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Visitor management software electronically monitors and records information about visitors and employees of a business or public building. The software also documents and gathers information about a visitor’s whereabouts in the facility. Visitor management systems make the visitor sign-in process more efficient, accurate, and consistent; they also provide the ability to store visitor information in a database. Visitor management software increases building security and protects facilities and employees. The software can be installed on an existing personal computer that’s already at the receptionist’s desk or it can be deployed on a self-service kiosk. Visitor management software can be integrated with identity management software and can scale according to business size and need.

To qualify for inclusion in the Visitor Management category, a product must:

  • Deploy on either a PC, tablet, or self-service kiosk
  • Facilitate the checking-in and verification of visitors/guests
  • Collect and document visitor/guest information
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    From people to packages, Envoy helps you handle everything that comes through your office front door. As the leader in visitor management, Envoy Visitors creates a seamless and secure visitor registration process for thousands of offices worldwide by automating sign-in, legal documents, badge printing, host notifications, and more. And Envoy Deliveries brings this same innovation to mailroom management. Record deliveries by taking a photo, notify recipients when packages arrive, and send automatic reminders.

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    Easily configurable to the needs of your business, The Receptionist for iPad automates visitor check-in, increases efficiency, improves security, and frees up your front office. With The Receptionist for iPad, you can create unique, customizable, button-based visitor workflows to match your visitor types and business policies, and The Receptionist for iPad is the only visitor management system with two-way communication (SMS, Slack, and email). The system also includes message forwarding, the capture and storage of visitor logs, drag-and-drop badge creation and printing, photo and signature capture, NDA and legal agreement sign-offs, and compliance verification. Thousands of companies and millions of visitors worldwide rely on the cloud-based visitor check-in solution that frees up the front office and makes a great first impression. The Receptionist for iPad sets the standard for efficient, secure, compliance-based visitor check-in and world-class customer satisfaction. A U.S.-based company with U.S.-based support, the Receptionist for iPad offers simple setup and the ideal level of configuration for the needs of your business.

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    Purpose-built for global enterprises like Netflix, Thermo Fisher, Vice Media, Traction Guest is a leading cloud-based visitor management system (VMS) that provides unparalleled security, experience and insight. Traction Guest is the only VMS to provide a seamless and secure visitor check-in process with the help of an iPad-based Self-Check-In or an Assisted-Check-In using airport-grade ID scanners that verify a visitor's identity. With its unrivaled customizability, it allows organizations to manage multiple locations at scale - within one central admin console. Our integrations with other systems and watchlists address compliance requirements and make you audit-ready. Traction Guest is a Salesforce Ventures portfolio company.

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    SwipedOn is a cloud-based, visitor management solution that enables companies to delight and impress their visitors. Starting at an unbeatable $19 per month, you can transform your reception with our iPad-optimized solution. SwipedOn is used by fortune 500 corporations and every day businesses alike. You and your visitors will love our clean, simplistic and secure interface. Features include.... Web dashboard overview, multiple iPad syncing, visitor in/out, photo capture, ID badge printing, NDA/agreement signing, SMS/email notifications, evacuation reporting, multiple sites and so much more! Transform your reception with SwipedOn today!

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    Proxyclick is a visitor management solution that transforms the way people are welcomed to offices around the world. The 3-app visitor management solution for web, kiosk, and mobile comes packed with features that enable companies to impress their visitors, automatically notify their hosts, and strengthen their facilities’ security.

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    Teem's cloud-based platform makes it easy for your employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze your company’s meeting and collaboration behavior.

    Safety and security starts with knowing who is on-site. WhosOnLocation is cloud-based people presence software that allows you to track and manage visitors, contractors and employees. Visitors can sign in and out using either the kiosk or via the reception desk. Live reports show who’s currently on-site, making it faster and easier to account for people in an evacuation. In the event of a security incident, you can report on and filter historical data to view people movements within a specified period of time. Use all the features or just those that are best suited to your business. Take a free no obligation 30 day trial today.

    Greet visitors, accept packages, and GET MORE DONE! Administrivia is the bane of every office. Save your adminUTES with Greetly, the incredibly customizable digital visitor management solution. Visitors simply tap the purpose of their visit, who they are there to see, and enter their name. Greetly instantly notifies employees via phone, text, email or Slack and logs the visitor’s information. Greetly can also capture visitor photos, signatures, NDA agreement and much more. Setup your free Greetly trial in minutes at

    Raptor Technologies provide a security management software that help your school screen out registered sex offenders, manage custody issues, coordinate volunteers, and respond to emergencies.

    ID who's visiting your site now - and what they've been researching across the web. 1) VisitorTrack identifies the anonymous business visitors coming to your website. 2) Then, intent data is fully integrated to pinpoint the companies already in-market for your products - before they have visited the website. 3) Get accurate contact record details matched for the people you target. All this in an affordable package designed for nearly any business. Get a full-access Free Trial for your website to see this Predictive Marketing for yourself.

