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Time tracking software enables workers to either passively or manually track the time spent on projects, tasks, and other deliverables. This software is used by employees and employers in many industries and helps small- and mid-sized business (SMB) owners stay organized and up-to-date in managing their employees’ time. Time tracking software increases productivity in employees because it allows for accountability, helping to discover which activities or events cause time wasting, and keeps all time data in one location. Ideally, time tracking software can tweak discrepancies in workflows to fix what is and isn’t working to increase profits and automate companies’ payroll and billing operations. Many time tracking software solutions work with workforce management software, as well as payroll software and talent management suites. Time tracking software can be integrated either directly into time clock hardware or deployed in the cloud.

To qualify for inclusion in the Time Tracking category, a product must:

  • Integrate with existing accounting or third-party payroll software.
  • Track, report, and calculate time and work usage.
  • Analyze work performance and generate reports and invoices
  • Export data into an invoicing tool.
  • Scale according to size of company, team, or project, or to individual freelancers
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    3T - Comfortable and easy-to-use real-time Time Tracker for Trello. Easily track and estimate the time cards spend on lists with pre-defined plus your own list names. Add a 'Time Tracking' checklist for multiple users time tracking or set-up our Power-Up. Get reports and invoices for any and all your projects in Trello and plan your tasks and projects using Gantt. Get notifications in Slack if a task has taken more than 8 hrs., member has more than one task simultaneously,

    Allocate is an AI-Powered, automatic time tracking and resource planning solution. Built for agencies who do client & project work, Allocate makes planning projects and tracking time simple and easy. The result? Effortless, accurate time tracking, improved cost estimations and resource plans, and better data about project progress and profitability. Our customers are reducing un-billed hours, preventing over-servicing, and seeing margin and profit expansion. Try for free today!

    Attendance on Demand is a rapidly deployed, cloud-based time and attendance system that minimizes a company's risk and technology investment.

    BeeBole Timesheet is a business intelligence tool that helps to efficiently measure the time spent on projects, clients, and tasks. It allows businesses and teams to know where their time and budget are going and it includes the option of creating configurable reports and dashboards to make informed decisions. With BeeBole Timesheet, your employees can log attendance, vacation, and leaves of absence. Beebole Timesheet also has a mobile app which allows for seamless mobile/desktop time tracking integration. The BeeBole Timesheet mobile app works offline and online, syncs in real-time, and lets you pick and choose tasks, projects, departments and customers for optimal time tracking. Features available: Time Tracking, Real-Time Timer, Graphical Reports for Cost, Margin or Budget, Quickbooks Integration, API available for all integrations, Encrypted, Flexible billing. Approval workflow and email reminder. Record absences. Multi-lingual, multi-currency.

    Track employee time from anywhere. Manage time sheets in real-time. Finish payroll in minutes.

    Fiskl is a mobile and web based application for scanning receipts, creating and managing invoices, quotes and expense reports on the go. Small or large businesses can automate and manage all expenses and billing activities.

    Attendance Enterprise is a full-featured time and attendance system that improves employee time tracking, scheduling and reporting

    KissIQ combines the power of the spreadsheet with a responsive visual bulletin board. KissIQ delivers an overview of a project's progress, capital cost, and operating cost. KissIQ is used to create a new project, add tasks and instantly track time-spent and cost against individual tasks. KissIQ automatically generates a dashboard with the project snapshot, total capital cost, time-spent, and burn rate.

    MinuteDock is an online time tracking application that integrates with Xero, QuickBooks and Freshbooks, it makes tracking time flexible and easy and can set targets and budgets for users, teams, clients or projects - and see your progress in real-time.

    Time Tracker for Freelancers and Teams.

    OfficeTimer is a free, online timesheet and online project management application. It lets you track on employee’s time, his projects, project time, task time, attendance, payroll, costing, expenses, and billing. This free timesheet provides trouble-free task and project management capabilities. In short, it’s an all-in-one timesheet and project management application. It helps to delegate, track tasks and manage the projects effectively. It’s user-friendly and has customized features. It lets you assess the productivity of all the employees and profitability of a project. The various report format is available to make sense of all the data recorded. It offers flexibility to create fixed price or Time - based projects with clearly defined milestones and a bird’s eye view of every task. Android and iOS-based apps are available to integrate cloud-based time tracking tool to stay on top of everything on the move. Available in following languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and Norwegian.

    OnTheClock is an employee time clock where employees clock in/out from authorized locations and you get hours for payroll and billing.

    TimeDock is a uniquely simple-to-use time tracking system for iOS and Android devices. Employees are given QR-Code or NFC ID cards which they tap to either a supervisors' phone, or a wall-mounted tablet device, to clock in and out of work. TimeDock's 2000+ customers worldwide leverage our system in a diverse range of industries from Construction and Agriculture to Fashion Design and Production warehouses. Customers love the simplicity and intuitiveness of the card-based interface for iOS and Android.

    Online web-based integrated suite for Time Tracking, Expense Tracking, and Billing Software. TimeLive offers a wide variety of features with very flexible and easy-to-use tools for professional service providers. It's easy to setup options and configurable features make this software suitable for small to enterprise level organizations.

