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Travel management software provides users with a platform for planning, purchasing, and recording travel expenses. Companies will use the software to simplify purchasing decisions and centralize records of their employees’ travel expenses. Instead of using individual agents or submitting self-purchased receipts to an expense management product, users are provided with a tool for booking and automatically reporting their travel purchases. Accountants and managers will receive reports and reimburse employees. The products often integrate with or provide built in expense management features, but travel management software focuses specifically on reporting travel expenses.

To qualify for inclusion in the Travel Management category, a product must:

  • Possess a platform for travel purchasing
  • Report expenses related to employee purchases
  • Integrate with or possess expense management tools

Key Benefits of Travel Management Software

With Travel Management software, you can:

  • Control corporate travel budget
  • Make sure employee work-related travel adheres to company policy
  • Improves visibility between managers and employees regarding corporate travel
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    Companies of all sizes use SAP Concur to go beyond automation to a connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, supplier invoice, compliance and risk. For more than 20 years, our customers have stayed a step ahead with SAP Concur’s global expertise and industry-leading innovation, including time-saving tools, leading edge technology and connected data, in an ecosystem of diverse partners and applications. User-friendly and business-ready, SAP Concur unlocks powerful insights that help businesses see spending clearly, so they can manage it proactively.

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    TravelPerk is a next-generation travel management platform pioneering the future of corporate travel. TravelPerk offers the world’s largest travel inventory alongside powerful management and reporting features, allowing companies of any size to effortlessly manage the entire process in one single place - simple, powerful and 100% free. The platform includes integrations to the world’s leading travel providers (e.g. Skyscanner, Expedia, Amadeus,, a powerful control center for user management, visibility, policies, invoicing and reporting, and is additionally backed by by a 24/7 travel support concierge service that helps users before, during and after a business trip. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, “consumer-level” design and a revolutionary business model that is 100% free for the users, the company is transforming the business travel experience for both travelers and administrators worldwide. Backed by world-class investors including Spark Capital, investors in Slack, Trello, and Twitter, TravelPerk now has the buy-in to take the pain out of business travel with an all-in-one solution that just works

    Xpenditure is now Rydoo Expense ! Rydoo Expense is a leading business expense solution that automates and streamlines processes for high-growth companies and enterprise. Its mobile and web application transform the outdated expense reporting process by empowering employees to snap and manage expenses anywhere in real-time. Rydoo Expense seamlessly integrates with major accounting and ERP packages including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite, Xero, Quickbooks, Sage. Thousands of companies including Deloitte, Pernod Ricard and Henkel trust Rydoo Expense to save them significant time and costs. Headquartered in Belgium, Rydoo Expense has offices in Amsterdam, London, New York and Sao Paulo and customers across 62 countries.

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    Egencia makes every business trip count for travelers and travel managers. The travel management company’s industry-leading technology platform simplifies the process of planning, booking and managing business travel. Relying on timely, data-driven insights from Egencia, businesses stay one step ahead by making choices that align with traveler preference and corporate policy. A dedicated team of travel consultants is ready to assist every step of the way, whenever and wherever needed. Egencia serves small, mid-cap and multi-national companies in more than 65 countries

    Companies are always searching for savings in every nook and cranny of their business and their finance departments generally employ a diverse set of applications and tools to help manage both employee and company spending. Deem’s suite of spend and expense management applications not only provides employees with a beautiful set of user-friendly applications, it gives finance departments a rich set of analytics to help track, manage and reduce spending across all of company’s indirect spend. How can Deem help your company today? is the super-simple solution for corporate travel management. Perfect for companies big and small, Lola uses powerful AI technology and 24/7 proactive support to help business travelers book trips with ease while providing travel managers with simple tools to create travel policies, view budgets and monitor the business travel of all team members.

