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Test automation software controls the execution of software tests. It simplifies the testing process for software engineers by using the minimum set of scripts, along with saving their teams time and money. These tools, typically utilized by large enterprises, allow teams to run pre-scripted tests on their applications before they are pushed into production. After running trials, these tools can report the outcomes and compare results to previous tests. Test automation software can run tests repeatedly and at any point throughout the day. This function is critical to continuous delivery and continuous testing.

To qualify for inclusion in the Test Automation Software category, a product must:

  • Execute software tests
  • Run outcome reports
  • Compare outcomes to previous tests
  • Carry out tests multiple times a day
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    Test Automation reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

    Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud-based platform for the automated testing of web and mobile applications. Founded by the original creator of Selenium, Sauce Labs helps companies accelerate software development cycles, improve application quality, and deploy with confidence across 800+ browser / OS platforms, including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android & Mac OS X. Optimized for Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous delivery (CD), our highly scalable cloud is built to handle the most secure data from our customers, who range from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, located across the globe. To date, more than 800 million tests have run on the Sauce Labs cloud. For more info or to sign up for a 14-day trial, visit http://saucelabs.com.

    Sauce Labs Reviews

    TestComplete is a powerful and robust automated GUI testing tool for mobile, web and desktop applications. Create accurate and repeatable automated tests across multiple devices, platforms, and environments quickly and easily – whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced automation engineer. When testing today’s modern applications, it’s important that your tools are as agile and flexible as possible. TestComplete enables teams to script in multiple languages including JavaScript, VBScript, and Python, or built complex tests via record and playback capabilities. The tool also comes with built-in support for popular open source frameworks and tools like Selenium and SoapUI, as well as CI/CD tools like Jenkins and Jira. By giving you the ability to run tests in parallel across 1500+ remote test environments, including browsers, operating systems and resolution configurations, TestComplete can significantly increase your tests coverage and delivery speed - ultimately helping save costs. Under pressure to increase quality in faster release cycles? No problem. With TestComplete, you can create, manage and run tests for any mobile, web, or desktop software.

    SoapUI is the world's most trusted open source API testing tool

    Semaphore lets you test and deploy code at the push of a button with hosted continuous integration and delivery. After you push code to GitHub or Bitbucket, it quickly runs your tests on a platform with first-class Docker support and 100+ tools preinstalled. Semaphore lets you parallelize your builds, get feedback right inside pull requests, and deploy more often in a unified workflow. Already trusted by thousands of businesses around the globe, it can help your team move faster too.

    For REST, SOAP and other popular API and IoT protocols, SoapUI Pro provides the industry's most comprehensive and easy-to-learn functional testing capabilities. Based on open core technology proven by millions of community members, SoapUI Pro helps you ensure that your APIs perform as intended, meet your business requirements, timeframes, and team skill sets right from day one.

    UFT allows you to make automated testing more efficient and help developers and testers collaborate.

    BrowserStack is a web and mobile testing platform.

    Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of your Web applications, Web Services, packaged Oracle Applications and Oracle databases.

    pCloudy is a Unified App Testing Platform for performing manual as well as automation testing on more than 500 mobile devices (smartphones & tablets) hosted on cloud. It provides hosts of other services like bot testing, in-field user experience testing. pCloudy provides On Premise, Private and Public device cloud solutions which enterprises can choose from based on their needs. With rising digital spectrum, it now offers a complete digital assurance platform where testing apps on all digital channels like mobile, mobile web and IOT is possible. It has also been recognized by top industry analysts including Gartner and Forrester that included the products in latest report on mobile testing tool landscape.

    pCloudy Reviews

    Micro Focus Quality Center Enterprise is the proven leader in IT quality management and fully supports your quality testing center of excellence (TCoE) initiative.

    TestingWhiz is a Code-less Test Automation Tool for Functional, Regression and Database Testing of your Web, Mobile and Cloud-based Applications. It is a Test Automation Tool, which can perform end-to-end testing like Functional, Regression, Database, Big Data, Web UI, Cross Browser testing & Distributed Execution for Web, Mobile and Cloud Apps.

    Apache JMeter desktop application is open source software, a 100% pure Java application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance.

