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Best Self-Service Business Intelligence Software

Self-service business intelligence software empowers business users to implement and deploy analytics solutions without the help of IT or data professionals, as well as perform data analysis without any coding knowledge. These tools allow the average employee to gain insights from data to better inform decision-making and business strategy.

Self-service business intelligence solutions provide drag-and-drop features and prebuilt templates for querying; more advanced products may even offer natural language querying for simple and fast data discovery. This enables data transformation, modeling, blending, and discovery for non-technical users.

Insights from self-service business intelligence tools can spread to all departments, as these tools can consume data from a variety of sources, including cloud applications such as CRM software or marketing automation software, to supply chain and ERP sytems. Additionally, these solutions can connect to databases and big data distributions, or even utilize simple spreadsheet uploads. By providing business users the power to discover unique insights from data, each team can be better informed for decision-making and overall strategy. Some self-service business intelligence products offer embedding capabilities, to deliver analytics to end users through commonly used applications.

Products that require an analytics architecture to be built and deployed by IT departments or data professionals, and require coding knowledge to perform data discovery, are considered business intelligence platforms. Products that can be embedded inside other business applications are considered embedded business intelligence software. Data visualization software encompasses products primarily designed to create charts, graphs, and benchmark visualizations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Self-Service Business Intelligence category, a product must:

  • Be able to be configured, deployed, and used by average business users without IT involvement
  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Transform data into a useful and relatable model without the need for coding
  • Support data modeling, blending, and discovery processes without coding
  • Enable interactive data exploration by the average business user to discover insights beyond KPIs
  • Empower employees to make business critical decisions based on deep analysis
  • Create reports and visualizations with business utility
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    Glantus removes the barriers to enable you to analyze, process and visualise - putting data to work in your organisation

    Smarter, Faster Analytics – Only with TIBCO Spotfire Empower everyone in your organization to quickly find - and act - on insights. TIBCO Spotfire® is a self-service analytics platform designed to empower every individual in your organization with fast insights and smart, data-driven decisions. Spotfire offers the most complete set of analytics unified on a single, centrally-governed platform. Unlock the value in your data today. _______________________________________________________________________ Albeit ubiquitous, data is one of the most strategic, untapped assets available to businesses today and has the potential to enable informed decision-making, drive innovation, reduce risk, uncover new revenue streams, and grow profitability. Analytics is the key to unlocking your data’s intrinsic value. Today, knowledge workers from all lines of business are under immense pressure to harness that value. Yet creating a responsive, data-driven culture is a considerable challenge for companies of all sizes. Legacy business intelligence solutions rely on historical, stale data forcing knowledge workers to make decisions based on hunches, host their own data silos, or “bring their own” unsupported analytic solutions. These stop-gaps lead to increased risk, missed opportunities, compromised data governance, and security concerns. So how do you enable a responsive, scalable, data-driven organization, without compromising corporate standards? Meet Spotfire. Designed to address a broad range of use cases and skill sets, TIBCO Spotfire satisfies everyone from the individual user to the data scientist by providing scalable, self-service analytics on a centrally governed platform. Learn more about Spotfire’s analytic capabilities today.

    Vizard is a complete Self-service Business Intelligence platform. Vizard's consumer-grade user experience combined with enterprise-class features make it extremely easy for business users to find insights. Vizard is helping small, medium and large enterprises transform into data-driven Organizations.

    Wizdee allows you to analyse business data just by speaking or typing queries in a search box using plain language. Queries like "Next quarter revenue" or "Opportunities by product by region" are answered in sub-seconds. With a search-based interface, automatic visualisations and new dashboards with a click Wizdee takes self-service BI to the next level.

    Yurbi is a web-based BI tool providing dashboards and analytics to your team. Reports can be created and embedded easily. Yurbi provides a team for support and consultations.