    Timeneye is a simple and intelligent time-tracking tool, which is helping small/medium companies to track their team productivity levels, but it is also perfect for freelancers. If you need instant productivity boost, achieved through ultimate simplicity, Timeneye is the very-easy-to-use tool that you are looking for. Timeneye will help you to boost your personal and group productivity in no time, making it look almost effortless. Employees don't like wasting their time, and employers don't like thinking about those opportunity costs. With time-tracking, you can literally see where time is being wasted so that you can reallocate your time more effectively. This way, more tasks get completed in a timely manner, and your clients get the most out of their retainers.

    TimeStatement ideal for time tracking ✓ Expense recording ✓ Invoicing ✓ Project reporting ✓ Your time tracking data is transformed by TimeStatement into reports that help you to get important information about your business. See where your team's time is going and how well your projects are tracked against their budgets. When your project is complete, TimeStatement makes it easy to create a custom invoice with just a few clicks. TimeStatement ist ideal für die Zeiterfassung ✓ Kostenerfassung ✓ Rechnungsstellung ✓ Projektreporting ✓ Ihre Zeiterfassungsdaten werden von TimeStatement in Berichte verwandelt, die Ihnen helfen, wichtige Informationen über Ihr Unternehmen zu erhalten. Sehen Sie, wohin die Zeit Ihres Teams geht und wie gut Ihre Projekte im Vergleich zu ihren Budgets verfolgt werden. Wenn Ihr Projekt abgeschlossen ist, macht es TimeStatement einfach, eine benutzerdefinierte Rechnung zu erstellen mit nur wenigen Klicks.

    WebWork Time Tracker provides the easiest way to understand the productivity of work, calculate working time and time spent on each task. All this information automatically generated and transferred into accurate reports in the form of screenshots, statistical data, graphs or online reports in user's web account. Users can generate invoices and send them to their clients or partners as a proof of work. WebWork tracker is suitable for teams of any type and size. Task management features enable users to create tasks and assign them to employees. Organizations can set an hourly rate to their WebWork contracts to track the amount of paid hours. WebWork Time Tracker’s invoice generator for billable contracts enables users to automatically generate invoices to send to clients or partners. Invoices can be generated by project, user or activity, and can include the company’s logo, an invoice number, and “bill to” information.

    Track the actual time spent on work and receive feedback on your productivity and distractions

    Using 1time will reduce non-billable time in your business. Each employee receives reminders about recording their time – nobody has to micro-manage the completion of timesheets.

    Abtrac is the Project Management system that Makes a Huge Difference. Fully cloud-based, used extensively by professionals in the AEC space. Used by architects, designers, engineers of all disciplines, cost estimators, land surveyors, planners, project managers and more. Abtrac is all about clients, jobs, stages, fees, schedules, sub-consultants, time and disbursements, invoicing and effective reporting for professionals who need to know how everything is tracking.

    AMGtime provides flexible time & attendance products & services, including software on cloud & PC, biometric hardware, mobile apps, custom industry solutions and more

    Biometric time attendance system is widely used by many small and large scale companies for tracking the punctuality of their employees.

    An intuitive project management & time tracking software for smart teams

    Chrometa captures your time for you as you work on your PC, Mac and Android.

    Chronotek is a cloud-based time tracking & schedule system for any business with remote employees. Chronotek gives you the means to control labor costs to stay on budget, simplify the payroll process and reduce payroll waste along with precise time tracking.

    ClientFlow is a client management solution that enables teams to collaborate and control client communications via Shared Inbox, manage client projects tasks and track time on a single platform ClientFlow brings together Shared Inbox, Project management and team collaboration on a single platform. All personal and group email accounts such as info@, support@ etc. can be connected so that users can operate out a single platform for all email communications. With shared inbox, all client communication can be organised on one platform and shared with teammates so they can collaborate by assigning conversations to a specific teammate, adding internal comments, following conversations etc. Teams can also send custom branded standardized approval requests to clients to have all approvals on the record. ClientFlow provides all features of a task management software such as assigning, setting due dates, adding internal comments, etc. With all conversations and tasks on a single platform, you can ensure that you have complete context and can completely focus on client service.

    clockodo is an online time tracking software for freelancers and small companies. With clockodo, you and your co-workers can track your working times quickly, simply, and reliably online. Clear reports give you detail and versatility in analyzing the times.

    Crono is a SaaS application that makes creating and managing Timesheets easier than ever before.

    DaysPlan helps small- to medium-sized businesses ditch the time-consuming spreadsheets and start managing their timesheets and PTO tracking easily. Our cloud-based software helps busy companies have more control over their attendance tracking and more time for building employee engagement. With DaysPlan you can: • Set up rules to customize your business leave policy • Create departments and managers, and assign employees to their corresponding manager(s) for time off requests • Make multiple work schedules depending on your company's operating hours • Get automatic monthly reports for insights into your employees'​ time-off use Not only will you feel empowered by the efficiency of DaysPlan, but your employees will too. Your staff will have the ability to make or cancel time off requests from anywhere with our app for iPhone and Android. They'll also love how easy it is to see their available and used PTO balances. We offer free and premium plans, as well as live demos, to teach you more about our software. Let DaysPlan take your attendance tracking to the next level and get back to all of the amazing things you do best.

    easyTIMESHEET is a web-based time & attendance solution that allows companies to easily input, view and approve your employee timesheets individually or collectively.

