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Best ServiceNow Store Apps

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    The Okta Identity Cloud for ServiceNow application is the fastest and easiest way to integrate the Okta Identity Cloud with ServiceNow. This app brings the power and flexibility of Identity and Lifecycle management from Okta to ServiceNow in an easy to use package which integrates seamlessly into the existing ServiceNow identity provider framework.

    When it comes to reimagining your enterprise, don’t let your tools hold you back. Designer is a world-class online diagramming and modelling application, native to the ServiceNow platform. It supports end-to-end Design-Driven Enterprise Transformation by interacting with existing processes through your diagrams and models. Designer provides the golden source for all your diagrams and keeps them in sync with real-time data. Furthermore, it updates diagrams automatically to show the gaps and achievements on your way to achieve your target landscape. Download Designer in the ServiceNow store:

    Have you ever exported data from ServiceNow to an outside tool to create presentation quality reports? Have you been trying to find a way to tell stories with your ServiceNow data? Have you found your organization trying to offer data visualizations to end-users or customers in the Service Portal or outside of the traditional "itil" view? Do you have the need to display ServiceNow data on a wall monitor? Have you ever needed to create a custom chart but couldn't justify the amount of time it would take? VividCharts addresses each of those problems and can alleviate the pain associated with them. VividCharts is a data visualization platform built entirely on the ServiceNow platform with the intention of offering high-end data visualizations to ServiceNow customers. For any data visualization challenge you encounter, come to VividCharts.

    Clear Skye Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) automates enterprise access management and compliance. It maintains enterprise identities, accounts, entitlements and roles along with documented approvals, owner accountability, access reviews and dashboards for all functions.

    MaestroRS orchestrates the business and IT disaster recovery management effort across the enterprise by bridging the gap between business continuity and IT disaster recovery.

    MobiChord empowers ServiceNow customers to leverage and extend their ITSM platform to manage mobile including assets, expenses, usage and services.

    Nuvolo provides secure and integrated operational technology management that empowers business agility and growth.

    Companies are realizing that IT could be a (disruptive) competitive advantage, if done correctly. Agile4U is ideal for organizations who are in the transition from an individual team approach on Agile to a structured scaled Agile way of working.

    Connector4U makes it possible to quickly configure integrations (with any ServiceNow table) on your ServiceNow instance and provide multiple integrations within a single ServiceNow instance.

    Offer your employees an easy and efficient way to reserve cubicles. Maximize office space and improve employee satisfaction with this ready-to-use cubicle reservation module.

    Facility4U is an app suite that consists of multiple applications. Improve overall facility service, efficiency, and (end) user satisfaction.

    Graphs4U is an easy and flexible solution to create customizable ServiceNow reports and dashboards from ServiceNow data.

    Kanban4U provides a system for end users (teams) to manage their tasks through different phases on the ServiceNow platform in accordance with the Kanban principles:

    Easily allocate tasks, plan work and appointments across departments and employees to optimize resource utilization. Plan any task to your resources and have a full overview of operational and project activities.

    Roadmap4U is an easy-to-use graphical, high level overview of the lanes and sign presented on a timeline. It can be used for any table with date fields for example Programs, Projects or Change Request. Stakeholders for example portfolio managers can use this roadmap to have a visual overview in their project status.

    Offer your employees an easy and efficient way to reserve meeting rooms. Reduce facility costs and improve employee satisfaction with this ready-to-use meeting room reservation module.

    This integration makes it possible for employees to reserve a meeting room directly from Outlook.

    Scrumboard4U is a free application which is specifically designed to enhance the view for product owners.

    A Kanban board is a work and workflow visualization tool that enables you to optimize the flow of your work. The Kanban board uses interactive cards to communicate status, progress, and issues.

    Facility services still often work via a combination of e-mail, spreadsheets and outdated systems. The reservation of (meeting) rooms is then often accompanied by a lot of time consumption, lack of clarity and annoyances. Rooms4U relieves employees of those tedious, time-consuming irritations.

    PlatCore is the only Learning Management System (LMS) built in ServiceNow. PlatCore customers have found that utilizing ServiceNow for their internal training allows an unparalleled ease of use, as well as cost and process efficiency.

    With SalesWon and ServiceNow, accessing your data is effortless so you can view reports, receive notifications and track SLA's to ensure your sales team is on track and exceeding your targets.

    Stave ProcurementPath is an all-in-one procurement suite to handle full-lifecycle activities for procurement, purchasing, and contracts department operations and management.

    The Wrangu GDPR Accelerator provides current and potential ServiceNow clients with a number of ready to deploy applications to rapidly advance its GDPR program.