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Vacation rental software is designed to support vacation rental companies with customer management, bookings management, and facility maintenance management. This type of software helps vacation rental companies manage a customer’s satisfaction during their vacation. It is used by managers and supervisors to track daily activities such as cleaning and maintenance or guest traffic; by sales and marketing for promotion; and by staff members to plan and schedule rentals.

This type of software usually integrates with online booking websites where vacation rental companies can share their offerings. Even though most solutions provide basic facility management functionality, it is commonplace that vacation rental software also offers integration with facility management software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Vacation Rental category, a product must:

  • Include a booking engine that can be made available online
  • Schedule and monitor staff for facility management activities
  • Manage the availability of all rental units as well as their pricing
  • Provide features for marketing and sales management
  • Deliver multi-channel communication with customers
  • Track and analyze occupancy rates, customer satisfaction, or unit utilization
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