    A smarter way to book business travel, track expenses and earn rewards, TravelBank is the last business travel app you'll ever need. Book a flight and hotel or create and submit an expense report in minutes! As Seen in "New Apps We Love,” "Best Business Apps," and "Best of Business Travel" on the App Store, TravelBank is a free travel and expense app, powered by budgets. Find and book flights based on value, shortest to destination and best chance of upgrade. Capture receipts on-the-go and track business expenses for reimbursement or tax purposes. TravelBank is the smartest expense app because it calculates accurate predictive budgets for business travel based on real time data and pricing. With TravelBank you can submit an expense report in minutes or budget an upcoming business trip and earn rewards when you beat your budget. Note: We offer exclusive deals and rewards to business travelers. Join a company or sign up with a business email account to unlock. How TravelBank works: 1. Start adding expenses immediately with TravelBank’s camera-first design. Capture a stack of receipts and submit your expense report in minutes. 2. Automate expenses by adding your credit card. Advanced machine learning magically pairs receipts and transactions, increasing productivity everywhere you go. 3. We take care of the receipts sitting in your email too. Simply forward them, assign to your expense list and OCR technology fills in the details. 4. Have a business trip coming up? Estimate the cost ahead of time with TravelBank’s predictive trip budgets. 5. Find and book the perfect flight for your trip, knowing you'll have access to wifi, power and the other amenities you need to make your trip productive and comfortable. See which flights your colleagues are on so you can book the same itinerary and save time. 6. Customer support with US-based travel agents is always available via phone, email and live chat so you can take care of business quickly. 7. When you have international travel expenses, our multi-currency feature automatically converts more than 150 currencies to USD. 8. Budget bars benchmark real-time spend. Flexible budgets and rewards for beating your budget incentivize better spending decisions. 9. Use project budgets to streamline and track collaborative spend for events, company off-sites, office supplies, and more. TravelBank is free to use for unlimited users. The only mobile-first travel and expense app. Get started in minutes today.

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    TripCase Corporate provides a streamline for company travel allowing you to stay connected to your employees and gain insight into the details of fragmented corporate travel with a single itinerary management solution.

    Finance teams waste too much time editing business expense reports to ensure accuracy, reduce spend leakage, and get employees paid correctly and on time. Coupa Expenses business expense report software solves these expense management issues by providing a globally viable expense solution with the capabilities needed to provide spend visibility, ensure global compliance, and delight employees. Designed with the mobile business traveler in mind, Coupa Expenses travel and business expense software offers an intelligent, user-friendly mobile experience designed to eliminate manual travel and expense work altogether. Coupa's travel and expense management software also helps Finance teams be more agile, providing a simple yet powerful administrative experience that is 100 percent cloud-based.

    TripActions is the only mobile-first, end-to-end travel management company. We bring together custom-built, mobile-first technology with 24/7 travel support and the most robust travel inventory available across corporate, direct and consumer. Leveraging AI and smart data, we create customized and dynamic search options based on each individual traveler’s loyalty programs, travel history and company preferences. Our all-in-one online travel management solution improves the travel booking experience and travel management process by rewarding employees for booking more cost efficient options, saving companies an average of 27% on their travel spend.

    Apptricity Travel & Expense is a mobile and web solution to automate, improve and simplify expense reporting, approval and payment — including pre-trip approval, travel booking, report creation, receipt entry, card charges, report submission, report approval, report audit and reimbursement. Apptricity Travel & Expense easily integrates with your ERP and legacy systems to ensure complete visibility and control of travel and expenses across your team.

    At Trippeo, we help you track your business expenses, and we help you keep it simple. Using our web and mobile app, you can log your charges in any currency, and know that you'll have a clean report of your expenses waiting for you when you get home. All you need to worry about is sharing your report with your team. Oh, and not exceeding your per-diem.

    AmTrav is a travel management solution that offers expense management integration, online booking tools to help your booking process, travel consultant service, and more.

    NexTravel helps companies save time and money on travel. Book travel, manage employees, track expenses, and much more.

    nuTravel offers a suite of adaptable booking and corporate travel management solutions designed for a variety of business needs while helping manage your business bottom-line.

    Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is an online self-booking tool for corporations that can integrate the elements of global travel programs including travel policies, preferred suppliers and negotiated rates, through one website.

    Ramco HCM is a complete and refreshingly simple cloud HR software that covers HR needs from hire to retire. It enables organizations to simplify their HR strategy by offering Core HR, Time and Attendance, Global Payroll (across 40+ countries),Talent Management, Recruitment, Planning & Analytics. Ramco HCM empowers through innovative tech like bots, Zero UI, mobility, in-memory payroll etc. enabling Digital HR. Ramco HCM;s unique offering encompasses • Unified HR platform from hire to retire with Global Payroll • Use of Chat bots • EmpSense - an app to capture employee mood with real-time pointers and analytics • Talent Tagging - helps managers tag skill sets and inclinations with each employee enabling HR to identify the right employee with the desired skill set for a project • Email & SMS based Employee Self Service(ESS) - allows users to apply leave, raise queries and perform transactions, all via a text message • Performance Journals - a comprehensive system that considers and fine-tunes talent assessment on an ongoing basis • Rapid Deployment capabilities Ramco HCM is scalable and can be deployed on cloud or on-premise. It supports integration with most of the existing ERP, HR, Financial business applications. Ramco HCM is ideal for any organization who are ready to embrace Digital HR to transform their operations. It caters to medium and large enterprises- 500+ to 100000+ employees. For more details, visit Ramco is a fast growing cloud enterprise software player across HCM & Global Payroll, ERP, Logistics, Asset Management and Aviation MRO. Trusted by 450+ multinationals, Ramco HCM has been recognized by NelsonHall, Everest Group, CIO Honour, Human Resources Group & CIO Choice.

