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Best Technical Skills Screening Software

Technical skills screening software provides companies with technical talent screening solutions. Organizations use technical skills testing to assess candidates’ employment suitability based on their technical abilities. This pre-employment testing solution typically provides companies with multiple coding language options and varying levels of difficulty, followed by an objective candidate skills ranking. Technical skills screening solutions might provide company branding, talent sourcing, online interviewing, and candidate experience solutions.

Some technical skills testing solutions provide programmers with coding skills lessons, challenges, and games to develop their skills and promote their experience to companies looking to hire. Some technical skills screening solutions also provide industry-based hiring and personality testing, as well as other soft skills testing. These solutions should not be confused with soft skills assessment software, which screens candidates for aptitude, personality, and essential work skills. These pre-employment testing solutions often provide integrations with applicant tracking system (ATS) software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Technical Skills Screening category, a product must:

  • Help organizations build their talent pool
  • Provide tools to test candidates’ technical skills
  • Include reporting tools that sort, compare, and analyze candidate results
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    HackerRank is a skills-based tech hiring platform that helps companies evaluate technical skills, better. We’re driving a new paradigm shift by eliminating resumes and creating opportunities for hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide. Over 1,000 companies across industries, including VMware, Twitter and Capital One, use HackerRank to build strong engineering teams. Attract and source high-quality, passionate developers using a HackerRank Jobs, the bridge between you and our community of 2M+ developers. Let candidates screen themselves with a auto-scored coding challenges. And interview the top performers with CodePair, which combines a video stream with live coding. Visit to learn more.

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    Codility is a software platform that helps tech recruiters and hiring managers engage, recruit, and train stronger engineers, faster. World-class tech hiring teams at companies like Amazon, Intel, and Citi choose Codility to: - Reduce engineering time spent in recruitment overall, and focusing engineering time on the most qualified candidates. - Minimize false negatives and false positives by implementing skills-based assessments with fair, reliable, and unbiased scoring. - Accelerate time-to-hire by identifing top candidates faster and arming hiring managers with high-quality insights into their candidates’ skills. - Reduce unconscious bias and increase objectivity to support diversity. - Create better candidate experiences and improve employer branding. Since 2009, tech recruiters have been using Codility to attract, screen and interview candidates based on their real-life engineering and fundamental programming skills. The Codility assessment engine provides a clear signal as to which candidates are the most promising to advance in your process based on their real technical skill. Onsite, hiring managers can use Codility to run live coding sessions with their candidates, all recorded and shareable directly via API or via direct integration with your applicant tracking system. Screen candidates accurately with CodeCheck. Use CodeCheck to assess the real-life development skills, fundamental programming skills, and technical knowledge during the early stages of the recruitment funnel. Run better tech interviews with CodeLive. CodeLive provides an online room to collaborate and code with your candidates in real-time tech interviews. Train and assess your team with CodeTrain. Use CodeTrain to align your L&D programs with the key skills you want to uplevel in your team. Engage engineers online with CodeChallenges. Use CodeChallenges to ignite action amongst your developer database of fans and followers, or at specific events. Build your employer brand with a Sponsored Challenge. Cast a wider net by sponsoring an online coding challenge on Codility's Programmers' Home. You can try Codility out yourself by starting a free trial at or contact us directly on UK: +44 (208) 970 7868 or US: +1 (415) 466-8085.

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    Interview Mocha is a premier pre-employment skill testing solution that helps companies of all sizes in hiring the job-fit candidates better & faster. Interview Mocha proves to be the world’s largest skill assessments provider with its ready 1000+ skill tests in IT, Aptitude, Finance, Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc. We have successfully helped 1000+ clients with our skill testing/assessment solution. We have clients like: -Hexaware -SecurityBank -RxLogix -SDL -ADP -Ferrovial -Altran -Proven Method -TekSystem & more.. Features of Interview Mocha: -1000+ ready skill tests -Fastest custom test -Advanced cheating prevention -Seamless ATS integration -Enterprise-ready assessment platform -Advanced hiring analytics -200+ languages support for adding the questions -Company branding Are you looking for a solution that can fulfill all your skill testing needs? So go ahead, choose Interview Mocha and spend time with only relevant candidates. You can start exploring Interview Mocha by signing up for your free trial on You can also contact us on +1-408-641-3289 or inbox us at Have a Happy Skill Testing!!!

    Automated testing of programming skills. Ask candidates to write real code, before calling them for an interview. To test if a candidate will be good at work, we give them a sample of the actual work. Science has proved that this has a better correlation with work performance than indirect measures such as IQ, personality or education level.

    Devskiller is a developer screening and online interview platform powered by RealLifeTesting™ methodology. The tool allows you to find developers with the right skill set, shortening your Time-to-Hire by 60%. Our programming tests mirror the 1st day of work experience to identify top performers. They go beyond testing languages by testing frameworks, libraries, and databases. We make sourcing easier with both the proven method we teach in our technical recruitment course and the tools we provide to conduct hackathons.

    HackerEarth Recruit is an online skill assessment platform for conducting programming tests to evaluate developers, it saves the pain of going through hundreds of resumes, by automating the process of evaluating technical skills, which helps to quickly filter the right candidates for interviews.

