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Special education software provides tools for school teachers and administrators to manage the Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) of qualified special needs students.

Special education software is designed to handle all aspects of IEPs, which are meant to address each student’s unique educational needs and learning objectives with specific goals agreed upon by both educators and parents.

Special education software products are used throughout the education industry to help facilitate IEP compliance checks, evaluations, and other reporting features per state requirements. Many products also include features to streamline the production of IEPs and evaluation documents. Some special education tools track data related to disabilities, case management, and other relevant services for high visibility and quick progress reporting.

Special education software frequently integrates with student information system (SIS) software, while some features may be shared with study tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Special Education category, a product must:

  • Provide features designed specifically for IEPs
  • Have intervention tools
  • Include personalized learning program
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    PowerSchool is the #1 leading education technology platform for K-12, serving more than 24.5 million students, 43 million parents, and 68 million users in over 70 countries around the world. We provide the industry’s first Unified Classroom experience with best-in-class, secure, and compliant online solutions, including registration and school choice, student information systems, learning management and classroom collaboration, assessment, analytics, and special education management. We empower teachers and drive student growth through innovative digital classroom capabilities, and we engage families through real-time communications across any device. Visit www.powerschool.com to learn more.

    Our goal is the same as yours - get the right information in front of the right people at the right time. It doesn't have to be more complicated than that. Welcome to a better SIS and ERP experience.

    With PowerSchool Special Education, educators can develop and manage compliant, high-quality special education documents using intuitive guided actions and business rules aligned with IDEA and other federal and state laws. Use reporting to manage compliance, identifying timelines and which teachers are on track or which teachers have fallen behind.

    Embrace is a proficient and comprehensive software program designed to streamline the IEP, 504, Medicaid Billing, Teacher Evaluation, RTI process and reduce staff frustration. Embrace offers a comprehensive IEP experience by including state and core learning standards, an information tracking form, parental contact data logs, a variety of administrative reports, and much more!

    EasyIEP, the leading web-based IEP Software for special education management, helps your school district achieve federal and state compliance while improving processes and service in your special education program

    eStar Individual Education Program (IEP) application brings order to the creation and revision of student reports for teachers and administrators alike.

    Frontline IEP is a proven state-specific solution with a track record of saving time and effort, improving compliance and reducing the complexity of managing Special Education programs and IEPs.

    Excent develops eLearning for transition planning & self-determination, and Special Education software solutions for IEPs, RTI and Medicaid.

    SEIS provides centralized online management of IEPs and Special Education records.

    With IEPWriter.com, it's easy for education agencies to manage documentation for their special education students. This web-based solution allows professional staff to collaborate on Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) from anywhere they have a web connection, quickly and securely.

    Synergy Education Platform unites distinct K-12 data management functions in one fully-integrated solution, creating systemwide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes without the hassle of third-party system integrations. Synergy offers school districts and service centers comprehensive functionality with fewer software licenses, fewer vendors, and a single point of contact to get support for everything. Student Information Management Online Registration Learning Management & Assessment RTI Management Special Education Management Synergy Analytics Parent & Student Engagement Mobile Applications Synergy Technology Learn more at www.edupoint.com

    SunGard's K-12 special education management solution is designed to meet your state's needs. SunGard's individual education plan (IEP) software can help with a variety of functions.

    Whether you're just getting started with behavior management or fully practicing a schoolwide program such as PBIS or Social Emotional Learning, Kickboard is the best technology for schools that want to see real results from a better school culture. With features that actually help students stay more engaged and act positively - while giving school leaders and teachers multiple levels of support - your school culture will be moving the achievement needle in no time.

    SEAS Achieve 2.0 supports all school district education plan types including IEP, Academic and Behavior, RTI, Section 504, English Language Learner, and Gifted.

    Unique Learning System is an award-winning, standards-based curriculum specifically designed so that students with special needs can access the general education curriculum. This personalized system allows you to spend more time engaging your students in valuable learning time by providing differentiated lesson materials, detailed lesson plans, standards alignments and evidence-based teaching strategies with data-driven results.

    Compass Learning is a K12 learning acceleration software for blended learning, intervention, high school, and inquiry-based personalized learning.