    FairTrak is an Employee Monitoring Software for managers. It is a comprehensive software tool that allows companies to improve the productivity and efficiency of their employees by allowing them to analyze peoples’ activities, learn their behavior and recognize the scope of improvement.

    Over 400 clients globally; operating in over 20 countries etz Technologies empowers the recruitment industry by providing cutting-edge technology solutions from timesheet management, to invoicing tools, and streamlining of back office processes. With offices located in the United Kingdom and Australia, etz enables agencies to focus on their core competency: recruitment. We believe that through technology, we can create a frictionless environment for the recruitment industry. etz services businesses of all sizes by offering a true SaaS solution, add-on tools and a managed service.

    Allows businesses to track crews across work sites with an easy-to-use mobile app and monitor workers hours and activities from any browser-based device. Runs on any smartphone or tablet, allowing individuals to clock in or supervisors to track whole crews. ExakTime is the only time and attendance solution that also offers rugged, weatherproof clocks that gather accurate time punches at any long-term or outdoor job site.

    ezClocker is an easy to use employee time tracking and scheduling software for small businesses.

    HourStack is a software that plans, track, and report your time.

    ManicTime is a time management application, which helps you keep accurate time of your project work

    Monitask is an online time-tracking and screenshot monitoring software as a service (SaaS) startup company.

    Moon Invoice" is unique and 1st invoice app with iCloud sync for iOS and Mac OSX for small businesses and individual. You can Create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, customers, vendors and payment receipts etc Let's Check Our Application Best Feature as below : 1 : Manage Invoices, Estimates and Customers, 2 : Manage payments per Invoice, 3 : Allow to personalise your company info, 4 : Time Tracking/Logs with filters options, 5 : Allow to create projects, tasks for time log entry, 6 : Easy to create customer by importing contact info from your iOS AddressBook, 7 : Instantly search for customers, invoices, estimates, 8 : Easy to filters invoices and estimates by status, 9 : App password protection options, 10 : Allow to create invoices from time logs, 11 : Option to convert Estimate to Invoice, 12 : Invoice and Estimate PDF Preview within app before send to customer, 13 : Invoice and Estimate in Professional PDF format, 14 : Options to add multiples taxes per task/product, 15 : Option to give discount on Invoice/Estimate, 16 : Option to type manually Invoice/Estimate number, 17 : App supports almost all currencies which supported by iOS, 18 : Support landscape and portrait orientation, 15 : Universal binary app work for all iOS devices (iPad, iPhone & iPod), Why this app? -No need to signup or no need to pay for any Cloud subscription monthly or annually, only one time cost, -You can use local storage too if you don't want to use iCloud, With Free version you can create up to 10 (invoices + estimates + PO) Most welcome for any suggestion or feedback to make better and enhance application Email:

    A leading provider of web-based employee time, expense and asset tracking solutions. Offering both cloud services and web-based software, Pacific Timesheet serves more than 40 industries worldwide with multiple locale and language support. Industries include construction, field services, manufacturing, service companies, research and development, engineering, non-profits and government agencies. End users have access on any device: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop PC, time clock and IVR.

    A time tracking software with detailed reports, stopwatch, mobile apps, etc. Free for 3 users. You can also create nice bills based on your tracked time as well as add hourly rates to the project, clients, tasks, etc. Recently, we also added a new module, primaERP Attendance, which enables you to clock in and out and receive automatic timesheets. As always, the app is free!

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your projects and team.

    Qbserve is a solution provides everything need for seamless time tracking of the work hours or freelance projects: automatic productivity tracking for websites and apps, automatic project tracking based on opened documents and web pages, invoice generation, real-time performance feedback and notifications, various reports and timesheets, scheduled data export, slack team, and Skype chat tracking.

    Affordable Biometric Time Clock Software for Kronos and ADP

    Sapience collects digital signals from various systems in an organization and populates dashboards that help business leaders get visibility into productivity and work patterns of their team. Every employee at every level in your organization can benefit from data, reports and insights Sapience provides. Discover insights you never knew existed.

    Exenta SFC puts real-time plant floor management within the reach of a broader range of manufacturers than ever before.

    SinglePoint is a Human Capital Management (HCM) business services company that provides a wide range of solutions delivered through a combination of SaaS (software-asa-service) and administrative services. The SinglePoint® product includes a centralized database of HR, Payroll and Time & Attendance information, and was built and deployed using software and technology from Microsoft, IBM (Cognos) and Amazon (Elastic Cloud Computing).

    SoftTime Online is a cloud-based time and attendance solution that's suited for small to midsized organizations in a variety of industries, such as healthcare.

    SpringAhead online time tracking and timesheet approval software, generates accurate, detailed invoices and gross payroll, and has seamless integration with QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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