    Xobin Interact is an online assessment platform that uses Machine Learning and Psychology to help organizations hire the best candidates. Interact has a library of over 100 Pre-Built Assessments, 15,000+ questions and 20+ Psychometric Assessments across Job roles and Industries.

    VidInterviewing by VidCruiter is the world’s most advanced video interviewing platform. Our system offers pre-recorded and live video interviewing that can be customized to meet any recruitment scenario and has helped companies of all sizes find better quality applicants in a faster and more cost-effective way.

    Discover The Best Talent, Faster with HireVue Hiring Intelligence Video Interviews and AI-Driven Pre-Hire Assessments Learn more:

    QuodeIT helps an organization to find the best technical talent in quick time with its pre-employment skill-based assessments. QuodeIT makes sure that you hire the best talent with it's diversified and unique set of questions from the different domain, detailed analysis report and robust proctoring methods. Save your valuable billable time and money by 80%. Sit back, relax and let QuodeIT help you. Happy assessment!

    CodeGround(CG) is an online assessment tools and evaluation system, focused on helping recruiters in initial screening of potential candidates.

    CodeFights Recruiter is an easy to use, affordable SAAS application to source and measure engineering talent. Companies can use CodeFights Recruiter testing and interviewing tools as a standalone application to assess engineering candidates in their pipeline. As a testing and measurement application, CodeFights Recruiter offers state of the art functionality such as the ability to create real-world custom tests that go beyond data structures and algorithms. All candidate submissions are checked for plagiarism and CodeFights Recruiter is integrated with popular ATS platforms like Greenhouse and Lever. In addition Codefights Recruiter supports 38 programming languages, offers an interactive development environment (IDE) and a collaborative coding environment. In addition, to testing and measurement, the Codefights Recruiter Source module lets companies tap into the CodeFights developer community and source diverse, pre-qualified technical talent. As programmers use CodeFights to practice their programming skills and prepare for technical interviews, their skills are tracked, measured and quantified. Codefights Recruiter applies machine learning matchmaking to a company’s open jobs and hiring history with an engineer's skills, so the application is able to recommend the most qualified engineering candidates for each role. It's a win win for technical recruiters and engineering hiring managers!

    DoSelect is a collaborative and technology independent hiring tool for companies, designed to test real skills of the candidates.

    gitDiscovered is a talent sourcing tool for IT recruiters.

    Py for Work makes it faster and more efficient to evaluate technical candidates.

    CodeBunk is an online coding interview tool.

    CoderPad helps businesses interview the candidates in an intuitive live programming environment

    CodinGame Assessment is a web-based screening platform for tech recruiting.

    Geektastic allows companies that hire software engineers to code challenge candidates on their platform as part of the hiring process.

    Sourcing the Best Engineering Talent in Open Source

    A career advisor that will scour every job board, find matching positions and even help you land the opportunity.

    Mix of inbound outbound sourcing which helps you create a pipeline of relevant people faster. Helps you assess and rate people in pipeline by reducing the noise of below par candidates.

    KareerMatrix is an Open, End to End Digital hiring platform and it connect candidates to new opportunities in any location and it accelerates the “sourcing to hire” cycle for businesses

    Lytmus is a virtual machine-based assessment platform that allows the best engineers to demonstrate what they know in realistic settings, and provides high-signal data to potential employers.


    Mettl is one of the largest and fastest growing assessment and skill measurement company in India with an annual run rate of more than 6 Million assessments today. Mettl serves 1500+ corporates, 24 sector skill councils / government departments and 10+ educational institutions through their innovative offerings for recruitment, talent management and technology solutions around assessments with a global presence in over 80 countries. Mettl has won various accolades in the recent past - NSDC has selected Mettl as one of the 14 companies to drive innovation in the skills area in India and Thomas Friedman has written about Mettl and its technology impact in New York Times. Additionally, we're also a winner of Michael Porter & IFC-Mint Strategy Award for Technology Enabled Assessments, held annually to recognize and honor the best Indian companies in different niche categories. Mettl’s key differentiators are spread across an innovative technology platform, strong assessment and item development and management process, deep analytics and operational excellence to conduct assessments in every nook and corner of India. Mettl's auto‐proctoring technology (remote invigilation technology) ensures that authenticity of an assessment is maintained even when tests are taken remotely during recruitment, training effectiveness and certification. Mettl is 6 years old, backed by top investors and is led by two IIT-IIM alumnus.

    NerdGeek Lab is a limber platform for job and intern strivers. It gives a platform to carry out high-quality, large-scale, multi-city projects in eminently efficient and cost competitive way for organizations as well. Our objective is to equip students with skills & practical exposure through internships and online training by giving them adventitious projects to give their career a kick start it needs.

    The Most Effective Way to Assess Engineers Identify the best technical candidates faster with Code Assessments and Pair Programming Interviews.

    SkillRobo is a Pre-Employment Testing and Online Assessment Software which allows you to create customized tests to screen candidates based on specific skills and hire them. It’s effective, easy to customize and time-saving.

    Technically Compatible has been designed to significantly reduce the time spent screening IT candidates and equip HR and recruitment professionals with the information they need to make rapid, well-informed hiring decisions

    Test Programming Skills Online before inviting candidates to interview! Testing Service for Recruiters, HR Managers and Team Leads