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Sustainability management software includes products that manage the use of non-renewable energy sources, reduce operational costs, and minimize the emission of harmful production byproducts.

Organizations use sustainability management software to ensure regulatory compliance, cut costs, boost brand image, catalyze product innovation, reduce inefficiencies, and identify producers of waste. The software manages energy waste, identifies the probable causes of the waste, manages the high costs associated with wasted energy use, regulates emissions levels, and provides sustainability analysis.

Sustainability management software integrates with all of the necessary infrastructure (metering and equipment) as well as existing organizational IT management systems. The software acts as a third-party, integrable monitor that plugs in and gathers data from the systems already in place. The integration with the existing IT infrastructure is necessary to accurately monitor emissions generated by and inefficiencies within operations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sustainability Management Software category, a product must:

  • Monitor resource use and carbon emissions
  • Produce data-driven reports
  • Integrate with necessary existing equipment
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