCube is an OEM’s dream and a solid platform for businesses to implement production oriented analytics.

    IntelliSight is a platform that allows organizations to process information, uncovering insights that can be leveraged to generate actionable intelligence and analysis based on nuanced results.

    Kloudio gives users the power to access and update any database within Google Sheets - without any IT involvement or query language necessary.

    Agile data management and analytic software that transforms how companies tackle data challenges to achieve breakthrough business results.

    In the competitive field of logistics and distribution channel management, Medico has a large market share in India and has a large user base spread across the country. A down to earth design inculcating system discipline and a penchant for discerning the specific needs of the end user have made Medico a favourite with manufacturers, distributors and stockists of all kinds of consumer items.

    PureShare MSP is a software platform that automates gathering, consolidation, transformation and publishing of performance metrics across disparate IT systems, applications and tools.

    NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc. NAVCUBE business intelligence helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions. Organizations can monitor, explore, and analyse dynamics data across companies, and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through in depth capability of the NAVCUBE™, Business Analytics for Power users.

    OpenText Analytics leverages a comprehensive set of data analytics software to identify patterns, relationships and trends through data visualizations and interactive dashboards

    OQLIS is a data visualization and analytics platform designed to translate data into insights, deployed in the cloud.

    Embedding ORBIT Analytics offers the full power of a business intelligence platform for reporting capabilities with the same look and feel as your current application.

    Develop, extend, and embed visual analytics in your apps, portals, anywhere - all done within a common governance and security framework.

    An advanced reporting and distribution solution.

    Our self serve insight tool gives your business the freedom to build their own reports with maximum flexibility and affordability.

    Sisense is the only business analytics software that provides an agile solution for organizations struggling with large and scattered data. The unique In-Chip technology that powers Sisense enables it to crunch huge amounts of disparate data in seconds and join different data sources on the fly when a query is made. Data preparation is automated and simplified, and users can easily explore complex data by asking ad-hoc questions and receiving answers that are always on time and always accurate. The end result: for the first time, businesses can gain real insight and value out of complex data - without IT bottlenecks, an assembly line of different tools, or an army of specialists. Features include: - Data preparation and ETL capabilities - Visual data management environment for managing complex data models - Dozens of stunning forms of data visualization to choose from - Web-based dashboards that can be accessed from any device or email / PDF reports - Ultra-modern GUI designed to direct users towards best practices in data analysis - Statistical and advanced functions for power users

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    SplashBI provides organizations with the ability to understand the full story behind their data. Make informed business decisions anywhere, anytime.

    StarBI is a self service business intelligence software designed to allow users to discover trends, track KPIs and visualize data.

    Glantus removes the barriers to enable you to analyze, process and visualise - putting data to work in your organisation

    Smarter, Faster Analytics – Only with TIBCO Spotfire Empower everyone in your organization to quickly find - and act - on insights. TIBCO Spotfire® is a self-service analytics platform designed to empower every individual in your organization with fast insights and smart, data-driven decisions. Spotfire offers the most complete set of analytics unified on a single, centrally-governed platform. Unlock the value in your data today. _______________________________________________________________________ Albeit ubiquitous, data is one of the most strategic, untapped assets available to businesses today and has the potential to enable informed decision-making, drive innovation, reduce risk, uncover new revenue streams, and grow profitability. Analytics is the key to unlocking your data’s intrinsic value. Today, knowledge workers from all lines of business are under immense pressure to harness that value. Yet creating a responsive, data-driven culture is a considerable challenge for companies of all sizes. Legacy business intelligence solutions rely on historical, stale data forcing knowledge workers to make decisions based on hunches, host their own data silos, or “bring their own” unsupported analytic solutions. These stop-gaps lead to increased risk, missed opportunities, compromised data governance, and security concerns. So how do you enable a responsive, scalable, data-driven organization, without compromising corporate standards? Meet Spotfire. Designed to address a broad range of use cases and skill sets, TIBCO Spotfire satisfies everyone from the individual user to the data scientist by providing scalable, self-service analytics on a centrally governed platform. Learn more about Spotfire’s analytic capabilities today.