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Supply side platforms (SSPs) allow publishers to make money from their websites by creating and selling ad inventory to marketers on an impression-by-impression, or visitor-by-visitor, basis. By selling ads in real time, publishers can provide advertisers with better visibility into individual impressions and gain instant clarity into advertising demand. This ensures that publishers sell their inventory at the most optimal price point and leverage their ad inventory to the fullest extent. SSPs are used in conjunction with publisher ad servers—either as a single product or two separate integrated products—that provide the functionality to manage ad inventory and traffic incoming ads. SSPs, in turn, give publisher ad servers the ability to sell their advertising inventory in real time through advertising exchanges or directly to advertisers’ demand side platforms (DSPs).

To qualify for inclusion in the SSP category, a product must:

  • Include publisher ad server functionality or be able to integrate with publisher ad servers
  • Connect to ad exchanges and directly to DSPs to sell ad inventory in real times
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    DoubleClick for Publishers is a complete ad revenue engine that helps publishers capture the full value of every impression across demand sources and channels. Seamless integration with DoubleClick Ad Exchange provides instant connection to millions of quality advertisers, while the natively integrated sales management platform streamlines operations for maximized sales at minimized costs.

    AerServ is the leading inventory and audience monetization technology for mobile publishers.  AerServ helps thousands of mobile publishers increase revenue through AerServ's ad mediation platform, and increase yield by delivering brand-based ads from the aerMarket ad exchange. AerServ's mediation layer is powered by OpenAuction technology, the industry's first true, comprehensive unified and simultaneous auction. AerServ's entire platform and infrastructure is built with a publisher-first objective and provides best in class support from account managers and software engineers. The company was founded in 2013 and has offices in Irvine, California. Visit AerServ at or follow us on Twitter at @AerServ

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    The BrightRoll Exchange is the leading programmatic marketplace for display, video, and native ads on desktop and mobile devices. Demand-side platforms, agencies, and ad networks connect to the exchange to access and buy unique and premium ad inventory from the top publishers. The BrightRoll Exchange’s comprehensive inventory quality process protects buyers and enables them to maximize the return from their programmatic ad campaigns.

    MoPub is a hosted ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers.

    OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies through superior advertising technology.

    PubMatic is the automation solutions company for an open digital media industry. Featuring the leading omni-channel revenue automation platform for publishers and enterprise-grade programmatic tools for media buyers, PubMatic’s publisher-first approach enables advertisers to access premium inventory at scale. Processing nearly one trillion ad impressions per month, PubMatic has created a global infrastructure to activate meaningful connections between consumers, content and brands. Since 2006, PubMatic’s focus on data and technology innovation has fueled the growth of the programmatic industry as a whole. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, PubMatic operates 11 offices and six data centers worldwide.

    Seller Cloud is the leading independent advertising marketplace that connects sellers across a global landscape of trusted, high-quality buyers. Maximize yield for your inventory and audiences across all screens and formats, with all of the benefits that automation provides.

    ONE by AOL: Publishers enables publishers to maximize their digital advertising revenue while providing the controls to minimize sales channel conflicts. It is built by industry veterans from and ONE by AOL: Ad Server, leveraging over 15 years of global experience in non-reserved, yield optimization and ad serving technology.

    Integrated ad management platform: RTB, Video, Mobile.

    Maximize your revenue by working with the world’s largest independent programmatic marketplace. Built on top of AppNexus’ truly open and transparent platform, the AppNexus Publisher SSP provides advanced controls that let you use your proprietary data to manage your demand partners across desktop, mobile, native and video. "Like many other premium publishers who are shifting from a traditional newspaper revenue model to a digital one, we were looking for a partner to help us better monetize our digital channels programmatically. We required an automated solution that could crunch through the massive data sets to individually set price points for each placement, thereby maximizing our yield in real-time. Lee Callagher Trading Desk Commercial

    360 Polaris is a revolutionary ad monetisation platform for video, web and mobile publishers. A all-in-one solution for content providers that integrates advanced capabilities and offers unparalleled transparency and control, no matter what their sales strategy.

    Quite simply, it is the next evolution of revenue management. Faster, more scalable, and even easier to use, AdBook+ brings sales enablement, yield management and workflow automation together in a single platform: a Revenue Management Platform.

    The company enables brands to scale native advertising campaigns across premium and niche publishers, while publishers benefit from access to ADYOULIKE’s marketplace.

    [a•mo•bee] offers marketers, agencies, publishers and operators an innovative digital marketing technology platform and solutions.

    Operative gives media companies the power of an open, data-driven, highly configurable architecture that works across all linear, digital and converged deals.

    PubNative is a mobile native mobile publisher platform that lets you create relebant ads to fit your apps design.