    CrossBrowserTesting is a cloud testing platform that gives instant access to 1500+ different real desktop and mobile browsers for testers, developers, and designers.

    The easiest to use Web Automation tool on the market, widely used by Enterprise QA’s for testing, but easy enough for anyone. Get automating for WPF, Silverlight, Web, HTML, Angular, React, KUIB, iOS, Android, Mobile Web, and API’s. Test Studio is ideal for a no-code or low-code approach for: QA Test Automation, Application Monitoring, Performance and Load Testing, Web/Marketing Process Automation, and Mobile App Automation.

    LoadRunner is the industry-standard software solution for application performance and load testing. LoadRunner emulates hundreds or thousands of concurrent virtual users, with minimal hardware, to apply accurate workloads to any application. As it drives load against the system, LoadRunner captures end-user response times for business processes and transactions to determine whether the application can meet the required service-level agreements. Nonintrusive, real-time performance monitors captures real-time performance data from every component of application infrastructure. After the test completes, the LoadRunner analysis engine provides a single view of end-user response time and infrastructure-level performance to identify the most likely causes of performance issues. Learn more at microfocus.com/loadrunner

    Create Better Software qTest by QASymphony provides a suite of software testing solutions for development teams in agile and DevOps environments, we provide solutions for: test management, exploratory testing, test automation management, BI Test Analytics, and Behavior Driven Development.

    qTest Reviews

    Ranorex Studio is an all-in-one test automation solution that is easy for test automation beginners, but powerful for experts. Build automated tests with the reliable capture-and-replay tool, drag-and-drop UI objects and code modules for keyword-driven testing, or create tests in C# or VB.NET using Ranorex Studio’s full IDE. Execute tests on desktop, web, or mobile endpoints. Ranorex supports iOS and Android testing on real devices or simulators/emulators. For web applications, Selenium WebDriver is built into the Ranorex core API, so that you can distribute cross-browser tests on a Selenium grid. Ranorex integrates with tools such as JIRA, TestRail, Bugzilla, Git and more, so that you can build a complete automated testing toolchain. Get started with your free, full-featured 30-day Ranorex Studio trial here: https://www.ranorex.com/free-trial/

    TestArchitect is more than just an automation tool. It is a productivity platform that empowers teams to develop sets of scalable, easy to maintain tests. Built around the Action Based Testing methodology, TestArchitect makes authoring tests quick and easy for testers of any experience level. TestArchitect has two product versions, TestArchitect Enterprise and TestArchitect Team. TestArchitect team is available for free download at ww.testarchitect.com

    Zephyr provides the worlds most widely used software test management solutions, powering more than 18,000 customers and 5 million users across 100 countries. Zephyr is leading the global transformation toward DevOps and Continuous Testing Agility through widely-adopted advanced quality management, automation and analytics tools. Today, companies and teams of all sizes rely on Zephyr's end-to-end solutions, unmatched scalability and support.

    Zephyr Reviews

    Ghost Inspector is an automated website testing and monitoring tool that allows user to create automated browser tests to test the functionality of website or application and run them continuously from the cloud to check for regressions.

    Katalon Studio is a free and robust automation solution for API, Web, and Mobile testing. It eliminates the complexities of building an automation framework by integrating all necessary test components with built-in keywords and project templates. Katalon Studio includes the full feature set for a complete test automation process covering multiple platforms and testing types. New users can get started with test automation using its easy-to-use interface and the intelligent record & playback engine while advanced users can design and implement test strategies realizing CI/DevOps best practices. Developers and testers will find Katalon configurable scripting modes effective for their testing needs and programming skills. Katalon Studio is trusted and supported by an active community of over 150K users from 150+ countries around the world.

