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Best Waste Management Software

Waste disposal companies use waste management software to manage waste operations from collection to disposal. Waste management software primarily helps waste disposal companies with service management, logistics, and invoicing. Waste management software is used by managers and supervisors to schedule waste transportation and storage, plan its disposal, and implement strategies to recycle or reuse materials. It also helps employees perform their duties in an efficient and safe manner. Administrative personnel uses this type of software to manage customer communications and contracts, as well as billing and payments.

When financial tools are not included in the waste management solution, integration with accounting and billing software is needed to manage invoices and payments. For large waste disposal companies, integration with advanced transportation and logistics solutions is provided, as well as with rield service management to better manage field activities.

To qualify for inclusion in the Waste Management category, a product must:

  • Manage contracts and pricing for standard or custom waste management services
  • Schedule collection, transport, treatment, and disposal of waste
  • Create workflows for processes such as sorting, shredding, and separation,
  • Plan logistics operations based on fleet availability and customer demand
  • Include features for RFID (radio frequency identification) or GPS for data collection
  • Provide functionality for different types of recycling (food, electronics, chemicals, or paper)
  • Ensure compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations

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    Haul-IT is a waste industry route management software that helps facilitate growth by streamlining the transactional processes, while managing revenue, productivity, cost and more.

    i-Pak is a business critical, integrated software solution that provides applications needed to manage your operations by allowing you to manage customer service, online dispatching with route management, billing, inventory tracking, and more.

    ROM Express is for recyclers and handles COD transactions only.

    CompuWeigh is a weighing application that helps manage industry and customer demands with integrated accounting, truck, transaction, reporting, posting, and shift total management tools to help you manage your facility.

    TRUX Maintain-IT is our Asset Tracking Software, Maintenance Software and Parts Inventory Software for haulers and facility operators.

    Re-TRAC Connect is the proven web-based software that transforms the way you manage and measure your waste and recycling programs. Whether you administer a recycling grant program, manage a mandatory recycling ordinance, or need a better way to collect annual reports from facilities, we have a solution for you. Re-TRAC Connect Solutions: - Hauler Reporting - Facility Reporting - Local Government Reporting - Recycling Ordinances - Grant Application Management - Recycling Directories

    An enterprise waste administration system that includes A/P, P/O and financial reporting.

    ROM Brokerage is an automated system that includes advanced metal theft compliance, online reporting, scale integration, and advanced weigh and pay functions for COD and check-paying transactions, as well as processing transactions for commercial accounts.

    ROUTEMANAGER is available for the single user or for use in a multi-user, multi-location environment and has modules to control customer maintenance & route planning.

    RouteOptix is a software solution to help you manage productivity, quality of service, customer retention, with augment management reporting, and more.

    EHS & Sustainability Solutions allows you to report business sustainability from water consumption and supply-chain stability to greenhouse gas emissions and safety performance.

    TerraTrash is a software solution that provides customer and billing management with container tracking and maintenance and customized reporting, commercial/residential route sheets, post card billing and collections and more.

    Trash Flow is a waste management software that automates your daily tasks with tools like route management, in-truck mobile/tablet solutions, roll-offs and container tracking and more.

    Visual RAMS-Pro is a waste management software and online payment service.

    An accounting software that identifies additional savings and highlights areas where cost can be reduced.

    Our online waste manifest (duty of care) web platform enable municipalities to control all waste activities and track waste from point of generation through to its safe treatment and final disposal.

    Our waste profiling solution allows for industrial waste generators to get the regulatory approvals and environmental services they need before disposal at your site.

    ELEMOS is a modular software suite for the recycling and waste sector that provides features and tools to help with route management, optimization, inventory and invoicing.

    Waste management solution for roll-off businesses to track workers, navigate drivers, generate work orders, and more.

    BROKERAGEMANAGER is software solution that helps you manage your business from the sales process to the collection of receivables, and provides you with an analysis of the aspects that contribute to your bottom line.

