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Virtual IT labs provide access to development environments and virtualized resources for training and sandboxed tests. The environment delivers the actual resources one would use to perform real-world development projects, but contains them within a controlled environment. Companies use these tools to help educate employees on new development practices and train them to use new tools or projects. They are well-suited for training and testing because the solutions provide real-world resources without impacting live applications, websites, or networks. Some online course providers offer virtualized IT labs as their training platform in addition to their range of courses, but many true virtual IT labs are used for internal purposes within a company or classroom.

To qualify for inclusion in the Virtual IT Labs category, a product must:

  • Utilize virtualization technology to mimic real-world practices
  • Provide controlled and contained environments
  • Supply virtualized development tools
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    It provides access to on-demand digital courses like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, Big Data Technical Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, and Job Roles in the Cloud. You can also explore new training to learn about Machine Learning and Storage.

    Enjoy hands-on learning on your schedule with our free, Self-paced Labs, and keep your cloud knowledge fresh.

    CBT Nuggets provides innovative IT training that is informative, meaningful, and engaging.

    CloudShare multiplies your IT resources and slashes your costs. Tap into hundreds of templates and virtual environments to easily build, provision, and share complex computing environments anywhere in the world.

    Your lab environment is the heart of innovation for your company. An efficient lab environment can make your Dev, Test, Support, Sales, Network, and Security teams more productive and allow you to deliver better solutions much faster

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    The Hatsize platform allows instructors to easily monitor and control all of the student lab systems with a point and click type dashboard.

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    There are several components to the HPE vLabs environment which need to be tested prior to your first day of class. Please test connectivity from the exact computer and network you will be using during the training event. This is important due to the nature of proxy server and firewall configurations, which may impact your connectivity experience

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    With our Live and virtual practice Labs, you'll have access to real hardware and software. It's your very own sandbox where you can get to work applying what you've learned by trying things out. In fact, IT virtual training labs are the ideal way to develop hands-on, practical IT skills—which are crucial in today's world of complex computer systems and technologies. You can add live labs to your KnowledgeNet products or supplement your current solution ensuring you're getting the most out of your training.

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    MeasureUp Practice Labs offer remote access to the latest technology without the expense of having hardware all over your living room! Learn by doing, with our hands-on exercises that cover all the topics on the certification exam. Using a Practice Lab, along with our industry-leading practice tests, helps to ensure your exam success.

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    A Practice Lab is a pre-configured real hardware environment, hosted in the cloud with accompanying lab guides for fast, convenient access to gain hands on experience.

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    Seamlessly deploy your existing VMware or KVM based data center workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS, or GCP as-is, without any modification to the VMs, network, or storage. Get data-center-like network services with enterprise grade performance for production workloads, and on-demand and cost-effective scale for agile dev/test processes

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    ReadyTech provides online training software.It offers instructor-led training, self-paced training and hosted lab solutions.

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    Skytap Agile Development allows you to be responsive to your customer needs as well as collaborative in order to deliver software features to market quality.

    Strigo is a tech training platform that lets companies create, manage and deliver hands-on training. Strigo's browser-based training environments come with built-in virtual labs, making hands-on training sessions much more efficient and easier to manage.

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    Appsembler streamlines and simplifies the delivery of online training so learning professionals can focus on what truly matters: their learners. Virtual Labs provides learners with hands-on, personalized training labs so they can instantly learn by doing - on your own software within your courses. Our customers include Cybereason, Microsoft, JFrog, Metalogix, Redis Labs, and many world-class training organizations around the world. Learn more at:

    With an automated all-in-software path to product prototyping, simulation, test, measurement, and analysis in all phases of development. From product specification through to final system in the field. Then, imagine this virtual environment seamlessly extending further, interfacing with any hardware environment, connecting simulation with hardware, virtual with real

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    XtremeLabs provides global IT online training and lab solutions for training companies, enterprises, government, and educational organizations

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