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Time tracking software enables workers to either passively or manually track the time spent on projects, tasks, and other deliverables. This software is used by employees and employers in many industries and helps small- and mid-sized business (SMB) owners stay organized and up-to-date in managing their employees’ time. Time tracking software increases productivity in employees because it allows for accountability, helping to discover which activities or events cause time wasting, and keeps all time data in one location. Ideally, time tracking software can tweak discrepancies in workflows to fix what is and isn’t working to increase profits and automate companies’ payroll and billing operations. Many time tracking software solutions work with workforce management software, as well as payroll software and talent management suites. Time tracking software can be integrated either directly into time clock hardware or deployed in the cloud.

To qualify for inclusion in the Time Tracking category, a product must:

  • Integrate with existing accounting or third-party payroll software.
  • Track, report, and calculate time and work usage.
  • Analyze work performance and generate reports and invoices
  • Export data into an invoicing tool.
  • Scale according to size of company, team, or project, or to individual freelancers
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    ClockIt is a cloud based time and attendance software that is compatible with more than 900 devices.

    Simple and Efficient Time Tracking Software

    Complete Time Tracking is an advanced time tracking tool which enables you to easily record the time that you spend working for customers, projects and tasks.

    Easily engage and manage non-desk employees with a true all-in-one mobile app. Connecteam boasts of a powerful, mobile-first platform that non-desk employees need in order to improve communication, enhance daily processes and save time. Connecteam is trusted by over 8,000 companies and is used by more than 100,000 employees worldwide. Starts at just 29$/month for up to 200 users! Schedule jobs and track time with Connecteam. Scheduling includes advanced capabilities like dispatch with drag & drop, private or team shifts, upload shifts via excel and much more to make your scheduling experience fast, easy and productive. Enjoy the only true shift collaboration with GPS status updates, notes and integrated chat. A few of our features include the following listed below, each one takes your business to the next level. Sign up now and start your free 21-day trial. Employee Communication App: Connecteam’s employee communication app was designed and built as a business communication app especially for non-desk employees. The app is packed with tools that will enhance every mean of communication in your business. Our live chat can support groups, channels and special settings options. We all know that communication is more than a live conversation, that’s why our app allows the ability to send immediate updates, social posts for employees to engage each other, surveys for internal feedback in any matter, a built in employee directory and much more. What makes Connecteam’s employee communication app highly beneficial for managers is the ability to always know who received, read or complied with any action performed in the mobile app with a powerful dashboard. Employee Time Clock: Features a GPS time clock that can be accessed from any mobile device. Use the app to track time spent on work hours, jobs or projects. It's easy to use and requires no training, so you can start using your very own employee time clock app for multiple employees within minutes. The app helps with monitoring regular hours, double hours and overtime, which all can be highly customized to fit your business’ needs. Plus it can also help with mileage read, equipment usage or any other information necessary to issue with payrolls. It has an integrated in-app chat and easy to use timesheets, which makes payroll process faster than ever before. Employee Scheduling: An easy way to schedule shifts and dispatch jobs for remote and non-desk employees. Ranked as one of the best employee scheduling apps, Connecteam offers unique tools that make its online employee scheduling capabilities very unique, such as integrated in-app chat and true shift collaboration that includes status updates and notes for every shift. With this unique approach to online employee scheduling, you will not only save valuable time and keep everyone on the same page, but also add more value to your employees with our employee scheduling app by adding important information like job location, detailed notes and file attachments. Checklists & Forms: This is an amazing tool for every business that wish to take compliance and procedures to the next level. We make it easy to create a highly customized, mobile-first work checklist app that can be used from anywhere at anytime. Simply choose from one of our templates, or create your own checklist, form or report. Our checklist app allows you to modify your entire work process like no other, all with an easy to use interface for admins, multiple options and customizations, built-in automations and various tools such as chat, libraries and documents that will take your employee checklist app to the next level. Employee Training & Knowledge Base: It’s easy to use, powerful and extremely flexible for online employee training. It will make your online employee training for remote employees a no-brainer, as we offer an easy to use employee training software that can be used with your current documents, media and web-services. What truly makes our employee training software powerful when having non-desk employees, is the ability to view current completion status and with actionable data reach out to employees at anytime, wherever they are, with a unique and user friendly online employee training experience. No training is needed so on-boarding your deskless team will be an easy task. It can also help with a mobile app knowledge base, live group discussions and employee feedback before, after and while having the online employee training. If you want to keep your employees professional and skilled with an easy to use employee training software for online employee training, especially for non-desk teams, you have just found your match.

    Crewmeister provides an easy time tracking solution.The SaaS application allows small and medium sized business owners to track and analyze working times of their staff and significantly reduce the administrative overhead.