    With the industry’s #1 Continuous Testing platform, Tricentis is recognized for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Through risk-based testing, scriptless end-to-end test automation, and the industry’s most extensive technology support, Tricentis breaks through the barriers experienced with conventional software testing methods. Our innovative technologies simplify testing for even the most complex enterprise applications—transforming testing from a roadblock to a catalyst for innovation. Tricentis is the only vendor to achieve “leader” status in all three top analyst reports. This honor is based on our technical leadership and a Global 2000 customer base of over 800+ companies. These customers rely on Tricentis to achieve and sustain test automation rates of over 90%—increasing risk coverage while accelerating testing to keep pace with Agile and DevOps. Tricentis has offices in Austria, Australia, Germany, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, United States and the UK. To learn more, visit https://www.tricentis.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

    Increase efficiency and quality of software delivery with test planning, workflow control, tracking, and metrics reporting. Available on prem and as SaaS. Use comprehensive test plans Use test plans that are customizable live artifacts which capture a variety of testing activity dimensions. Meet regulatory requirements Provides help to meet regulatory requirements and get ready for compliance audits. Get reporting with a purpose Always have an accurate real-time status without having to ping each and every team member. Run test scripts quickly Accelerate manual testing using rich text, in-line images and assisted data entry and validation for precise test definition and execution. Accelerate time to value Use the cloud to get up and running faster and focus on technological innovation. Better manage your machines Whether it is a test lab or virtual machines, track all your lab resources in one place. Make sure that the required resources to execute your test plan are available.

    Fed up relying on manual testing? Rapise is a powerful and easy to use automated software testing system. It provides the ability to test your desktop, web and mobile applications in a single, easy to use package. With support for myriad technologies including, HTML, REST, Silverlight, Java, WPF, .NET, iOS, Android and packaged applications such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.com, Rapise is your go to test automation package.

    Fast delivery and high quality shouldn’t cause a conflict in software testing. Maintain rigorous quality standards and accelerate application testing on any device and platform with Silk Test (formerly Borland Silk Test). Standardize validation efforts by testing web, mobile, rich-client, and enterprise applications using a single, powerful test automation solution.

    Provar is the only code-free, integrated automation testing tool for Salesforce. Its unique metadata integration makes it easy to build and maintain tests.

    Applause is the worldwide leader in crowd-sourced digital quality testing. Software is at the heart of how all brands engage users, and digital experiences must work flawlessly everywhere. With 300,000+ testers available on-demand around the globe, Applause provides brands with a full suite of testing and feedback capabilities. This approach drastically improves testing coverage, eliminates the limitations of offshoring and traditional QA labs, and speeds time-to-market for websites, mobile apps, IoT, and in-store experiences. Thousands of leading companies — including Ford, Fox, Google, and Dow Jones — rely on Applause as a best practice to deliver high-quality digital experiences that customers love. Learn more at www.applause.com.

    CloudQA is a testing automation platform for web application which allows to build reliable, code less, reusable cross-browser test cases for effective test automation.

    Eggplant provides GUI driven digital automation intelligence and customer experience insight solutions that test and monitor across the broadest range of interfaces, platforms and devices, and generate predictive analytics for the end-to-end user journey.

    Endtest is a platform that allows to create, manage and run automated tests for web applications without writing any code.

    EveryStep is a free automation tool that records “every step” of a web transaction and replays the script using a real browser. Schedule scripts to run on your machine at set intervals and receive alerts when errors occur.

    Micro Focus Performance Center is designed to help plan and execute tests across multiple global projects.

    Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing is a functional automated testing software.

    QMetry’s Digital Quality Platform is tailor-made for the digital transformation challenges of Agile and DevOps teams. It enables enterprises to match the pace of agile software development with a range of modern and intelligent testing tools. Covering the full gamut of the QE lifecycle, our platform covers test management, automation, predictive and prescriptive analytics(backed by AI and ML) to optimize test coverage, reduce duplicates and shift left with quality engineering. QMetry’s test management tools are highly scalable, automation-ready, offering multiple integrations and work for everyone from startups and small teams to large, multi-location teams. Our suite of test management tools is used across sectors such as BFSI, Hardware, Technology, Healthcare, Education and also on the Atlassian ecosystem enabling organizations to deliver high quality digital assets faster with confidence.

