SEO Expert Insights

by Jeff Beale

What trends have you been seeing of late in the organic search marketing (SEO) space?

Organic search marketing has now become very personal. SEO has become more than just finding out how to rank in a major search engine. Companies now need to understand their target audience's behaviors so that they can better define which terms to rank for and the factors involved.

Converting SEO involves optimizing for mobile, desktop, social and email search. These factors all tie into the personalized search experience.

Search engine ranking algorithms change all the time. How are these platforms keeping up?

With the ever changing search engine algorithms, SEO solution have to keep up by integrating with search sources that influence search results. Many solutions leverage APIs of sources such as Google, Moz, Facebook, Twitter, and more to pull in data that attributes to their recommendations, audits and reporting.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase an SEO product?

Companies looking to purchase SEO products should look to see how active the SEO solution is in the community. How many outside sources do the SEO product partner with to bring the best solution. This will help consolidate points and budget for a comprehensive solution.

Many of the SEO solutions have conferences and a spokesperson to relay their point of view. This will help the companies looking for a solution to understand the value and views of the providers.

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Jeff Beale
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