    Chemical Safety EMS is an environmental health and safety software application that provides databases and labels, chemical inventory tracking, hazardous waste management, radioscope tracking and more to help you manage your facility.

    cieTrade is a leading global provider of business management software for the forest products and recycling industries. We provide integrated solutions that can increase productivity and improve financial control to help maximize profits. Our system offers quick and easy access to financial and logistical information, automates shipping documentation, tracks gross profit and provides inventory management. cieTradeā€™s support team helps clients maximize their IT investment through their knowledge of best practices and many years of experience in the paper and recycling industries. To learn more about cieTradeā€™s solutions, visit www.cietrade.com.

    ProActivity Suite allows you to maintain environmental, health, and safety compliance with a rule-based data system with a library of translated regulatory content.

    Delta Waste System is a software solution that helps you manage your accounts receivable with routing and route income analysis, GPS integration, electronic mapping, container tracking, and more.

    Dumpster Dispatch, to see your containers, yard sites and jobs visually on a map. Run reports on your dumpster usage, track past due rentals and more.

    Ideal for residential and commercial routes, Easy Bill & Route will take care of your billing, route sheets, month-end reports.

    Emisoft helps you monitor, measure, manage and report on every aspect of your organisationā€™s environmental performance, with integrated calculations and automated features to streamline everything from emissions and waste management to environmental incident reporting and noise sampling.

    Billing, routing, inventory, scales, live dispatching, collections, fleet management, paperless DVIR, paperless routes, route performance, and online payments.

    Enevo is a complete solution that automates the planning of waste collection and optimizes your routes. It uses wireless ultrasonic sensors to remotely measure the fill-level of waste containers and a cloud service to forecast when bins become full and optimize the collection routes and schedules. The routes are then delivered to the drivers cellular enabled tablet which guides him along the route.

    Allows waste generators to create and manage their own waste profiles, then submit them to the TSDF for review, approval and pricing.

    EPOCH Software is a comprehensive EMIS system for tracking and reporting regulatory compliance.

    ERA's software is flexible enough to take into account the exact composition and environmental factors that are needed for accurate reporting. ERA's offering can fulfill your waste reporting needs, no matter your industry.

    EvrekaSoft is a waste management software digitalizing waste collection operations. It is a complete platform for waste collection operations that enables integration of third party software and hardware. It provides end to end system control to the management. The product consists of management dashboard and a special navigation panel for truck drivers. EvrekaSoft increases operational efficiency and reduces waste collection costs up to 55%. Core Features: - Integrable With Any Software and Hardware The solution is a complete platform to manage all operations. - System Tracking and Control With the involvement of truck drivers into the system, real-time data tracking from field is allowed. - Operations Management Faster and easier field management is enabled with the immediate intervention ability to the routes used. - Vehicle and Personnel Management All vehicles and personnel data can be tracked and work orders can be given based on the region. - Digitalized Reporting Desired data can be quickly and easily accessed in digital.

    By implementing computerized Business Specific Roll-off Routines and integrating them into one system.

    GEOWARE is a waste management solution that provides systems to help record load information, interface with truck scales to automatically record vehicle weights and invoice accounts, develop material type and reports and more.

    Data analysis for a smarter collection process. The Data gathered in the process is analyzed and showed as useful insights empowering the users in their decision making process.

    This information system for First Responders, Clean-Up, treatment, and hazardous waste disposal companies is an enterprise-wide application.

    HazMat T&T is a waste management and tracking solution that provides tracking and control of waste and hazardous waste by managing risk of regulatory breaches, traceability and an audit trail in a web based system.

    Tracks all movements from the point of production to the final treatment and disposal of medical waste.

    ISYS muniDATA is a waste collections solution that has been written specifically for local authorities and their contractors.

    SWOPS provides clients with the ability to track and trace each consignment through to job completion handling all paperwork transactions and maintaining full control for invoicing & management reporting.

    Manages the whole process, including contracts, duty of cares, round allocation, invoicing and reporting, and can also link direct to your bin lifts, providing you with valuable information such as bin identification, bin weights and lifter usage.

    iWDMS is a web-based technology tailored to meet the evolving requirements of your facility that helps manage productivity, efficiency, and cost.

    IWS6 is a waste management system that can be tailored to meet the needs of your operation with built-in text translation, legislation, a Windows-based menu-driven interface and more.

    MRFMANAGER tracks the weight and cost of each material within a load at a transfer station, recycling center or landfill in order to create accurate forecasting.

