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Veterinarians use veterinary practice management software to manage patient information, treatment planning, and scheduling, as well as back office functions such as accounting. This type of software helps veterinaries with patient diagnosis and treatment management, and nurses or technicians to efficiently deliver treatments. Administrative personnel use veterinary practice management software to manage patient communications, influx, and payments. More advanced veterinary practice management software is available for veterinary hospitals, while scaled-down versions can be used by small clinics or private practices.

These solutions typically include integrations for claim processing. Integration with veterinary-specific electronic health records software is essential to gain access to patient health information.

To qualify for inclusion in the Veterinary Practice Management category, a product must:

  • Help veterinarians assess the medical needs of patients and recommend treatments
  • Notify employees and patients about appointments, follow-ups or overdue payments
  • Schedule veterinary personnel depending on demand and capacity
  • Provide features for claim management, medical billing, and payment processing
  • Include front desk functionality for operations such as reservations or cancellations
  • Track inventory for veterinary drugs and materials needed for treatment
  • Report on doctor utilization, personnel productivity, or customer satisfaction

Veterinary Software Grid® Overview

The best Veterinary Software products are determined by customer satisfaction (based on user reviews) and market presence (based on products’ scale, focus, and influence) and placed into four categories on the Grid®:
  • Products in the Leader quadrant are rated highly by G2 Crowd users and have substantial Market Presence scores. Leaders include: AVImark
  • High Performers are highly rated by their users, but have not yet achieved the Market Presence of the Leaders
  • Contenders have significant Market Presence and resources, but have received below average user Satisfaction ratings or have not yet received a sufficient number of reviews to validate the solution. Contenders include: Cornerstone Practice Management
  • Niche solutions do not have the Market Presence of the Leaders. They may have been rated positively on customer Satisfaction, but have not yet received enough reviews to validate them. Niche products include: ezyVet
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    Cornerstone Practice Management helps you manage your practice efficiency and profitability and allows your practice to work together by helping manage client relationships, patient care and client service, and more.

    AVImark is a veterinary software system that provides features and functions like an appointment calendar, boarding calendar, client information display, and more to help you manage your business.

    ezyVet is a cutting edge front-runner in the cloud-based veterinary software market. Managing clients, animals, financials, stock, reminders, lab integrations and much, much more. Boasting two-way integration with both XERO (cloud-based accounting) and Smart Flow (hospital regimes and electronic treatment whiteboard), ezyVet offers a truly connected solution. Perfectly tailored to suit small animal, referral, emergency & specialist, mixed animal and equine veterinary practices.

    ImproMed Infinity is an on-premise veterinary practice management suite for clinics of all sizes. Primary features include treatment plans, patient information tracking, appointment management, billing, invoicing and reporting. is a cloud-based practice management system designed to revolutionize how you handle your business. Our product will help bring you to the next level of client communication and management. Our goal is to help you become more efficient, allowing you to focus more time and energy toward what you do, providing the best in Veterinary medicine. Please accept our offer for a free 30-day trial.

    Hippo Manager Software, Inc. is cloud-based veterinary practice management software. This robust software improves veterinary practices and operations by improving all aspects of a practice: financial management (point of sale and invoicing), medical records, DICOM viewer (X-rays, sonograms, MRIs, etc.), inventory management, appointment scheduler, patient reminders, analytics and more. We drive customer’s practice profitability by: • reducing the practice’s administrative overhead (licensing, maintenance, capital costs, training, etc.), • increasing reporting capabilities, • improving task management through directly integrated business logic, which also reduces missed charges by approximately an estimated 15 percent. Veterinary work is not done behind a desk in an office, but instead takes place in fields, barns, shows, operating rooms and exam areas. We offer unparalleled simplicity because our software is cloud based, which makes it available from anywhere with internet accessibility and from any device with a Google Chrome browsers, including laptops, desktops, iPads and other tablets. The modern design is more intuitive and it is dramatically less expensive for customers than all other competitors. Hippo Manager is offered at 60 percent below the cost of comparable local-server based competitors. We are the only product on the market specifically optimized for use on a tablet or iPad. Other available cloud products skew at a higher price point and do not offer the same full functionality or usability. Hippo Manager specifically targets small to medium sized practices (ranging from one to five providers) in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Our product flexibility makes us ideal for the needs of specialists practices too.

