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Survey software allows user to easily create online surveys, quizzes, polls, and other web forms that are then distributed to product users to conduct market research or solicit feedback and opinions. Survey software products give companies or individuals insight into what participants think of events, projects, customer service, or another aspect of their business. Survey software are third-party add-ons that work to amplify the efforts of the marketing and customer success departments to understand how their customers work and what they want. Surveys can either be pop-ups on the site or be sent out in email blasts.

Companies looking to send surveys based on triggered actions or timeframes should consider enterprise feedback management software, which also features more complex analytics tools compared to survey software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Survey category, a product must:

  • Allow the creation and customization of questions
  • Gather, report on, and archive response data
  • Be shareable and distributable
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    Customerly is a new and easy way to create true and strong relationships with your customers.

    Datagame enhances or replaces traditional online surveys with interactive, mobile-friendly gamified experiences. These gamified surveys significantly improve user engagement and response rates, yielding superior and more authentic insights. The growing Datagame catalog includes solutions for MaxDiff, image and logo testing, brand health research, customer feedback, and more.

    Easy-to-use, fair, and secure voting platform that helps organizations make decisions, elect leaders, and set new policies. Get the results you need to make the important decisions. Build your ballot in minutes and notify your voters. They'll cast their votes from anywhere, using any device. We ensure your data is secure, backed up, and there when you need it. With fully auditable and private voting events, we've consistently met strict security protocols for the last 16+ years.

    Enalyzer is a survey and polling software built on design principles of minimalism, simplicity, and aesthetics. We provide a fully responsive web app with powerful features and an uncluttered UI/UX which only shows items that require relevant actions. The noted clean interface enhances usability both for the user creating the survey and the respondent answering the survey. Enalyzer’s UI automatically adapts to all platforms, bringing the same experience to all users regardless of device or browser. This allows you to access your surveys and reports whenever and wherever you need them. Enalyzer provides intensive survey support to HR, sales and marketing, and business professionals. However, what makes Enalyzer appealing and widely used is the availability of a FREE plan with all the essential features, making it ideal for students, freelancers, startups and SMEs for their survey projects.

    Feedback Server’s designer uses the latest web 2.0 AJAX and technologies to create surveys quickly with simple drag and drops in a visual WYSIWYG environment.

    Fieldboom is a survey platform that offers a simple way to collect, understand and act on feedback from their user's customers.

    FormTitan is a cloud based tool for creating online web forms in a minutes you can create your form and start using it without no programming skills you can create an endless array of forms: contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls etc.

    Hively offers customer feedback and employee rewards solution.

    Hosted Survey is a fully web-hosted survey software application developed for researchers, evaluators and organizational improvement specialists.

    Place Kampyle feedback forms on your Website and start receiving feedback from your customers immediately in an orderly way.

    NetSpot is a wi-fi survey software that run a survey by walking, marking position on the map, collects data samples, watching Wi-Fi networks being detected and visualized. 15+ heatmap coverage graphs are available with customizable reports.

    Paperform is an online tool that enables anyone to easily create beautiful forms, payment or product pages that feel truly yours.

    Do-It-Yourself social and market research sample and surveys.

    Plotto is a video research platform designed to help uncover the truth through user-generated video responses.

    Riddle's quiz builder is intuitive and simple to use - no coding skills necessary. Your first quiz can be live on your site in just a few minutes.

    Samplify is a DIY research solution designed to let users create surveys, reach millions of consumers, and make meaningful discoveries all at their convenience.

    Create powerful online surveys with Sawtooth Software's Lighthouse Studio. Lighthouse Studio supports all the standard question types, including skip patterns, data piping, loops, and dynamic list building. With Lighthouse Studio you can also create conjoint analysis and MaxDiff surveys.

    Student Exit Interviews allows you to get information you need to help manage student retention and student enrollment.

    SurveyCrest is an online tool that enables users to create and design surveys.

    SurveyExpression is the perfect survey software tool. It offers for free what other survey platform vendors only offer for hundreds of dollars. SurveyExpression will help you design smart and beautiful online surveys in their web interface.

    SurveyMe is a presence driven application for dynamically creating and sending out customized surveys to individuals or specific groups within an organization.

    The Survey System is the most complete survey software package available! Create telephone, paper, mobile and web surveys. Create highly customizable professional reports online or on the desktop.

    Suzy is how leading companies harness collective insights from millions of consumers worldwide to gather realtime intelligence.

    Poll your audience live, count votes for school elections, engage event attendee's on the fly.

    Wyzerr harnesses artificial intelligence to turn feedback data into actionable insight for businesses.

    The intuitive questionnaire generator enables you to create your questionnaire quickly and professionally - even without prior knowledge.

    Absolute Poll Manager is a ready to run Out-Of-The Box survey software that will allow you to easily create professionally-looking surveys, collect instant feedback and business intelligence from your site's visitors.

    Addpoll provides software for creating online surveys, polls and forms on the web.

    Agreeable Research is a networked survey research platform, designed to map and measure qualitative relationships between respondents, identify points of persuasion, and multiply depth of insight.

    AkioSurvey is an online survey software that enables users to create, distribute and evaluate online surveys and polls.

    Survey Generator is Alstra's survey tool. It is web based and helps you to quickly carry out various forms of cost-effective surveys among colleagues, panels, customers or “the general public”.

    Android Survey Developer lets you create industry strength mobile surveys for Android, by developing on your Windows desktop

    askiaweb surveys is a desktop analysis software designed specifically for Market Research data.

    Attest conducts and offers high-volume market research and insights for data-driven companies.

    Automated Phone Surveys (IVR) is a call center automation software that helps optimize phone interviews and deliver IVR surveys via a private cloud hosting.

    BlueX is the easiest and most intuitive survey software, allowing any stakeholder within an organization to build better surveys faster. Through BlueX’s highly user-friendly, familiar, and accessible environment anyone can leverage a wide range of advanced survey features, custom templates, and question types, allowing them to capture the best data in a simple, smart, and delightful way. If you wish to learn more or to request a demo of BlueX, visit

    Checkbox offers online and on-premises survey software solution.

    ClickInsights offers one-click email surveys for customer feedback.

    Clicksurv is a survey tool to gauge customer experience, up-sell opportunities or any kind of feedback in minutes.

    CloudRatify is a customer feedback and survey software

    Collect Feedback has Leading Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations allow you to automatically trigger feedback request emails after customers purchase.

    Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback

    CryptoSurvey360 is powerful online survey software for simple & complex online surveys. It has all features, which you need to get genuine feedback.

    Build and manage engaging, interactive customer and patient surveys for data collection with touchscreen kiosks, tablets and web with the feature-rich and proven Digivey survey software. Design interactive survey questionnaires including conditional branching and skipping, randomization ranking and more. Multilingual questionnaires, pictures, video and audio are supported as well. Capabilities also include quizzes and assessments. Instantly view reports and results online or offline.

    DirectPoll offers tools to create and conduct polls in a minute.

    Unique survey software enables you to design, capture and export data anytime anywhere.

    Create powerful, yet simple polls that people will actually enjoy completing. Get higher response rates, and engage more people.

    A powerful yet very easy-to-use professional data collection tool that enables you to gather high quality data and populate sophisticated quotas all of which can be interpreted instantly. Whether your organisation focuses on interviewing via CATI, CAPI or WAPI/CAWI or a mixture of these methodologies, Dub InterViewer does the trick. Switching between collection modes during fieldwork is a breeze. No onsite installation required. Call centre in a box with our on-demand hosted Dialer as a service.

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