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U.S. federal government software provides a wide range of functions, but is primarily used as a centralized data repository across multiple government departments. Federal government software solutions are used to store electronic records gathered from a large functional footprint and give employees a comprehensive overview of the organization.

Federal government agencies use the software to increase transparency, gain valuable insights from their data troves, boost collaboration, and track performance. The federal government also uses this specific software to improve information access for their constituents, protect their data, and hold organizations accountable to the citizenry.

U.S. federal government software pulls data from a wide range of existing government systems and will typically provide integrations for solutions that include billing, accounting, financial tools, and more.

The products in this category are specifically for use by the federal government. For solutions catering to state and local governments, check out our U.S. State and Local Government software page.

To qualify for inclusion in the U.S. Federal Government category, a product must:

  • Be designed specifically for use by the federal government of the United States
  • House administrative data across a large functional footprint
  • Analyze administrative data and produce reports
  • Import data from existing government software
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