    Rocketrip helps businesses reduce travel spend by incentivizing employees to save when they travel for business.

    Yapta tracks pricing on flights and hotels, then alerts you when the price drops, helping you get a deal on your travel reservations.

    FlightOffice is an all-in-one solution designed to proactively help operators to manage quotes, booking, flight logs, piloduty, currency records and others.

    New Generation CRM & Booking Software via the Saleforce platform.

    KDS cloud based technology addresses all travel and expense requirements. KDS automates processes from online travel booking to expense processing and invoice reconciliation, ensuring policy compliance and avoiding errors. With each stage of T&E handled efficiently, you can achieve significant cost savings (up to 25% of your T&E budget) and all processes.)

    DIMO Software is the European leader on the Travel and Expense Management market. We publish the Notilus solution, a simple efficient software to manage the entire business travel process: travel orders, online and offline booking, expense reports, supplier invoices, car fleet, mobile telephones, etc.

    PickMe is a taxi hailing service designed to reduce daily taxi-riding-hassles including situations such as taxis not showing up on time, broken meters, arguments with the driver and lost luggage.

    Traveldoo Enterprise is a web based travel management that provides a single place to organize, plan, and book buisness travel, helping you manage the buying process and savings, enabling travel data consolidation to manage visibility and risk management.

    TRAVO instantly creates end-to-end itineraries to help travelers plan their trips and get to their events and meetings on time. Just simply enter the date and time of your event and TRAVO will measure time, distance and cost to give you a perfectly timed itinerary complete with flight, lodging, and transportation options. Itineraries include forecasted traffic, weather, maps, public transit, and so much more.

    Traxo provides itinerary intelligence solutions for clients across the travel ecosystem, from TMC and Corporate Booking Tools, to Expense Management and Duty of Care services, and corporate clients seeking to better manage their company's travel spend. Traxo CONNECT is a SaaS-based, turnkey service offered to corporations and their travel managers, arrangers, and admins, enabling them to quickly track and manage the full spectrum of their corporate travel activity and spend in near-real time -- even off-platform bookings employees make directly with suppliers. With an easy-to-use browser-based dashboard and integration with top corporate travel suppliers and service providers, Traxo CONNECT streamlines the data management process and makes managing corporate travel a breeze. Traxo CAPTURE provides itinerary and cost data parsing solutions to third party applications, enabling them to provide enhanced automation for their clients in corporate and leisure travel, expense management, duty of care, and more. As the technology of choice for dozens of leading travel and expense companies, Traxo offers coverage for thousands of booking sources globally, including airlines, hotels, car rental, rail, ground transportation, activities, and more.

    TripCreator is a powerful and time-saving itinerary building software for anyone who needs to create and share customized itineraries. The platform is beneficial to travel agencies, DMC's, tour operators and airlines for simplifying and automating processes for itinerary creation, leading to customer engagement with the customer and higher conversion rates.

    Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world, online or from a mobile phone. Airbnb connects people to unique travel experiences, at any price point, in more than 33,000 cities and 192 countries.

    Arbitrip is an online booking tool helps travel managers and business travelers to find and book the best hotel for each business trip. This technology scans the market, learns the traveler’s preferences and combines it with the organization’s travel policy, resulting in a curated list of hotels for each trip.

    Atyourprice (Corporate travel management solutions) is a robust web-based business travel solution that automates travel planning, requisition, approval, fulfillment, invoicing, reporting and duty of care.

    BlazeBE by IT4T Solutions is a world class travel technology solutions to the global travel industry. BlazeBE specializes in travel technology solutions and has implemented simple and user friendly easy to use booking process, which is helpful to deploy for end customers. It empowers travel businesses and helps them grow manifold. BlazeBE Travel Booking Engine helping to improve their operational efficiency, increase value per transaction, increase revenues & reduce costs. BlazeBE provides multiple sales channels (B2B, B2C, Mobile Apps, B2B2B, B2B2C, Midoffice / Backoffice, and white label), ready 3rd Party XML Connectivity, Negotiated fair management systems, Backoffice, dynamic packaging, CRM, MIS reporting and other connected components. BlazeBE connected to almost all leading XML suppliers which includes GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Worldspan, Sabre) and suppliers for flights like MulitCom, Travelfusion, Mystifly, Travelboutique etc, various hotel consolidators like Darina Holidays, HotelBeds, DOTW, Tourico, GTA, Transhotel, HotelsPro, HSTravel, Miki etc, payment gateways, LCC (Low cost carrier) and car-rental XML suppliers, transfer XML suppliers, empowering our customers with an ability to bring together products from multiple suppliers on a single interface.

