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Vendor management software, or vendor management systems (VMS), provide a centralized repository for communication, project, and payroll management for businesses employing contingent labor, including vendors, contractors, and freelancers. Vendor management systems oversee the entire vendor relationship—from finding a vendor to submitting timecards and issuing paychecks. This software provides effective communication channels, task management tools, and organizes vendor/contractor payments, expenses, and contracts. All company sizes, industries, and departments that use vendors and employ contractors and/or freelancers can benefit from implementing vendor management software. These tools provide powerful, often cloud-based, solutions that streamline communication and productivity and can be integrated throughout the entire labor ecosystem.

To qualify for inclusion in the Vendor Management category, a product must:

  • Provide supplier management support
  • Offer contract management features
  • Archive supplier and contract information
  • Import data
  • Provide email support
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    Scanmarket was founded in 1999 and is one of the worlds most user-friendly Strategic Sourcing platform. Our proven cloud-based solutions are trusted by 300+ customers across more than 80 countries. The secret to our success and longevity is simple: A constant focus on helping our customers achieve their business goals by providing them with the very best strategic sourcing solutions and support in a globally-accessible, easy-to-use platform.

    Simetryk is a simple and easy-to-use software that enables to better manage your supplier data, by creating a powerful algorithm that eliminates duplicates and centralizes all your supplier data in a single system. Simetryk also helps you to delegate part of the data maintenance to your suppliers while providing a best-in-class, simple and intuitive user interface.

    SMART by GEP is the industry's leading cloud-native, unified source-to-pay platform with comprehensive spend, sourcing and procurement functionality, including spend analysis, sourcing, contract management, supplier management, and procure-to-pay. SMART by GEP is a thoughtfully conceived, beautifully designed digital work environment, precision-engineered for sourcing and procurement professionals, bringing consumer-grade usability and experience to the business-to-business workspace. With intuitive design, stunning visual appeal, intelligent interfaces, and ability to move the user fluidly and naturally from task to task, on any platform and any device, SMART by GEP drives adoption rates that are among the highest in the industry. It eliminates routine and redundant processes, accelerates or shortens complex tasks, intelligently provides tools and resources to people to achieve more, get better results and succeed in their work. SMART by GEP leverages the power and scalability of the cloud to offer a single, digital workspace for all stakeholders that enables and accelerates digital procurement transformation. Designed as an open platform, SMART by GEP allows enterprise procurement teams to harness the potential of new and emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and IoT, to achieve truly transformative business outcomes.

    SourceSuite makes it easy to manage your purchasing process with a SaaS procurement solution configured to your needs.

    SuperProcure is a cloud-based logistics management solution designed to help shippers reduce logistics spend, manage all dispatches and track their performance in real time.

    Synertrade is an organic cloud-based Source-to-Pay platform that covers the entire purchasing process. A recognized industry leader in Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Relationship Management, and Purchasing Intelligence; Synertrade ACCELERATE offers 34 different applications from Source to Contract, Procure to Pay, and Spend Intelligence. A full suite of digital procurement software solutions that enable businesses to have control and clear visibility of their spend – resulting in lowered costs, increased revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty.

    Tempo is a default management software that tracks and manages the default servicing life-cycle for servicers, attorneys, and vendors.

    AGGAER's supplier management solution will ensure that suppliers networks are engaged, accountable and delivering what companies need to succeed.

    VendorLink integrates with all leading financial and ERP systems making purchase data easily accessible.

    Vendorly helps banks and financial institutions streamline oversight of third-party vendors. We work closely with you to customize vendor management programs, including software to help keep you organized and services to ease your workload. Promotes efficiency, transparency and control across your entire oversight process. Not only can you track all of your vendors in one place, but you can also receive timely alerts and insights into vendor conformity. It even offers a bird’s-eye view into a vendor’s regulatory status, certification, risk level and other variables through a user-friendly dashboard interface.

    Vendor Management is a web-based vendor management platform specifically built for community banks and credit unions and allows you to quickly collect key data with a straightforward question-and-answer format. Vendor Management includes customized Reporting and Workflow, access to 7 more Risk Assessments, peace of mind, knowing you�re ready for an examiner at anytime, includes the CBANC Toolbox- document management with Workspace, risk assessment catalog, and policy & procedure checklists.

    Vendor Management Software is a cloud-base solutiong that helps you manage vendor relationships from all angles by uniting your third-party information with process automation for due diligence, assessments, contract review, performance monitoring and reporting. With Vendor Management Software you can track vendors, subsidiaries, relationship owners, documentation and contacts, perform vendor due diligence and analyze criticality, usage and spend, deliver surveys and risk assessments to external contacts, manage contract review and renewal, coordinate with legal, procurement, compliance and other functions, and monitor key vendor metrics via personalized dashboards and dynamic reports.

    Vendor Management Suite is a compliance, vendor management, and CSR product suites that helps companies gather, organize and manage their data to aid in satisfying internal policy requirements and external regulatory requirements. Vendor Management Suite allows companies to leverage this data to meet information security standards, country of origin requirements and ensure suppliers adhere to code of conduct requirements.

    Vendor Organizer Deluxe is a flexible vendor and supplier management software for Windows users. Vendor Organizer Deluxe helps all kinds of companies and organizations to enter and manage information about vendors and suppliers.

    Web-based vendor management software for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies and more.

    VENDX is a software solution that fits painlessly in your procurement organization. This tool very easily prioritizes the Negotiation and Control aspects of the purchase process while making sure that administrative tasks become easier and more thorough. Vendx is a valuable stand-alone tool, but just as smoothly integrates with your existing software environment. You can be up and running with Vendx almost immediately since we need minimum implementation time and very minimal training for the user. Interestingly, to use VENDX your suppliers just require an email id & can start responding on Vendx from the day one most intuitively!

    Software & due diligence experts who significantly reduce your vendor management workload.

    XRMSM System is a proven Vendor Management System (VMS) that is used to automate the contingent staffing management process within all types of organizations across the globe.

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