SEO Expert Insights

by Douglas Karr

What trends have you been seeing of late in the organic search marketing (SEO) space?

For the most part, the traditional SEO agency we knew a few years ago no longer exists. SEO was once a math problem, now it's a people problem again. The ability to target relevant, frequent and shareable content is now critical. Keyword combinations are longer and long-tail, personalized, device-centric, and geographically targeted searches are driving greater results for companies.

Search engine ranking algorithms change all the time. How are these platforms keeping up?

The platforms of old were fairly simple... track keyword rankings and backlinks that drove those rankings. Backlink quality is now a factor, the authority of the site that's linking, the quality of the media on the ranking page, the people, places, and products cited, the domain authority, the device used to search, the geographic searched from, and the personalized profile of the search user are all metrics that impact search. As well, the ability for social to carry the message to a wider audience is playing an important role. Platforms are barely keeping up.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase an SEO product?

The transition from an 'SEO' platform to an overall content marketing platform that monitors on-site, off-site, social engagement, conversion metrics, mediums, devices, as well as referring sites all now play a role. Companies must look beyond SEO as it's own solution and, instead, view it as part of an overall digital marketing solution. This is a difficult transition for many companies and the technology platforms provided. They had a winning strategy that worked years ago and aren't moving quickly enough to leverage the rapid change in online marketing. We're seeing enterprise companies now leveraging platform APIs and customizing their own big data solutions that incorporate analytics, social, and content metrics.

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