    IntraVet is a veterinary practice management solution that provides the ability to go paperless, manage and integrate appointments, estimates, invoicing, patient records and imaging, and more.

    VetBlue is a cloud-based solution that allows you to focus on your existing customers and your business rather than focusing on executing daily transactions with online collaboration and reporting to help manage your business.

    Advantage+ is a veterinary practice management software that is a implemented and featured system that included medical records and purchasing modules, as well as tools to be a paperless or paper light practice.

    ClienTrax provides cloud-based veterinary practice management, EMR and digital imaging solutions to fit your practice's needs with interfaces and integrational features to help you manage your practice functions.

    DVMAX delivers a paperless practice management solution that helps you manage your profits, missed charges, and manage your day-to-day activities involved in your practice.

    IDEXX Neo is a web-based veterinary practice management software, developed by a veterinarian to be quick and intuitive to use. The solution is suitable for veterinary practises of all sizes and can only be deployed in the cloud.

    Reporting and workflow software for veterinarians.

    Smart Flow is a veterinary software module changing the way veterinarians care about their in-hospital patients. Whiteboards, reminders, anesthetic sheets, integration with hardware vitals monitors and other features will make you a vet superhero!

    Web-based communication tool designed to connect pet owners with their veterinarians.

    Vetter Software is a cloud-based veterinary practice management software that helps manage record keeping, administrative costs and collaboration between veterinarians and pet owners.

    Voyager is a practice management software that provides modules and tools with online access to help you manage your veterinary facility.

    AlisVet is a veterinary practice management software that provides a paperless office solution with features for appointment scheduling, images and documents, boarding functions, archiving and purging, and more, to help you manage your practice.

    Designed to meet the specialized needs of innovative general, specialty, emergency and critical care veterinary practice.

    Animana is a web-based practice management software solution that provides an all-in-one solution for any mixture of animal species and practice sizes that helps you manage your revenue with built in marketing tools, and more.

    From patient admissions to invoicing easyVET is a practice management solution that helps you manage your day-to-day tasks of your practice or clinic.

    Veterinary software for anything from newsletters and reminders to diagnostic imaging

    PAWS is a veterinary practice management solution that helps you manage the business related challenges by managing revenues, profits, loss, and the general operation of your business.

    Petly Plans software makes it easy to manage your patients care, set up automated payment plans, and schedule the next appointment.

    When it comes to choosing a practice management system you can be sure that RxWorks is the right solution for your business. Our solutions are designed to help you to achieve your goals and ensure your practice continues to grow. RxWorks has everything you would expect in a practice management system and much more. It has been designed specifically to add real value to the way veterinary practices operate on a day to day basis. We have built RxWorks with real veterinarians in mind. Progressive practices expect their software to assist in all activities that impact their success. We are aware that success means different things to different people in your practice. RxWorks brings processes and tools that address all of those diverse needs.

    StringSoft Veterinary Management Solutions offers Premise and Cloud based Management Solutions. Runs on any platform. Complete Financial and EMR, Dicom, HL7, Lab Interface,RIS, including Modality Worklist, Ordering System, Reporting and Radiology Viewers, Wellness plans, Automated payment plans, Loyalty programs, Referring and Client Portals

    Veterinary Management provides veterinarians, technicians, and management staff with the power to schedule and track animal care information on a daily basis allowing to to capture clinical care data to keep everyone alert to the needs of the animals in your care.

    VetFM is a practice management solution that encompasses features and technologies to help you manage your practice.

    VetIT is a veterinary practice management system that provides system-wide features, client functions, appointment management, medical records, and more to help you manage your practice.

    VETLINKSQL is a SQL-based veterinary practice solution that helps various types of veterinary practices manage clinics.

    VETport is world's best Veterinary Software in the cloud today. Every day, VETport's cloud-based application is used by over 5,500 Veterinarians all over the world to serve over 2.6 million pets. VETport has revolutionized the veterinary practice management software industry with the launch of the newest update of the software, the Next Gen version. VETport aims to serve those veterinarians who have dedicated their lives to service of animals.

