Social Media Management Expert Insights

by Ian Cleary

What trends have you been seeing of late in the social media management space?

One of the biggest trends is more and more players entering this space. It's already a very crowded place and there is an increasing number of products available.

There are also some Facebook management tool providers that are now becoming 'social media management tool providers because they realize that putting their eggs in one basket is dangerous.

Another trend is tool providers coming up with much better functionality for sharing content.
The new tool called 'Edgar' is driving the way with many tool providers replicating similar functionality.

How do these trends affect companies looking to purchase a social media management product?

Companies find it very difficult to evaluate the tools that are available. Many tools have similar features so it's hard to do feature by feature comparisons.

At what point should someone consider leveraging a social media management platform as part of their marketing efforts?

I think they should use a social media management platform from the very outset. The management platforms provide some essential functionality that is suitable for any company at any stage.

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