    CIRYS is an intuitive, web-based reservation and reporting tool for all your workforce travel and accommodation needs.

    Clarcity is an integrated cloud based expense management system, travel booking tool, and travel management company. Clarcity clients control costs by accessing negotiated rates, implementing a robust travel policy, knowing how much trips will cost before the funds are spent, and measuring whether travel dollars are being used wisely. Mobile expense and mileage tracking, receipt capture, credit card integration, and a robust approval workflow save time and reduce waste and fraud.

    Comtravo’s product is radically simplifying business travel for small and medium sized companies. Travellers can book and manage their trips with one simple message. Comtravo does this by building an intelligent machine that automates end-to-end business travel and is supported by heroic customer service.

    ExpenseAnywhere is a world–class provider of exceptionally powerful, easy–to–use, web–based solutions for Automation of the Accounts Payable processes. We provide high value products and total turnkey solutions that unleash efficiency, automate processes, and help businesses control their spending by enforcing policy and compliance. ExpenseAnywhere is synonymous with technological innovation. Our innovative end–to–end integrated and automated solutions transform the way businesses manage their second largest controllable costs, travel and expense, invoice spending, and purchasing card transactions. Our invoice solution is a natural extension of any company's A/P system and it's designed to expedite the invoice process by providing a proprietary advance character recognition processor that's guaranteed to extract 100% of your manual invoice data and securely route through the corporate- specific approval workflow prior to final review and approval for payment.

    An easy to use business travel & expense management solution that helps automate travel booking, expense claims, approvals, settlement and tracking of all expenses using a single web based interface.

    ExpenSys software delivers tax compliant expense management to organisations large and small operating all over the world. We currently process claims in over 40 countries world wide and we have many more planned for current roll outs.

    Expenzing's travel expense management software tool helps organizations keep control of their business travel expenses through effective budget plan.

    Helps workforce travel smarter and keep all documentation and travel expenses only within one platform.

    Improve productivity and reduce costs by managing all fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) requirements across rosters, travel and accommodation in the one location with INX InFlight. Save time and improve morale by allowing your employees to view their travel schedule whenever they want, wherever they are. The INX InFlight mobile application allows registered INX users to view INX-related information as captured through their companies INX InFlight database This information includes employee and contractor roster, flight and accommodation details and provides a way for information to be accessed securely wherever the user is. Users can view all this information in the comfort of their own homes, while travelling or while on site to ensure they are fully aware of their upcoming schedule. Users can also securely share their login details with friends and family so they can keep track of when their roster ends and when they will be coming back home.

    Pana is the modern solution to travel management. We are a team of 24/7 live travel experts accessed from the palm of your hand. Your team can reach your personal travel assistants through iOS, SMS or over email to research and book all of their travel needs, from airfare all the way to restaurant recommendations. In case of delays or cancellations your Pana team will be proactive about solving your issues and get you back on track. Use the Pana for Teams web dashboard to analyze and track every aspect of your employee's travel. View your teams active and upcoming trips and make sure they are safe in times of emergency. Easily implement and customize travel policy for individuals and groups so they are always spending within their limits and if they need to book out of policy, simple approve or deny their requests. Integrate our expense dashboard with your current tools to make reporting simple and streamlined. Leverage our Pana technology to receive advanced data and insights on where your travel spend is going and pinpoint where you can cut down costs. Pana abides by a fair billing policy to keep your travel management spend predictable and affordable. It is a flat $19 a month per traveler and you are only billed for the active travelers on your plan. Easily add and subtract employees from your plan as your travel needs fluctuate over the course of the year. We don't charge any extra fees for contacting us or making bookings, we are here to help. Add on Policy, Data Insights or Mission Control to your monthly plan to maximize your travel management tools.

    PhpHolidays is a travel portal script designed for travel agencies and tour operators to book packages online.

    PlanitEasy is a web based travel planning platform designed to make travel planning easy, and travel experiences personal.

    Switchfly is a SaaS travel-commerce and loyalty engagement platform that allows you to deploy online services.

    TRAACS is a complete software solution for travel agency requirements offering interactive modules, accurate accounting and streamlined processes.

    TravelCarma's corporate solution allows TMCs to provide their customers with an online self booking tool for their travel needs. It is an end-to-end solution covering all the stages of corporate bookings, right from the employee making a request for travel and getting it authorized by the Travel Desk to the actual booking and managing of itineraries.

    TravelCarma Enterprise is an end-to-end online travel reservation and back-office management solution with all the features available in a large OTA.