    Reliable GUI Test Automation that works. Use Squish for the automation of your cross-platform desktop, mobile, embedded and web GUI tests. Testing the user interface of today's applications is a very complex and error-prone task. Automating this task is challenging, but approached correctly very rewarding. The Squish GUI Tester is the tool of choice for several thousand companies worldwide and a 100% cross-platform tool, features Desktop, Mobile, Embedded & Web Applications include Qt, QtQuick, QML, Java, AWT, Swing, SWT, RCP, JavaFx, Windows, Mac, Tk, 4Js, iOS, Android, Embedded (Qt, Windows, Java) and Web, HTML5, Flex & JavaApplets. testing on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix. Mobile and Embedded testing on Android, iOS, embedded Linux and RTOSes such as QNX Eclipse-based IDE based object identification & Toolkit API Support tests in your choice of Python, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby & Tcl BDD tests with built-in (Gherkin) Feature File recording, playback & reporting testing capabilities complete with drill-down details, execution statistics and multiple output formats options with many ALM and Continuous Integration tools for executing and managing tests as well as a complete command-line interface Find out more today at https://www.froglogic.com/squish/

    The Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) is an open source, multi-platform, multi-language framework designed around the idea of reusable components, called services (such as process invocation, resource management, logging, and monitoring). STAF removes the tedium of building an automation infrastructure, thus enabling you to focus on building your automation solution.

    Test automation to make manual testing more efficient and let developers and testers collaborate.

    WAPT Pro is a load and performance testing tool that works for any web site from a simple web service to a customized ERP or CRM solution. Mobile web applications, corporate portals and intranet sites implemented with any technologies can be easily tested with WAPT Pro. The test is created in a matter of minutes by recording it in a browser. A few clicks are required to make thousands virtual users concurrently execute duplicated sessions against your site. A convenient user interface lets you design data-driven tests with help of variables and session-specific values extracted from the server responses. This is done explicitly in the properties of each HTTP request. No scripting is required for the test implementation. Descriptive graphs and reports will let you analyze the performance parameters of the system components under various load conditions. You can isolate and fix any bottlenecks and optimize your software and hardware configuration. WAPT Pro is quite efficient and scalable. While the default configuration is sufficient to run up to 4k concurrent virtual users, you can easily extend it by adding multiple servers connected to a single workplace component. This way you can emulate up to 1M users. All components can be used in any virtual or cloud environment. A special edition is provided through the Amazon EC2, where you can use it at hourly price that depends on the test load volume.

    Automate the functional testing of mission-critical processes end-to-end across complex application landscapes, including web technologies, mobile apps, big data, hybrid cloud environments, and dozens of packaged enterprise applications.

    Appvance IQ is an AI driven, unified test automation system. It delivers transformational productivity gains in both test creation and execution, the former through AI scripting and codeless test creation, the latter through unified functional, performance and security testing. Appvance IQ is easy to adopt, in part because it runs native scripts from other automation and easily connects to DevOps tooling.

    Complete whole system tests in hours, not weeks. Eliminate coordination with end users and test on your schedule.

    aqua (= aligned quality assurance) is the application lifecycle management solution for software quality assurance and IT project management. aqua combines the management of requirements, defects and manual as well as automated test cases into one test management tool and remains simple and intuitive to operate - even barrier-free. The right structures for a coordinated test management are thus created and effective test automation becomes possible. In this way, aqua enables accelerated working and faster development processes. You save time and money and thus ensure your holistic project success.

    The ServiceNow Automated Testing Framework allows you to automate your own custom tests to validate functionality prior to production deployments. The testing framework is scalable and portable across all ServiceNow releases and can reduce testing timeframes and eliminate many of the risk variables associated with the upgrade process.

    Component Testing Software is an integrated, component-based test framework that helps you accelerate functional test automation.

    CA InterTest Batch helps to deliver applications with intertest mainframe debugging tools and can improve application stability by preventing errors before they occur.

    CARINA is a Java solution for efficient automated testing. It is a free tool and provides testing on any platform.

    Delphix’s mission is to connect people to data and accelerate innovation. Fortune 100 companies use the Delphix Dynamic Data Platform to connect, virtualize, secure and manage data in the cloud and in on-premise environments. For more information visit www.delphix.com.

    IT services company helping organizations to maximize engineering productivity and accelerate continuous delivery by bringing three dimensions of automation; DevOps ++

    Find out what’s slowing down your website and learn how to improve it.

    ETS is an automated testing solution. Users have unlimited IVR testing opportunities. Various testing scenarios can be generated and tested for.

