Social Media Monitoring Expert Insights

by Katie Kendall

On what major criteria should a buyer assess social media monitoring solutions?

The biggest criteria is a tool that can scale with not only the volume of your brand mentions, but also be a good partner in your monitoring strategy. I think account management that comes with the solution is something to factor into the decision. sometimes it's good to have the tool administrators there in your corner when you need them.

What major trends do you see in the social media monitoring space right now?

Automation and alerts to help off duty monitoring is becoming more of a highlight in monitoring tools. I've also seen recently added workflow within publishing to track and help teams create content that's optimal based on how the audience reacts to it.

How do these trends and the direction the industry is moving toward affect companies using and evaluating social media monitoring solutions now?

I see more monitoring tools come with the added feature of content publishing and I think it pushes the question of stakeholders involved in social monitoring and weather multiple departments in an organization can share a tool. I think the push to have a tool that serves more than one purpose is going to be that standard in the future.

About the Expert
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Katie Kendall
Enterprise Social Monitoring Manager at Walgreens
Digital native with 5+ years of experience in B2C social media. Accomplished social customer care professional. Subject matter expertise focused in success metrics for digital strategy and virtual relationship management. Specialty in social listening and analytical reporting, emphasis in data visualizations.