    PCG Education is a leading provider of comprehensive, Web-based student case management solutions for special education.

    The e-IEP PRO, developed by MediaNet Solutions, Inc., is a customizable, web-based software that simplifies the management of the special education process.

    EVOLVE is an efficient, feature-rich and user-friendly special education solution available.Its cutting-edge web technologies provides an intuitive environment for collaboration, knowledge transfer, needs assessment, specialized curriculum delivery and tracking.

    Mileposts is a Student Achievement Solution that enables schools to create personalized learning plans, manage interventions, monitor achievement and gain insights to improve instruction to any class, group, or individual student.

    Simplify Special Programs is a user-friendly program that allows K-12 staff to write, manage and report special education documents online.

    SuccessEd combines the latest technology with expert knowledge and experience to put time-saving data management tools in the hands of educators which track compliance and services provided to students in special education, Section 504, Dyslexia, RtI, Medicaid, ELL, and behavior programs.

    Accelify's enterprise special education software and best-in-class consulting services help school districts strengthen special education operations and compliance and maximize Medicaid reimbursement. Providing unprecedented visibility tools to all layers of a special education department, Accelify's systems encompass everything from workflow-based plan development and management (e.g. IEP, 504, RTI, IFSP, ELL, Gifted) to related service resource estimation and allocation, and the world's most robust set of scheduling, tracking, and billing systems for special education services. Accelify’s solutions are proven to make school district personnel more efficient and effective while generating a significant return on investment in increased Medicaid reimbursement and more efficient utilization of district resources.

    Adori is our web-based integrated IEP software and special education management system. With a focus on compliance and efficiency, it is a total special education management process at your fingertips.

    BeDoc is a SPEDASSIST top pick for educators and administrators that is looking to bring technology and behaviour management together to achieve better student outcomes.

    ELLA shares meeting decisions with other products for your twice-exceptional students, promotes quality planning, allowing the LPAC to function on the behalf of each ELL, accelerates the meeting, process to give you more time with kids and less time on keyboards, is more than a compliance tool; it tracks student accommodations and achievement.

    EnrichEPM module allows districts to automate the educational process elements to provide efficient data management, reporting, performance dashboards and predictive analytics.

    Enrich RtI module accurately tracks interventions and monitors student progress in a centralized location allowing you to determine each interventions effectiveness.

    Enrich State is a special education data system designed to collect and manage all IDEA and state level compliance requirements for special education program management.

    Focus on STEM Digital Edition is a supplemental classroom e-library of 60 unique non-fiction titles addressing science and math for students with mild, moderate, and severe disabilities.

    IEP4U is a management solution for individualized education programs.

    IEP PlaNET facilitates the development of IEPs that are compliant with federal and state regulations and demonstrate the quality of a process proven over time. IEP PlaNET enables districts to achieve greatly improved efficiency in all aspects of special education service delivery.

    IEP Writer provides web-based Individualized Education Program (IEP), NOREP, Permission to Evaluate, Evaluation Report, Functional Behavioral Assessment, and other mandated documents to school districts to help meet the needs of their special education population.

    Matrix Maker Plus software is designed to allow users to create communication overlays and educational resources with ease.

    Context-based instruction that helps special education students overcome their difficulties with comprehension, problem solving, organizing, and communication skills.

    At n2y, we know that you need the right start to feel confident teaching a new program. And we know that schools and districts are expecting their new program to make a measurable impact on student and teacher achievements. This comprehensive end-to-end solution offers classroom readiness from foundation to advanced exploration, to certification.

    PowerIEP is a proficient and comprehensive software program designed to streamline the IEP process and reduce staff frustration.

    SE 504 contains every form your school district will need Parental notice and consent, Parent rights documents, Evaluation documents including Texas dyslexia documents, Section 504 Student Plan and Parent contacts and notes

    SymbolStix PRIME is the most relevant, symbol search engine and materials creation platform available anywhere. It is for individuals with communication and learning needs, as well as beginning writers and ESL/ELL students. Delivering a dynamic and personally relevant symbol set, SymbolStix PRIME brings a fresh perspective on routine, day-to-day concepts and offers activities that are educationally relevant.

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