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Voice recognition software is used to convert spoken language into text by using speech recognition algorithms. It can be used by people with disabilities, for in-car systems, in the military, and also by businesses for dictation, or to convert audio and video files into text. Voice recognition software can also be used in customer service to process routine phone requests, or in healthcare and legal for documentation processes. Voice recognition software can help companies improve communications and translate them in a data format that is easy to manage and search. More advanced solutions provide technology such as artificial intelligence or biometric voice recognition.

Some voice recognition solutions provide APIs or web services for integration into web pages or with other software, such as call center tools.

To qualify for inclusion in the Voice Recognition category, a product must:

  • Include vocabularies and recognition models for a variety of natural languages
  • Create and share documents containing text converted through voice recognition
  • Process and translate multiple types of audio or video files
  • Provide updates to language models and allow users to improve vocabularies
  • Deliver adaptive features to allow the transcription of noisy speech
  • Capture information by telephone, handheld recorders, or mobile devices
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