    Visitor Pass Solutions is a softwarethat provides security that show who is authorized to be in your facility and who is not and self-expiring badges change color overnight, so they cant be reused.

    FrontFace is a solution for creating touch-enabled graphical user interfaces for kiosk systems and interactive information terminals which can be used to present any kind of media or content.

    Go Reception is visitor security software that allows visitors sign in digitally and keeps records of arrivals and departures.

    iLobby is a tablet-based visitor registration and management platform that streamlines the check-in process by capturing images, sending instant visitor notifications, printing custom badges and collecting signatures it tracks every visitor at the facility and allows user to easily retrieve visitor data as well as export it for further analysis all information and documentation is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud for as long as need

    iVisitor is a web-based visitor management system for a variety of industries and companies of any size looking for visitor control, security and visitor badging.

    LobbyAttendant is a building directory and wayfinding software, that can help with reception services; you can build a visitor interface and make your kiosk an integral part of the welcoming experience for your guests.

    LobbyWorks Visitor Management is a suite that enhances access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge and track visitors, it gives user the ability to generate detailed visitor traffic reports and enforce visitor/contractor security policies.

    OPERA Kiosk combines the ability of guests to check in and out of their rooms and the ability to check in for flights into one system.

    PinPoint helps your content stay up to date, allows you to update your kiosks globally, has built in customer sign-up, and provides real-time access to each uent trend repoting and automatic notification to hlep with your deployment.

    INTRODUCING THE NEW WAY TO OPERATE YOUR SECURITY Trackforce software and apps elevate your security operations and workforce to the next level, allowing you to provide superior security services while optimizing cost. Eliminating the need to rely on paper reports or subpar systems, our security experts have designed an integrated software suite that is taking manned security to new heights. Trackforce is a leading Security Service Applications Provider. For over fifteen years Trackforce has been providing fully integrated security solutions to customers around the globe. Dedicated to the security industry, Trackforce specializes in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of security services. Thanks to our security expertise and the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology we proudly offer the most effective solutions available on the market today. Ideal for posted officers, web-based GuardTek Post is designed for officer manned checkpoints and lobbies. Features include post orders, incident reporting, digital logbook, time & attendance, training & certification, visitor registration, asset management and more. For mobile officers, GuardTek m-Post is an Android app that provides intelligently guided guard tours, photo & video enhanced reports, geofencing, geolocation and dispatch, lone worker protection, GPS tracking, visitor registration and more. All products come with best-in-class support. From guarding companies to property management, malls, hospitals, airports and more, Trackforce helps you advance your team and empower solutions.

    Veristream - the leading solution for visitor management since 2008 - combines security expertise with the latest technology to enhance the overall check in experience for guests while keeping your facility secure. Our cloud-based solutions - iVisitor and BreezN - offer automated dashboards that allow full visibility into who is in your facility at all times. Schedule visitors, check in walk up guests, monitor vendors and deliveries, print badges, run reports, and more. Easy deployment to 1 location or 1,000 with minimal equipment and staff. C-TPAT, OSHA, HIPAA, ITAR, JCAHO compliant.

    Access Control is a management solutions that allow user to control, track and manage access to any facility for improved employee and visitor management.

    Access Sentry is an electronic visitor management system that allows front desk personnel or security record anyone and anything that enters the building.

    ACTvisitor is an online visitor management system that updates in real-time and can be used across time zones, locations and devices, and ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.

    ALICE Receptionist is a visitor management software that greet visitors, register visitors, notify employees, present information and provide improved security.

    Whether your photo ID card needs are simple or complex, choosing the right ID card software is important. The right photo ID card software will meet your needs and still give you room to grow, but not overwhelm you with unnecessary features.

    Ara is a Modern, Paperless, Secure and Interactive Visitor Management Solution for your business. Ara, with its conversational User Interface, is completely self-serve and reduces the need for a manual intervention at your reception. It comes with 40+ features including Photo Capturing and Face Recognition for Faster Check-ins, OTP Validation of Visitors, Advanced Visitor Insights, Multiple Locations Management, Scheduling Visits, Customized Branding and more.... Please visit the website to know more and fill up the contact us form to avail special offers.