    CrocoTime is an automatic time tracker that monitors computer activity, provides timesheets, supports integration with business software, calendars, IP-telephony, turngates and allows assigning value to tasks, individual schedules for employees.

    Collect time anywhere. Eliminate spreadsheets and emails. Their sleek app design makes employee time collection fast and simple.

    Developware is a privately-held company that produces web-based agency software solutions that bring project management, time and expense, and accountability functions to fast-growing companies and creative departments.

    DAESK uses AI to visualize your work and give you meaningful insights about your daily activities.

    Dashable is a project time tracking for agencies.

    BizPulse™ helps track time better, manage client expectations, and reduce invoice shock so you get less invoice disputes and collect more money faster.

    DolceClock is a next-level labor intelligence solution for restaurants through cloud-based scheduling and timekeeping.

    Easy Time Clock is a cloud-based time and attendance system that provides a comprehensive, accurate, and affordable solution allowing employees to clock in and out with a computer, mobile device, or biometric reader.

    Resource planning and time tracking software, from project kick-start to invoice. elapseit is simple to use, extremely user-friendly and easy to learn. It’s the perfect choice for startups, agencies, small & medium companies, especially in the following fields: digital marketing, creative agencies, web development, IT & Software companies or legal. In a nutshell, elapseit covers the following: • Resource scheduling • Time-tracking • Projects (phases/task) • Leave management • Invoicing • Legal documents sharing, versioning and more • Dashboard and reports PROJECT You can start to create a project (time and material or fixed fee). Set a default hourly rate. If you have more rates on the project that’s fine, you can customize it depending on the job title of each person who will be billed. You can even set who is allowed to log hours on the project: every person who’s got a licensed account or only allocated persons on that project. If you want to be even more in control that is possible, you can set if the hours logged on the project will be automatically approved or needs to be approved by a project manager assigned. You can have different phases of the project, you can create direct tasks on the project, or you can create tasks only on phases of the project. After creating them you can assign persons directly on project, phases, tasks, task’s of phase’s of project. It’s your choice. PEOPLE With regard to your employees/collaborators, you can keep every info that you need in a single place: hourly rate or monthly pay, currency, the number of vacation days per year, weekly working hours, upload documents related to a person and so on. TIMESHEET It has never been easier to be in control with hours logged by your team on different projects/phases/tasks. As a project manager you can schedule your team on a project. Each person who has been allocated, when will log into the system with his/her account will see his/her allocation and can submit the hours if worked accordingly or can add a new project/phase/task if worked more than has been allocated or if worked less can simply modify and submit the accurate number of hours worked. If the project has been set up as hours logged to be approved by a project manager, then the project manager will check the hours submitted and can approve or reject them and put a comment. After that, the team member can submit again the hours based on the comment(s). After the hours has been approved, the project manager or financial department can lock the hours so no one can modify no longer the hours so an accurate invoice can be created directly with just a few clicks. RESOURCING SCHEDULING The Gantt chart is very easy to use and offers you important information. You can see at a glance who’s over-allocated or under allocated. You can drag and drop to modify the allocation of a person on a project/phase/task. You can use the filters to see only the information that you need in that moment: only for specified projects, people, departments, locations, job title. LEAVE MANAGEMENT Leave management system (availability) is working together with the resourcing planner and timesheet. You will see on the resourcing planner who is off and for how long. You can approve or reject different types of days off and into dashboard you can even see the persons who have time-off approved for a future period. One big aspect is that bank holiday has been integrated into leave management, so you don’t need to worry if a person is requesting a time-off during a period which includes a bank holiday because that day will not be taken from his/her vacation days. DASHBOARD and REPORTS As a manager of a small or medium company you will see into dashboard into seconds what’s relevant for your business: accounts payable (no matter if you’ve invoiced in different currencies you will have the total amount converted into the currency choose by you), next pending invoices, top overdue invoices, top over-burn or under-burn projects and so on. Customized reports which help you in your business, starting from the basic timesheet, list of your employee’s time-off, billing, profitability, cost with your employees, forecast and so on, you can download them as pdf or csv. LEGAL Legal documents sharing, versioning and more. BILLING & INVOICING Invoicing can be automatically created based on the timesheet no matter the type of project (fixed fee or time and material) and can be edited after manually and download it to send it to your client. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BUSINESS’s ACCOUNT PREFERANCES You can customize your company profile account based on your preferences and change them whenever you want: • Set maximum hours per day that an employee/collaborator can submit • Set maximum vacation days per request • Set default vacation days (you can personalize for each employee in part after) • Set when to be notified, before project budget will be burned or allocation will exceed the project budget (%) • Set a default currency (you can personalize for each project) • Create different departments (development, financial, administrative, HR, maintenance and so on) • Create different locations • Set different types of time-off: sabbatical, educational leave, maternal leave and so on. The app already provides you the following types: vacation, sick leave and home office. • Set the bank holidays from your country and benefit from the following aspects: • Translate the invoice in your local language • Ticketing system platform.