    Search Results VetPrep is a study resource with numerous features not available elsewhere to assist you in passing the NAVLE®. With its interactive, on-line format, VetPrep customizes your study sessions by creating detailed reports on your progress in all subject areas.

    VitusVet is an online sharing system for veterinary records that bolts onto your existing practice management software

    ZooEasy helps to improve breeding results and is available for breeders and organizations of all animal species.

    Business Management software built just for veterinarians

    ACESoft is a practice management solution designed for veterinarians. It helps users to manage both operational as well as clinical aspects of their practices. The software is deployed on-premise and runs on Windows operating systems.

    AHMS is an adaptive veterinary practice management system that provides features to help handle your hospital, fitting the flow of patients through your hospital and managing their activities, needs and analysis.

    The AIGalaxy program offers a comprehensive medical record system that allows for the complete customization of premier medical records designed to fit the needs of your practice. This program helps you effectively manage your practice medical records, invoicing, inventory, and increases the practice efficiency by fully integrating all features and functions of your practice.

    Animal Intelligence provides integrated, custom EMR/EHR and database solutions that can be configured to meet your practice's needs or requirements.

    AltaPoint Veterinary Software is a EHR and practice management software that helps you manage reports, invoicing and billing, appointments and tasks, and more.

    Web-based veterinary software with billing, reporting, appointment, records and inventory management.

    Bastet Windows is a management solution that provides a communicating system which includes features and modules to help you manage your practice.

    Clinic-Ware is a veterinary practice management software that provides features and functions to help you manage your practice including x-rays, photos, charts and videos and capabilities that allow you to print vaccinations and other certificates.

    Complete Clinic Software is a veterinary practice management system that provides an optional boarding kennel module and features to help you manage your business or practice.

    CurePet is a healthcare technology company that specializes in cloud based unified practice management and electronic medical record system.

    Vet Software with Patient Management, Automatic Client Communication, Internal & Public Calendar, Inventory, ERP, Statistics modules.

    Practice management solution with records management, lab support, inventory management, Treatment plans, MREs and diagnoses.

    DVM Works offers veterinary marketing services and specializes in helping to enhance a clinic’s online presence and reputation.

    Eclipse PMS is a practice management system designed to work equally well on PCs and Macs.

    Ezvetpro is a cloud-based comprehensive veterinary practice management software that supports marketing, analysis and accounting functions and helps veterinarians improve practice revenues.

    HVMS is a veterinary practice management software that is designed to be configurable to the aspects of your veterinary practice providing an integrated platform to include invoicing, accounting, scheduling, inventory, and more.

    Iberical Vett is a practice management software solution that has modules designed for livestock, small animals and more to help you manage your practice.

    Automated reminder solutions for veterinary practices to communicate with their clients by SMS, email and print to improve profitability.

    A veterinary software solution with features for appointments, billing and invoice, revenue and analysis

    Lapsing Clients Report provides the details for lapsing clients who haven't visited your practice in 14-18 months. These reports show you the details for households where all patients are lapsed.

    Lapsing Patients Report provides a detailed accounting of clients and patients who haven't been into your practice for 14-18 months. This is a very important report that identifies the patients you need to re-engage to keep them from 'falling off the radar'.

    VetWare/LogiVet is a veterinary practice management software available in English and French, suitable for institutions of all sizes

    Metron offers products, support, and expertise to help you practice in the clinic or on the field with the ability to manage diagnostic capabilities and financial health of veterinary practices.

    NewLeaf Vet is a veterinary practice management that provides features and functions like reporting facilities, network models, and more to help you manage your practice.

    OMNIvet is a management software solution that allows you to record patient's history of procedures, as well as drugs or vaccines administered with other functions and features to help you manage your clinic.

    An online appointment booking platform for veterinary practices communicate with their clients.

    ONTRACKEQUINE is a software that utilizes your video and digital stills with measuring and reporting tools for use when studying gait, lameness, shoeing and equine sports performance.

    Onward Vet is a web/cloud-based veterinary practice management software system that offers a set of tools to help you keep records, track patient progress and run a hospital, from one system.