    AskCody is the Outlook and Office 365 centric Modern Workplace Platform that accommodates all organizational aspects of meetings, reducing the organizational load by minimizing the number of hours spent per employee on organizing and scheduling meetings, while increasing operational efficiency. The AskCody Platform eliminates office friction, improves productivity, and optimizes workplace utilization. AskCody provides one unified solution for Meeting Management built for Outlook and Office 365 helping organizations achieve meeting excellence. The solution helps global companies and organizations within the Public Sector, Enterprise, and Manufacturing, and Professional and Financial Services to simplify administrative tasks making the daily life easier managing the workplace, including meeting management, providing workplace visibility and connecting the work environment. The AskCody Workplace Platform and our add-ons are driving massive efficiencies through a more modern solution than what was historically done with manual processes or a handful of point solutions. We are big believers that businesses are making a massive shift from manual processes and point solutions to technology solutions that help transform cross-organizational processes, productivity and drive operational efficiency to optimize the way the workplace is managed and how people meet, work and collaborate. AskCody is the platform that enables and empowers that transition with ease while keeping your IT infrastructure clean, and leverage and inherits what you already have: Your Microsoft Exchange and Outlook/Office 365 platform in place. Organizations should not be stuck with the products of yesterday, creating the workplace of tomorrow.

    Axis GatePass is a Client-Server Enterprise Security Management application, visitor management software, visitor management system that manages activities at the entry points of an organization having multiple entry points where visitors are required to be authorized by the staff before gaining entry into the premises.

    BePunctual Visitor Management System is a comprehensive visitor management, registration, badging and tracking software solution that lets user register, sign in/out, and tracks visitors effectively and efficiently.

    BluePoint is a Visitor Management cloud platform for Microsoft Windows Azure that offers access control integration for any vendor and innovative features to make the visitor experience seamless whilst empowering tenants, administrators and management

    CapSure is a web-based visitor management software that schedule, process, and report on visitor access to corporate lobbies, and professional buildings to allow authorized users to schedule visitors in advance, and receive electronic notification of their arrival.

    CI Visitor is a solution that enables organization to have control access to facilities, streamline visitor check-in and check-out, scan driver license to capture detailed visitor information, print visitor badges, analyze visitor data and run queries and reports against database, improve and automate lobby security, enhance company image by dealing with visitors more professionally to make visitors and employees feel safer.

    CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE is a visitor management software that allows organization to pre-book visitors for meetings and the reception staff can sign visitors in/out and print visitor cards, visitors sign in from a self-registration screen, laptop or terminal.

    CONCIERGEpad's beautifully designed app utilizes the power of the iPad to check-in visitors, capture visitor photos, run sex offender background checks, reconcile against a “Persona Non Grata” list and print visitor badges wirelessly in seconds. Forget paper check-in sheets and storage. You can now easily house and archive your data electronically.

    CoReceptionist is a visitor management system that provides end-to-end automation of the visitor registration process including, sign-in, on boarding and sign-out. The days of paper visitor sign in books, which are time consuming, unreliable and very rarely completed correctly are gone. The CoReceptionist visitor management kiosk improves the efficiency of reception staff by allowing visitors to check-in themselves.

    CORE K-NECT is a proprietary and licensable full-feature remote management platform that delivers the monitoring tools for real-time network visibility and communication, with a set of management tools to help manage performance.

    Digioz .NET Guestbook is a guestbook system written in ASP.NET.

    Digital Gorkha is a security management software that validates the visitor entry through Mobile number validation, ID Card scanning and Face detection, it sends Real time Push,SMS and Email notification to the host when new visitor arrived at entrance gate.

    EastCoast Visit is a visitor management system for large and small companies that support WIFI codes, notifications and pre-bookings.

    HID Globals EasyLobby is a Secure Visitor Management solutions that allow organizations to automate the entire process of registering a visitor, printing a badge and capturing detailed information in seconds by simply scanning an ID (such as a driver's license, business card or passport).

    eConcierge manages communications to your customers via kiosks, digital signs, mobile apps, social media, and websites all through a single console.

    With eCrisper you can turn a Mac into a secure public access internet kiosk that can be used in schools, museums, hotels, churches, and libraries to give access to web content.

    Envoy's technology platform makes it seamless for companies to hire, mobilize and manage a global workforce. Our streamlined approach to sponsoring, managing and tracking work visas and green cards in the U.S. and around the world results in a transparent and collaborative experience for you and your employees.

    EVA (Electronic Visitor Assist) offers more than 10 language options, enterprise-grade security, and a highly versatile configuration functionality to meet the requirements for each of your sites. The user interface allows a number of sign-in scenarios for your visitors, contractors, couriers, staff, and more, all in one easy-to-use system.

    TPASS VMS is a software that tracks custodial rights and provides the features to manage authorizations, visual representation of both students and those authorized to check them out.

    EyeOnVisitor is a secrity management tool that provides a fast, efficient means of registering visitors by capturing and auto completing data entry from licenses, business cards, photo images and capture a visitor signature and bind it with any document such as a safety briefing or non-disclosure agreement.

    Facelet is a kiosk software product designed to help businesses establish marketing communication with their customers, promote their brand, provide automated self-service, and implement effective omnichannel strategies using conventional, easy-to-use technology.

    FairMate, your complete, all-round visitor management solution for trade fairs, events and exhibitions of any size.

    friendlyway secure browser provides protection for public workstations against misuse by protecting the operating system from manipulation, deactivates system key combinations and enables restriction of the search area.

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