Best User Research Software

User research software, also known as user experience testing software, allows brands to solicit real-time feedback at different points in the customer journey—within digital platforms and/or physical locations—through surveys, video interviews, photos, and notes. These tools can help an organization understand user decisions, behaviors, and authentic interactions with the brand, as well as leverage such insights as actionable data to shape messaging and user experience (UX). User research tools can be used by marketing teams, developers, and product managers, who can intercept actual visitors with in-the-moment prompts or recruit volunteers to test certain product elements or iterations. Proper use of this technology can generate genuine and valuable customer experience data—both qualitative and quantitative—and provide a better understanding of the path to purchase for different customer demographics.

User research software is closely related to enterprise feedback management software, and products may integrate with or share features of tools in that category for gathering and analyzing customer insights. These tools may engage with users/visitors through features related to survey software, video interviewing software, and mobile marketing software. Information gathered from user research software may be utilized within customer journey analytics software.

To qualify for inclusion in the User Research category, a product must:

  • Offer one or more tools for engaging customers and/or visitors in real-life scenarios of brand interaction digitally, in person, or a combination of the two
  • Allow for in-the-moment feedback that generates timely opinions pertaining to specific aspects of the buyer’s journey and their unique circumstances
  • Provide features or integrate with tools that help tag, sort, and share individual interviews and responses for analysis
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    20|20 has developed methods and tools used worldwide for qualitative and hybrid research studies, offering the unique combination of in-house research services and proprietary technology in the industry.

    Contextmapp is a research and co-creation platform. Quick & fun set-up leading to best customer insights. combines end-to-end services with a live video platform, connecting brands with global consumers at scale to develop consumer closeness and empathy across the organization, leading to products consumers love.

    Dscout’s research platform captures the reality of your customers’ in-the-moment behaviors and thoughts through mobile video, image, text, and survey feedback.

    A service design software to design services and physical or digital products with their customers at the center.

    FocusVision is the only full-spectrum research technology business, with a complete suite of software solutions, to capture real-time human insights and analytics. FocusVision helps enterprise customers and research agencies around the globe to understand their customers and ask first, to get the facts, get the opinions, and tell the stories that move their businesses forward.

    GlimpzIt is AI for Customer Intelligence. Their customer Intelligence platform analyzes unstructured data (pictures, videos and text), enabling brands to build personalized offerings that resonate with their customers on a truly emotional level.

    GutCheck is a global, online agile market research solution that enables clients to getquick consumer reads to address business questions, whenever they need to be answered.

    Indeemo is used by Researchers for Pre-task / Pre-work assignments, Mobile Ethnography, Shopper Research, Customer Journeys, Longitudinal Trackers, UX/CX Research, Product Testing and Mobile Diary Studies.

    Next-generation UX research platform for mobile & desktop user testing provides face-to-face interviews in a mobile app. Qualifying testers, surveys, live video interviews, archives, payment, all-in one app

    MFour solves research challenges using inventive techniques, gathering an unprecedented quantity & quality of actionable data in real-time. Using GPS technology, MFour collect information at the point-of-emotion, allowing clients to instantly understand the audience experience.

    OVER THE SHOULDER IS SMARTPHONE QUALITATIVE MADE EASY We designed and built the Over the Shoulder platform so that qualitative researchers and insight-seekers can have unprecedented access to their target consumer's daily lives, truths and reality and deliver more powerful consumer insight. Our mission is to help our partners conduct the best smartphone qualitative studies in the industry, and make doing it incredibly easy. Over the Shoulder is not just another online research platform. It's different because it was designed and built specifically for the smartphone, so you see moments no other research platform can get close to.

    Recollective is an online research platform for developing insights communities and conducting qualitative research studies.

    Userlytics provides a platform for DIY remote user testing, usability testing, and user experience (UX) testing, as well as optional services such as test design, review and in-line video annotation of key events and comments, a High Light Reel, and an Executive Summary Report with recommendations.

    UserTesting is an on-demand human insights platform that empowers entire organizations to make timely, customer-centric business decisions with confidence. With UserTesting, brands can target their exact customer audience, readily create and execute studies, and engage in 1:1 live conversations to better understand, capture, and spotlight meaningful reactions and responses. Easily package these human insights into a video reel and share them across the organization to make more informed decisions that influence the customer experience and increase brand loyalty and revenue.

    UserTribe enables organizations to enact continuous customer involvement across the project life cycle. Usertribe is a company selling a usability testing service which allows both websites and real users to be tested.

    UserZoom automates UX research for scale and speed, delivering the UX insights businesses need to improve their digital user experiences and impact the bottom line. Our combination of software, services and participant sourcing solutions allows businesses to test, benchmark and measure the UX of any digital product at any development stage and on any device, and get the complete story behind their user experience. UserZoom's all-in-one solution allows any enterprise business to scale their UX research independently of the size of their team, level of experience, or expertise. Six of the world's ten largest public companies are UserZoom customers.

    Validately is a easy way to recruit testers, launch tests, and analyze results. Validately makes it easy to talk to users - helping user researchers, UX designers, and product managers build products that customers love.

    weseethrough is a technology-driven market research company that helps global organisations to better understand their consumers' actual behaviour, rather than reported or claimed. Using video to capture first-person footage of respondents' daily lives, video curation platform Haystack, is then used to efficiently unearth invaluably deep insight from hundreds of hours of video.

    Digital marketers use WEVO to understand why more prospective customers are not converting and to rapidly evaluate design and content. Leveraging artificial intelligence and crowd technology, WEVO eliminates the need for prolonged live AB testing, saving months of wasted effort and generating high converting web and mobile sites in a fraction of the time.