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Virtual tour software is used by travel agencies and tour operators to create virtual visualizations of tourist destinations. Tourism companies leverage virtual visualizations to display accurate representations of tourist destinations to customers. This type of software is used by sales and marketing teams for promotional purposes, or by web content managers who want to integrate virtual tours in websites or online portals. Virtual tour software help companies avoid some costs associated with hiring video recording professionals to create virtual tours.

Some capabilities of virtual tour solutions require certain skill sets such as image or video editing, as well as integration with these types of software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Virtual Tour category, a product must:

  • Include customizable templates for virtual tours
  • Import images in various formats and manage the display order
  • Provide video creation and editing functionality
  • Convert virtual tour files to common video formats
  • Deliver options to rotate, zoom, or move in any direction
  • Allow users to personalize videos for branding purposes
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