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A tag is a short piece of Javascript code that is embedded on web pages, mobile applications, and other relevant digital channels to collect first-party user data. Tag management software simplifies and unifies the management and maintenance of tags across all digital properties. This is important because the collected data from those tags equips companies with insight to drive better customer experience. With tag management software, marketers can consolidate and standardize the process of updating tags (streamlining any digital marketing campaigns) and reduce dependence on their IT or development teams. Furthermore, tag management software encourages agility. These solutions provide containers through which marketers can easily add, edit, or remove tags at will. Tag management software can vary in functionality, with the most advanced versions offering customization and data management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Tag Management category, a product must:

  • Collect, and then centralize, user data
  • Offer a simple interface for users both familiar and unfamiliar with code
  • Provide a library or catalog of tags
  • Deliver tag-testing capabilities or integrate with A/B testing solutions
  • Track and monitor user engagement and other user behaviors
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    Free website and app tag management by Google. Marketers want tag management that’s simple, reliable, and integrates easily with existing systems. That’s what Google Tag Manager delivers. You’ll launch programs faster, so you can make swifter decisions. Add and update your own tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more. Quickly deploy Google and third-party tags. Error checking, security features, and speedy tag loading ensure that all your tags work. Tag Manager improves collaboration across your business. Features like workspaces, granular access controls, and support for multi-environment testing mean that marketing and IT can work together efficiently.

    Use Tealium’s tag management system as the foundational elements of your marketing technology stack and as the backbone of your marketing data infrastructure.

    ObservePoint DataAssurance technology not only validates your digital data, but looks for data collection gaps that exist across your entire website.

    Blue Triangle helps online businesses optimize the critical moments in the customer journey where digital experience has the greatest impact on revenue. Our Digital Experience Analytics platform combines real-time marketing analytics with best-in-class performance management to find these critical moments and identify page-level enhancements that will directly improve digital KPIs. Blue Triangle was named a Gartner "Cool Vendor"​ in 2017 and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies in retail, travel and hospitality. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Richmond, VA. For more information, please visit

    This solution makes it easy for marketing teams to manage their site tags quickly and easily, without burdening their own IT department. Beyond offering unprecedented data accuracy, the ad tech solution also helps to speed up page loads, improves overall site performance and allows marketing teams to be more nimble and responsive to opportunities as they arise.

    An effective tag management system allows Marketers to create the ideal online customer experience and delivers actionable data for business leaders. When managing tens of thousands of tags across desktop, mobile, and tablet, deploying and validating tags is cumbersome and bad data often skews dashboard reporting. eClerx Digital’s tag management consultants assist marketers from the early stages of addressing their business objectives and tagging needs, and then provide ongoing support and training. Applying a comprehensive tag management solution, our experts systematically identify and solve data quality issues, and then create a scalable implementation process that assures accurate, complete, and trustworthy data for sound decision-making.

    Ensighten Manage, the anchor of the leading tag management solution, to create the foundation for orchestrating better omni-channel experiences.

    Impact is a marketing technology company helping brands grow by optimizing their paid marketing and media spend. The Impact platform was designed to respond to marketers’ demands for simplicity, transparency, performance, and confidence to drive growth through marketing. The platform is the first native integration of leading solutions to stop ad fraud, enable more confident decisions through media measurement, attribution, and mix optimization, and create new performance partnerships, including with influencers and strategic partners. Founded in Santa Barbara, CA in 2008, Impact has seven offices across the United States, Europe, and Asia. ** Formerly Impact Radius

    Mezzobit acts like a firewall for audience data, empowering digital enterprises to choose exactly what is collected and tracked about their visitors.

    OpenX’s vision is to unleash the full economic potential of digital media companies through superior advertising technology.

    Piwik PRO is a marketing suite crafted to the needs of enterprise clients. It consists of an analytics, tag management, content personalization and data activation tools designed with great commitment to data privacy. Its main products can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. Piwik PRO is fully compliant with strict EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The product allows you to not only collect, analyze, and activate your data, but also manage and control your digital marketing efforts from one, centralized platform. These features are especially useful for big data and multi-channel analytics. Piwik PRO Marketing Suite Highlights WEB ANALYTICS Hosted in the cloud or on your infrastructure, Piwik PRO Web Analytics gives full control of your data, no matter where it is hosted. You’ll also have access to a full suite of advanced features like: advanced audience segmentation, content, campaign, and event tracking, Adwords integration, and more. Your data will be unsampled and available real-time so you can make quick, accurate decisions. Seamless integration across the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite (PPMS) means that Analytics will play nicely with all other features. TAG MANAGER You can manage all your tracking pixels and tags across hundreds on websites without constantly editing code, and without extensive technical knowledge. Increase the agility of your marketing efforts with Tag Manager’s simple UI and large library of templates. You can also easily manage your tags in a team environment by using the built-in permissions management system. PERSONALIZATION Create a better experience for your visitors by displaying dynamic content based on their behavior. All the data you have collected and used to segment your audience can also help create a tailor-made experience for your users. With Content Personalization you can deliver hand-picked offers for selected segments and groups of customers. Design each campaign with our ready-to-go messages and pop-ups. Easily implement, change, and test banners, pop-ups and other on-site promotions. CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM Add value to your segmented audience data by running retargeting campaigns with Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform. Export audience segments to Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, DSPs (such as AppNexus, The Trade Desk, and Adform) or to email marketing and automation platforms. Create single customer views to get even deeper insights into customer behavior. No matter what CDP features you use, you'll retain full ownership and any sensitive data will be protected. CONSENT MANAGER Make your marketing stack GDPR-compliant with Piwik PRO GDPR Consent Manager. Collect visitor consents to respect user privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests from one place. CUSTOM REPORTS Create advanced reports in seconds, even for websites & apps with more than 2 bln actions. Get answers to your analytics questions with custom tables and charts created with a simple drag and drop editor. To learn more about our products, visit

    Qubit Opentag® is an enterprise-class tag management solution, which helps ease the maintenance hassles that come with managing dozens of vendor relationships and their various tags.

    Enterprise grade full-service tag management platform at flat annual fee with free implementation and migration so your team can focus on boosting the bottom line.

    TagCommander is a tag management system that helps you manage technical resources, marketing activites, and campaign preformance.

    Tag Defender®: your tag management safety net.

    Tag Inspector is a tag testing platform that is designed for marketers, by marketers.