    Full featured veterinary practice management system that is developed in Australia. Open Source and feature rich.

    Pack Leader DVM is a veterinary electronic medical records designed for specialist, inventory, purchase orders and practice management software that provides features to help you manage your business.

    Our mission is to make vets more successful. The only vet PMS that supports real-time bookings via your web site and Facebook page.

    PetDesk improves the quality of life for pets by using technology to connect pet parents and pet care providers, such as veterinary clinics and groomers. Pet care businesses rely on our software to manage their online and offline activities, increase client engagement, and access actionable data to improve their bottom line. Pet parents download our free app to enjoy 24/7 access to their pet care providers, records and reminders in just one place.

    Practice Overview Report delivers incredible insights into the economic health of your veterinary practice.

    Preventive Care Snapshot report is your practice management tool for reaching your hospital's patient care goals. It shows you how you're performing in every area of your practice's preventive care recommendations by species and age ranges.

    Professional Consulting Packages practical advice and recommendations the consultants provide, creates a roadmap for future growth and increased compliance, leading to even better patient care.

    Provet Cloud is easy to use veterinary practice management solution for clinics & hospitals. Try it out now for free!

    Robovet is a practice management solution that is suitable for clinics of all sizes. It offers online appointment scheduling, reminders and automated marketing tools.

    Shepherd allows your team to easily record vitals and physical exam findings, upload diagnostics, and create treatment plans, without missing a beat

    Practice management is for specialty and emergency veterinary hospitals.

    Designed for managing a veterinary practice in windows. Divides functions into channels to accommodate the needs of various users.

    Software for vets and vet techs for scheduling and care tracking purposes/

    TopVet is a software platform enabling veterinary practices to build their business and simplify serving customers online.

    Simple scheduling, check-in, and exam software for vets.

    VetBilling is designed to provide affordable veterinary payment plans and financing to pet owners.

    Cloud-based practice management for veterinarians.

    VeterinaryGate is a veterinary management software solution that features an integration of animal and pet medical records, appointment scheduling, billing, tracking receivables, managing expenses, and more.

    A free cloud veterinary management software.

    Vetical is a web-based electronic medical record (EMR) and veterinary practice management solution designed for veterinary hospitals and practices of all sizes.

    Simple practice management for small and freelance.

    VetMaster is a veterinary practice management software that provides features and functions like, invoicing, record and client management, and more to help you manage your practice.

    VetOfficeSuite is a cloud-based veterinary practice management tool that can be used to create invoices, office documents, manage clients and patients, schedule appointments, manage inventory, and more.

    Solution for vest with Case management and accounts to Balance Sheets. Features include CRM and SMS notifications.

    Vet Sentinel offers veterinary client communications.

    Works specifically with the standardization of software and prevention of spyware and viruses within a veterinary institution.

    Vetstar Hospital Management provides medical management with an integrated accounting module that includes features like, custom visit registration, imaging imports, custom reporting, and more to help you manage your practice.

    Vetstreet Professional is a web-based vet portal, allowing you to have access to a suite of management tools that help manage your practice marketing and communication programs.

    A veterinary solution for pet clinics, surgeries and hospitals with appointment management, boarding, billing and invoice

    VetTools enriches your client communications and improves efficiency across your practice.

    VetTux is a veterinary practice management solution that runs on Windows and Linux that provides paperless functionalities and features to help you manage your practice.

    VetWare/LogiVet is a veterinary practice management software available in English & French, suitable for institutions of all sizes, offering features that are simple and modern, facilitating the daily functions of clinical veterinarians and technicians.

    ONTRACKEQUINE is a software that utilizes your video and digital stills with measuring and reporting tools for use when studying gait, lameness, shoeing and equine sports performance.

    Database system for maintaining patient information and tracking lab results.

    VisuaLab is a client/server database system for maintaining patient information and tracking laboratory results that provides laboratory information management in a windows environment.

    VPR is a veterinary drug reference software that provides interactive drug searches, printable drug information, client info, off label consent forms and more to help you manage the pharmaceutical parts of your business.

    2i Nova's VTP is an affordable and efficient veterinary practice management software. market.