    Applitools Eyes is a cloud-based automated visual testing solution for web, mobile and desktop apps, helping companies verify that GUI & functionality are proeprly displayed to the end user, across all devices and browsers.

    Open source test automation tool that is simple and flexible to use, written in golang and completely hackable.

    Hammer On-Demand is a solution capable of automating functional and regression testing for voice-enabled applications. It delivers comprehensive reporting to rapidly detect regression bugs and new defects in addition to tracking project process.

    iCEDQ is an ETL testing & monitoring software developed by Torana Incorporation. It is a DataOps Automation Software for ETL Testing and Data Migration Testing as well as a Data Quality Governance platform for enterprises. Reports generated by iCEDQ help businesses with better decision making. iCEDQ performs data auditing & data testing wherever huge amount of data is involved. iCEDQ provides a complete automated solution with a built-in ability to audit, validate and reconcile data across heterogeneous data sets. It is an automated platform used for testing data during development and then monitoring it once it goes into the production. It is an independent rules engine specifically designed for data validation/ auditing/ reconciliation between the source and target system. iCEDQ is built around a flexible, scalable and portable rules engine capable of combating challenges faced by QA in DDLC (Data Development Life Cycle) projects.

    Automatically distribute your Ruby tests evenly across CI nodes and save hours per week.

    Powerful and lightweight functional testing solution built specifically for continuous testing and continuous integration.

    Build Web, Desktop, and Virtual Desktop automation cases in minutes with Leaptest, the automation platform for users at all business levels. The Leaptest Automation Platform relies on visual building blocks rather than programming, making it the most accessible automation tool in the market even for complex testing requirements. Design and execute test cases from day one with flowchart-based automation for web, desktop, and virtual desktop applications. No coding skills or in-depth system knowledge are required, letting both specialists and management build automation for practically any application. Advanced capabilities, simple to operate Build cases visually - Draw and click to design automation cases. Leaptest Studio includes a library of pre-set building blocks that can be combined to cover practically every scenario in application testing. Schedule and monitor - Create fully customizable run schedules of your automation cases on both local and remote environments. Monitor performance of the cases and be notified when something fails. Report performance - Make the right decisions with powerful live dashboards and reports. Replay automation flows and walk through the recorded videos and logs to fully understand the case. Emulate real user interaction - Click and capture case elements in and between applications with ease. Build both simple and intricate flows utilizing advanced math and logic. Drive automation with data - Drive cases with data from spreadsheets, APIs, and databases. Call external sources through API and HTTP requests and use the results live. Automate legacy applications - Automate any application including terminals and legacy systems, as well as custom-built and industry-specific applications. An architecture that works for, not against, you Test on premises or in the cloud - Run automation cases on any device. Do it on premises, in closed networks, or in the cloud. A centralized Controller component takes care of scheduling and monitoring. Safe data handling - Take control of where and how your test data is stored. Ensure secure testing of critical and confidential systems and data in corporate or closed networks. Works in poor network conditions - Test automation cases are sent to the Runtime Agent ahead of execution, eliminating the risk of tests breaking due to latency and network lagging. Fully featured and public REST API - Plug Leaptest into your Continuous Delivery pipeline and integrate with your existing build and ALM systems—or any other application—using our public REST API. Out of the box product – personal support Chat with experts - Our skilled automation support specialists are ready to solve any problem and to answer your questions on all technical levels. Learning Center - Get even smarter on flowchart-based test automation by utilizing our Learning Center. Find resources on basic and advanced automation. Regular product updates - The Leaptest Automation Platform is a living product constantly under improvement. New features are rolled out regularly.

    mabl is the only ML-driven test automation service that automatically maintains tests and identifies regressions for you.

    Micro Focus Business Process Testing is an integrated, component-based test framework designed to help users accelerate functional test automation.

    NAVIK ConceptAI is an AI enabled rapid concept testing tool for marketers and researchers with guided research design and decisive Go/No Go results.