    SmartyAds SSP helps to achieve the highest revenue as its self-serve dashboard enables publishers to control and modify demand partners through the advanced controls and tools. Same way, SmartyAds SSP lets the publisher manage and apply inventory options individually, configure the conditions for deal closing in seconds.

    sovrn helps publishers claim their stake in the independent web.

    33Across is an ad tech company focused on gaining consumer attention. Their platform unifies high-impact creative, quality supply, and technology-driven scale.

    Pure performance driven technology for results oriented publishers. Publisher Edge allows you to close the loop, connecting all aspects of your business by solving your everyday challenges. At the heart of our approach is enabling your ability to monetize. This means creating individual products, connected through a unified dashboard, which work seamlessly to identify threats and opportunities. Once identified, we give you the essential tools needed to nurture new revenue streams regardless of channel or demand source. Publisher Edge is more than just a source for premium demand for your inventory or a marketplace to sell your data. It’s the industry’s most publisher-centric ecosystem for putting your inventory to work.

    Back Office Suite is a publishing and subscription management software that features an extensive reporting option providing key management reports with instant up-to-date information displayed clearly in a dashboard or exported into a variety of formats.

    BluHorn SOLUTIONS is a web-based media buying software program accessible from any device. It is designed to organize, schedule and report media buys, whether for broadcast TV, cable TV, radio, outdoor or print and digital media

    The ConvertMedia PACT sell-side platform (SSP) enables publishers to manage Revenue Per Session for multiple instream and outstream units via a single tag. Publishers can easily configure ConvertMedia’s Breakthrough Video Units and choose which ad experience best integrates with their site, taking into account revenue goals alongside the user experience.

    The Genesis SSP powered by Page Intelligence improves the performance of outstream video. The platform tests and selects one of multiple formats on the fly, adapting to how the user is consuming the content.

    iBILLBOARD RTB platform will easily get your advertisement to the proper placements. Take a tour via its functionalities.

    Lineup created a new standard for software in the media industry by developing Adpoint, a cloud-based media sales solution that doesn't require a complex IT infrastructure to deploy and maintain. It can be accessed from any device- computers, tablets, and smartphones- keeping advertising sales reps in front of potential advertisers.

    NEWSCYCLE Advertising facilitates user-friendly and efficient selling in any possible combination of your print, digital and broadcast medias publications.

    Q1Media serves global, national, regional, and local brands by reaching custom audiences on high-performing, highly viewable ad inventory across video, display and mobile. Our platform, Q1Connect, unites the best of Q1Media -- our direct sold campaigns with our direct, high impact publishers. Q1Connect today is our best in class, end-to-end, high impact marketplace. Agencies and brands can tap into billions of impressions of highly viewable, MOAT validated inventory. Need something more specific? Leverage our first and third party data from partners like BlueKai, Peer39, Exelate, AffinityAnswers, Lotame and LiveRamp. Need behavioral, contextual, social or located based cues? We have you covered. We can target your individual intended user within 3 feet through Device ID targeting and/or proprietary polygon targeting. We can effectively increase foot traffic and measure our success by campaign. Need something more? Talk to us! We pride ourselves on being hyper responsive and always willing to help out a client. We've been in business for 14 years and strive to provide "bar none" customer service.

    Sulvo is an ad server, a marketplace and a pricing engine in one. Sulvo's pricing tools help publishers discover the true value of their inventory so they can prevent underselling valuable ad inventory.

    Vertoz is a programmatic advertising company that offers engaging and innovative advertising and monetization solutions which replaces the traditional methods of media buying and selling of advertisement. Our company’s proprietary technology, advanced capabilities and the programmatic platform is a highly scalable software platform that powers and optimizes the marketplace for the real-time trading of digital advertising inventory between advertisers and publishers. We call our platform as a “Ingenious Plex – The Complete Advertising and Monetization Suite”. Our Ingenious Programmatic Plex, self-serve DSP, gives your business uplift in terms of extended audience reach, optimized campaign delivery, cross platform optimization and the best conversion rates to match your advertising and marketing goals. Connect to our premium publishers, ad-exchanges and SSP’s to serve your ad to the right audience at right time and place. Target the right audience and reconnect with them anywhere. Hence, leverage our superior technology and unique custom models for your campaigns. Reach out to viewers universally with our multi-screen solutions. We ensure your advertising presence is present on all devices and platforms. Vertoz’s dedicated account specialists ensure complete optimization and support, while our experienced Ad Ops team monitors the quality of publisher websites that we partner with. Founded in 2012, Vertoz has offices worldwide with its global headquarter in New York, U.S.A Vertoz also has offices in other locations like San Francisco, London, Dubai, Mumbai & New Delhi.

    YuMe for Publishers (YFP) is a multi-screen programmatic platform providing publishers a full suite of awareness-driven monetization solutions.