    This software easily integrates with your current system to track food waste in any facility, and provides food by-product recycling and detailed knowledge of your deep food waste costs.

    PETROLMANAGER manages your business from the sales process through the collection of receivables and provide you with in-depth analysis of every aspect that contributes to your bottom line.

    Accurate waste type tracking to ensure proper disposal.

    RECY integrates solutions for all processes which are required in your company in a perfect way. Standard modules are supplemented with customer-specific applications to make your organization complete.

    RECYCLEMANAGER is a solution for tracking recycling materials, providing the ideal tool for monitoring a load from the generator to its ultimate destination or mill.

    ROM Enterprise is a software solution designed to help you manage your facilities in one database helping you manage duplicate data entries and lag time between data input.

    ROM Recycler includes advanced metal theft compliance, online reporting, scale integration, and advanced weigh and pay functions for COD and check-paying transactions.

    ROM Standard is an automated system that includes advanced metal theft compliance, online reporting, scale integration, and advanced weigh and pay functions for COD and check-paying transactions, as well as processing transactions for commercial accounts.

    Route Warrior is a mobile application that accepts and swipe or EMV credit and debit cards in the field.

    Eliminate waste through more efficient use of assets and resources. Lower costs by optimizing vehicles and personnel use and reusing data within enterprise systems. Boost customer satisfaction by rapidly responding to their service requests. Adapt quickly by developing optimal alternative routing models and resource re-allocation plans

    SCALEMANAGER allows you to interface RS-232 Digital Scale Output with ROUTEMANAGER. From centralized billing to multiple scales and operators, SCALEMANAGER provides a flexible solution to your scale operation needs.

    ScrapRight is a recycling software that provides tools and services to help you run your buy and sell operations.

    Manages waste services for commercial buildings, industrial options, dumpster rentals, electronics disposal, and hazardeous and medical disposal and promotes recycling and zero waste initiatves.

    Streamline scale operations & ticketing management, and integrates with accounting systems.

    Organize and track your scale ticketing transactions and manage customers, materials, and process and print tickets from your own company web portal.

    STREETMANAGER can calculate the most efficient means of servicing a list of addresses. The order of stops, travel times and distances together, and turn-by-turn instructions are automatically produced. Increase stops per route and decrease drive time without a full route audit.

    Summit Service Systems helps you take control of your business with automatic scheduling, repeat business reminders, and more.

    PC Scale Tower Software allows you to map, route and dispatch trucks, track inventory, scale management, and invoice to help you manage the productivity and profitability of your business.

    Trakster is a web-based solution designed to help manage public works customer service and field operations by building a foundation for management in route operations, customer service and organizational accountability.

    VOR provides navigation, communication, billing and customer service. And while helping improve route operations, it quietly collects information to take productivity tracking and reporting to a level of accuracy.

    Web-based version of Visual RAMS-pro: Industry specialized route billing system and operation management system with a pictorial overview of service relationships.

    WAM-Hauler is a software solution to help manage billing, dispatching, reporting, route profitability and more with a One-Key billing feature, integrated reports writer and more.

    With WAM-Scale you can print incoming and outgoing tickets, bill your charge accounts.

    Wastebits is a web-based platform that connects generators, waste facilities and service providers for tracking, monitoring, and controlling waste activities.

    Wastedge is a cloud-based solution with integrated Google mapping, route optimization, and more to help you manage your business.

    Waste Logics is a cloud-based waste management software solution that helps you manage the day-to-day operations of your waste management business.

    By streamlining the waste management process for the entire enterprise through one central system, companies can comply effectively with hazardous waste regulations that govern its generation, handling, transportation, and disposal.

    Waste & Recycling One is a modular solution that offers waste logistics and recycling materials functionality with integrated accounting, CRM, and analytics to meet the needs of your business.

    Track down the source of your plants waste with Waste Traxx. Gain actionable insight of your plants product and ingredient waste.

    WasteWORKS is a waste management solution designed to provide the data you need to manage your waste facilities.

    carboncheck is a sustainability management system that helps you capture, analyse and report sustainability performance across your enterprise.

    TRUX Weigh-IT is our landfill, transfer station and MRF scale management software.