    OctoPerf is a load testing service dedicated to applications & websites developped in HTTP(s) It is based on the open-source load testing reference: JMeter. It allows you to try the robustness of your target over a peak of user traffic. It also highlights its contention points. Important challenges such as the Google ranking or conversion rate optimization depends on these problematics. 3 main OctoPerf's values: - Accessibility: pricing policy as well as physical access. It is a Saas, the service can be reached via Internet through a simple browser without any installation. In addition, we offer competitive pricing adapted to the customer profile. The idea is to democratize the approach to performance testing. To open it for any webmaster because all of them share common stakes. Our prices start at € 39 for the smaller budgets! - Reliability: OctoPerf launches tests in optimal and realistic situations (multi-device, multi-network, multi-geographical simulations) and provides comprehensive and very detailed results. - Modernity: The creation of test scenarios is very simple thanks to a Drag & Drop system. OctoPerf is based in the cloud and usable via a simple and powerful user interface. Try OctoPerf now, simulate thousands of users on your website to ensure it holds the charge.

    QARA (Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation) is an integrated platform that supports both Manual and Automated Test Case Management.

    Automate functional and regression testing of web, Windows, and Java applications, and load test web applications. Most testing solutions are dedicated to functional testing or load testing. QA Wizard Pro does both without compromise, so you'll only have to learn one new tool. Use existing functional test scripts, or write completely new ones, to measure web site performance under real-world usage scenarios. Run existing functional test scripts under stressed conditions by limiting network, memory, and disk access.

    Qualibrate is our next generation test accelerator. Qualibrate embraces the DevOps paradigm to help agile teams continuously validate packaged applications such as ERP and CRM systems, or web applications to ensure the right level or quality is never compromised. Qualibrate offers the ultimate test automation solutions, as well as supports Accelerated Manual testing.

    Qualitia is a scriptless test automation tool that is language and platform agnostic and leverages the power of Selenium, Appium, and UFT.

    Continuous Delivery, with all its innovation, comes with serious quality challenges that companies must address. For quality to prevail, the industry needs Continuous Testing solutions like Sealights, which make testing integral and central to R&D, QA, and DevOps pipelines.

    SmarteQM is an integrated QA Test Management System that manages project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues, defects and tasks in one unified environment.

    Help manage your business's success with the most efficient and dynamic software development and testing processes

    A SaaS solution that allows engineers to test their web and mobile applications intelligently and continuously, with an optimized ROI.

    TestAnywhere helps companies to maintain the high quality of their products, saving time and budget on product testing. Using our visual tests builder, anyone can create tests in a fast and simple way, no coding skills required. Tests run in cloud continuously, though API triggers are also available. Customers get notified about bugs and crashes via slack or by email. Detailed bug reports are provided with a video replay of whole testing process. Companies that use TestAnywhere provide faster delivery time, higher quality and reliability of their products.

    BQ C-SAPS™  is a game changer in the new era of 'in-line' testing and automation and includes test management. Their differentiated design architecture and technology underpinnings allow you to automate inline from day one and compresses your release cycle, thereby actually reducing your development time.

    TestCraft is a SaaS, codeless Selenium-based test automation platform that allows manual testers the ability to incorporate automation into their QA testing practices - no coding skills needed! It features a simple drag & drop interface that lets users easily create test flows, which are then auto-converted into Selenium code and run simultaneously on a variety of platforms and work environments. Our product is ideal to boost test productivity -- resulting in better products, lower investments, and closer integration with the DevOps process.

    Crowdsourced QA for websites and mobile apps.

    Testleft empowers developers and advanced testers to build and run functional UI tests for web and desktop applications from within their favorite IDEs. With support for Visual Studio and Java IDEs such as IntelliJ and Eclipse, developers never have to leave the comfort of their ecosystem to validate application quality - meaning teams can quickly and easily shift left to deliver software faster.

    Versatyle Testr3 Studio is a zero programming enterprise application software for the electronic manufacturer to streamline their component testing modules such as PCBs, consumer electronics and fiber optic devices.

    Testsigma is a SaaS, AI-driven test automation software for web and mobile applications to achieve continuous testing with Shift-left approach.

    TurnKey Solutions offers intelligent test automation solutions.

    UbikLoadPack is a set of commercial plugins for Apache JMeter that is designed to easily load test different protocols.

    Usetrace is a regression testing automation software for webapps that allow to build robust cross-browser test cases composed of reusable routines for effective test maintenance.

    Z-automate is a selenium based accelerator.