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Supply chain suites give manufacturing operations a comprehensive solution for completing the production lifecycle, from receiving orders to final delivery. These solutions offer a variety of software modules that combine core features from several or most of the disparate families of software within the supply chain & logistics umbrella, which can include warehouse management and transporation management. Companies use supply chain suites to assess the material, machine, and human capabilities of their production facility (or facilities), manage demand projections, process client orders and shipping information, manage the flow of production, and oversee delivery assignments. Supply chain suites are most commonly implemented by warehouse production departments within enterprise companies. Due to their modular design, supply chain suites can often be customized and organized according to organizational needs. Supply suites may be purchased as a fully integrated suite or as individual modules that may be paired with one or more best-of-breed supply chain products. These platforms may include functionality of demand planning software, inventory control software, fleet management software, and shipping software, among other features. Users of supply chain suites may also benefit from quality management software to ensure the consistency of completed products and processes.

To qualify for inclusion in the Supply Chain Suites category, a product must:

  • Offer a series of modules related to different aspects of supply chain & logistics
  • Include multiple modules that can integrate together to form a unified system for supply chain management
  • Provide solutions to manage a combination of the following: demand, inventory, warehouse, and fleet
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