    Online invoicing and time tracking has never been easier. Elorus will help you organize your business in one place with powerful features. Track time, manage your projects and convert your actual work into invoices. Get paid online through payment processors via your own client portal. Track your expenses and make solid decisions, by using the application's customized reporting functionality. Start with our forever Free Plan and discover all the benefits!

    Emplotime is a web-based employee time application which enables users to track employee hours, overtime, locations, time per project

    Tailored systems with biometric time and attendance options, bespoke reporting and user-friendly design combine to make our Time and Attendance software a world-leader in HR support. Inspire your team to tackle staff time and attendance head on; giving employees autonomy over their hours (and HR and scheduling teams more time back in their day) helps create an empowered, productive workforce.

    The primary function of Employee Time Punch is to make employee time keeping accurate, easy and efficient.

    We makes the time your people spend on projects visible and available as simple and user friendly as possible.

    eMpower time attendance is end to end, web based, HR automation solution that facilitates time and attendance, leave management, shift management, employee self service and overtime & comp-off management for the organization of practically any size.

    Easy-to-use workforce management software for managers who need flexibility.

    ePieraksts lets businesses manage appointments, customers, staff, schedules.

    The idea behind eTimeMachine timesheets is to simplify the task of recording time spent on activities and make it less challenging by bringing together in one screen all activities assigned to an employee, regardless of the type and origin, be it an overhead task, activity from a crew assignment, project activities, tickets, ad-hoc tasks, etc.

    eTimesheets has been laser-focused on nothing but online timesheets. We know timesheets. It's all we do.

    Your Personal Time Tracking Software.

    Timepaq application is integrated with Attendance Recorder to track employee attendance with ease and accuracy.

    Explaindio is an animation, doodle sketch, and motion video creation software.

    The best solution for tracking time and running payroll.

    The online school timesheet software tracks all part-time employees' hours and money owed to them.

    Fanurio is a time tracking and billing software for freelancers and teams.

    Fitnet Manager has developed and marketed its ERP management solution exclusively distributed in SaaS mode. Fitnet Manager is edited by the BSA CONSEIL Company.

    Flapps Time Tracking is a web based employee time tracking solution with features such as invoicing, expense tracking, and project cost management.

    Freelancy is a time tracker, project management and invoicing software for individuals and teams.

    Fully automatic time tracking that makes sure employees deliver their full hours.

    The GTP Hub will enable you to operate a more profitable business and reinforce your competitive edge.

    HashTrack is a timesheet solution for companies, designed to help take control of time and staff to increase productivity.

    Hawk-I GPS Punch Clock is the ultimate time management system that integrates with your company's systems

    HiveDesk is an automatic time tracking software. It is used by small and mid sized businesses to track time of remote employees. Digital marketing agencies, outsourcing companies and others who employ remote employees use HiveDesk to: - Track time of remote employees - Track time for unlimited number of projects - Get reports in pdf format - Capture screenshots for audit / review of activities It has a simple, intuitive user interface to easily manage your remote employees and projects. Why you should use it: - Build trust and transparency with clients and remote employees - Use screenshots to provide feedback to employees - Track hours correctly for invoicing to clients and payment to workers HiveDesk helps you: - Save money - Pay remote employees exactly for the hours worked - Recover lost revenue – never miss an hour when invoicing clients - Improve employee productivity – Use automatic screenshots to analyse your employees activities and help them get better

    Real-time task tracking and project management for creative teams

    HourGuard is time tracking and invoice software.

    HoursLogger is time tracking and billing software for consultants.

    Employee timekeeping solution for your business.

    Hub Planner is an online resource planning and scheduling tool.

    Manage Your Employees, Without Being Intrusive, Without Any Maintenance... is an integrated cloud solution that enables businesses to efficiently manage contacts, projects, tasks, time, expenses, billing, leads, opportunities and analytics all within one collaborative platform.

    A simple app for Work Time Management.

    IncuTime is a time tracking and employee monitoring tool.

    Keep track of where you spend your money with this easy-to-use application.

    Innate's timesheets software records how your staff are spending their time, and related data such as expenses. is a web-based software solution for tracking employee attendance and current work status, delivering company announcements, managing online time sheets, creating events in shared calendars, sending phone messages, and access to timecard reports.

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